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BetterTouchTool for Mac

BetterTouchTool は、Magic Mouse、Macbook トラックパッド、Magic Trackpad のための多くのジェスチャーを設定することを可能にする素晴らしい、機能満載の無料アプリです。また、キーボードショートカット、通常のマウス、および Apple Remote のアクションを設定することもできます。これに加えて、iOS 対応の App(BTT Remote)もあり、あ...


What's new in this version:

- Added a new Pentax LensType
- Added a new FujiFilm FilmMode and FaceElementTypes values
- Fixed error writing new DataMining tag where URI prefix wasn't being properly added to the value


What's new in this version:

Security bugfixes:
- OpenSSL DLLs updated to version 3.1.3

- Fixed the console output of tstunnel.exe

Features sponsored by SAE IT-systems:
- OCSP stapling is requested and verified in the client mode
- Using "verifyChain" automatically enables OCSP stapling in the client mode
- OCSP stapling is always available in the server mode
- An inconclusive OCSP verification breaks TLS negotiation. This can be disabled with "OCSPrequire = no"
- Added the "TIMEOUTocsp" option to control the maximum time allowed for connecting an OCSP responder

- Added support for Red Hat OpenSSL 3.x patches


What's new in this version:

- src: support multiple --env-file declarations
- crypto: update root certificates to NSS 3.93
- deps: upgrade npm to 10.1.0
- (SEMVER-MINOR) deps: upgrade npm to 10.0.0
- doc: move and rename loaders section
- doc: add release key for Ulises Gascon
- (SEMVER-MINOR) lib: add api to detect whether source-maps are enabled (翠 / green)
- src,permission: add multiple allow-fs-* flags
- (SEMVER-MINOR) test_runner: expose location of tests


What's new in this version:

- Windows on ARM support – Geekbench 6.2 introduces Windows on ARM support. Now, users of ARM-based Windows devices, such as the Lenovo ThinkPad X13s and the Microsoft Windows Dev Kit 2023, can use Geekbench 6 to benchmark and compare their system performance. Windows on ARM support is included as part of Geekbench 6 for Windows – no separate download is required.
- RISC-V support – Geekbench 6.2 introduces support for RISC-V-based systems. RISC-V is gaining traction as an open and customizable instruction set architecture. The addition of RISC-V support enables users to run Geekbench 6 to gain valuable performance insights in this rapidly evolving ecosystem. Geekbench 6.2 for Linux/RISC-V is available as a preview build.
- History – Geekbench 6.2 adds history and comparison features on Android and iOS. These new features help users track and analyze their device’s performance over time or compare it with other devices directly in Geekbench.


What's new in this version:

BetterTouchTool 4.229
- Change log not available for this version

BetterTouchTool 4.223
- Change log not available for this version

BetterTouchTool 4.212
- Change log not available for this version

BetterTouchTool 4.206
- Various fixes for the upcoming macOS Sonoma. If you are already running the Sonoma beta, please report any issues you encounter.
- The "Find Image on Screeen & Move Mouse" action is now based on OpenCV and should be much more reliable and performant.
- Big performance improvements, this version should lower CPU usage on most systems (compared to versions

BetterTouchTool 4.204
- Change log not available for this version

BetterTouchTool 4.203
- Change log not available for this version

BetterTouchTool 4.201
- Change log not available for this version

BetterTouchTool 4.195
- Change log not available for this version

BetterTouchTool 4.184
- Change log not available for this version

BetterTouchTool 4.182
- Change log not available for this version

BetterTouchTool 4.178
- Change log not available for this version

BetterTouchTool 4.175
- Change log not available for this version

BetterTouchTool 4.173
- Change log not available for this version

BetterTouchTool 4.163
- Change log not available for this version

BetterTouchTool 4.161
- Change log not available for this version

BetterTouchTool 4.151
- Change log not available for this version

BetterTouchTool 4.144
- This is the first public release of a powerful new feature called "Floating Menus / Widget" (macOS 13 and higher). These are very customizable menus, which you can use in many different ways.

Other changes:
- You can now use JSON5 in all script calls BTT supports. This makes it easier to use via Apple Script because you can use single quotes, which don't need to be escaped.
- Added predefined actions for editing or creating snap areas
- Support for the new 15" M2 Macbook Air

BetterTouchTool 4.126
- Change log not available for this version

BetterTouchTool 4.118
- Change log not available for this version

BetterTouchTool 4.111
- Change log not available for this version

BetterTouchTool 4.106
- Change log not available for this version

BetterTouchTool 4.099
- Change log not available for this version

BetterTouchTool 4.074
- Change log not available for this version

BetterTouchTool 4.070
- Change log not available for this version

BetterTouchTool 4.069
- Change log not available for this version

BetterTouchTool 4.065
- Change log not available for this version

BetterTouchTool 4.062
- Fixed a crash that occured regularly with some popular Touch Bar presets since the previous version
- New, really powerful predefined action "Transform & Replace Selection With ChatGPT". The possibilities are endless!
- Improved support for the 14" Macbook Pro 2023 trackpad
- Various bugfixes for the "Generic Devices" support
- Pin function to keep the Clipboard Manager open after pasting
- Fixed a random crash when editing graphics from the Clipboard Manager
- Added focused_window_width,height,x and y variables

BetterTouchTool 4.041
- Change log not available for this version

BetterTouchTool 4.034
- "Move Mouse To Left Edge", "Move Mouse To Right Edge", "Move Mouse Away From Left Edge" and "Move Mouse Away From Right Edge" as new triggers to the Automations, Named & Other Triggers section
- Haptic Feedback option for Window Snapping (off by default)

- issue with loading local files into floating web view
- issues with executing Java Script scripts
- various bugs

BetterTouchTool 4.023
- Fixed various little bugs that where reported after the 4.0 release
- Thanks for the great feedback on the "Generic Device" feature! Users have already created various script to make things like the Griffin PowerMate, Microsoft Surface Dial, various mouses and remotes work with BetterTouchTool. I'll keep on improving this feature soon.

BetterTouchTool 4.011
- Change log not available for this version

BetterTouchTool 4.006
New Features:
- New Window Switcher (only on Ventura and later, it's the first Swift and SwiftUI code in BetterTouchTool and started as an experiment)
- Show HUD action has received a style update and is much more customizable (also macOS Ventura only)
- You can now define long click actions for normal mouse buttons
- New Trigger Section: "Generic Devices". With this it becomes possible to make most input devices (e.g. remotes, special mice, buttons etc.) work with BTT, using some Java Script.
- Basic support for Stream Deck+ LCD (only in full control mode for now, I'll continue to work on this soon).
- Added predefined action "Temporarily Change Display Of Stream Deck Button" - e.g. to show a confirmation message on a button after an action has been executed.
- Predefined action "Show / Hide Specific App", can now bring the app to your current Desktop/Space when unhiding.
- New predefined actions "Start to Block Scrolling" and "End/Stop Block Scrolling"
- Various additions and improvements for "Trigger Conditions". E.g. added currently_pressed_keyboard_keys variable, leftmost_mouse_touch_xy and righmost_mouse_touch_xy variables (for Magic Mouse).

- You can now hide trigger sections / categories in the "User Interface Settings"
- HUD is now shown even if no action is assigned to trigger
- Improved Notch Bar behavior
- All variables available in advanced trigger conditions can now be queried using the get_string_variable and get_number_variable functions
- Visual Separators can now be added in any trigger section using the main menu => edit => add new visual separator
- When Stream Deck is used in plugin mode, BTT now tries to detect a broken plugin connection and resolve it automatically by restarting the Stream Deck software
- Doing some first experiments with Swift & SwiftUI inside of BTT. The window switcher action UI has been implemented using SwiftUI in this version.
- You can now define long click actions for normal mouse buttons
- Fixed time zone issue with weather widget
- Replaced references to my Twitter account with Mastodon ;-)

- Fixed various drag & drop issues in the BTT UI
- Fixed Drawing triggers not showing their preview when put into a folder
- Fixed Night Shift Toggle for Apple Silicon machines
- Fixed issue where some data of a previously assigned action was still there after changing the action
- Fixed UI and import issues with sub-sub groups
- Fixed a crash caused by the Now Playing Widget when it encountered some special album covers
- Fixed bugs with some variables in the advanced trigger conditions
- Fixed bugs with the "Close All Notifications" action

BetterTouchTool 3.986
- Change log not available for this version

BetterTouchTool 3.982
- Change log not available for this version

BetterTouchTool 3.952
- "Set Display Brightness" action
- "Activate Previous App / Window", "Save Active Window" and "Restore Saved Active Window" actions
- "Show Notification" action
- "Activate Specific Window" action, which let's you activate a window by it's title
- "Show / Hide Stream Deck Emulator action

- issue with existing "Frontmost windows side by side" actions
- little issue with mouse button chording using advanced trigger conditions
- Maybe fixed an issue where custom Snap Areas might not show after sleep (not sure whether it's really fixed)
- Prepared Stream Deck + integration (not yet finsihed). Also first work on Loupedeck devices which will be added next.
- Migrated Weather Widgets from DarkSky to  Weather
- issue with SF Symbols on Stream Deck
- Tons of bugfixes

BetterTouchTool 3.936
- Change log not available for this version

BetterTouchTool 3.935
Added various Stage Manager (for macOS Ventura) actions, these allow to control Stage Manager via keyboard shrotcuts or other triggers:
- Activate Stage by Position
- Activate Stage by contained Apps
- Cycle through Stages
- Show Stages in Context Menu
- Turn On/Off Stage Manager
- Turn On/Off Recent Apps

- Added an "All Configured Triggers Overview" mode, to show all configured triggers regardless of type in one view
- Some bugfixes for macOS Ventura

BetterTouchTool 3.919
- Change log not available for this version

BetterTouchTool 3.913
- Window snapping now allows to directly snap tabs in many apps when dragging these
- New predefined action: "Show Context Menu for Selected Element" (this won't work in all apps, but in many)
- Added sensitivity setting for trackpad 5 finger pinches
- For the predefined action "Launch Application / Open File / Apple Script ..." you can now enter the path manually if needed
- Many bugfixes

macOS Ventura readiness improvements:
- Fixed "Close all notifications" action for macOS Ventura
- Improved window snapping compatibility for the upcoming Stage Manager feature in macOS Ventura
- Many changes to the Notch Bar feature to make it compatible with macOS Ventura
- Various crash fixes for the upcoming macOS Ventura. BTT should now be fully compatible with the soon to be released macOS version.

