Adobe Photoshop for Mac、ソフトウェア教育、ソフトウェアダウンロード、ソフトウェアコミュニティ、Windowsソフトウェア、Macソフトウェア

Missive 10.13.0

Adobe Photoshop for Mac 製品ファミリは、あなたの想像できるものに変身させ、特別な方法でそれらを展示することで、あなたのデジタル画像を最高に引き出すための究極の遊び場です。 Adobe Photoshop - 業界標準の Adobe Photoshop ソフトウェアに加え、3D 画像やモーションベースのコンテンツを作成して強化するためのツールで、最先端の編集、合成、ペイント機能を利用できます。 Adobe Photoshop for Mac - 優れた画像選択、画像修整、現実的なペイント、幅広いワークフローとパフォーマンスの強化を実現する、強力な新しい写真ツールと画期的な機能を活用する.

Adobe Photoshop の機能:
イメージングマジックによる編集と強化最先端の写真ツール Adobe Camera Raw を使用してプロフェッショナルなイメージを処理する Raw コントロールの色と階調直感的なムービーやビデオコンテンツを作成する優れたデザインとアートワークを作成する高度な機能を備えたコンポジットイメージ合理化されたワークフローを活用するユーザーの欲しい改善で時間を短縮拡張あなたのリーチ注:7 日間の試用版。 2 GB のクラウドストレージサービスへのアクセスが制限されています.

Also:Adobe Photoshop for Windows をダウンロードしてください.

ファイルのバージョン Missive 10.13.0
ファイル名 Missive-10.13.0.dmg
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X 10.10 or later
ソフトウェアタイプ Trial
著者 Adobe Systems Inc
更新時間 2021-11-23

What's new in this version:

Missive 10.13.0
- Responses search sorting

- Pasting plain text content with newlines and URLs
- “Loading message…” sometimes never completing

Missive 10.12.1
- Responses folders and labels

Other improvements:
- Hide text summary in your Preferences
- Dedicated popup, always accessible with the responses shortcut

- Pronouns support in contacts and member profiles
- Your colleagues’ pronouns will be displayed in certain tooltips and next to their names when commenting

- Automatically paste URLs as clickable links in the composer
- Don’t navigate to links when clicking in the composer

- Light search input on iOS 15 with dark theme
- Contact books appearing twice in command bar
- Random loading spinner appearing in contact form
- Accepting invites in email sometimes not working

Missive 10.11.0
- Instagram accounts

- Clicking Watch conversation in watch menu not working

Missive 10.9.2
- Organization labels visibility configuration
- Notifications for tasks and assignments
- Shortcut to navigate back/forward

- Preferences UI improvements
- General UI improvements on tablets

- Stale data when your device is waking up
- Calendar email invite using an outdated event when rescheduled
- Snoozing for yourself possibly removing a conversation from a team inbox

Missive 10.8.2
- Calendar appearing to be syncing forever
- Pasting in To / Cc / Bcc fields on iOS
- Certain links opening a blank popup on Missive
- iOS 15 minor issues

Missive 10.7.2
- Fixed: Organization owner unable to make other users admins since last update

Missive 10.7.1
- Assignment
- Navigation
- Search
- App & conversation actions
- Enable/disable specific commands
- macOS: Command+e
- Windows: Ctrl+e

- Set time in hours for snooze
- Make “In X weekdays” aware of user-defined weekends
- Default From address selected when replying to email received via BCC
- Use CMD+Return to send messages on iOS

- Latest message "phone_number" available to custom iframe integrations
- SLA rules sometimes wrongly being applied
- Context menus not losing focus when moving cursor away
- Copying and cutting To / Cc / Bcc address tokens
- Replying to long threads sometimes freezing the app
- Grammarly not working with SMS messages

Missive 10.6.2
- Extra whitespace appearing in some HTML signatures upon sending email

Missive 10.6.1
- Whitespace being lost when sending emails

- Possibility to lose draft changes when closing and choosing “Save”
- Download all attachments on browser

Missive 10.5.0
- HubSpot integration
- SignalWire SMS account
- Missive Chat automatic email follow-up

- Don’t mark visitor messages as read when browser tab isn’t focused

- Reduce likelihood of white messages on dark theme
- Allow tagging yourself in task comments
- Show snooze date when hovering snooze button
- Choose any option in prompts when “Never ask again” is enabled

- “Discard upon reply” snooze option always appearing checked in composer

Missive 10.3.0
- Don’t mark as read a conversation that was manually marked as unread when focusing back

- No misspelled word suggestions on Windows
- Tweet composer character remaining count
- Not always being able to edit responses sharing setting
- “Send & Close” missing on certain drafts
- SMS numbers in composer not showing the right contact
- Editing coworker profile sometimes removing their picture
- App appearing frozen when launching on iOS 14.6
- App appearing frozen after a certain amount of conversations being swiped

Missive 10.2.3
- Fixed: composer toolbar buttons

Missive 10.2.2
- App title bar on Windows
- More integrated and now adapts to dark theme
- Share with teammates rule action in outgoing message rules

