Bean for Mac、ソフトウェア教育、ソフトウェアダウンロード、ソフトウェアコミュニティ、Windowsソフトウェア、Macソフトウェア

Bean for Mac

Bean は、使いやすく、効率的で快適な文章を作成するために設計された、使いやすい小型のワードプロセッサです。ビーンは、しなやかで、速く、まとまっています。それはすぐに始まり、生の言葉の数があり、目には簡単です。また、Bean for Mac は無料でご利用いただけます.MS Word、OpenOffice などすべての人にすべてのことをしようとしますが、時には仕事に適したツールが必要な場合もあり...


What's new in this version:

- Maintenance release for macOS High Sierra and Mojave


What's new in this version:

- New in this version: even more bug fixes for Sierra


What's new in this version:

- Fixed a problem with the way native rtf headers and footers were written out that could cause the document body text to appear in four columns in other apps (20130102-1).

- File > New from Template... now allows viewing the contents of folders in the Templates folder, allowing for hierarchical organization (20130211-1).
- Added a section in the Help file (under Tips and Tricks) on how to change the default paper/page size for new documents.
- Fixed a few object over/under release problems revealed by static analysis.


What's new in this version:

- Fixed a bug that prevented attachments with non-ASCII characters in their filenames to save correctly in .rtfd and .bean format files (20130104-1).
- Altered rtf image decoding code to accommodate image hex data preceded by a newline (20130103-1).
- Fixed a bug where, when opening .rtf files, a paragraph starting with an image could lose its paragraph attributes. For example, if a cell in a text table contained only an image, the image would be removed from the table since text tables are really paragraph attributes. (20130105-1).


What's new in this version:

Reverted bugfix 120909-1 which was supposed to allow images having names containing non-ascii characters to save in .rtfd and .bean format (121129-1). The bugfix was incorrect and also caused a larger problem, preventing headers and footers to save in .rtfd and .bean documents.


What's new in this version:

Bug fixes
- Fixed a bug where View > Zoom > Default did not center the edit view (20120712-1).
- On Lion, when transitioning to full screen, the single document window is now closed more quickly to prevent problems (20120712-2).
- On Lion, the grouped document window would momentarily bulge (via annoying animation) when another newly opened document was added. Fixed (20120711-1).
- Initial View > Split Window ratio was not 1:1. Fixed (20120708-1).
- Fixed a problem where the Show Info panel might not update its counts when shown after being hidden (20120712-3).
- Fixed a problem where switching documents in the grouped document window could cause a visual jitter due to the toolbar separator toggling (20120707-1).
- Fixed a problem where the Bean Help document could be exported to a location inside the app bundle. Bean now prompts the user for a location (20120707-2).
- Fixed a problem where the grouped document window could shift position (attempting to cascade) when several grouped documents were opened at the same time on Lion (20120707-3).
- Fixed a crash caused when the Open panel preview pane tries to show a document with an invisible table cell border (20120707-4).
- Fixed a bug where hyperlink urls could be mangled (20120713-1).
- Launching Bean with ‘Preferences > Advanced > Show Info Panel at launch’ could cause the Info Panel to relocate to the Inspector’s location on Lion. Fixed (20120712-3).
- Fixed intermittent crash when opening rtf files with custom rtf data in them due to a RegExKitLite assertion failure; [NSString clearStringCache] solved the problem (20120721-1).
- Undo registration is now disabled while loading documents (20120720-1).
- I had thought Bean 3.2.0 was code-signed and therefore enabled to pass Gatekeeper. I was wrong. Hopefully, 3.2.1 will download and start on Mountain Lion without Gatekeeper causing problems.


What's new in this version:

Bug fixes
- Fixed some memory leaks revealed by XCode 4 analyzer (120627-1). Changes
- Added localization for Brazilian Portuguese (courtesy Paulo Neto), Dutch (courtesy Frans de Graaf) and improved German localization (thanks to M. Bunge for the improvements).
- Added Developer ID, so Bean will download and run on OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion without the OS complaining.
- Starting with this version, Bean is no longer compatible with PowerPC (PPC) macs. In other words, it is no longer a universal binary. A PowerPC compatible version of Bean numbered 3.1.x will be available for download at the Bean website ( for those who need it.