BetterTouchTool 3.883
- Window snapping now allows to directly snap tabs in many apps when dragging these
- Improved window snapping compatibility for the upcoming Stage Manager feature in macOS Ventura
- Various crash fixes for the upcoming macOS Ventura

BetterTouchTool 3.870
- Fixed issue with the new Macbook Air M2 Trackpads
- Added advanced "Trigger Conditions" for almost every trigger type in BTT
- For example such conditions allow you to only execute triggers if certain amount of fingers are touching the trackpad or Magic Mouse. They also allow to define conditions the hovered or focused UI element must fulfil - and many more.
- Here is an example where one gesture is used for many different window moving actions - depending on the cursor location in the hovered window
- Added new predefined actions "Execute Action Sequence after Timeout" and "Cancel Scheduled Execution of Action Sequence". In contrast to the "delay next action" they allow to trigger a action sequence after longer delays (e.g. after half an hour).
- Various improvmenets for the upcoming macOS Ventura
- Fixed some window moving / resizing related issues
- Many little bugfixes and improvements

BetterTouchTool 3.867
- Change log not available for this version

BetterTouchTool 3.866
- Added advanced "Trigger Conditions" for almost every trigger type in BTT. For example these conditions allow to only execute triggers if certain amount of fingers are touching the trackpad or magic mouse. They also allow to define conditions the hovered or focused UI element must fulfil - and many more.
- Added new predefined actions "Execute Action Sequence after Timeout" and "Cancel Scheduled Execution of Action Sequence". In contrast to the "delay next action" they allow to trigger a action sequence after longer delays (e.g. after half an hour).

BetterTouchTool 3.863
- Change log not available for this version

BetterTouchTool 3.843
- Change log not available for this version

BetterTouchTool 3.842
- Added advanced "Trigger Conditions" for almost every trigger type in BTT. For example these conditions allow to only execute triggers if certain amount of fingers are touching the trackpad or magic mouse. They also allow to define conditions the hovered or focused UI element must fulfil - and many more.
- Added new predefined actions "Execute Action Sequence after Timeout" and "Cancel Scheduled Execution of Action Sequence". In contrast to the "delay next action" they allow to trigger a action sequence after longer delays (e.g. after half an hour).

BetterTouchTool 3.839
- Change log not available for this version

BetterTouchTool 3.834
- Change log not available for this version

BetterTouchTool 3.833
- Change log not available for this version

BetterTouchTool 3.826
- Fixed various issues with the configuration UI in BTT. These were introduced with the previous version.
- Fixed a possible crash

BetterTouchTool 3.821
- Support for the new M2 Macbook Air / Pro
- This version introduces beta support for the Elgato Stream Deck devices. It allows full control of any connected Stream Deck device from within BTT.

BetterTouchTool 3.816
- Change log not available for this version

BetterTouchTool 3.812
- Change log not available for this version

BetterTouchTool 3.786
- Change log not available for this version

BetterTouchTool 3.784
- Fixed issues with the "Delay Next Action" functionality

BetterTouchTool 3.777
- New predefined action: "Cycle through multiple actions (on repeated trigger)". This allows to run different actions e.g. when executing a shortcut multiple times.
- New predefined action "Pin/Unpin Focused Window To Float On Top" (unfortunately doesn't work for DRM protected video)
- Long & Short press shortcuts: Keyboard shortcuts now have new configuration options "Minimum time keys need to be pressed" and "Maximum time keys can be pressed" (only for "key up"). This allows to create shortcuts that do different things if they are pressed for a short time or if they are pressed for a long time.
- Predefined action "Transform & Replace Selection with JavaScript" can now also transform to e.g. html or rich text formatted output. So you can e.g. easily color some selected text or add other formatting.
- Added predefined action "Show custom context menu (NEW)", this one is much more flexible and easier to setup than the old custom context menu action. It supports sub-menus and can also be used in combination with custom menubar items.
- Added video compatibility config option for the super brightness mode
- Various bugfixes

BetterTouchTool 3.756
- Clipboard Manager allows to select default paste type (e.g. plaintext)
- Added predefined action "Toggle super brightness for current display". This enables a "super brightness mode", which doubles the brightness on the most current MacBook Pro and Pro Display XDR. Use on your own risk, I have no idea whether this is bad for the display. Probably don't use for long time periods :-). This is based on, it doesn't use any low level API - just some filters - to achieve this effect.
- The "Insert/paste/type custom text" action can now paste HTML (and other) formats. E.g. to insert a horizontal line, enter

and select the HTML option. It can also paste images (base64 formatted) and other things
- Fixed a few issues with the BTT Clipboard Manager
- Fixed a crash related to custom snap areas
- Touch Bar settings now have an option to hide the left X / Close button on the Touch Bar (while showing the control strip)
- This is just a small update, there will be a big one with many cool new features soon

BetterTouchTool 3.742
- Bug fixes

BetterTouchTool 3.741
- an issue where the Clipboard Manager in BTT would not show images
- an issues with the upcoming macOS 12.3 (which is currently available as Beta from Apple)
- multiple issues with the Notch Bar

BetterTouchTool 3.735
- The BTT Clipboard Manager now allows you to select text on pictures if you are running macOS Monterey. (Really useful with the "Capture Screenshot to Clipboard" action)
- Fixed issues with notification Dock badges in some popular Touch Bar presets
- Fixed issues with missing configuration options in the "Automations, Named & Other Triggers" section
- Fixed double-execution of the "App Did Launch / Activate / Deactivate / Quit" and possibly other triggers in the "Automations, Named & Other Triggers" section
- Many improvements for the Notch Bar

BetterTouchTool 3.728
- The BTT Clipboard Manager now allows you to select text on pictures if you are running macOS Monterey. (Really useful with the "Capture Screenshot to Clipboard" action)
- Fixed issues with notification Dock badges in some popular Touch Bar presets
- Fixed issues with missing configuration options in the "Automations, Named & Other Triggers" section
- Fixed double-execution of the "App Did Launch / Activate / Deactivate / Quit" and possibly other triggers in the "Automations, Named & Other Triggers" section
- Many improvements for the Notch Bar

BetterTouchTool 3.711
- Improved overall stability of the Notch Bar feature (for now it still requires >= macOS 12)
- Added clipboard manager & shortcuts widget for Notch Bar
- Improved Notch Bar multi-display support (save mode per display, different modes for different displays)
- Improved responsiveness of Notch Bar
- Notch Bar can now use the desktop background picture (blurred), this is available in the advanced options.
- Predefined action "Open URL" now has the option to open in the currently active browser. (Helpful when building a bookmark bar)
- Added predefined actions "rotate left" and "rotate right"

BetterTouchTool 3.703
- Improved Notch Bar multi-display support (save mode per display, different modes for different displays)
- Improved responsiveness of Notch Bar
- Notch Bar can now use the desktop background picture (blurred), this is available in the advanced options.
- Predefined action "Open URL" now has the option to open in the currently active browser. (Helpful when building a bookmark bar)

BetterTouchTool 3.700
- Change log not available for this version

BetterTouchTool 3.699
- This is the first public release that contains the new Notch Bar functionality (requires macOS 12). It allows you to replace the standard menubar with a super customizable one.
- Especially on the new Macbooks with Notch this is pretty great as they have a higher menubar. For the Notch Bar BTT includes similar widgets as for the Touch Bar, you can even copy items from the Touch Bar section and paste them in the Notch Bar section.
- Added Battery based triggers (drop below or above percentage)
- Fixed issue with screenshot editing on macOS Monterey
- Fixed issue with copying & pasting actions from one trigger to another

BetterTouchTool 3.695
- This is the first public release that contains the new Notch Bar functionality. It allows you to replace the standard menubar with a super customizable one.
- Added Battery based triggers (drop below or above percentage)
- Fixed issue with screenshot editing on macOS Monterey
- Fixed issue with copying & pasting actions from one trigger to another

BetterTouchTool 3.690
- This is the first public release that contains the new Notch Bar functionality. It allows you to replace the standard menubar with a super customizable one. Especially on the new Macbooks with Notch this is pretty great as they have a higher menubar. For the Notch Bar BTT includes similar widgets as for the Touch Bar, you can even copy items from the Touch Bar section and paste them in the Notch Bar section.
- Added Battery based triggers (drop below or above percentage)
- Fixed issue with screenshot editing on macOS Monterey
- Fixed issue with copying & pasting actions from one trigger to another

BetterTouchTool 3.626
- Fixed various bugs related to the BTT clipboard manager
- Final preparations for the BTT Notch Bar / Menubar replacement. This will be released next week and it will be amazing
- Conditional activation groups including window title conditions, should update more reliably now<