- Dark theme color improvements
- Performance while typing in editor
- Prioritize personal aliases when replying to private conversations
- Shortcut to open conversation in new window will open the draft when focused in inline composer

- Trying to upload folders infinitely having a loading cursor
- Clearing search input when in search results
- White bar on iPhone Max devices when iOS display is set to “Zoomed”
- Artifacts in app icon notifications on macOS for certain devices

Missive 10.1.0
- Multiline code formatting in comments
- Format with tripple backticks (```)

- Phone number formatting in contacts

- Emoji picker on dark theme
- “Copy Image” context menu option
- Wrong text formatting when navigating between responses
- Sidebar items jumping when hovering with small text size appearance
- Pinning rooms to the sidebar always using the same room

Missive 10.0.2
- Creating new teams
- Spacing around attachments
- Unreadable responses in two first dark themes

Missive 9.55.0
- Setting to hide calendar in invite emails

- Make “New message!” string configurable

- {{ recipient.X }} variables support in signatures

- Selecting label in “Label is” rule condition
- Edge case where certain response variables could crash the composer

Missive 9.53.0
- Long press on reactions to see who reacted on mobile
- Setting to turn off API post notifications on mobile

- Digits search always defaulting to phone number search when an SMS account is connected
- Calendar Week / Day view scroll position
- Sorting of label names containing numbers

- Issue when setting multiple existing groups to a contact
- Opening conversations at the beginning of most recent entry
- Delegated aliases not properly showing owner’s configuration
- Blank emojis in desktop notifications

Missive 9.52.0
- Emoji reactions
- Office 365 & Google contacts syncing

- Setting to open conversations on the most recent entry
- Include more emojis in picker

- Toggle all items of a sidebar section when alt+clicking section arrow
- Nested organization labels sometimes not appearing under the right label
- Sorting pins sometimes not working

Missive 9.51.0
- Setting to change map links provider
- add_assignees param on API endpoints

- Change audio and video input in Video Chat integration
- Option to either text or call phone number

- Wrong cursor position after pasting multiline content
- Empty address fields when no From: selected on draft creation
- Searching for WhatsApp numbers
- Send & Close not in send button dropdown options
- Inline images sometimes being wrongly included as trailing attachments
- Updating event date on mobile
- Font-size shortcut only working once
- Dragging attachment on desktop sometimes not working
- Comments context menu position on tablets

- Creating new teams
- Spacing around attachments
- Unreadable responses in two first dark themes

Missive 9.50.0
- Apple Silicon native support

- Searching responses with special characters

- App not automatically restarting after Quit and Install on macOS
- Shortcut being removed from Windows taskbar after update
- Calendar events description sometimes missing links
- Overlapping events layout issue in Day / Week view

Missive 9.49.1
- Stacked events in Day / Week view

- Today marker in Day / Week view not always being centered
- Blank titles for snoozed events in Agenda view
- In X weekday snooze using In X day time

Missive 9.49.0
- One-click reply button
- Partial quoting when selecting
- Supports replying in a different conversation

- Show 15 minutes event as such in week/day layout

- Emails sometimes appearing empty
- Editing comments with an image link
- Matching calendar event with certain email invites

Missive 9.48.0
- Faster loading of events in calendar
- RSVP via calendars shared on Google

- Different views per calendar group
- Hour format preference sometimes not working
- Close shortcut not archiving conversation when already closed
- Skewed avatar image when original is not square
- Cursor being moved when pasting in conversation title
- Intermittent errors about read-only shared calendars when accepting invites

Missive 9.47.2
- “New calendar group” option more obvious in More menu

- Some invites throwing an error when accepting from email
- Calendar reminder notifications sometimes not working on desktop
- Visual glitch in invites when no calendar account connected
- New email & new conversation buttons when viewing a calendar

Missive 9.47.1
- Office 365 & Google calendar
- Reminders
- View and edit events
- Share calendar accounts
- Calendar invites (.ics) support

- Snoozed conversations calendar
- Loss of hour format preference
- Windows Defender blocking Missive
- Auto-updates have been reinstated

Missive 9.45.0
- Selected address when replying to an alias not added in Missive

- Tabbing in addresses suggestions not autocompleting anymore
- Calendar not displayed when snoozing on mobile

Missive 9.44.1
- Menu for adding coworkers to a private conversation

Missive 9.44.0
- Changing snooze time
- Auto-update on Windows
Auto-update doesn’t work anymore on Windows 10 since a recent system update. To workaround this issue, Missive will temporarily open the download page where you will need to download the update manually.
- You will still be automatically notified in-app about new updates, like before

Missive 9.43.1
- Archive older emails when importing a new email account

- Bullet list formatting being applied to whole block of pasted plain text
- Observers receiving push notifications for conversations snoozed in a team inbox
- Possible duplication of contacts groups/organizations
- Log in with Apple when default browser is Safari on macOS

Missive 9.42.0
- Manually set history limit when importing a new email account

- Shortcuts being disabled after a certain chain of events
- Digits appearing as a phone number in search suggestions
- Delegated HTML signature sometimes broken
- Cancelling merge not working
- Navigating to message when linked in same conversation
- Apostrophe (') encoding in contact cards
- Default color option in rules
- Contacts sidebar sometimes being automatically hidden

