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WriteMapper 3.1.0

Adobe Photoshop for Mac 製品ファミリは、あなたの想像できるものに変身させ、特別な方法でそれらを展示することで、あなたのデジタル画像を最高に引き出すための究極の遊び場です。 Adobe Photoshop - 業界標準の Adobe Photoshop ソフトウェアに加え、3D 画像やモーションベースのコンテンツを作成して強化するためのツールで、最先端の編集、合成、ペイント機能を利用できます。 Adobe Photoshop for Mac - 優れた画像選択、画像修整、現実的なペイント、幅広いワークフローとパフォーマンスの強化を実現する、強力な新しい写真ツールと画期的な機能を活用する.

Adobe Photoshop の機能:
イメージングマジックによる編集と強化最先端の写真ツール Adobe Camera Raw を使用してプロフェッショナルなイメージを処理する Raw コントロールの色と階調直感的なムービーやビデオコンテンツを作成する優れたデザインとアートワークを作成する高度な機能を備えたコンポジットイメージ合理化されたワークフローを活用するユーザーの欲しい改善で時間を短縮拡張あなたのリーチ注:7 日間の試用版。 2 GB のクラウドストレージサービスへのアクセスが制限されています.

Also:Adobe Photoshop for Windows をダウンロードしてください.

ファイルのバージョン WriteMapper 3.1.0
ファイル名 WriteMapper-3.1.0-universal.dmg
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X 10.10 or later
ソフトウェアタイプ Trial
著者 Adobe Systems Inc
更新時間 2023-03-09

What's new in this version:

WriteMapper 3.1.0
Improvements and bug fixes:
- Text highlighted in the content editor now also matches the node’s color
- Improved autocorrect now detects emojis and does not treat it as misspelt
- Autocorrect now doesn’t modify words or terms that have at least one capital letter
- Fixed link popover’s input background color in dark mode

WriteMapper 3.0.8
- scrollbars not showing in dark mode when using a mouse, without a trackpad
- consistently opening a node's editor with it fully scrolled to the top
- retaining the scroll position in the editor when pasting text
- visual styling of editor animation on Windows
- autocorrect wrongly correcting anything involving symbols

- And improvements in upgraded backend code libraries

WriteMapper 3.0.6
- On macOS, fixed layout that would cause a scrollbar to unnecessarily display in the Preferences window
- Prevented autocorrect and spellcheck from acting on words comprised of only integers (e.g. “2021”)

WriteMapper 3.0.5
- Fixed a bug that caused the content editor of duplicated nodes to replicate edits made in the original node

WriteMapper 3.0.4
- Fixed an erroneous inclusion of an extra menu item in the content editor’s right-click menu

WriteMapper 3.0.3
- Made links clickable from the Live Preview window, which will now open in your device's default browser
- Fixed a bug where links would not open in your default browser from the windowed editor, after clicking the link in the pop-up

WriteMapper 3.0.2
- Updated the list of spellcheck languages available from the Preferences window, in the Editing tab, which fixes an issue where the selected language would get stuck on the default setting.

WriteMapper 3.0.1
- an issue with the spellcheck feature causing a blank screen to show on M1 Macs. Do note that the settings for spellcheck languages in the Preferences window is now slightly different.
- an issue causing some users coming from WriteMapper 2 to not be able to access the 7-day free trial on WriteMapper 3. Upgrading to this 3.0.1 version should take care of it.

WriteMapper 2.10.0
- Made the “Full Document Preview” export option more obviously located in the menu bar on desktop
- Added mention of License Manager on license settings tab in desktop versions, for easier access
- Updated monospace font for Windows version to the recently-created Cascadia Code font
- Updated some code framework libraries used in the backend on the desktop version
- Increased the frequency of periodic autosaving of your work by the app

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed an issue where block embeds in the content editor were sometimes hard to exit out of
- Fixed a bug on iPadOS and iOS where search results would be obscured in certain situations
- Fixed issue on iPad and iPhone where tooltip menus were shown misaligned in some scenarios
- Fixed a word count bug in the content editor on desktop versions

WriteMapper 2.9.1
Bug fixes and improvements:
- Fixed “Tab” and “Shift+Tab” keys not working as custom keyboard shortcuts on the desktop version
- Fixed bug where WriteMaps that contain multiple images might not export the images to a Word document in the same order
- Fixed issue where exported images sometimes export nodes with ellipses when they actually shouldn’t
- Fixed bug on iPad and iPhone where WriteMaps that had certain characters in the title would not actually save the file
- Fixed bug where tapping the cursor while creating new WriteMap on iPad and iPhone didn’t reveal the expected menu
- In the ‘custom keyboard shortcut is occupied’ error message, also include info of which shortcut is currently occupying it
- Updated some code framework libraries used in the backend on the desktop version