BetterTouchTool 3.624
- Change log not available for this version

BetterTouchTool 3.623
- Various bugfixes
- Added a simple new action "Show Shortcuts in Context Menu", which allows you to quickly access your Shortcuts from the Shortcuts App at any time
- The clipboard manager can now run Shortcuts on selected entries
- Preparations for the upcoming "Notch Bar" which will be a powerful Touch Bar replacement. (This is not available in this release yet)

BetterTouchTool 3.615
- Improved reliability of Capslock => Hyperkey functionality

BetterTouchTool 3.596
- Change log not available for this version

BetterTouchTool 3.590
- Change log not available for this version

BetterTouchTool 3.588
- Change log not available for this version

BetterTouchTool 3.579
- Fixed issues with macOS 11.5.x that could lead to BTT freezing as soon as it became the focused app
- Fixed issues with time based triggers (in the "Other Triggers" section in BTT

BetterTouchTool 3.570
- Support for new Siri Remote (2021 model), with BTT this is a really great Mac remote
- Compatibility with macOS 12 beta (Montery)
- Added a "Run Shortcut" action, which allows to run Shortcuts from the Shortcuts app in macOS 12, Monterey
- Fixed various crashes & bugs
- Fixed issues with SFSymbols for Touch Bar buttons
- Mouse Gestures / Drawings can now be disabled per app
- Switched date formatting to ISO 8601
- Fixed issue with "Save / restore specific window layout" action

BetterTouchTool 3.562
- Fixed an issue with trial expiration

BetterTouchTool 3.560
- Fixed issues with SFSymbols for Touch Bar buttons
- Mouse Gestures / Drawings can now be disabled per app
- Switched date formatting to ISO 8601
- Fixed issue with "Save / restore specific window layout" action

BetterTouchTool 3.540
- Some improvements for M1 Macs (in case the update doesn't work automatically on these, please download a fresh copy
- You can now make Caps Lock act as a "Hyper Key" (a key that automatically presses all standard modifier keys for you). This allows you to define shortcuts like cmd+ctrl+opt+shift+A (which for sure won't interfere with anything) and still trigger them easily by only pressing Caps Lock + A.
- To achieve this just record the Caps Lock key as a shortcut and assign the new "Act as Hyper Key" action to it
- Capturing the special & media keys on a keyboard and assigning actions to them is possible again (e.g. Play, Next, Previous, Eject)
- The "Open URL / Open URL with Selection" action now allows to select which Browser to use
- BTT can now be set as Default Browser. This allows you to run BTT actions based on the URL/App, and e.g. forward specific URLs to specific Browsers. (E.g. always open Microsoft Teams in Edge. It also allows to implement custom logic using scripts to determine how a URL shall be handled.
- Touch Bar buttons, script widgets and menubar items now support SF Symbol icons
- Added a "Find Image on Screen & Move Mouse" action, which let's you search for some pixels on your screen and move the mouse cursor to the found position (if any). It's currently pretty basic but if you combine that with some click actions it can make it easier to automate things.
- The "move mouse to position" action can now move relative to the corners of the main-screen or mouse-screen
- The || operator used in the "trigger menubar menu item" action will now also cycle between items if one of them is disabled
- Many little bugfixes

BetterTouchTool 3.534
- Bugfixes for macOS Big Sur and the M1 processor

BetterTouchTool 3.506
- Change log not available for this version

BetterTouchTool 3.504
- Change log not available for this version


What's new in this version:

Exodus 23.9.11
- Hungry for more rewards? Whether you like ‘em rare, medium, or well-done, Exodus has you covered with KAVA staking. And you can turn up the heat even more with Auto Restaking. That means your KAVA rewards get thrown right back on the staking grill to compound and increase your interest—automatically. Sizzle your rewards to perfection.
- Plus, USDC is now supported on Arbitrum One, so you have another asset to use when swapping and buying crypto on the Arbitrum network

Exodus 23.8.28
- Every update counts, big or small. With this release, we’ve made subtle improvements and tightened nuts and bolts to ensure you continue to have a smooth self-custody experience.

Exodus 23.8.14
- That’s right, the Base network is now supported! This Layer 2 network on Ethereum is making transactions safer and more affordable.
- Next up, the Cronos network is also supported. You can also send and receive CRO on Cronos.

Exodus 23.8.9
Patch Fix:
- This patch fixes an issue with sending and swapping Cardano (ADA) and combines all items in 23.8.1 listed below

Exodus 23.8.1
- You can now stake your MATIC on the Ethereum network and start earning rewards. The more you stake, the more you earn.
- You can also increase your ATOM staking rewards by turning on Auto Restaking. Your rewards will then be automatically added to your staking balance so you don’t have to manually claim them. This creates compound interest and increases your APY.

Exodus 23.7.17
- Put on a warm jacket because a new version of TRX freezing is now available. It’s new and improved with a few changes, and it’s all explained in each step of the process.

Exodus 23.7.12
Patch Fix:
- This update fixes an issue where the app gets stuck at launch, which affects a small number of customers. It also includes all items in the 23.7.3 update listed below.

Exodus 23.7.3
- Did you know Exodus has been updated every 2 weeks since 2015? Well it’s that time again and we always deliver. This update makes your one-stop crypto experience even smoother than before.

Exodus 23.6.19
- You can now send and receive AURORA, plus add custom tokens on the Aurora network


What's new in this version:

Homebrew 4.1.11
- Improve cask audit
- missing_formula: remove sshpass from denylist
- Reset requirement cache (again) after invalidates singleton cache
- remove useless require from Formula
- formula_auditor: audit all relicensed HashiCorp formulae
- Speed up keg installation with fewer code-signing calls
- cmd/audit: only flush formulary cache when needed
- chore: update safari UA to the latest
- Docs: assorted refinements for output
- bump-cask-pr: deprecate online flag
- os/mac/keg: fix change_rpath type signature

Homebrew 4.1.10
- formula_installer: handle another exception in fetch_bottle_tab
- vendor/gems: remove bad symlink
- audit_file: check formula path
- Livecheck#preprocess_url: compare with URI host
- upgrade: more liberal formula upgrade changes
- utils/curl: include or use explicitly
- utils/github/artifacts: fix missing Utils::Curl reference
- Fix more missing Utils::Curl references
- formula_installer: don't ignore deps when fetching and pouring bottles
- Fix more Utils::Curl usage
- cmd/fetch & cmd/audit: handle unsupported cask os/arch combos
- Docs: more additions and improvements
- Audit invalid versions
- utils/github: fully scope curl usage
- Fix python: detected_python_shebang python pattern
- resource_auditor: relax version audit in taps
- cask/quarantine: sudo correctly during tests
- terraform: add audit for relicensing

Homebrew 4.1.9
- formula_installer: don't ignore deps when fetching and pouring bottles

Homebrew 4.1.8
- dependency_collector: distinguish macOS deps by OS
- dependency: consider bounds when comparing macOS deps
- dependency_helpers: rework recursive dependency resolution
- cask/audit: format-check block URLs only if online
- cmd/deps: fix documentation and handling of formula_options
- dev-cmd/contributions: usability/performance improvements
- workflows/docs: Check for broken links using the existing rake test task
- Docs: localize FAQ images
- Docs: update test-bot images and description
- docs: Use Markdown automatic numbering in staging branch instructions
- remove ARGV from Formula#all
- docs: rework Cask-Cookbook to match current practice
- Enable Sorbet after running a developer command
- os/mac/hardware: remove TODO
- formula_auditor: make Linux-only GCC dep audit non-strict
- Handle nil cask urls caused by unsupported macOS version
- Cleanup various TODOs
- api: use Utils::Curl.curl_args
- Make formula upgrades more liberal based on bottle
- cask/url: accept Class for using in Cask::URL#initialize

Homebrew 4.1.7
- dev-cmd/prof: bleed less of the environment from gem installs
- utils/pypi: exclude deps of excluded packages
- api: ignore HTTPS errors if required certs aren't installed
- Use HOMEBREW_CURLRC in vendor-install
- workflows/tests: workaround GitHub Actions python issues.
- disable shellcheck warning
- formula: drop old pip feature flag
- shared_audits: allow GitHub's IP not permitted error
- docs: update formula and cask URLs to new sharded format
- get_repo_license: allow GitHub's IP not permitted error
- extend/os/mac/keg: codesign on Intel if invalid signature
- docs: use relative path for custom header images
- extend/os/linux/system_config: show glibc/gcc version for API users

Homebrew 4.1.6
- Turn up the types
- cmd/update-report: correctly handle added/deleted formulae/casks
- formula_{auditor,versions}: handle sharding
- formula_installer: use cached fetched formula instance when available
- node: add shebang rewriting
- Allow HOMEBREW_CURLRC to specify a path for curl --config
- don't set HOMEBREW_NO_INSTALL_FROM_API automatically
- formula_installer: improve a comment
- Document the policy on static libraries
- utils/gems: update to Bundler 2.4
- Livecheck: allow quiet output with --newer-only
- fix shellcheck warning
- service: correctly quote arguments
- cmd/update-report: improve tap/untap behaviour
- service: handle quoting in service file, too
- dev-cmd/livecheck: avoid watchlist in test
- Fix cask dependency discovery
- audit: check for cargo build only in install method
- dev-cmd/bottle: install gnu-tar before keg lock