Missive 9.41.2
- Applying filters to a team inbox
- Replying to a message you just sent sometimes not having any quoted content
- Time being wrongly offset in certain regions

Missive 9.41.0
- Set Missive as default email app on iOS
- Option to skip messages sent from Missive for Send response in User actions rules

- Unassigned renamed to Team Inboxes: Unassigned flow is still supported for those who had it (messages will show in Team Inboxes), but going forward the Team Inbox flow is suggested for all your triage needs.
- Scope Assigned to me / Assigned to others / Closed using Filters > Accounts: This replaces some sub-mailboxes which were causing confusion as to how to use them
- Auto-watching disabled by default for new users: New banners let you easily toggle the watch state when participating in a conversation

- Invite teammates button in Video Chat integration
- Swipe being stuck after Delete forever prompt
- Shortcuts sometimes being re-enabled behind popups
- Phone numbers with unknown formatting not being visible in contact card
- Visual glitch where inline composer could appear merged with previous message
- Black flash when launching the app on iOS
- View contact sometimes moving the app out of view on tablets

Missive 9.40.0
- Assign user(s) & Move to team inbox for personal rules
- Support revoking sessions when changing OAuth login provider
- “Share with” Missive on mobile
- Maximum attachment size not being properly detected on iOS
- Emojis alignment on desktop apps and Google Chrome
- Certain characters being encoded when using a response subject
- Invisible Dropbox logo when hovering option to attach file

Missive 9.39.2
- Google Drive picker categories

- Spaces being stripped when copying text from the composer
- Google Drive / Dropbox icon alignment on mobile
- Internal database unreliability that may be causing performance issues

Missive 9.38.1
- Addresses sorting in the From dropdown

- Composer performance issues

Missive 9.37.1
- Change log not available for this version

Missive 9.37.0
- Spellcheck automatically detecting typed language on macOS

- Return dismissing the keyboard on Android when composing an email
- “Add to Dictionary” on macOS and Windows
- Twilio attachments size validation
- Increased bandwidth usage under certain circumstances since previous update

Missive 9.36.0
- Responses search only finding responses shared with a team
- Downloading emails on desktop app

Missive 9.35.0
- App not booting on iOS when logged out
- Tapping drafts on mobile not always opening the composer
- Responses issues after removing teams that had response

Missive 9.34.0
- Dragging conversations from one team inbox to another
- “Add to contacts” on mobile not allowing to merge with existing contact

Missive 9.33.0
- ChargeDesk integration

- Reduce bandwidth usage for organizations with many members and/or constant activity
- Better results when searching for phone numbers of imported / manually created contacts

- Printing emails on iOS and Android
- Intermittent Android app crash when selecting a phone number

Missive 9.32.2
- Admins can remove access of coworkers even if they received emails in a conversation

- Show attachment and read tracking icon when conversation is snoozed

- “More” button being gone when all items of main section have been removed
- Applying a label from the label menu not always marking the label as applied
- Managed signature popup being cropped and unscrollable
- Copy-pasted quote sometimes wrongly rendered after sending an email
- Sidebar bouncing when hovering and app text size is X-Small
- Downloading emails on desktop app

Missive 9.31.0
Managed signatures:
- Signature templates that support variables
- Dynamic data comes from editable members profile
- Shared with everyone in the organization
- Can be used with personal and shared accounts
- Works with Rich Text or HTML signatures

Improved and customizable sidebar:
- UI improvements
- Collapse and reorder sections
- Create custom sections
- Sortable items in any section
- Move any items in main or custom sections

- Personal rules can merge private conversations into shared ones
- Remove conversations from Unassigned & Team Inbox when dragging conversation out

- mailto: links not working when app isn’t running
- Conversation links on browsers when the “Remember location” setting is enabled
- Links context menu on Android
- Context menus animation on Android
- Facebook info not displayed in contact cards
- “Add to contacts” from Messenger messages

Missive 9.30.1
- Rule ideas for common scenarios

- Links with “&” characters in API posts

Missive 9.30.0
- Option to hide conversation events

- Bullet list shortcut when composing

Missive 9.29.0
- Forward rule action now available for user action rules
- i.e. New comment, label changed, etc

- Quoted content included in auto-responses
- PageUp and PageDown shortcuts to scroll the focused view
- Override browser default shortcuts

- Signature images sometimes appearing too big in composer
- Extra spacing in outgoing emails for some signatures
- Line breaks sometimes lost upon sending message
- PageUp marking conversation as spam with Gmail shortcuts

Missive 9.28.0
- tatus and navigation bar on Android
- Merging conversations won’t duplicate Trello cards anymore

- Downloading attachments on browsers
- Tapping anywhere to dismiss keyboard on iPad
- Images appearing sideways when uploaded from iOS
- Unresponsive dropdowns on iOS
- Autofocus when opening drafts on iOS

