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Banktivity 7.3.2

Banktivity for Mac(iBank だった)は Mac マネー管理の新しい標準です。直感的なユーザーインターフェイスとマネー管理機能を備えた Banktivity は、Mac 個人向けファイナンスで利用できる最も完全なソフトウェアです。トランザクションを簡単に入力して編集し、オンラインで時間内に請求書を支払い、オンラインアカウントデータをダウンロードし、明細書を調整し、多彩で堅牢なツールで投資を追跡することができます.

銀行業務では、トランザクションの分割、スケジュール設定、 。数回のクリックで、Banktivity の柔軟なテンプレート(収入と費用、純利益、予測など)を使用して、強力でダイナミックなレポートを作成することができます。また、Banktivity の新しいエンベロープ予算機能は、貯蓄を構築する際に支出を調整するのに役立ちます.

Banktivity 機能:

スナップインで up
を設定します。アカウント、取引、カテゴリ、および投資を準備して待機します。最初からやり直してください - 銀行業務の合理化されたセットアップアシスタントは、すぐにあなたに行かせます。

Budget for prosperity
先進の予算作成ツールを使用すると、iOS デバイスで予算を構築し、支出の習慣を監視し、日々の進捗状況を監視し、予定された収入と請求書を組み込み、目標と結果を比較し、予算を銀行業務に同期させることができます.

Banktivity 5 は、直接ダウンロードのための銀行接続。オプションで Direct Access * が何千もの銀行から最新情報を取得し、iPad 用の Banktivity と iPhone 用の Banktivity とのデータを共有します.

お金がどこにあるかを確認してください go


プライバシクラウド Sync

注:30 日間の試用版です。 64 ビットプロセッサーが必要です.8997423

ファイルのバージョン Banktivity 7.3.2
ファイル名 Banktivity7_Web.dmg
ファイルサイズ 22.3 MB
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X 10.12 or later
ソフトウェアタイプ Trial
著者 IGG Software, Inc.
更新日 暫無資訊
更新時間 2019-10-16

What's new in this version:

Banktivity 7.3.2
- Fixed issue with the built-in browser on macOS Catalina

Banktivity 7.3.1
- Improved support for Citi OFX (Direct Download)

- Fixed issue where preference pane was mislabeled
- Fixed issue with drilling down into subcategories from the tax report
- Better support for forthcoming macOS version
- Hopefully fixed issue where transactions would mysteriously become unreconciled under rare circumstances
- Addressed an issue where multiple pending transactions could occur
- Fixed an issue where the Portfolio would sometimes not see today's transactions

Banktivity 7.3
- Transactions save much faster, especially with large data files
- Much improved error handling when storing credentials in Keychain app

- Dates no longer truncated on the statements assistant
- Fixed an issue where we could round incorrectly when importing some files
- Fixed an issue where we could incorrectly import some transactions as Interest Inc. instead of Deposit
- Fixed an issue where an exception was thrown when looking at a report with missing security prices
- Addressed an issue where investment summary report could load out of scope data
- Corrected an issue where transfers to certain account types could mistakenly be seen in budgets
- Addressed an issue where incorrect IRR and ROI could appear with multiple currencies and limited date range on some reports

Banktivity 7.2.2
- Change log not available for this version

Banktivity 7.1.4
- Change log not available for this version

Banktivity 7.0

Dark Mode for Mojave:
- Apple has set up a pretty predictable launch schedule with its new versions of macOS and iOS. It goes like this: in June at the World Wide Developers Conference Apple gives us a preview of the new features that are coming. Then we have about three months to adopt any of the new features in the operating systems and make sure our apps don’t just break with the new versions
- When we saw Dark Mode in Mojave, we knew we wanted to support it. Dark Mode is great for so many different uses on your Mac and for many people here at IGG it has become their preferred work environment
- We like to support the most recent macOS versions as soon as we are able and I’m thrilled that this year we don’t just support it, but can wholeheartedly embrace it with Dark Mode. This wasn’t a small undertaking, we put a lot of resources into looking at every screen and restructuring how we bundle our visual assets in the app. The rewards for this hard work have been great. Check out how nice Banktivity 7 looks in Dark Mode on Mojave

Real Estate Tracking:
- It is true that you’ve always been able to track the value of your home or other real estate properties in Banktivity, but it has never been a great solution. In the past, you had to add an asset account and manually adjust the value of your home asset to what you think it might be. This approach has always left a lot to be desired. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the value of your home automatically calculated? And wouldn’t it be nice if you could easily see how much equity you have in your home after you factor in any mortgages or lines of credit? Well, now you can in Banktivity 7
- For Banktivity 7 we’ve integrated Zillow’s estimating capabilities right into Banktivity. We’ve also designed an entirely new real estate view when you are looking at a home in Banktivity 7. Further, you can now link your real estate accounts with the loans associated with them and see a more complete picture of your properties all in one place
- For the real estate view, there is no reconcile or search as they never really made sense for assets like a home. Instead, you get a simplified register view to show your “transactions.” On the right we show you the value of your home as recorded in Banktivity and the value of your home according to Zillow. You can click “Record It” to enter a transaction that will bring up the value of your home to match Zillow. Two things to note: 1) pulling of prices for Zillow is tied to your Direct Access subscription and 2) Zillow currently only supports homes in the United States. So if you aren’t a Direct Access subscriber and you have one or more properties in the United States, it might be time to reconsider

- For many years our customers have been requesting a calendar view in Banktivity. They want a place to see their past and upcoming transactions as it relates to a calendar. I’m happy to announce that Banktivity finally has a calendar view
- Our new calendar view shows your posted transactions and upcoming scheduled transactions. It also calculates a running composite balance and a summary of how your investments have performed each week. The calendar is interactive too. You can click on transactions to see them in their account. For unposted scheduled transactions, you can click them and then take action on them by either posting them, skipping them, printing a check or paying online. You can also configure the calendar to only include the accounts you are interested in

User Requested Features:
- We’ve received a lot of great feature requests since the launch of Banktivity 6. We worked hard on implementing many of them, so much in fact, many deserve to be iterated here
- Stock lot selection. When you sell securities you can choose which lots to sell from, or use the FIFO default
- Search Everywhere. Now you can search your payees, categories, accounts, securities and tags
- Improved Reconciling. We made some great improvements to reconciling. You can choose to have Banktivity auto-reconcile all transactions, no transactions or just the cleared transactions. We also added search to the reconcile sheet and it remembers the last size you left it at. Last but not least, we made the button to create a statement more obvious
- Customize the Summary View. You can now choose which accounts you want to be reflected in the summary view. You have options for the accounts used for your net worth, and for the income and spending calculations you can customize the accounts and categories
- Create Reports Based on Reconciled Status. This is a small “nice touch” but for many people, it will be very welcome. In the past, there was no way to find all of your uncleared or unreconciled transactions across all of your accounts. Now you can make a transaction report that does just that
- Faster Direct Access. Get your transactions into Banktivity faster
- New Account Types. We’ve added a bunch more account types and you can even change account types after an account has been created, within reason. For example, you can’t change an investment account to a checking account, but you can change an investment account to a 401k
- …and More. There are lots of other goodies throughout the app that I won’t go through here. I encourage you to try it out!

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