Homebrew 4.1.5
- pypi: support updating resources for git clones
- formula: use pip's --no-compile
- keg_relocate: retain framework info in relocatable install names
- Allow hiding new/deleted formula/cask sections on update
- Formula Cookbook: revise download strategy docs
- Make inreplace a purely static method v2
- Formula Cookbook: expand environment variable section
- update_report: show "Delete and Installed" header
- tap: always create new casks in subdirectory
- formula_cop: fix style_exceptions_dir handling
- cask/audit: audit for appropriate sharding directory
- Fix cask sharding issues
- tests: install Subversion for macOS
- dev-cmd/tests: add --fail-fast
- Formula-Cookbook: expand terminology table
- os/mac/mach: fix rpath deletion of fat machos

Homebrew 4.1.4
- formula: suppress std args for cabal, meson, pip
- python: create venv's --without-pip
- workflows/build-pkg: install gh.
- Widen paths type in Formula#inreplace
- Allow configuring Homebrew with .env files
- Deprecate postgresql-upgrade-database
- Narrow member type of inreplace paths enumerable
- dev-cmd/edit: suggest tapping core repositories if untapped
- utils/repology: update API URL
- Make inreplace a purely static method
- package/Distribution: always require CLT
- Revert "Make inreplace a purely static method"
- development_tools: allow Symbols to be located
- bump: add arch-specific support
- formulary: fix type of alias_path
- bin/brew: handle missing $HOME
- Make more warnings quiet with environment hints disabled
- bottle: reproducibility fixes
- bin/brew: avoid eval and grep
- Various sharding fixes
- dev-cmd/bump : stop using API to load formulae/casks
- bin/brew: require HOME to be set
- os/mac/mach: avoid recursively resolving rpaths
- unversioned_cask_checker.rb - fix signature of KeyboardLayout
- cmd/bump: add --installed flag

Homebrew 4.1.3
- docs: add documentation for staging branches
- docs/Installation: document macOS .pkg installer
- extend/ENV/super: add ENV.O3
- os/mac/mach: resolve rpaths too
- cmd/update: output more API information with --verbose
- workflows/build-pkg: actually try to install package
- keg_relocate: fix all text files being marked as changed
- brew update core/homebrew-cask taps properly
- post_install: improvements and fixes
- Improve VSCode extensions/settings
- docs: Fix GithubReleases strategy block example
- config: fallback to ::OS_VERSION
- package/resources: improve text output

Homebrew 4.1.2
- extend/os/mac/keg_relocate: improve rpath handling
- Fix type error when running 'brew doctor'
- docs: assume core repositories are untapped
- Add package signing configuration for GitHub Actions
- Add types to Formula attrs
- cmd/install: upgrade already installed casks
- cmd/install: add missing require.
- docs/vale-styles: fix configuration.
- bump-cask-pr: add arch-specific version support
- utils/pypi: fix an incorrect return type
- macOS .pkg improvements
- cask/url: accept Class for using.
- formula: fix std_cargo_args type error
- Implement ruby-macho TODOs
- [ImgBot] Optimize images
- pkg installer: install cached API data.
- don't set HOMEBREW_NO_INSTALL_FROM_API automatically.
- analytics: fix @ in formulae names with --github-packages-downloads#15766
- Revert " don't set HOMEBREW_NO_INSTALL_FROM_API automatically

Homebrew 4.1.1
- formula: add std_pip_args
- os/mac/keg_relocate: avoid rpath re-ordering
- Cask support multiple headers
- Enable HOMEBREW_SORBET_RUNTIME (sometimes)
- dev-cmd/pr-upload: fix typechecking error
- extend/ENV/super: correct deparallelize signature
- Fix inreplace sig
- Allow implicit String Pathname in gsub
- formula: fix typechecking error in std_cmake_args
- github_packages: ensure only OCI format is uploaded
- formula_creator: require version before creating
- formula: fix inreplace typechecking error
- utils/inreplace: fix typechecking error
- cmd/tap: ensure remote exists before repairing
- formula: fix std_pip_args with empty prefix
- dev-cmd/pr-pull: fix branch warning conditions
- Strict type string_inreplace_extension

Homebrew 4.1.0
- App Management message reflects new System Settings labels
- workflows: improve setup-homebrew and API usage
- Deprecate/disable/delete code
- cmd/update: adjustments for setup-homebrew in brew CI
- tap: fix handling of taps without formulae
- cmd/update-report: tweak messages for CI
- Enable GitHub.issues_for_formula to show only issues, only PRs, or both
- formula_auditor: fix macOS system dependency false positive
- livecheck: fix implicit no-api handling
- cmd/--cache: undeprecate --bottle-tag
- docs: Add info about tap creation
- mac/keg_relocate: use relative install names
- formula_auditor: check disabled formulae have disabled dependents
- shims/mac: handle usage of Homebrew make
- docs/Installation: fix Apple Developer account link
- shims/mac/super/make: use standard exec routines
- formula_auditor: disallow non-test rustup-init dependencies
- Support brew cleanup --quiet
- generate-*-api: fix on-disk tap migrations not being used
- Feature: support symlinked /home
- os/mac/mach: report duplicate rpaths
- docs/cask: replace single-quoted with double-quoted
- Corrects an uncaught spelling error
- os/mac/keg_relocate: replace Cellar references in rpaths
- rubocops/lines: simplify PyoxidizerCheck
- Introduce CoreCaskTap class and fix cases of core taps were being unnecessarily installed
- utils/analytics: hide InfluxDB message correctly
- docs: Requirements: add Arch Linux
- Do not insist on using macOS texinfo
- Fix (again) InfluxDB analytics messaging
- cmd/tap: remove --list-pinned option
- rubocops/lines: disallow quictls dependencies in homebrew/core
- diagnostic: don't complain about missing homebrew/cask
- docs/Installation: fix Mac OS X reference
- dev-cmd/bump-*-pr: avoid installing gems when unneeded
- api_hashable: remove HOMEBREW_CELLAR
- dev-cmd/bump-cask-pr: fix install_bundler_gems! logic
- dev-cmd/generate-*-api: be a bit safer
- cmd/{casks,formulae}: handle sharding
- os/mac/keg_relocate: avoid changing to an already existing rpath
- docs/FAQ: tap homebrew/core before editing formula
- utils/analytics: new InfluxDB token
- utils/pypi: don't overwrite name/extras/version from basic_metadata if already set
- various: fix miscellaneous typos
- Normalise BuildPulse icon size
- Normalise 1Password icon size
- Fix type errors when HOMEBREW_SORBET_RUNTIME=1
- docs: add documentation about reproducible builds
- utils/github/api: fix credentials_type

Homebrew 4.0.29
- analytics: use new AWS based influxdb
- record OS version for non-debian linux

Homebrew 4.0.28
- dev-cmd/generate-*-api: generate tap migrations JSON
- Remove Tap#versioned_formula_files
- Download tap_migrations.json files from the API
- cmd/update-report: nudge people to tweak settings
- tap: warn if tapping core taps under API mode
- cmd/update-report: use api_auto_update_secs default

Homebrew 4.0.27
- cmd/ always move names*.txt files
- Include core formulae from API in Formula.all
- dependency: use formula name
- cmd/pyenv-sync: add new command
- test/utils/github_spec: fix artifact URL test
- cmd/postgresql-upgrade-database: fix brew not being found
- extend/ENV/super: set OPENSSL_NO_VENDOR
- PyPI: Handle non-pythonhosted formula URLs
- extend/ENV/super: add comment for OPENSSL_NO_VENDOR
- tap: disable fsmonitor for third-party taps
- Apply cpu-optimisation to Rust projects
- cmd/update: don't fetch core taps on manual brew update
- Refactor some dependency handling to fix various API dependency issues
- cmd/update: update homebrew/core and homebrew/cask with devcmdrun
- tap_auditor: fix API data getting mixed in
- dev-cmd/audit: don't audit every tap when given named packages

Homebrew 4.0.26
- formula_auditor: make OpenSSL audit exception generic
- Explain how to undo brew edit
- pr-publish: request a large runner for appropriately labelled PRs
- download_strategy: move HOMEBREW_ARTIFACT_DOMAIN

Homebrew 4.0.25
- rename Cask::outdated_versions
- github_packages: call ln with force
- formula_auditor: adjust deps audit for a staging branch
- remove cask's depencies from brew/leaves
- cmd/leaves: add missing cask dependency
- rubocops: add emoji audit
- Allow bump commands to auto-update core tap clones
- Significantly improve install speeds with smarter postinstall detection
- Better scoping for no-api commands
- Significantly improve fetch speed of bottles
- cmd/ fix some flags throwing errors on update report
- fix auto-update interval for dev-cmd users
- Migrate remaining no-api commands to new scoped system
- Fix error messages for brew edit and brew create
- Simplify CloudFlare header check.
- extend/pathname: fix text_executable? regex
- man: fix a literal newline
- bin/brew: remove HOMEBREW_NO_ENV_FILTERING

Homebrew 4.0.24
- cmd/info: add (undocumented) --github-packages-downloads option
- github_packages: create hard link instead of copying
- formula_installer: fix postinstall using incorrect formula file
- formula: fix variations not being generated for instance on_os usage
- diagnostic: ignore core tap install status unless no-api is enabled

Homebrew 4.0.23
- Remove Google Analytics

Homebrew 4.0.22
- dependencies_helpers: fix pruning of build/test deps
- shims/linux: add gnumake and gmake symlinks
- utils/gems: fix bundler sometimes unnecessarily reinstalling
- docs/config: remove jekyll-feed
- homebrew-cask-drivers: deprecate official tap
- formula_auditor: skip dependency conflict audit for OpenSSL migration
- formula_auditor: handle head_info being nil
- Use "cone" mode for sparse checkouts
- tap_auditor: fix alias handling with non-core taps