Missive 9.27.2
- We ditched Google Analytics for good

- Inserting response with inline images in email draft
- Error message in Profile settings only visible on large screens

Missive 9.27.1
- Responsive emails support
- Auto theme support on iOS

- Archive shortcut will archive conversations when in search results
- Tabbing from address fields to subject on iPad with keyboard
- Increase video size limit of SMS and WhatsApp messages

- Being prompted about moving a private conversation into Unassigned when it’s already shared
- Send button layout issue on iPad
- Response variables popup being out of view on iPad

Missive 9.26.0
- Draft content not always being saved under certain circumstances
- Removing conversations from labels not having undo banner
- Drag icons visible with small desktop window width

Missive 9.25.1
- Fixed: inline images from canned response missing in sent email

Missive 9.25.0
- Drag multiple conversations at once
- JS API to create a new draft in current conversation
- Custom integrations will now receive all the messages of a conversation. (Known limitation: Only the messages currently loaded on screen)

- Select a Team Inbox related alias when composing a new email from a Team Inbox
- Added missing “minute” and “weekday” to the snooze context menu options

- “Split horizontally” not working anymore since previous update
- Newlines inconsistencies when pasting HTML in composer
- Tabbing from subject to body in composer on some browsers
- Layout sometimes changing when hovering the labels of a conversation

Missive 9.24.0
- Log in with Apple
- Support variables in responses subject

- Search in “Team > All” by default when searching from a Team Inbox
- Add team mailboxes to search filter
- Changed “Any” keyword in rules for “At least one” to avoid confusion
- Allow to pin Spam mailboxes individually from the More menu
- Display Pipedrive contacts linked to SMS conversations

- Missing conversation preview line on certain search results
- Changing search filters for non-pinned searches
- Searching for the same term again for non-pinned searches
- Newlines inconsistencies when pasting HTML in composer
- Not being able to set a color on a newly created IMAP label
- Not being able to select a label in rules on iPad
- Downloading attachments with invalid characters in filename
- Order of attachments not always preserved when inserting response in SMS, Messenger or Missive Chat draft

Missive 9.22.1
- Faster initial results
- No more results limit
- Search in all IMAP mailboxes at once
- Will be progressively rolled out in the next day

- Permanently delete account

- Assignment when sending SMS to multiple recipients
- Support Liquid’s now variable in responses
- Sort Asana projects, users and tags by name
- Remember last used Asana workspace when creating a new task

- Not being able to select text on mobile since iOS 13.4

Missive 9.21.1
- Video Chat integration
- Unified Spam mailbox
- Drag and dropping files in composer not always working
- Tasks order in tasks menu not always accurate

Missive 9.20.0
- Current mailbox unread count on mobile
- Make images in signature resizable

- Not being able to edit and send a draft when realtime server is down
- A note will let you know that the draft cannot be edited in realtime with your coworkers
- Context menu being stuck when moving mouse very fast
- UI overlapping when a comment author has a long name
- Inserting a new line sometimes not moving the cursor in the editor
-Selecting the right conversation after removing multiple conversations from Unassigned
- Losing read tracking info when merging conversations
- “Create draft” & “Send response” rules not using the right addresses when last message was sent from Missive

Missive 9.19.0
- Response variables
- Customize your responses with dynamic content
- Two-factor authentication

- “Change snooze” option in a snoozed conversation context menu
- Labels sorting when searching while applying a label
- Contacts being separated by contact book in search results
- Inserting response UX on mobile

- Shortcut to trash with Gmail shortcuts on Windows & English UK keyboard layout
- Draft content being lost when a coworker comes back online while focused on a draft
- Pasting a copied link from iOS share menu
- Attachment sound still playing after closing the attachment on iOS
- Landscape layout issues on iPhone 11 models
- Quoted content being clipped too early in some cases

Missive 9.18.0
- Shortcut to open/focus a conversation’s latest draft
- macOS: cmd+shift+d
- Windows: ctrl+shift+d

- Support translating “Skip” button

- No longer threading replies with different subjects
- Add responses inline images as attachments to non-email message
- Small UI improvements in integrations form

- Address fields sometimes being reordered in drafts
- Moving a conversation from an email account to another
- Visual inconsistency in dark composer
- UI issue when removing a rule action that would make it look like a different action was removed instead

Missive 9.17.2
- WhatsApp
- Home page
- Hall of Praise
- Microphone / Camera usage for custom integrations

- Embed conversation in GET /v1/messages/:id

- Tabbing behavior in menus and popups
- Settings to create new drafts in currently selected mailbox

- Don’t let non-admins edit Missive Chat settings

Missive 9.16.0
- Display whether your messages have been read or not
- Attach and display meta data alongside messages

- Closed filter

- Create new drafts in currently selected label
- Allow assigning yourself to conversations even when you’re not part of any organization
- Display “Sent by:” info on mobile
- Allow microphone and camera usage in integrations
- Add missing dictionaries on Windows: Estonian, Hungarian, Icelandic, Latvian and Lithuanian

- Twilio SMS rules sometimes not working
- Shortcuts in inline composer sometimes being disabled
- Cases where the inline composer would be unexpectedly auto focused
- Handling mailto: links on the web app