What's new in this version:

- Bean Preferences > View > Zoom Control will display a zoom slider in the status bar, like Bean 2.x (20120520-1). Bean may hide this control due to lack of space.
- Added a note to the Tips & Tricks section of the Help file about how file management (deleting files, moving files, copying files) is done using the Finder, not Bean.
- Added a ‘Full Format’ menu item (which includes the weekday) to the Date/Time toolbar item popup menu (20120601-1).

Bug fixes:
- NSAutomaticWindowAnimationsEnabled is now set to YES for Bean (so you will see window animation in Bean even if you have the global version of this preference set to NO). This avoids a very nasty bug that crashes any non-Lion-only app that uses the popup dictionary on Lion when Lion’s window animation is disabled.
- Fixed inconsistant drawing of document tabs (20120605-1).


What's new in this version:

Bug fixes:
- Bean Preferences > New > Custom > Choose Template now defaults to the user’s Templates folder (since Lion 10.7 make is almost impossible to navigate there) (20120401-1).
- Added live updating of text ruler offset for layout views when a window is resized (20120311-1).
- File > Revert to Saved no longer forgets the font used with plain text files (20120317-1).
- File > Revert to Saved is now only active when the document has changed from the saved version (20120317-2).
- File > Revert to Saved now restores the saved typing attributes of empty documents (20120317-4).
- File > New Plain Text Document (cmd+option+n) could fail to show the Settings menu in the main menu. Fixed (20120317-3).
- The side bar document list (Documents > Side bar) now resolves aliases dropped from Finder (20120317-5).
- The side bar document list now has a minimum size slightly more than zero to prevent it from disappearing completely (20120320-2).

There is now a hidden preference to remove the gray hatched tiled pattern from the layout view background. Quit Bean, then use this terminal command (change YES to NO to reverse the setting):
- defaults write com.bean-osx.Bean prefLayoutViewNoTexture -bool YES
- Added Catalan localization, courtesy Toni Cama.
- Added Italian localization, courtesy Stefano Carlini.


What's new in this version:

- The draft view now shows the resizer bars only when the view width is greater than the setting at Preferences > Size > Limit Draft View Width to ... % of Screen, or when the window width is almost equal to the screen width (20120306-1). To re-enable the previous behavior where the resizers are always visible in draft mode, use this terminal command (change YES to NO to reverse the setting): defaults write com.bean-osx.Bean prefDoNotHideDraftWidthResizers -bool YES
- The tab bar of the grouped document window now has a ‘+’ button to easily create new documents (20120229-1).
- Bean now opens an untitled document (if no documents are open) after being activated by a click in the dock, as this is standard Cocoa behavior (20120226-1). To re-enable the previous behavior where no document is created, use this terminal command (change NO to YES to reverse the setting): defaults write com.bean-osx.Bean prefOpenUntitledAtActivate -bool NO
- Refined the appearance of document tabs in the tab bar (20120222-1).

Bug fixes:
- File > Export > PDF could fail on PPC Macs due to uninitialized variable. Fixed (20120304-1).
- The unused section of the document tab bar can now be used (like the title bar and tool bar) to drag/move the window (20120226-2).
- Some graphic resources in Bean are now smaller thanks to Mike Detwiler (20120301-1).
- Added/corrected/improved many VoiceOver labels (20120219-1).
- The offset of the layout view text ruler now immediately updates when the window is resized (20120219-3).
- Localized: Edit > Show Spelling and Grammar and Edit > Check Spelling While Typing
- Insert > Line Break now uses the responder method insertLineBreak: and now also maintains the typing attributes (20120223-1).
- In Bean 3.x, double-clicking the top or bottom margin of a page in layout view causes the header/footer sheet to show. In 3.0.8, the header text or footer text in the sheet is initially active based on which area of the layout view was clicked (20120219-5).
- In Bean 3.x, a click in the top half of the right resizable draft margin results in a page up, while a click in the bottom half of the right resizable draft margin results in a page down. The code has been improved in 3.0.8 to reduce unintended actions (20120219-4).