Homebrew 4.0.21
- unpack_strategy/zip: avoid loading formulae unnecessarily
- utils/github/api: avoid loading gh
- Dockerfile: set default umask
- utils/github: use Pulls API to check open pull requests on CI
- actionlint.yaml: remove workaround for macos-13
- Dockerfile: set umask in common-session-noninteractive too
- rubocop: Revert PR 15312, unset EnabledByDefault
- cask/quarantine: fix exception not being caught
- workflows/tests: update homebrew-cask
- Preliminary macOS 14 (Sonoma) support

Homebrew 4.0.20
- Add cask URL location to audit problems
- Guard GITHUB_* variables by GITHUB_ACTIONS
- keg_relocate: fix check for paths rooted in build directory
- Fix wrong method in --cache and fetch
- Fix MacOSVersionError deprecation
- Revert "Guard GITHUB_* variables by GITHUB_ACTIONS."
- Add --os and --arch flags to readall
- Fix brew formulae and brew casks when the API is used
- Use sudo for copying xattrs when necessary
- Discover GitHub tokens stored by the GitHub CLI
- Check for App Management permissions before updating apps
- dev-cmd/update-maintainers: write JSON of maintainers
- github_runner_matrix: remove GITHUB_RUN_ATTEMPT
- github_packages: adjust upload retries
- utils/github/api: fix nil implicit conversion error

Homebrew 4.0.19
- Implement cask renames
- workflows/tests: test API generation
- Fix missing require in update-report.rb
- Add SimulateSystem::with
- Simplify hash merge
- Use sudo for rmdir if necessary
- Compare Tag using standardized_arch
- simulate_system: fix tap_syntax job errors
- Don't special-case message for outdated casks that aren't installed
- Add Formula#loaded_from_api?
- Simplify Cask#inspect
- Fix 1password logo in
- Fix BundleVersion comparison
- formula-cookbook: update service docs
- Strategy: Pass --max-redirs to #curl_headers
- dev-cmd/generate-*-api: add dry run option
- brew/brew: add GITHUB_EVENT_PATH to env allowlist
- feat: add github_release strategy
- bin/brew: add all GITHUB_* vars to env allowlist
- Custom service name
- Download Strategy Dependency Missing Case
- formulary: use a lot more .presence
- Refactor GitHub artifact downloads out of dev-cmd/pr-pull
- Add brew deps --missing arg
- service: fix API compatibility break
- Fix failing test
- Fix wrong token in Cask::Migrator
- Simplify curl_download
- Add --os=all and --arch=all options for brew audit
- Expand service paths
- Clean up brew audit output
- remove mechanize-2.9.1 symlink to itself
- Bitbucket: Fix tag match

Homebrew 4.0.18
- Revert "Revert "Merge pull request #15369 from carlocab/sorbet-runtime""
- Allow brew shellenv to accept a shell name param
- Make manual installers easier to open
- Always remove build from short_version
- utils/bottles: fix typechecking error
- fetch: better typechecking fix
- Fix small errors in brew shellenv
- feat: use API for GitHub latest release strategy
- Revert "Merge pull request #15377 from carlocab/sorbet-runtime-take2"
- Use curl_headers and curl_output for Livecheck strategies
- Strategy#page_headers: Update for #curl_headers
- Refactor RuboCop tests
- cmd/update-report: don't invoke external diff tools
- Merge HeadVersion and NullVersion into Version
- fetch: remove use of args from CLI parser
- workflows/build-pkg: only run on Homebrew-owned repos
- Adds a TOC to the maintainer checklist
- Remove NoDslVersion cop
- cask/upgrade: improve error backtraces
- tab: fix typing of versions
- cleanup: fix version error for cache items without a version
- Improve #to_str and #to_json for Version::NULL
- Don't fail auditing empty tap
- Fix wildcard copy in cask updates
- Fix typing on revert_upgrade()
- Use sudo for symlinks if necessary

Homebrew 4.0.17
- BazaarDownloadStrategy: Replace in-place sub
- Fix DownloadError erroring itself
- cmd/update-report: do not fail when tap has no origin
- github_packages: improve upload error handling
- brew: add GITHUB_STEP_SUMMARY to allowlist
- Don't remove cask directories when upgrading.
- bottle: some tar flags are not supported on Mojave
- github_runner_matrix: improve macOS timeout handling
- bump-formula-pr: fix method argument type
- Type livecheck.rb.
- github_runner_matrix: align Intel and ARM timeouts
- remove auth header on cask url redirection on CurlDownloadStrategy
- rubocops/cask: Check for correct stanza order within on_* blocks

Homebrew 4.0.16
- Remove Nokogiri to resolve dependabot alerts
- git_repository: implement #to_s
- completions/fish: fix cask references for Linux
- utils/gems: run bundle clean when install not required
- Include T::Sig in Module
- utils/pypi: replace pipgrip with pip's built in dependency resolution
- github_runner_matrix: set timeout on macOS
- workflows: run on macos-13
- Install cached bottles if curl --head fails
- Enable Style/InvertibleUnlessCondition cop
- bump-cask-pr: convert URL back to string
- Remove unused parts of activesupport
- Remove kernel/reporting activesupport extension
- github_runner_matrix: test dependents on GitHub runners
- github_runner_matrix: cleanup GitHub macOS runner
- rubocop: Set EnabledByDefault: true, disabling cops with offenses
- brew bump: modify versioning logic
- Support multiple oldnames for formulae & support formula renames in API
- github_runner_matrix: remove HOMEBREW_LINUX_CLEANUP
- workflows/tests: fix Codecov root dir
- pypi: normalize name in pypi_info
- Refactor formula, cask and Ruby source downloads to use shared code
- determine-test-runners: add debug output
- download_strategy: Fix the timeout value
- Fix type for nested url blocks
- sudo: explicitly specify the root user where necessary
- Livecheck: Fixes for Sorbet runtime
- rubocops/service: check for more cellar paths
- diagnostic: Check for unnecessary Core and Cask taps

Homebrew 4.0.15
- cask: remove os_versions
- Add bottle file size to GHP manifest annotations
- Refactor GitRepositoryExtension to avoid monkey-patching
- Fix 'undefined method git_default_origin_branch?'
- fix: fix undefined 'git_origin_branch' methods
- github_packages: fix bottle manifest schema violation
- Refactor module_function to reduce rbi need
- Pass TTY width to Open3.
- Remove yaml require for 5% init speedup
- Revert language mixins back to module_function
- download_strategy: fix bad unescaping in basename parsing
- remove cask/cmd/audit
- actions/cache@v3 for GitHub Actions
- compilers: add gcc-13
- Fix bump-cask-pr handling of sha256 :no_check
- remove cask/cmd/install
- dev-cmd/audit: remove unused warnings key.
- Enable Sorbet/TrueSigil cop
- Cask audit: check binary signature and notarisation
- dev-cmd/pr-automerge: skip PRs with pre-release label
- Dockerfile: install newer gh
- formula_auditor: remove issue comment audit
- Remove # typed: false sigil in tests
- dev-cmd/audit: fix audit annotations
- formula: consider arbitrary formula source paths
- cmd/install: warn on cask install when already installed
- download_strategy: disable Git fsmonitor
- formulary: sub home placeholder in caveats

Homebrew 4.0.14
- test/cask/dsl_spec: fix test for certain locale settings
- Allow running audit for different architecture.
- brew: don't filter GITHUB_EVENT_NAME
- rubocop/cask: Check for correct stanza grouping within on_* blocks
- Fix repo audit for discontinued casks.
- cask/artifact: fix up some definitions
- audit.rb: Check for signature with sptcl
- Don't use deprecated Kernel#shell_profile.
- workflows/sponsors-maintainers-man-completions: only run on branches
- Delete a Cask RuboCop test for an edge case that is not fixed
- docs: deprecate appcast

Homebrew 4.0.13
- move cask/cmd/reinstall to cask/reinstall
- Improve sorbet & vendor gem workflow testing
- dev-cmd/determine-test-runners: add command to set test runners
- workflows/build-pkg: fix actionlint error
- workflows/sorbet: fix actionlint errors
- workflows/spdx: fix actionlint errors
- workflows/sponsors-*: fix actionlint errors
- workflows/vendor-gems: fix actionlint errors
- dev-cmd/style: Properly clean up the --display-cop-names option
- dev-cmd/update-maintainers: fix undefined method
- Fix ruby_source_path in Ventura systemsettings-caveats fixture JSON
- Xcode 14.3 updates
- Revert "Revert "Split prof gems into their own group""
- os/mac/xcode: fix Clang version for Xcode 14.3
- github_runner_matrix: fix dependent runner assignment
- Make test not depend on macOS version
- Don't save mac metadata/extended attributes for brew bottle
- Update fish completions
- search: remove remote searching
- workflows: add actionlint workflow
- Portable Ruby 2.6.10_1
- Fix codesign audit paths