Missive 9.15.1
- Adding CC & BCC fields to emails with inline composer
- Setting mobile notifications for Missive Chat

Missive 9.15.0
- Compose in and Undo Send settings specific to each message type

- Non-email messages with no Undo Send delay won’t offer “Send & Archive” by default
- Tabbing behavior when multiple popups are open
- “Create and apply label” won’t auto-pin the newly created label anymore
- Never include the [Unverified] tag of Missive Chat messages in contact fields

- Scrolling in some popups on mobile
- Responses popup opened multiple times when there are multiple inline drafts
- Broken Responses list layout when first one has no content

Missive 9.14.1
- Option to Remove user(s) not part of the team in rules

- JavaScript API • Documentation
- Add missing translation fields
- Hidden chat will automatically open on new messages

- Make it clear when rules are on trial when on free or starter plan

- Integrations on mobile
- Setting Missive Chat schedule later than 5PM
- Snoozing two conversations at once when pressing Enter in the snooze inputs
- Watching unified mailboxes not always working

Missive 9.13.0
- Assign to me personal rule action
- Reply all option for “Send response” rule action
- Search input in From dropdown

- Creating a new draft no longer moves the conversation to top for the author
- Automatically selecting next conversation after “Move to…” action
- Focusing dropdowns with Tab in integrations form
- Allow nested “Any” conditions with “Unreplied and open”

- Choosing an organization label in rule conditions
- Non-team members displaying a “They are observer of that team” tooltip
- “First/last item” shortcut with Gmail preset
- Opening message links of the currently selected conversation
- Auto focusing draft body when forwarding

Missive 9.12.0
- Warning when removing an organization member who owns a shared account

- Organizations > Message sharing now lists all account types
- Clearer invalid recipient address style

- SMTP username and hostname not being editable for IMAP accounts
- Connecting shared accounts on Android

Missive 9.11.0
- Main action behavior in Unassigned & Team Inboxes
- Configurable in your Organization settings

- Pasting multiple phone numbers in the SMS composer
- Easier to add items to the sidebar in each group
- Looping through inputs with Tab in forms
- Display read counts for read tracking

- Trashing from Unassigned & Team Inboxes
- Navigating with keyboard selecting hidden mailboxes in the sidebar

Missive 9.10.2
Connecting a Google account:
- Due to a new Google restriction, connecting a Google account will now happen on your default browser. You will be automatically taken back to the desktop app once the flow is completed

Missive 9.10.1
- Fixed: “Save as…” not working on desktop since previous release

Missive 9.10.0
- Resize inline images in composer
- Insert emoji button in composer
- Suggest emojis while typing in composer

- Login UI
- Retina images detection in comments and attachments
- Update login information and OAuth provider from your Profile
- Adding search terms to an existing search
- Disambiguation around archiving/closing conversations from a Team Inbox
- Light composer when replying to a light email on dark theme
- Allow searching in sub-mailboxes of generic accounts (Twilio SMS, FB Messenger, etc.)

- App crashing on macOS when sending an email
- Printing only working once
- Images being duplicated when dragging from within the composer
- Swiping conversations on Firefox
- iPad Pro (3rd gen) layout issues with the home bar

Missive 9.7.0
- Huge Emojis™ in comments
- Send SMS to multiple recipients at once
- Always create new drafts from selected address above” setting

- Scrollbars UI when visible
- Billing section in organization settings
- Set any custom IMAP/SMTP port for generic IMAP accounts
- Confirmation prompt on “Delete forever” action
- “AM/PM” toggle accessibility in snooze menu
- Update integrations and contacts sidebar when updating drafts recipients
- Can now dismiss “Account disconnected” warnings
- Allow inline composer to take more vertical space
- Website & webapp favicon visibility on dark browser UI
- Open linked conversations in new window on Cmd+Click

- Inline composer not always being visible when replying
- Tapping “Send” comment button on mobile sometimes opening the right sidebar
- Context menu sometimes overlapping traffic lights on macOS

Missive 9.6.1
- Fixed: Lost line breaks after pasting plain text in composer

Missive 9.6.0
- “Auto” theme support for Windows and browsers
- Will set Missive theme based on your OS appearance settings
- Remove forced phone numbers country prefix when editing a contact
- Clicking tel: links creates an SMS draft when a Twilio account is available
- Allow a team to be @mentioned in the team room

- Context menu options in composer not working for new drafts on mobile
- “Share with” Missive on iOS crashing
- Conversations being unlinked from a team when archiving from the Unassigned mailbox
- 1Password/Keychain passwords not being auto-filled on iOS when logging in
- Empty “Undo send” banner when sending SMS or Facebook messages
- Pasting plain text content not matching the current formatting
- Customizable snoozes not being applied with keyboard
- “NaN” being displayed when editing snoozes on macOS Catalina
- Don’t ask “Move it back to X” when unsnoozing if already in said mailbox
- Don’t archive conversation when pressing backspace to remove an attachment
- Outdated draft content when using inline composer
- Wrongly being warned about attachments size when replying to an email with inline attachments

