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Airfoil 5.6.4

Airfoil for Mac では、AirPort Express ユニット、Apple TV、さらには他の Mac や PC にオーディオを送信することができます。それはあなたのオーディオです - どこでも.

エアフォイルでは、あらゆるアプリケーションからオーディオを取り込み、AirPort Express ユニット、Apple TV、さらには Airfoil スピーカーを実行する他の Mac や PC に送信することができます! RealPlayer、Windows Media Player、QuickTime Player、その他のメディアプレーヤーからオーディオを送信します。 Pandora、 などの Web ベースのアプリケーションから AirMac Express にオーディオを送信します。あなたの家の周りの RadioSHARK、XM、Sirius ラジオなどのオーディオデバイスからオーディオをストリーミングすることもできます.

Stream あなたのネットワークのすべての Mac からのオーディオ。 Apple TV、Google Chromecast、Bluetooth スピーカーなどのあらゆる種類のデバイスに、Pandora のような Spotify や Web ベースのオーディオなどの音楽サービスをワイヤレスで送信します。 iOS デバイスやその他のコンピュータにも送信することができます.

Airfoil for Mac 特長:

Airfoil を使用して、Mac で再生しているオーディオ、Spotify や Pandora などの音楽サービス、Safari や Chrome の Web ベースのオーディオ、 like.

Stream では、家の中のスピーカーに好きな音楽、AirPlay、Bluetooth などを楽しむことができます。さまざまなスピーカーのタイプ間でも、すべてが完全な同期で再生されます.

Airfoil Satellite
Airfoil Satellite は、iOS、Windows、および Mac で使用できる Airfoil の無料コンパニオンです。 iOS デバイスまたは他のコンピュータで Airfoil をオーディオで受信し、Airfoil をリモートコントロールします。

Mac から Apple TV、AirPort Express、またはサードパーティの AirPlay デバイスに AirPlay Devices
Stream オーディオを送信します.

Google Cast
Stream に送信すると、Google Chromecast を含むあらゆるキャストデバイスにキャスト対応のテレビやスピーカーなどのサードパーティのデバイスと同じように使用することができます.

Bluetooth デバイスに送信する
Stream さまざまな Bluetooth オーディオスピーカーとヘッドフォンに


Stream Mac、Windows、Linux コンピュータ.

1 台のデバイスまたは 12 の異なるスピーカーで一度に再生すると、すべてが完璧に同期します.

Remote Control
iOS、Mac、Windows の無料エアフォイルサテライトを使用して、Airfoil とオーディオストリーミングをリモートコントロールします。

注:64 ビットプロセッサが必要です。 10 分以上のすべての送信にノイズが重畳されます.8997423

ファイルのバージョン Airfoil 5.6.4
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X 10.9 or later
ソフトウェアタイプ Shareware
著者 Rogue Amoeba Software, Inc.
更新日 暫無資訊
更新時間 2017-09-27

What's new in this version:

Airfoil 5.6.4
- Major Enhancement: Several improvements have been made for Apple TV support. These include correctly resetting stored passwords that have gone stale, correctly reporting incorrect passcodes, correcting an issue where pairing could fail with tvOS 11 in some cases, and even properly calling the device an “Apple TV” (not an “AppleTV”)
- Other: The Preferences window no longer incorrectly allows minimizing

Airfoil 5.6.3
- Enhancement: Airfoil and Airfoil Satellite now both have compatibility with MacOS 10.13 (High Sierra)
- Bug Fix: An issue where an audible glitch could sometimes be heard when the Computer device was started has been corrected
- Bug Fix: Airfoil's updated audio capture engine now works as expected with single-site browser (SSB) apps such as those made by Epichrome
- Bug Fix: The Remote Control preferences now work as expected, with the nested preference turning off when its parent is off

Airfoil 5.6.2
- Major Enhancement: Instant On has been updated to version 8.4.4, with important crash fixes for MacOS 10.13, as well as improved logging
- Other: Airfoil now has (extremely) preliminary compatibility with MacOS 10.13 (High Sierra). We still recommend users stick with a fully supported version of MacOS for now
- Other: Visual and reliability improvements have been made to our Extras installer window

Airfoil 5.6.1
- Major Enhancement: Instant On has been updated to version 8.4.3, with improvements to audio capture from VMWare Fusion, FaceTime, and Flash running in Safari
- Enhancement: Further improvements to Airfoil's audio capture backend have been made. As in version 5.6, users shouldn't notice any major changes
- Bug Fix: An audio synchronization problem which could occur when Airfoil Satellite receives audio from iTunes has been corrected
- Bug Fix: A rare bug where partial network packets would break the RTSP connection has been fixed
- Other: Many other small improvements, enhancements, and fixes have been made
- Airfoil now requires MacOS 10.10 (Yosemite) or higher. If you're still on 10.9 (or lower), be sure to see our Legacy page

Airfoil 5.6
- Major Enhancement: Airfoil once again has full support for streaming to all models of Apple TV! All security modes are supported, including Password, Passcode, First-Time Passcode, and Device Verification
- Critical Bug Fix: An issue where the local Computer output could lose sync has been corrected
- Enhancement: The audio capture backend has been updated to be more robust, and this new style capture is now used by default when Instant On is installed. Users shouldn't notice any changes
- Enhancement: Instant On has been updated to version 8.4.2, with minor fixes and improvements
- Enhancement: Airfoil Satellite now has an “is-connected” AppleScript property
- Bug Fix: Airfoil Satellite now activates more reliably when the “Show” hotkey is pressed
- Other: Many other small improvements, enhancements, and fixes have been made

Airfoil 5.5.2
- Major Enhancement: Instant On has been updated to version 8.4.1, with full support for MacOS 10.12 (Sierra) and other small improvements.
- Enhancement: Additional improvements have been made for streaming audio to Google's Chromecast Ultra.
- Enhancement: Several small changes have been made to increase resilience and prevent problems due to sporadic network issues.
- Bug Fix: The Pause control now works as expected with
- Bug Fix: Improvements have been made to Airfoil's handling of missing audio devices.

Airfoil 5.5.1
- Major Enhancement: Initial support for Google's new Chromecast Ultra device. Further updates may be forthcoming.
- Bug Fix: Airfoil Satellite's AppleScript now correctly reports metadata when receiving audio from iTunes or iOS devices.

Airfoil 5.5
- Major Enhancement: Airfoil now allows you to stream audio to Google Chromecast devices, as well as third party Cast-enabled TVs and speakers!
- Major Enhancement: Airfoil Satellite now offers optional global hotkeys for playback control. Show Airfoil Satellite instantly, pause remote playback, and more.
- Enhancement: Airfoil's main window no longer separates speakers out by type. Groups are still kept in a separate section, for clarity.
- Enhancement: Airfoil Satellite itself is now AppleScriptable, and offers full remote control and metadata when selected as the source in Airfoil (useful for sending from iOS to multiple outputs).
- Bug Fix: Airfoil now better handles missing audio output devices, as used by the Computer output. This includes improved error reporting when a device is missing, as well as visual hinting.

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