Homebrew 4.0.12
- Enable typing in Ignorable
- install: check for --only-dependencies flag earlier
- dev-cmd/tap-new: Use actions/cache@v3 as v1 is very deprecated
- Enable types in extensions, etc.
- service: handle string run cmd
- Python: allow --no-build-isolation for pip install
- Remove useless T.unsafe wrappers
- Include screen savers in :extract_plist strategy.
- Include prof gem group in sorbet workflow
- Revert "Split prof gems into their own group"
- commands: fix completion descriptions
- rubocops/cask: Ensure that "verified" URLs with paths end with "/"
- cask/utils: Make more noise when encountering undefined methods
- commands: explain change in command description splitting
- Add types to block params
- Add cop to stop bin use in service blocks
- Add Version#compare
- tap: remove some CoreTap installed? checks.
- Enable types in dev-cmd
- Tighten tap.formula_file?(file) and tap.formula_files to not detect cask file as formula
- Import doc "How To Organize AGM" from homebrew-governance-private
- docs/governance/2023-agm-minutes: Add brief summary of talking points
- Minor YARD improvements
- Add curl_head method.
- audit: Make --display-failures-only the default for Casks
- Add source paths to API.
- dev-cmd/bump-formula-pr: add a checkbox for resource updates
- workflows/sponsors-maintainers-man-completions: fix git-try-push failure

Homebrew 4.0.11
- triage-issues.yml: update to match main configuration
- Update manpage and completions.
- Enable typing in Homebrew::Cleanup
- readall: fix no simulate
- Pass -no_fixup_chains to linker when required
- CI: Add audit steps for formulae and casks
- Enable types in Formula files
- search: show results by platform
- More update tweaks
- Vendor more gems
- formula: add missing extend/os require
- rubocops: Detect unordered stanzas in non-on_* blocks in formulae
- rubocops/cask: Enforce the order of on_#{arch} blocks
- Revert "Allow resource blocks to include on_* blocks or conditionals"
- dev-cmd/pr-*: support merge workflow changes
- bump-*-pr: fix an issue when using on taps with custom remote
- dev-cmd/pr-*: remove --commit-bottles-to-pr-branch
- Remove --request GET workaround for HEAD requests.
- missing_formula: update instructions for pil and gsutil
- dev-cmd/tests: Deal with TODO for a BuildPulse bug that's fixed
- dispatch-build-bottle: cleanup
- Handle more artifacts in livecheck :extract_plist strategy.
- Deprecate appcast.
- Fix brew install --skip-post-install
- dev-cmd/tests: temporary fix for BuildPulse failure
- Enable IO and UpdateTest types
- docs: mention keyboard_layout for casks
- Revert "Remove --request GET workaround for HEAD requests."
- github: set maintainer_can_modify for PR creation
- Split prof gems into their own group
- Make bump-cask-pr commit format more concise.
- dev-cmd/bump-cask-pr: fix sha265

Homebrew 4.0.10
- Remove explicit error for empty BOM retry
- download_strategy: fix case where filename cannot be parsed
- docs/README: improve link
- Fix toplevel_stanzas
- update*: check shim output
- Enable more typing
- formula_auditor: Having HOMEBREW_PREFIX in keg_only reasons is bad
- Enable UnpackStrategy types
- cmd/update-report: fix ordering
- Improve some CI jobs
- Add brew install --skip-post-install
- move cask/cmd/reinstall
- Revert "move cask/cmd/reinstall"
- Add service block to formula api
- Dockerfile: Fix the build, package gh exists in Ubuntu >=22 only
- rubocop: Remove the final Naming/MethodParameterName exceptions: pr
- docker: stop building Ubuntu 16.04 image
- formulary: require service
- rubocops/cask: Enforce the use of on_{system} blocks
- Allow fetching for different arch
- cask/dsl: pass #{arch} to flight blocks
- Add keyboard_layout stanza

Homebrew 4.0.9
- cmd/postgresql-upgrade-database: import from homebrew/core

Homebrew 4.0.6
- rubocop: Enable Layout/MultilineMethodCallIndentation & fix offenses
- rubocop: Deal with RSpec cop TODOs
- rubocops/cask: Disallow protocol in cask URL verified stanza
- rubocops/cask: Clean up unnecessary requires
- sorbet: Bump more files to typed: true
- irb: add cask monkey patch
- Fix type error in brew --env
- cask: retry audit for correct signing of pkg installers
- rubocop: Trim exclude paths without offenses; move some more config
- Move Array#to_sentence monkey-patch from ActiveSupport to extend/
- Remove cask/cmd/zap
- brew style --fix
- Fix "undefined local variable" error in update-report
- Enable typing in cmd/
- sorbet: Autogenerate the RBI file for utils/tty.rb
- when brew cat fails, suggest brew info --github
- lock_file: better message if too many open files
- ci: Move from Ubuntu 18.04 to Ubuntu 20.04 Actions runners
- Revert splat changes to AbstractUninstall
- Refactor searchable
- Fix {MacOS,Xcode}Requirement handling and improve output
- Remove ActiveSupport String inflections
- brew irb improvements
- download_strategy: handle incorrectly quoted filename* headers
- bump-formula-pr: add release notes if found
- rubocop: Trim Naming/MethodParameterName allowlist
- github_packages: retry skopeo copy 5 times
- Make str variable names longer
- sorbet: Run brew typecheck --update --suggest-typed on schedule in CI
- rubocop: Clean up Style/BlockDelimiters excludes and autofix offenses
- include --cask or --formula in brew info --github suggestion
- github_packages: additional retry of skopeo copy with backoff
- Move cask/cmd/upgrade to cask/upgrade
- Fix DescriptionCacheStore searching
- Cleanup irb history file in tests
- Enable typing in a few more files

Homebrew 4.0.5
- Fixed type error in 'brew audit'
- utils/github: Tiny improvements, boolean methods end in ? and remove unnecessary .delete_prefix("/")
- readall: reject casks with no URL
- Use 'wslview' instead of 'xdg-open' on Windows
- dev-cmd/cat: improve error message.
- Move Kernel extensions into a separate file
- dev-cmd/contributions: Support date ranges in PR reviews query
- Replace ActiveSupport inflections with Utils methods
- dev-cmd/contributions: Stop counting signoffs now we have "real" reviews
- Strategy#from_url: Amend conditions for Json
- Delay loading from cask source api
- Allow version :latest if livecheck is skip.
- More Formula/Casks sharding fixes
- cask/auditor: only audit 10 languages by default on casks with many languages
- dev-cmd/contributions: Only count approving reviews
- rubocop: Only enable Style/Documentation for @api public code
- cmd/update-reset: improve arg parsing
- Deprecate preferred_shell and shell_profile
- cask/cmd/upgrade: fix missing versions variable
- Move cask/cmd/info to cask/info
- rubocop: Consolidate more rules into the right files
- cask: to_h without api
- dedicated run_at_load property
- formula: fix alias loading
- Docs: Tips and Tricks - Remove Atom editor plugin
- livecheck: Add Xml strategy
- dev-cmd/tests: better output for BuildPulse failures
- Show New/Deleted Formulae/Casks from brew update
- Enable Style/OpenStructUse cop
- Json: Add #parse_json method and tidy up tests
- cmd/ limit setting core.fsmonitor to false
- Move cask/cmd/list to cask/list
- rubocop: Disable RSpec metrics cops
- os.rb: fix for WSL systems without wslview
- rubocop: Alphabetise, remove config that's default, in-line some disables
- Suppress unsupported splat errors when typechecking
- dev-cmd/contributions: Count the number of commits a user committed
- livecheck: Add Yaml strategy
- Note that brew update will only report all without API
- livecheck: Skip #preprocess_url for new strategies
- utils/github: Fix double counting of author/committer numbers

Homebrew 4.0.4
- rubocop: Some more config cleanup
- Handle undeclared POSIXLY_CORRECT in Bash completions
- utils/gzip: set mtime = 1 when mtime == 0.
- rubocop: Entirely disable Metrics cops
- api: respect --quiet
- docs: improve some $(brew --prefix) usage
- rubocop.yml: disable more metrics.
- Ignore discontinued casks in bump-unversioned-casks.
- Look for all packages if specified packages are not found.
- Use OFFICIAL_CASK_TAPS constant.
- Refactor FormulaCop as an abstract class
- utils/analytics: tweaks constants.
- Formula-Cookbook: update for Homebrew v4
- cask: audit for correct signing of pkg installers
- Consolidate some rubocop configurations
- Don't preprocess URL for :extract_plist strategy.
- dev-cmd/contributions: Use GitHub APIs for commit author info
- dev-cmd/contributions: Stats for all maintainers
- dev-cmd/contributions: Fix single-user handling; be more verbose
- dev-cmd/contributions: Correctly order the trailers method args
- cask: audit if sparkle livecheck needs multipart version
- utils/github/api: Smarter pagination in paginate_rest
- Revert "cask: audit for correct signing of pkg installers"
- Security enhancements to API
- utils/github: Add date filtering to the commit author API query
- Add generate-{cask,formula}-api commands
- extend/os: clean up requires
- CI: check for changes to autogenerated files
- dev-cmd/generate-*-api: don't use same constant name.
- which_editor: remove Atom.
- api: don't download files as root when Homebrew's not owned by root.
- os/mac/extend/ENV/super: handle nil sdk.
- Enable typing in Cask::Artifact
- Add signatures for extraction functions.
- Support loading formulae/casks from subdirectories
- cask_loader: fix missing checksum in FromContentsLoader
- Revert "Revert "Fix permissions before moving extracted files.""
- Scope HOMEBREW_NO_INSTALL_FROM_API to core formulae in brew audit
- cask: support url specs in API
- Bash completions: cache names of 'doctor' checks
- cmd/info: handle casks with API.
- Fix references to formula.json and cask.json
- generate-*-api: better errors
- livecheck: Add Json strategy
- cask: handle nil URLs
- Move HOMEBREW_NO_INSTALL_FROM_API defaults to shell
- dev-cmd/contributions: CSV output of totals per maintainer
- dev-cmd/contributions: Order the CSV by highest contributions total
- dev-cmd/contributions: Count PR reviews since they're super important
- Set tap for casks when loading from contents via API