Missive 9.5.2
- App crashing when creating a new draft for certain people
- When auto CC/BCC fields and “Compose in new window” setting

Missive 9.5.1
- Suggest contact company based on email address

- App crashing on launch for certain people

Missive 9.4.0
- Hourly customizable snooze times
- “In X minutes” snooze option
- Link to existing Asana task
- Unlink Asana tasks
- Reset color rule action

- Team-based rule actions will only affect members (Observers are now excluded from notifications, etc.)
- Options when manually unsnoozing a conversation that’s been assigned to a user (If it’s been snoozed for everyone)
- Detecting missing phone number area code when sending a new SMS

- Searching in a Team Inbox for users with generic IMAP accounts
- Inline composer cursor sometimes jumping position when replying from Unassigned
- Showing all conversations of nameless contacts
- Missing newlines when inserting responses in SMS
- Formatting issues in composer since last update
- Marking unsnoozed conversations as read
- Rules temporarily and randomly disappearing
- Pasting content copied from Microsoft Word as image
- Non-stop notifications when composing a draft in an unsnoozed and unread conversation
- Status bar color on iOS 13 dark appearance
- “Email us” link in Help & Feedback on mobile
- iPad Pro (3rd Gen) layout inconsistencies
- Layout glitch on iPhones for brand new accounts

Missive 9.3.0
- Email detection when searching
- Email detection
- Don’t remove label when dragging a conversation into an assignment mailbox: i.e. Dragging from a label into Unassigned will not remove the label

- Archiving a conversation when a message is focused
- Linking contact address to an existing contact
- Labels layout when not displaying the conversation preview
- Formatting when pasting content from TextEdit
- Formatting when pasting content from Slack
- Right-click sometimes triggering the action under the mouse
- Swiping action being stuck when focused in comment box on tablet
- Links not working in Help & Feedback section on mobile
- Having to tap twice on Send to deliver a message on tablet
- Organization labels name having a forward slash

Missive 9.2.0
- Button to archive conversation from team inbox

- “Can’t load message content” warnings
- Performance issues when having many opened labels in the sidebar
- Signatures with only images considered as empty
- Snoozing from the context menu not archiving the conversations

Missive 8.28.1
- Create draft rule action

- Images are no longer stripped when pasting content in the composer

- Multiple inline drafts being sent at once
- 24h / 12h setting being ignored in some cases
- Content pasted from Slack losing or getting extra line breaks
- Comment box “Send” button and Return key sometimes not working on iPadOS beta

Missive 8.27.1
- More room to scroll composer vertically on screens with limited height
- Notably tablets with on-screen keyboard in landscape orientation
- Ability to create SMS and Twitter messages from chat conversations

- Delivery errors not shown in inline composer
- Conflict between “Mark as read” and “Toggle right sidebar” keyboard shortcuts
- “Toggle right sidebar” is now Command + Alt + S on Mac and Ctrl + Alt + S on Windows.
- Incoming messages in selected conversation being immediately marked as read when “Mark conversations as read upon opening” setting is disabled
- Gesture navigation causing menus to open randomly on Android 10

Missive 8.26.2
- Conversation not disappearing instantly when user gets removed from it

Missive 8.26.1
- New comment rules

Missive 8.25.0
- Inline composer
- Multiple integrations in sidebar
- Setting to change the first day of the week in calendars
- Setting to set the hour format (12h / 24h)
- Contact website field
- Composer JS AP

- Phone number extension support: Supports pause (,) and wait (;) characters
- Set “Work” as the default contact email label
- Include custom fields in contact cards
- Dark native UI elements when your OS is using dark appearance
- macOS Catalina support
- in comment box now inserts new lines on mobile

- Coworker cursor in composer not being removed when they leave
- Color being stripped in quoted emails
- Same emoji being rendered only once per comment
- Search input in integration dropdowns not being focusable on mobile

Missive 8.24.0
- Insert link button in composer on mobile

- Better and faster results when searching a phone number

- Contact email label reverting to the default one
- Composer style toolbar always outdated on mobile

Missive 8.23.0
- Default contact book setting

- Show list of existing groups when editing a contact
- Contact form validation to prevent errors

- Contact phone numbers formatting

Missive 8.22.0
- Add to inbox option from the label menu for archived conversations
- Add to inbox

- New email button to contact cards
- New email
- Setting to toggle the right sidebar (contacts and integrations)

- Contact phone numbers formatting
- Progressive contact list importing
- Bigger responses popup in the composer

- Clicking Add to contacts when no contact book has been created yet
- Contact form autocompletion dismissing the keyboard on mobile
- Context menus not being scrollable anymore
- Snooze / Send later popup not being scrollable in composer

Missive 8.21.3
- Contact books
- Contact cards
- Contacts sidebar

- Print draft from composer
- Don’t get notifications for your messages sent from Messenger

Missive 8.20.0
- Statuses

- Show online status in assignment menu
- Setting to disable alternate “Send”
- Dark theme color improvements when replying
- Disable composer send button when draft is loading, could end up sending empty draft
- Some “Loading message…” unreliability