WriteMapper 2.9.0
Spellcheck and Autocorrect:
- The key focus in this version was to rewrite the content editor's Spellcheck implementation on desktop versions, creating a more efficient and consistent writing experience for our customers. Spellcheck now finds suggestions quicker when you right-click a misspelling. Also, styled text now retain their attributes when corrected
- We've also built an Autocorrect mechanism into the content editor, allowing for an even smoother typing experience. Autocorrect also uses a smart algorithm to determine if your typing should be corrected, based on the similarity of the suggested correction. You can enable or disable this behaviour from the Preferences window, where it's enabled by default on macOS

Other Improvements:
- Enable pinch-to-zoom on the iPad to also pan to the zoomed in local region
- Select the root node when “Toggle Node Info” is tapped, if in WriteMap view
- Improve visual look of toolbar buttons on iPad by removing its outline border after tapping it
- On desktop, improved how Snapshots handles different files that have the same header topic name
- Set minimum zoom more consistently on iOS and iPadOS across both portrait and landscape orientations
- Added a link to the User Guide in tutorial WriteMaps

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed an issue preventing images from being exported on the iPad version
- Fixed an issue causing dark mode to not work on the new public release of iPadOS
- Removed stray temporary message elements caused by overlapping triggers on iPad and desktop
- Fixed a bug to do with the title bar not updating to new file names on Windows
- Fixed an error on the desktop version when clicking the cancel option in the open file dialog
- On iPhone, fixed selecting Cancel from the Select Snapshot menu showing an empty menu
- Fixed misalignment of Preferences menu items on 5.8-inch iPhone screens
- On iPhone, prevent situations where new node topic text entry on the WriteMap view is blocked by the toolbar
- Corrected a bug on Windows where spellcheck sometimes deviates from the selected language

WriteMapper 2.7.1
- Fixed a bug where the open and save file dialogs were not working as expected on desktop versions of the app

WriteMapper 2.7.0
Notable Improvements:
- Added new Categorize Node Colors option to right-click/long-press menu of root node, which sets a distinct color for each H2 node (and their children)
- Added option to change color tags of individual nodes, without affecting its child nodes
- On desktop, added new setting for indicating the language to be used for spellcheck
- Better recent file management on iPad, reducing number of files displayed to three, and added an option to clear the list
- Dark mode integration with iPadOS, where dark mode in the app will now sync with the dark mode setting of iPadOS
- Also search each node’s contents in the Quick Search feature

Other Improvements:
- Integrated new three-finger swipe to undo/redo and pinch to copy/paste iPadOS gestures into content editor and WriteMap views
- Default behaviour of setting the node theme from the content editor now changes the theme for that node only
- Hid the scrollbars in the WriteMap view on iPad for a cleaner visual effect
- Use Fluent Design System's Acrylic Material for the title bar on Windows
- Updated "See What’s New" links in the About section of the Help menu to "Learn More" instead
- Removed "Add to Dictionary" from spellcheck menu option on macOS as it tended to not function in a consistent fashion
- iPadOS dark mode for file picker, share sheet, file destination selector, keyboard, and list picker views
- Improved wording of option on desktop versions to "open or import"
- Added app icon used in new iPadOS app slide over multitasking views
- Integrated new cursor/caret manipulation behaviour on iPadOS
- On Windows, added Ctrl+W keyboard shortcut to the editor window
- On desktop, improved spellcheck performance
- Added link to User Guide in Help menus
- Updated tutorial WriteMaps to reflect changes in this version

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed bug on Windows where scrolling momentum would overflow to WriteMap and cause an unwanted zoom action to trigger
- Fixed bug where redo-ing an add sibling node action doesn’t reposition the node correctly
- Fixed bug in quick search where the root node could not be selected from the search results
- Fixed bug where scrolling quick search results on the iPad would sometimes cause it to close
- Made it such that no single color should appear more than twice for first 8 H2 nodes
- If the random node color preference is enabled, also apply it to files are imported
- Corrected issue with dark mode on macOS Catalina

WriteMapper 2.6.0
Improvements and Bug Fixes:
- Updated some code package libraries in anticipation of the upcoming iPadOS public release
- Fixed issue with undo/redo keyboard shortcuts not working consistently in WriteMap view on Windows version
- Corrected Header Letter Casing export option to also apply to Header Numbering setting, when set to Decimal
- Removed the question mark character from file names when saving files
- Updated autosave message wording on iPad to give clearer information

WriteMapper 2.4.0
- Furthering our attention on improving the robustness of WriteMapper as a productivity app that helps you meet your writing deadlines comes this update which brings a few new features to aid your work towards that goal