Homebrew 4.0.3
- dev-cmd/contributions: fix spacing
- Support link_overwrite and conflicts_with in API
- Revert "Fix permissions before moving extracted files

Homebrew 4.0.1
- cmd/analytics: note Google Analytics differences
- api: use for cask-source API again
- tap: return the default_remote if not installed

Homebrew 3.6.21
- cask: don't assume that sudo has write access to the caskroom
- analytics: optionally duplicate to InfluxDB
- Options: Add #to_s method
- Allow defining service run command per platform
- some needs_network specs: temporarily disable
- Permit multiple uninstall stanzas in casks (short-term fix)
- cmd/install: fail when pkg not found
- Delete config.rbi
- Add closed PR check to bump cmds
- Resolve RSpec/VerifiedDoubles todos
- rubocops/lines: update hard-coded compiler check
- Fix brew search for HOMEBREW_INSTALL_FROM_API
- test HOMEBREW_INSTALL_FROM_API on developers
- Inline RSpec/InstanceVariable todos
- dev-cmd/vendor-gems: set SDKROOT for older macOS
- separate default_prefix to extend/os files
- Avoid mutating the script argument in place
- Enable RSpec cops without violations
- Enable RSpec/LeakyConstantDeclaration
- HOMEBREW_INSTALL_FROM_API: various improvements.
- cask_loader: fixup artifacts/caveats from JSON API
- Improve Codespaces behaviour
- extend/ENV/shared: use try
- Refactor away rspec-wait
- Enable RSpec/NoExpectationExample
- Revert "Enable RSpec/LeakyConstantDeclaration"
- install: better error when using API and --HEAD
- cmd/update: tweak API update behaviour
- cask/artifact/stage_only: allow string argument
- move check_binary_arches to extend/os
- Enable RSpec/LeakyConstantDeclaration
- Adapt to setup-homebrew changes
- Resolve rubocop todo
- Add languages to cask API
- docs: mention Linux on site description
- docs: Remove Lion reference
- cli/parser: Don't treat args with --cask as formulae
- remove String#undent ????-patch
- Remove redundant String extension
- add missing dev-cmd aliases
- version: fix bad regexps in version parsers
- apply extend/os to migrate_gcc_dependents_if_needed
- Tweak cask-source API handling
- Don't allow HOMEBREW_INSTALL_FROM_API when building from source
- OS: Fix supported prefix check
- Cask loader improvements
- Support languages when installing from the API
- api: warn rather than fail if we've got a cached version.
- Homebrew::API::fetch_file_source: remove debug line
- update: increase max time for API JSON updates
- Making core tap install an in-process call
- Fix JSON file download failure fallback
- api/versions: remove.
- api: download from HOMEBREW_API_DOMAIN
- docs: Clarify dependency values
- Remove active_support Time extensions
- Fix cask not found error when upgrading certain casks
- brew Bash completions: use HOMEBREW cache and repo env vars
- Don't convert boolean and blank values to strings in cask artifacts API
- Fix error when showing brew config JSON update time
- Add error message with instructions for the missing cask file
- Add deprecations and disables
- HOMEBREW_INSTALL_FROM_API: make the default for everyone.
- Homebrew-Governance: import merged PRs from homebrew-governance-private
- Adds logging to cask loader
- Fix license handling for API formulae
- cmd/doctor: respect --quiet
- Better support source builds under API mode
- Properly load booleans from the API
- Set HOMEBREW_NO_INSTALL_FROM_API for certain commands
- analytics: stop sending analytics in tests
- Refix bash completions 1
- extend/time: restore rfc3339 method
- cmd/gist-logs: On 404, the PAT probably needs more permissions
- add bump to HOMEBREW_NO_INSTALL_FROM_API commands
- Bash completions: clean up basic functions
- formulary: respect HOMEBREW_BOTTLE_DOMAIN when installing from API
- Bash completions: speed up Tap completions
- apply extend/os to Cask::cmd::install#install_casks
- cmd/info: generate --json=v2 from local taps.
- move dev-cmd/bottle methods to extend/os
- Revert "HOMEBREW_INSTALL_FROM_API: make the default for everyone."
- Revert "Add deprecations and disables"

Homebrew 3.6.20
- Revert "show/check Homebrew branch"
- Change HOMEBREW_INSTALL_FROM_API update frequency
- Fix URL in vendor-gems.yml
- rubocops/caveats: Disallow ANSI escape codes
- cask: don't attempt to make a directory that already exists.
- cask: fix writability check backing up an artifact

Homebrew 3.6.19
- Add PYTHONDONTWRITEBYTECODE to common_stage_test_env
- cask/installer: ensure config_path exists
- docs: Fixes broken link to SPDX expressions docs
- workflow/tests: Remove redundant style check
- Allow --cask for linux dev cmds
- Make Cask::DSL::Container#pairs a derived property (and fix YARD warning)
- Fix depends_on arch: when loading casks from API
- cmd/ use GitHub API token if available
- utils: add reproducible_gzip helper function
- Delete Library/Homebrew/rubocops/lines.rbi
- show/check Homebrew branch
- Fix remaining YARD exception, enable --fail-on-warning

Homebrew 3.6.18
- docs: add Table of Contents to selected pages
- SystemConfig: show WSL version if available on Linux
- cmd/prof: Fix gem errors
- workflows/tests: only brew tests --online twice
- cli/parser: Better error message for cask on linux
- Governance: Adds PLC candidate expectations
- Include *flight block source in cask API
- Vendor method_source gem
- formula_installer: check if dependencies have already been fetched
- dev-cmd/edit: handle editing with install_from_api
- Restoring the original PATH after update
- Load casks from the JSON API with HOMEBREW_INSTALL_FROM_API
- search.rb: Update Fedora URL

Homebrew 3.6.17
- Fix access to livecheck constants in formulae
- add explicit version for GitHub API
- Deprecate path args to audit cmd
- ISSUE_TEMPLATE/bug: nudge people to discussions.
- formula: show stderr by default when generating completions
- return early when no Taps directory
- Improve minimum macOS version audit for casks
- Comment out path args deprecation
- cask/audit: improve sparkle minimum version audit
- feature: generate macOS pkg files
- unversioned_cask_checker: check installer artifacts
- Expand on_system rubocops
- cask/audit: improve handling nil in sparkle
- audit: use full_name for formula/cask audit
- cask/artifact/abstract_uninstall: allow wildcard entries for launchctl
- Use JSON instead of #inspect to include cask container in API
- Remove bitdefender diagnostic check

Homebrew 3.6.16
- dev-cmd/bottle: use gnu-tar's --mtime
- Only use OS cop internally
- Show casks in install not found output
- docs: Document that casks should pass GateKeeper
- root auto-taps should be done as Homebrew user
- docs: Fix wrong condition for an app rejection
- Allow pip to use the local wheel cache while installing dependencies
- Enable use of latest formula version in resource livecheck URLs
- python: reinstate pip's --no-binary
- Cleanup search module

Homebrew 3.6.15
- livecheck/strategy/sparkle.rb: Add macos to the candidate os values list
- dev-cmd/bump: don't use Repology version if livecheckable
- ElectronBuilder: Allow Date/Time deserialization
- dev-cmd/audit: enable --[no-]signing flag for audits
- Make :formula? the default on Linux
- caveats: print sudo in caveats if service requires it
- cmd/desc: fix searching.
- docs: update Maintainers section
- dev-cmd/bump: check if Repology output is a version first
- dev-cmd/create: also prompt for name with --cask
- Cleanup brew prof
- formula_installer: output fetching headers.
- Homebrew-Leadership-Responsibilities: import changes.
- api/formula: handle JSON file corruption.
- description*: fix argument handling of eval_all.
- language/python: optionally link manpages
- formula: add support for generating click shell completions

Homebrew 3.6.14
- Curl: Fix following redirections when base changes
- shims/super/cc: unset RUBYLIB
- Add cop for OS.linux? and OS.mac? usage
- Dockerfile: install gpg
- docs: update membership & procedures
- Dockerfile: install acl
- doctor: add -u flag to suggested git stash command

Homebrew 3.6.13
- dev-cmd/bump-{cask,formula}-pr: args.message is before the default
- Prevent brew casks from finding formulae at tap root
- rubocop_todo: Clean up deleted paths & excludes without offenses
- workflows/doctor: use ephemeral runners
- diagnostic: remove some checks.
- bin/brew: add GITHUB_OUTPUT
- Update
- fix: allow running bin/brew with SHELLOPTS=nounset
- workflows/doctor: skip unnecessary steps
- CI: check yard & mdl output

Homebrew 3.6.12
- Docs: update Cookbooks
- dev-cmd/unbottled: simulate target tag
- CPU: fix M2 family detection
- dev-cmd/ruby: add --version
- docs: update Contributors section
- Speed up deleted_reason method
- README: Switch from HackerOne to GitHub for vulnerability reporting
- Update Bundler to 2.3.26
- utils/gems: use env shebang when installing gems

Homebrew 3.6.11
- style: check more shell scripts
- Improve issue templates
- uses_from_macos: add mandoc to allowed list
- docs: Fix env variable typo
- rubydoc: fixes for output
- Fix install --dry-run

Homebrew 3.6.10
- devcontainer/on-create-command: fix Ubuntu 18.04, add debugging
- Service: add method to define a root requirement
- Add manpages.rb
- move two methods from download_strategy to utils/github
- Allow multiple macOS requirements
- tests: test on Ubuntu 18.04
- Dockerfile: install jq
- devcontainer/on-create-command: fix prebuild handling

