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GDevelop 5.0.0 Beta 133

BetterTouchTool は、Magic Mouse、Macbook トラックパッド、Magic Trackpad のための多くのジェスチャーを設定することを可能にする素晴らしい、機能満載の無料アプリです。また、キーボードショートカット、通常のマウス、および Apple Remote のアクションを設定することもできます。これに加えて、iOS 対応の App(BTT Remote)もあり、あなたの Mac をあなたのやり方で制御するように設定することもできます.

BetterTouchTool には、ウィンドウスナップやウィンドウスイッチのような多くの機能があります。 BetterTouchTool は現在、OS X Yosemite ベータ版で動作するはずです。すでにベータ版がインストールされている場合は、再ダウンロードしてください。

BetterTouchTool for Mac は、あなたの Mac(Mac OS X 10.7 以降を実行中)用の(絶対に無料の)ソフトウェアです。これには数多くの機能があり、Mac.

注:45 日間試用版で作業する方法を完全にカスタマイズすることができます。 64 ビットプロセッサーが必要です.8997423

ファイルのバージョン GDevelop 5.0.0 Beta 133
ファイル名 GDevelop-5-5.0.133.dmg
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X 10.10 or later
ソフトウェアタイプ Trial
著者 Andreas Hegenberg
更新時間 2022-05-20

What's new in this version:

- Introduce the "Wait X seconds" action
- This action allow to wait for a few seconds before continuing to run the next actions and sub-events.
- It is perfect to create cut scenes, advanced logic or just run things progressively without relying on timers. In a lot of cases, it's simpler and faster to use this new action.
- The action remembers the picked objects: it works like an usual event, but run the actions (and sub-events) a bit later in time. While the action wait, other events continue to run as usual.

Improvements of editor screens:
Redesign of the variables editor:
- Each row should be easier to read in a glance
- You can now collapse collection variables for a better readability
- Reorder and move of variables is now available with drag n drop
- You can now undo and redo changes
- Paste one or more variables at any level of depth you want
- Search in the names and values of each variables with a filter effect

Remove slowing aspects of points and collision masks editors:
- Make coordinates inputs more user friendly
- Removal of unnecessary decimal places
- Do not replace empty value with 0 to allow whole value erasing
- Better understanding of which point is which
- Add possibility to select a point in the list so that it is highlighted in the preview (same for hovered points)
- Allow drag n drop for custom collision mask to reorder points
- Open image preview at a zoom factor that is adapted to the sprite size so that one doesn't have to zoom at each opening

Improve the effects list:
- Effects are applied in order and different orders may give different results, so ordering them is important. You can now do it with drag n drop.
- Also, when renaming effects, a few checks are now done in order to prevent unexpected results

UI/UX improvements:
- Add gallery in the asset store to better understand available asset packs
- Improve design of the alerts/messages and make margins consistent in the app
- Add tutorials in app
- Added dismissable tutorials in events sheet, variable editors and object variable tab, add object dialog, sprite animations tab, export game for web tab, add new extension dialog
- Added a tutorial button
- Make anchor behavior more intuitive
- Anchor an edge of an object to set its distance from the window edges. Single anchor will not stretch the object anymore; you will need to set anchors to object's opposite edges for this effect.
- Add a button to switch between legacy and new behavior
- Display all autocompletions in the expression editor when listing them
- The list is not truncated anymore so you can scroll or use the arrow keys to browse all the completions (useful to see everything: objects, expressions, but also the available easing for tweens, etc...)

New extension: Multitouch joystick and buttons:
- This is a major improvement to implement Multitouch Joystick in your game
- It has support for "Simulated touch" actions to simplify mouse and gamepad controls
- It has a floating joystick option
- Virtual joystick and the Platformer example are now using this extension

Update of the new Platformer template based on users feedbacks:
- Changed camera limits to use boundary objects (users can simply move these to change the size of the level)
- Added HelperObjects group and hide them at the beginning of scene (so users will see them in scene editor)
- Cleaned up various part of the project
- Replaced touchscreen buttons with a (multi-touch) joystick
- Added support for gamepads
- Made the game responsive to any resolution

- [Gamepad 0.3.0] Add the new options "Any" directions for the condition Stick pushed in a direction
- [Noise 2.1.0] Added helper function for 1D noise (using 2D noise with a static value for one dimension)
- [Draw pathfinding 0.1.2] Automatic creation of shape painter object and enforce absolute position
- Add the new pack Brawler Series by Chasersgaming
- Add a new pack Darkvinter Thumbstick
- Add new asset pack Xbox 360 controller buttons by GDquest
- Add news assets Xbox 360 buttons by Zaphgames
- Add new assets for Virtual Joystick by hannemann
- Add Achievement system example
- Add a new scene in Infinitely Scrolling Background example with another method to get an infinite background

- Fix not setting authors correctly when publishing to
- Also fix project being correctly saved
- And disabled the fields while publishing
- Prevent users to type a game slug longer than the limit
- Encode thumbnail URL before sending it to the GDevelop services
- This prevents a bug where the thumbnail would not work when the filename has non-conventional characters

Other fixes:
- Fix range of volume on fade sound/music action
- ⚠️ This action was introduced with a buggy range (0 to 1 instead of 0 to 100). If you happen to use it, please update the range of volume used once the GDevelop new version is installed
- Align image frame and full-size collision mask in collision mask editor
- Fix parameters of extensions actions/conditions made in the editor not having a default proper name
- This was creating a crash, because of infinite warnings, if clicking on a parameter with an empty name and then clicking on another parameter also having an empty name.
- Fix web-app recent files wrongly containing URLs to examples
- Fix history not working well on the Events Sheet
- Fix changes not being detected for history when editing an event Inline
- Fix losing focus when switching tabs

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