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Alfred 3.4 Build 850

Alfred は、ローカルコンテンツと Web の検索を事前に実行することで時間を大幅に節約するという目標を持つデスクトップ拡張アプリケーションです。検索したメールやフォルダ(コピー、移動、送信)の地図、Amazon、Wikipedia、eBay、プリフォームのアクションを検索することにより、貴重な情報や生産性へのアクセスがこれまでにないほど増えます。 Alfred for Mac は、ホットキー、キーワード、テキスト拡張による効率を向上させる Mac OS X の生産性アプリケーションです。


Find Applications& Files
キーボードから手を離さずに、Mac 上のアプリやファイルを開くことができます。アルフレッドはあなたが最も使っているアプリを学び、検索するときに優先順位を付けます。

クイック検索 - Web
組み込みの Web 検索と独自のカスタム検索を使用して、キーワードをプレフィックスとしてキーワードをプレフィックスとして Web を検索できるようになりました。 wiki、twitter、youtube のようなものです。 Alfred のメインウィンドウでデフォルト検索をカスタマイズして、毎日のニーズに合わせて作成してください.

キーワード、ホットキー、アクションをまとめて 1 行のコードを書くことなく驚くべきことを実現します。あなたのワークフローをエクスポートして、私たちの華麗な開発者コミュニティによって作成されたものを共有したり、インポートしたりできます.

クリップボード& Snippets

Alfred をデスクトップ、服や気分に合わせてください。色、フォント、サイズなどを選択して、独自のテーマを作成します。デザインスキルを披露し、友人とテーマを共有し、themes.

注:64 ビットプロセッサが必要です。 Powerpack の機能は利用できません.8997423

ファイルのバージョン Alfred 3.4 Build 850
ファイル名 Alfred_3.4_850.dmg
ファイルサイズ 2.68 MB
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X 10.9 or later
ソフトウェアタイプ Demo
著者 Running with Crayons Ltd
更新時間 2017-06-22

What's new in this version:

- Added new {datetime} placeholder which allows for simple combined date and time formatting with short, medium, long and full
- Add batch editing of auto expansion for selected snippets
- Tidy up the snippet collection preferences to better match Alfred's preferences
- Added option to duplicate a snippet from the context popup menu in the Snippet feature preferences
- Update Snippets feature preferences search to also search snippet content
- Fix snippet keyword conflict highlighting in Snippet feature preferences table
- Fix issue where Clipboard History could miss an entry from an app which clears clipboard content, and delays before repopulating copied data (seen with
- Improvements and simplifications to the snippets and snippet collection framework (for performance and robustness)
- Added context help button to Snippet Collection edit sheet, and updated help link on Collection edit sheet
- Fix snippet placeholder processing order to prevent double processing of certain clipboard placeholders
- Small tweak to Automatic Snippet Expansion to make conflicting keyword expansion more predictable (now always expands first matching one)
- Ignore org.nspasteboard.ConcealedType pasteboard types for clipboard history

Added advanced scripted text expansion using a new Workflow 'Snippet' trigger object:
- Type a snippet keyword into any macOS window to directly run a workflow
- Dynamically create snippet content using the power of Alfred's Workflows, then automatically paste back to app
- Enables multi-part text expansion such as form filling

Added date arithmetic to date placeholders throughout Alfred:
- Supported (Y)ear, (M)onth, (D)ay, (h)our, (m)inute, (s)econd
- e.g. {datetime +1Y -2M +2h:medium} (See context help for more syntax examples)
- Arithmetic can be stacked, i.e. add and subtract multiple days in single equation

Add a new "Placeholder" helper button to the bottom left of text areas which support placeholder replacements (Workflow / Snippet / Remote):
- Added insertable examples for date, time, clipboard and cursor

Added per-collection snippet keyword prefix and suffix:
- Allows better and faster control over how and when snippets are found and auto-expand
- Collection prefix and suffix are edited per collection, but shown per snippet in table
- Improved collection display in preferences, with snippet count, prefix and suffix shown
- Prefix and suffix are exported and imported with collections

Added toggle to enable or disable entire snippet collections:
- Applies to (Clipboard) Snippet Viewer, Snippet keyword and Snippet auto expansion

- Add 'Snippet' Trigger workflow object to support new scripted text expansion feature, detailed above
- Fix border rendering around Dispatch Key Combo output object input field when view doesn't have focus
- Fix tab field focusing order on OpenURL workflow action configuration
- Fix initial focus on keyword field in Dictionary Filter input object config sheet
- Fix unexpected behaviour when pressing - button during editing of a new workflow environment variable value
- Fix incorrect visual selection after using insert object from the popup menu
- Cleanly close STDIN for workflow Scripts, preventing scripts wanting standard input from waiting indefinitely
- Update URL validation in OpenURL object configuration to be aware of variables
- Small tweak to workflow object config sheet layout to better line up UI components
- Ensure that the workflow list is correctly updated when a workflow is saved (e.g. last modified date)
- Overhauled and simplified workflow import framework code, specifically with migrations
- Update workflow script editor text area, now shows the empty script / default script suggestion as grey text
- Improve debug output for Script Filter, showing queued and run arguments
- Add help hint on Terminal Command config page, suggesting Run Script as alternative
- Improve mouse tracking calculation within Workflow canvas, preventing tracking when hovering over debugger
- Show error message in Alfred's Preferences when Alfred is unable to save a workflow (e.g. permissions issue)

Add workflow editor Object Alignment Guides for easier object layout, available from the workflow canvas popup menu options:
- Alternatively, hold the 'option' key while hovering items on the canvas to see alignment guides

Added option for not trimming script filter argument, for when spaces are significant to your workflow:
- Updated the trimming of Input Filter arguments to be more intelligent

Add dispatch "Count" option to the Dispatch Key Combo output object; Dispatch a key combo between 1 to 10 times:
- If count is set greater than 1, count is shown on workflow object in canvas

Output an AppleScript error on calling Alfred when the workflow id or trigger id is not found, or if the workflow is disabled:
- See context help for "External" Trigger workflow object for error codes

- Show the Finder "Display Name" in File Actions panel for better consistency (specifically for file extensions)
- Update global action's "File Selection" hotkey to be Alfred aware, now works within Alfred's default results and File System navigation

Updated behaviour track transport controls:
- Now better compatible with special case playlists such as Genius
- Added new "back" track command, matching Apple Keyboard / iTunes intelligent behaviour of restart or previous track
- Updated iTunes Mini Player previous track button behaviour to the new "back" behaviour
- Updated Alfred Remote with new "Back Track" option, with associated example template
- Updated iTunes Action workflow object with "Back Track" option, with associated workflow template

- Update LinkedIn search in default web searches to latest URL
- Add a help button next to the main Alfred hotkey, linking to hotkey help and troubleshooting
- Fix quirk when right clicking for popup menu within Alfred's preferences when window isn't key
- Increase auto-updater timeout interval to 60s for users on very poor network connections

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