- Missing “Delete forever” button
- Addresses autocomplete sometimes not showing the right results
- “Create response” not working on mobile

Missive 8.19.1
- Copy and paste specific message link

- Mark chat-only conversations as unread
- Increased maximum number of pinned conversations
- A way to dismiss disconnected shared account warnings
- Print popup layout
- Shared label colors on dark theme
- Pasting unreadable colors in the composer

- Moved “Mark as spam” option farther away from “Mark as unread”
- Certain email images being stretched
- Marking a conversation as unread not incrementing the dock badge count
- Selecting multiple fields in integrations when there’s a search input

Missive 8.18.1
- Fixed: Integration actions from context menus

Missive 8.18.0

- Rule actions: Forward, Close, Trash, Share, Unsnooze, Silence notifications
- Rule conditions: Conversation is watched
- Rule triggers when conversation is Closed, Assigned, Reopened
- Option to customize Send response response rate
- Option to run webhooks multiple times when receiving an email in multiple email accounts
- Toggle quote shortcut
- Missive: cmd+shift+'
- Gmail: '

- Search input in integrations’ dropdowns when too many results
- Show Asana project when searching for subtasks
- Unlink Trello cards
- Don’t open draft windows full-screen when app is full-screen
- Dark theme UI improvements

- Safari and Firefox not always focusing when opening external links
- Sidebar not showing sub-mailboxes when adding a 2nd email account
- Draft content sometimes being lost when changing the From address
- English contractions considered misspelled
- iOS autofocus when opening drafts
- Kana to Kanji (Japanese) broken in comment box

Missive 8.17.1
- Fixed: Subscribing to paid plan on desktop apps

Missive 8.17.0
- Setting on mobile to navigate to prev / next conversation when swiping
- Shortcut to trigger integrations’ main action

- Default font in outgoing messages

- Plain text formatting of content copied from the composer
- Rendering glitch where some emails content could be invisible
- draft content being lost while typing
- Not being able to remove some signatures
- Not being able to scroll on iOS after selecting someone from the @mention menu
- “Loading message…” never completing on some mobile devices

Missive 8.16.1
- Landscape layout for iPhones with a notch

- Spell checking on Windows
- 2-columns & 1-column layouts on desktop

Missive 8.16.0
- Use “Send & Close” for Unassigned conversations

- Certain mailto: links not working
- Edge case where no conversations would be clickable
- Pinned room not being displayed until app is restarted
- Shared labels nesting in organization settings
- RTL support in composer

Missive 8.15.1
- Setting to remember location when quitting app
- Will reopen at the same location on next launch
- Billing section
- Download invoices and set a billing address
- Pressing Cmd + Shift will display alternative Send button in composer
- Ctrl + Shift on Window
- Conversation links in “You’ve been mentioned” emails will open in current app
- Composer performance when replying to long threads
- “Never show again” option for “Archive and close” prompt

- JPEG attachments being compressed
- White space being collapsed in comments `code blocks`
- Response attachments not being removed for coworkers
- Outdated drafts content when updating from a different device
- Searching with “%” in search terms
- “View in” integration links not working on mobile
- Shortcuts being triggered when typing after taking a screenshot on macOS
- Opening external links on Windows prompting to select a default app

Missive 8.14.3
- Authenticating Shopify account from desktop app

Missive 8.14.2
- Allow basic members to configure shared label auto-sharing at creation

- Preferences scrollbar glitch on macOS
- Blank “From:” select in some cases when using delegated alias as default address
- Broken label menu layout when configuring sharing options
- Twilio credentials form layout on mobile
-Asana custom fields
- Polish ł character triggering a shortcut

Missive 8.14.1
- Shopify integration

Missive 8.13.2
- Steps to share a new email account

- Add missing “Assign” shortuct on Gmail preset since last update
- Force closed state on conversations when closing with shortcut
- Fields not always being applied in integrations

Missive 8.13.1
- Trello integration
- “Close” shortcut
- Missive: alt+backspace
- Gmail: alt+e
- Move to…” shortcut

- Tweets, SMS and Messenger messages now with integration actions as well
- Clicking context menu options when mouse moves to another option
- Handle sharing non-image files to Missive
- “Save as…” won’t focus the downloaded attachment anymore
- Label as…” and “Move to…” menu

- Closing context menus on iPhone X versions not always working
- TextExpander snippets using the plain text version instead of the rich text one
- Filters being removed from search results when searching for multiple terms
- Messages not being resized when toggling the integrations sidebar
- Swipe actions icon always displaying the same one
- Status bar on mobile not using the right appearance for certain themes
- Delegated aliases not using shared signature
- “Mine” version of delegated aliases displayed when it shouldn’t
- “Mine” version of delegated aliases not showing “Conversation will be shared with” banner
- Sharing integrations wrongly showing the “Shared account upgrade needed” warning

Missive 8.12.0
- Opening external links: was causing app to crash on iOS when “Open external links in-app” was unchecked
- Edge case where Missive wouldn’t load on Safari desktop

