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GDevelop 5.0.0 Beta 91

Bean は、使いやすく、効率的で快適な文章を作成するために設計された、使いやすい小型のワードプロセッサです。ビーンは、しなやかで、速く、まとまっています。それはすぐに始まり、生の言葉の数があり、目には簡単です。また、Bean for Mac は無料でご利用いただけます.

MS Word、OpenOffice などすべての人にすべてのことをしようとしますが、時には仕事に適したツールが必要な場合もあります。それは Bean のニッチです.

Bean にはいくつかの制限があります:脚注やスタイルシートを使わず、Word のファイル形式と部分的にしか互換性がありません。また、インライングラフィックスは使用できますが、フローティンググラフィックスは使用できません。

Bean 機能:
ライブワードカウント定型文を含むテンプレートドキュメントを作成自由形式のヘッダーとフッターページレイアウトビュー(オプション 2 枚)交互カラーオプション(青色の白いテキストなど)スプリットウィンドウ編集全画面編集日付スタンプ付きバックアップテキストスタイル、段落スタイル、色などでテキストを選択します。Find パネルは正規表現(パターンマッチング)を許可します。Cocoa のすべての優れたもの(辞書、単語補完など)注:64 ビットプロセッサが必要です.898997423

ファイルのバージョン GDevelop 5.0.0 Beta 91
ファイル名 GDevelop-5-5.0.0-beta91.dmg
ファイルサイズ 114 MB
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X (Intel)
ソフトウェアタイプ Freeware
著者 James Hoover
更新時間 2020-04-15

What's new in this version:

New features:
Add autocompletions when typing an expression:
- Completions will show objects, behaviors and functions that you can use when typing an expression
- When editing a function, it will show the expected parameters and its description
- Add a context menu to select the scene to start the preview with

New "Jump Sustain Time" property for the Platformer Object behavior: specify a maximum time during which the jump strength is sustained, if the jump key is held:
- This is an easy way to make variable height jumps. The object can make a small jump by just tapping the jump key (or simulating it with events) or a longer one by holding the key.

New effects available for layers:
- Old film, Dot, Color Replace, BulgePinch, Glitch, RadialBlur and Twist effects and blending mode effect
- These effects will be available in the future for objects on the scene too

- Make New scene naming convention more consistent
- Add Escape (and Enter) key to finish renaming groups and comments
- Add Exit GDevelop option to File menu
- Added shortcut to export project
- Add duplicate menu option in Project Manager
- Remember the directory previously chosen when selecting a resource
- Improve visibility of parameter for checkbox in effects list
- Allow to change the animation speed/frequency of effects
- Close popover in events sheet after selection in an autocomplete field
- Update bouncing-ball-and-rope example
- Track changes to display a smart unsaved changes warning: add asterisk in titlebar when the project is modified, the editor nows warn about unsaved changes when closing the app only if there are changes made since the last save
- Rationalise dismissing of dialogs with click outside/escape key: dialogs showing editors can't be dismissed with a click outside/escape key to avoid losing modifications
- Improve bug reports with system details
- Add menu items to edit properties or variables in the Project Manager context menu
- Disable some menu items if no project is opened
- New "cannon ball with physics" example

Bug fixes:
- Fix Left/Right Ctrl/Shift/Alt/Meta not recognised as separate keys
- Display human readable names for builds in the Builds list
- Fix Dialogue Tree command wrongly removing space between words
- Fix Android export when project name has special characters
- Fix object name not selectable when renaming an object
- Fix tooltip content for editor titles
- Fix spinner shown in "See all my builds" when not logged in
- Fix crash in external events
- Fix sentences for video object actions & clean whitespace
- Fix global objects not updated in other editors after modifying them
- Fix ContextMenu positioning in the web-app
- Fix typos
- Make table headers bolder
- Fix warning not showing when using a digit as first character for a name
- Fix selection issues in the Autocomplete lists
- Fix videos in Chrome 76+
- Fix Cursor/touch on object condition not in the list of "object" conditions
- Fix some bad characters in results of HelpFinder
- Fix for redundant scrollbar in Project Manager
- Fix the expression selector positioning when are errors shown for an expression
- Fix help button for BBText objects
- Fix "Select option by number" in Dialogue Tree

Internal upgrades or fixes:
- Upgrade IDE to use Electron v8.2.1
- Upgrade to Flow 0.120.1
- Reorder Effects/JsExtension.js
- Update react-scripts to v3.4.0
- Remove Fullstory analytics on the web-app
- Replace Downshift with material-ui Autocomplete
- Move loadObject to registerObject method in gdjs.RuntimeScene
- Add option to use MinGW instead ninja for GDevelop.js
- Update required CMake version for GDevelop.js
- Add Prettier to electron-app and autoformat files
- Add doc and type annotations to gdjs.WebsocketDebuggerClient

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