Quick Edit Node:
- You can now edit the contents of a node in a scaled-down editor mode, designed for making it easier to jump into jotting down some words without having to open the full editor. Quick Edit Node is accessible via a new keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+Cmd+E on the macOS and iPad versions, as well as on Alt+Ctrl+E on Windows

Export Options:
- More granular export configurations are now available in WriteMapper, allowing you to customise how your WriteMap should translate to the exported text document. A new "Export" section has been added to the preferences panel, from which you can adjust these new settings to your liking

Bug Fixes:
- Changed "+" to "=" for the zoom in keyboard shortcut to remove the need to also hold the Shift key on macOS
- Applied the "Export Header Numbering" setting to OPML export, on both desktop and iPad versions

WriteMapper 2.3.1
- Added method to easier include app and platform version info for debugging purposes in the Help menu
- New image export format

Bug Fixes:
- If quick search leads to a node that is collapsed, expand before selecting it
- Corrected an inconsistent behaviour that occurred in the “Collapse Other Nodes” option
- Fixed hitting Cmd+E causing a glitch while in the windowed editor on the macOS version
- Fixed OPML export bug that occurs when there are nodes with empty contents
- Fixed issue with zoom on Windows when triggered from trackpad or mouse wheel
- Fixed bug on desktop where arrow keys would traverse nodes during Quick Search

WriteMapper 2.3.0
Bug Fixes:
- Double clicking a node now works with the “Tap twice and drag to multi-select” setting for Windows trackpads
- Prevented the white collapse/expand button from glitching when clicked
- Fixed error that occurred when trying to select nodes above/below the root node
- Fixed overlapping elements in the Shortcuts tab of the Preferences window
- Corrected scrollbar from showing in the update window

WriteMapper 2.2.0
- WriteMapper now keeps a backup of a history of your work with this new feature. The five most recent versions of the five most recently saved WriteMaps are saved to Snapshots, which can be accessed from the “File” menu, and from the “Open” button on the iPad. There also exists the option to remove all Snapshots, if you’re worried about them occupying disk space

Export As OPML:
- We’ve added another export format, on top of the five existing ones. Adding OPML format export, with the app already supporting import of OPML files, will enable you to move your work in and out of WriteMapper and use it with other programs that support the format

Quick Search:
- Finally, you can now search an entire WriteMap’s node topics at once, and find exactly what you were looking for. Quick Search is accessible from the WriteMap view in the menu bar on desktop under the “Node” menu, the toolbar’s more options button (•••) on iPad, and with keyboard shortcuts on both (Cmd/Ctrl+F)

- On desktop, added optimisations for improving performance of viewing and editing WriteMaps with numerous nodes
- Added padded clearance of the cursor from the bottom edge of the content editor as the editor auto-scrolls while you type
- Increased content editor’s maximum font size upwards to 26px
- Added a separator to the zoom toolbar menu on desktop

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a bug where a link’s destination would not show up in WriteMaps created from imported files
- On desktop, fixed a bug where images could not be inserted when the editor wasn’t yet focused
- Prevented source information of images getting lost whenever the content editor was opened/closed
- Character count in Full Document Preview now does not count spaces and newline characters
- Set ‘mins’ to singular (‘min’) instead of plural if the estimated read time info is one (1) minute

WriteMapper 2.1.1
- Contains a bug fix where the Editor Width setting would always be stuck in “Relative”, even if set to “Fixed” in Preferences

WriteMapper 2.1.0
Other Improvements:
- New setting added to preferences options for choosing between fixed or relative width of the content editor
- Enabled WriteMap to scroll as a node is dragged to the bounds of the WriteMap’s edges
- Added link to License Manager page to the Help section of the menu bar of desktop versions
- Adjusted layout and height of the Preferences window on desktop to fit better on smaller screens

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a bug where imported PNG and GIF images might not be formatted in the right encoding
- In the Windows version, fixed the height of the general tab of the Preferences window
- Remedied issue where the Windows desktop version would not correctly handle images imported from a local file
- Fixed errant white flash when showing a new window on macOS, in dark mode
- On macOS, corrected how buttons for modifier keys might not display correctly in the custom keyboard shortcuts section of Preferences
- Corrected a typo in the tutorial WriteMap
WriteMapper 2.0.2
- This update fixes a bug that caused the auto update mechanism to not work
- Also, the Full Document Preview option was added to the menu bar, alongside the existing export options to help make it more accessible

WriteMapper 2.0.1
 Change log not available for this version

WriteMapper 2.0.0
 Change log not available for this version

WriteMapper 1.7.2
 Change log not available for this version

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