Missive 8.11.2
- Share with Missive on mobile
- Nested rule conditions:
- One-click rules duplication

- Force file extension when saving files

- Text size preference not being applied to the composer on iOS
- Not being able to drag scrollbar next to the integrations
- “Create new label” layout on mobile
- “Log in with Google” on Android when Chrome is not installed

Missive 8.10.0
- Upload multiple files at once on Android

- Opening external links on mobile when “Open external links in-app” is disabled
- Disabled “Set” button in integration forms calendar
- Scrolling inside integration forms
- Rules conditions layout

Missive 8.9.1
- Change log not available for this version

Missive 8.8.1
- Highlight / change text background color in composer
- Highlight color
- Attachments’ “Download” context menu action acting like “Save as…”
- Never ending loading cursor when downloading .eml file
- Wrong mailbox count when undoing a Trash action
- Conversation assignment state rule condition
- Conversation state rule condition
- Download email as .eml file
- Preferences close button overlapping scrollbar
- Warning when marking sent messages as Spam
- Pasting tables from Google Sheets
- Pasting tables from Microsoft Excel
- Searching for numbers in Responses
- Log in with Google on iOS 12.2 beta 2

Missive 8.7.0
- Change log not available for this version

Missive 8.6.0
- Change log not available for this version

Missive 8.5.1

- Mailbox filters re-applied as soon as navigating away from current conversation
- Preview custom HTML signatures
- Canned responses search results
- Setting to re-enable “Never show again” warnings
- Send comments on iPad with external keyboard when pressing return

- Pasting content into composer being slow
- Cursor being stuck when backspacing styled content
- “User discarded a draft” events not showing up anymore
- Creating new conversations when in search results not being added to the Inbox
- Edge cases where marking a conversation as unread wouldn’t work
- “Copy link” not always being available
- Issues on iOS 12.2 beta

Missive 8.4.0

- Search filters not being saved
- Canned responses list being blank under certain circumstances
- Composer performance issues when replying to long threads
- Opening Canny links directly in Missive

Missive 8.3.1

- Newly created labels not visible in the sidebar when nested
- Sorting sub-mailboxes when changing account description
- Searching for an address creating a duplicated search entry
- Possible conversation list layout issues after swiping

Missive 8.2.0

- Pasting content from Google Docs
- On Android, tapping inline images will open them in a sub-view to be able to save them
- Use adaptive launcher icon on Android

- Notification icon color on Android
- Sub-mailboxes not available when adding new email accounts
- Navigating to a mailbox with keyboard shortcut from the composer
- Certain closed conversations temporarily appearing as opened when adding a comment
- Default alias when email account is being deleted

Missive 8.1.0

- “Download all” attachments will prompt for location
- Email account warning layout on Dark theme

- Crash on macOS when closing the draft window
- “Hidden unless unread” mailboxes never appearing when “Show unread count” is unchecked
- Redo typing in composer on Chrome
- Content being doubled when pasting with CTRL + Shift + V on Windows
- Printing always using the same message content
- Blank PDF pages when printing on macOS

Missive 8.0.1
- Fixed: Searching when “Show recent searches” is disabled

Missive 7.20.1
- Change log not available for this version

Missive 7.19.0

- SMS, Twitter and Messenger rules
- You can now automate actions on social account messages. Both incoming and outgoing.
- Generic accounts rules

- Dark sidebar unseen counts contrast
- Dark sidebar unseen counts
- Using Latin and Cyrillic dictionaries at the same time when spell checking
- Allow adding sms: links to emails
- Focusing social accounts messages with keyboard
- Don’t block moving a conversation to an already applied label

- UI glitch when swiping conversations under certain circumstances
- Color picker not being updated when moving cursor in the composer
- Double-tap to edit comments on mobile
- Handling sms: and tel: links on mobile
- Inline TIFF images in emails

Missive 7.18.3
- Shared email accounts not shown in label menu

Missive 7.17.0

- Snooze from Unassigned
- Snoozes the conversation for everyone and brings it back to the Unassigned mailbox
- Snooze from unassigned

- Event when a rule archives a conversation

- Auto expand keyboard on mobile when opening the composer
- Support for iPhone XR / XS / XS Max
- General performance and memory usage

- Auto-capitalize on iOS when starting a new line
- Cursor jumping to colleague’s cursor while typing
- Default search mailbox setting not being used for IMAP mailboxes

Missive 7.16.0
- Issues with opening some mailboxes and conversations
- We’re seeing elevated errors caused by attempts at making Missive consume less energy when running for several hours
- We’ve reverted these changes for now
- Next update is going to be rock solid

Missive 7.14.0

- Merge rule action

- Showing week day in snooze options
- General performance and memory usage
- Opening a conversation speed on Android
- Dismiss desktop notifications when marking conversations as read

- Not being able to select text on iOS in some circumstances
- Searching in “Feature Requests” forum on iOS breaking the app layout
- Some IMAP mailboxes being wrongly nested under unified mailboxes
- Messages reply button on iOS / Safari
- Not being able to scroll the comment box when too mu

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