Homebrew 3.6.9
- cask: audit for minimal OS version in sparkle feeds
- devcontainer/on-create-command: install Sorbet
- fix: allow sparkle without a macOS version
- cmd/search: better handle non-TTY output
- .devcontainer/on-create-command: Add openssh-server (for gh cs ssh)
- Fix: Sparkle audit prior to el_capitan
- tests: fix under GitHub Codespaces
- test/rubocops/formula_desc: Add some tests I should have written in 2017
- sorbet/tapioca/require: make aware of platform-specific gem resolution
- Update patchelf.rb to 1.4.0
- caveats: Update message displayed by unsigned_accessibility
- rubyext: align workaround with upstream
- dev-cmd/bottle: add --no-all-checks
- docs: Bump various OS versions
- Universally apply Ruby disable options
- style: use HOMEBREW_RUBY_EXEC_ARGS, fix some cops erroring with empty formula body
- Allow gem installation on Rubies other than 2.6
- minor typo fixes

Homebrew 3.6.8
- Suggest --verbose for softwareupdate --all ...
- Support git partial clones with sparse checkouts (take 2)
- os/mac/diagnostic: allow Ruby 2.6.10 on < Ventura
- Gemfile: bump nokogiri.
- Remove sitedir from LOAD_PATH
- dev-cmd/unbottled: fix --dependents erroring
- dev-cmd/bump-formula-pr: allow --version for version formatting changes
- Add --adopt switch
- Improve performance of brew info by caching compiled regexes
- Add VSCode devcontainers
- os/mac/xcode: do not recommend softwareupdate CLI
- Fix Oh-My-Zsh suggested completions configuration
- rubocop: Deal with some TODOs for Naming/MethodParameterName
- cask/artifact/relocated: don't evaluate URL on creation
- devcontainer/on-create-command: do more stuff

Homebrew 3.6.7
- Restore ARM Linux support when installing gems
- docs: discontinue WSL 1 support; recommend WSL 2
- ResourceAuditor: Fix #audit_head_branch error
- Mark macOS Ventura as supported
- Allow livecheck method in on_system blocks
- utils/gems: set SDKROOT for macOS system Ruby
- macOS Ventura (and related) test fixes
- Strengthen "don't create issues" language
- integration_test: fix Bundler deprecation.
- Additional fixes for Ruby 3 compatibility
- Docs: mention "path not in the working tree" error
- Ventura RC version bumps
- Add stable checksum to the JSON API
- docs: Fix minor version typo
- Update Linux requirements

Homebrew 3.6.6
- update*: enforce sane symlinks setting
- formula: ensure rpath is passed a valid target
- Simulate all OS/arch combinations in brew readall
- Preliminary compatibility fixes for Ruby 3
- sorbet: Use Tapioca more since srb rbi is in maintenance
- workflows: migrate from deprecated set-output
- extend/os/mac: ensure writable file for codesign
- Migrate to Bundler 2
- bump-cask-pr: handle additional use cases
- add error log of download formula.json
- Fix curl_output for curl download strategy
- os/mac/pkgconfig/13: update for beta 9 SDK

Homebrew 3.6.5
- Add --dry-run option to cmd#install
- add installed time to git info --json output
- Warn linux users about using --cask
- Support non-master init.defaultbranch
- service: use on Linux
- Update Sorbet to 0.5.10461
- os/mac/xcode: require Xcode 14.1 on Ventura
- formula: fix inreplace errors not being printed

Homebrew 3.6.4
- Audit: complain if no targets are found
- Use unversioned GCC for runtime libraries when required
- Cleanup and fix CI jobs
- brew: remove HOMEBREW_ON_DEBIAN7
- Remove unused function from bump-cask-pr
- Enable Linux AArch64 support
- Augment brew livecheck with a --resources option to check resources
- Update documentation for brew livecheck

Homebrew 3.6.3
- extend/os/linux/development_tools: handle no /usr/bin/gcc
- Separate test from runtime dependencies in Formula#to_hash
- Checks GitHub API if homepage 404s during brew audit --online
- Include test deps when loading a formula from the API
- linux/keg_relocate: clean up GCC RPATH fix
- extend/ENV/std: ignore fails_with during brew test
- formula_auditor: fix false negatives in audit_gcc_dependency

Homebrew 3.6.2
- Adds brew docs to close
- formula_auditor: disallow SSPL
- diagnostic: improve cask quarantine messaging
- autoremove: ignore build deps when built from src
- Load formulae from their aliases using the API
- Include loaded_from_api key in Tab
- Cask: automatically add cask audits
- shellenv: add explanatory MANPATH comment
- resource: automatic determine mirrors for glibc-bootstrap and PyPI resources
- docs: document HOMEBREW_INSTALL_FROM_API usage in installation
- formulary: fix error with absolute alias paths
- Use GCC 12 for runtime libraries
- linkage_checker: ignore broken linkage with LLVM libc++
- extend/os/linux/system_config: support gcc 12 & keg-only glibc
- Changes to allow keg-only glibc

Homebrew 3.6.1
- Add messaging for homebrew/ubuntu16.04:master image deprecation
- test/dev-cmd/audit_spec: use eq instead of match
- Prevent require executing some scripts (fixes brew typecheck --update)
- update-sponsors: don't require admin token
- sponsors-maintainers-man-completions: various fixes
- Don't fallback to building from source with HOMEBREW_INSTALL_FROM_API
- Create GCC and glibc symlinks after install is complete
- formula_auditor: fix false positive in audit_gcc_dependency
- cask/artifact/relocated: widen type

Homebrew 3.6.0
- Ignore HOMEBREW_NO_CLEANUP_FORMULAE deps in brew autoremove
- bin/brew: remove HOMEBREW_NO_ENV_FILTERING
- README: add Mercedes-Benz Group
- missing_formula: message for postgres rename
- linux/diagnostic: add check for versioned GCC linkage
- formula_auditor: audit for Linux-only dependencies on GCC
- linkage_checker: don't reinstall formula on some linkage failures
- Remove odisabled for 3.6.0
- linkage_checker: disable linkage
- linkage_checker: deprecate linkage
- glibc related cleanup
- Revert "formula_auditor: skip rename audit for glib-utils"
- Include on_{system} blocks as stanzas in rubocop
- Update cask rubocops to use on_arch blocks and sha256 arm:, intel
- install glibc/gcc automatically if too old
- formula_auditor: refactor GCC dependency check into separate method
- formula: try optimise versioned_formulae_names
- linux/dependency_collector: bump maximum_tree_depth
- linux/diagnostic: fix rpath returning nil
- formula_auditor: require --git only if not --strict in audit_gcc_dependency
- Include dsl key in cask artifact hash
- Improve error message for failed signature check
- diagnostic: automatically tap homebrew/core
- Cask: automatically add cask audits
- cmd/deps: return failing exit code on circular dependencies
- shims/gems/rubocop: handle when brew isn't in PATH
- extend/os/linux: improve glibc, gcc dependency handling
- gcc_dep_if_needed: Install GCC if Glibc is too old
- cleanup: handle Python site-packages directories
- util/ fix HOMEBREW_USE_RUBY_FROM_PATH to actually use user's PATH
- cmd/deps: improve switch names
- Automatically add symlinks from gcc cellar to HOMEBREW_PREFIX/lib
- README: update sponsors
- utils: prefer BBEdit over TextWrangler
- cmd/deps: drop --installed requirement for --formula/--cask
- formula_auditor: use symbols for spec iteration
- Freeze formula definition once first instance is created
- resource: determine version before freezing
- resource: style tweak
- Improve brew update with HOMEBREW_INSTALL_FROM_API
- generate_completions: fix shell_parameter_format: :none
- dev-cmd/pr-pull: avoid expensive search API calls
- linux/linkage_checker: remove gcc from undeclared_deps
- Automate sponsors updates
- Ignore renamed formulae when checking for unversioned formulae
- bump-cask-pr: cleanup handling of multiple hashes
- .github/workflows: various fixes
- Deprecate reading all formulae through commands
- cmd/fetch: --retry with exponential backoff
- Revert "Cask: automatically add cask audits"
- cmd/fetch: rename fetch_failed to fetch_tries
- Update LINUX_CI_OS_VERSION to Ubuntu 22.04
- brew: improve Docker detection
- rubocop: generate_completions DSL
- Allow developers to use dev commands and HOMEBREW_INSTALL_FROM_API

Homebrew 3.5.10
- linux/super: add unversioned GCC lib directory to RPATH
- dev-cmd/rubocop: use bundle check
- Add and adjust cask rubocops to handle variables
- brew: add XDG_RUNTIME_DIR copy
- Support for --debug-symbols for macos
- bump-cask-pr: fix sha256 replacement with arch
- Formula: add DSL to generate completions
- fix debug-symbols
- ENV/super: add Python's libexec/"bin" directory when applicable
- Refactor on_system rubocops for use in casks
- info: highlight package name
- build_environment: add proper types to dump() and fix inreplace error
- language/python: support python3 from PATH in #detected_python_shebang
- service: provide formula accessor
- cask: add audit for incorrect signing
- dev-cmd/test: set RUST_BACKTRACE when retrying
- Update brew ls to work when the cellar doesn't exist
- Cask: fix signing audit checking all artifacts
- Cask: fix signing audit using unexpected pkg method
- Add arm: and intel: arguments to cask sha256 stanza
- Fix multi-arch cask sha256 updates
- Fix caching in Formula#runtime_installed_formula_dependents
- formula_auditor: create a versioned formula dependent conflict allowlist
- cleanup: use