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BetterZip for Mac

BetterZip は Mac 用の小型で強力なアーカイブツールです。大規模なアーカイブからファイルを部分的に抽出し、最新のすべてのオペレーティングシステムを搭載したコンピュータ上で最も一般的な形式をサポートします。これには、ZIP、RAR、7-Zip、TAR、BIN、CAB などのお気に入りが XAR、ARJ、JAR、DEB、NSIS、NQX などの古いフォーマットに含まれます。これは、CD /...


What's new in this version:

Even Better Integration with macOS:
- App (Share) Extension to compress files from inside other apps
- Share from BetterZip to other apps and cloud services
- BetterZip submenu in Finder’s contextual menu. This is fantastic: Instead of manually adding each preset to the macOS Services menu (which you still can), you can now access all your presets conveniently from a BetterZip submenu of Finder’s contextual menu.
- Drag and Drop modernized: Drag items from an archive directly to other apps, e.g., Transmit. And when you drag items to the Desktop or Finder windows with icon view, the items will (finally!) be placed where you dropped them.
- Added an Automator action for testing archives
- All Automator actions now report their progress back

New Formats:
- Create the most important flavors of Apple disk images (DMG files)
- Extract and create archives with the Zstandard format (fast and high compression)
- Extract and create archives with the Brotli format (also fast and high compression)
- Open and extract archives with the XIP format

- BetterZip 5 lets you manage your favorite folders and use them as quick extraction targets and as destinations to move your archives to with one button click. Yes, BetterZip now has a “Move archive” command and toolbar button that lets you move the archive to another folder or to the trash.

More Powerful Delete Commands:
- Redesigned “Delete with pattern”: Firstly, BetterZip 5 lets you invoke your favorite patterns from the toolbar or menu. Secondly, you can now review which files are going to be deleted and tweak the list before actually deleting anything.
- BetterZip 5 lets you delete all Mac specific files from an archive with a toolbar button click or menu command. And you can purge all empty folders from your archive.

Additional Preset Options:
- Instead of only customizing the filename extension in save presets, you can now specify a pattern to automatically generate filenames using fixed text and variables (like date, time, and username).
- The post-processing script in presets can now be an AppleScript script or even an Automator workflow in addition to shell scripts
- Upon popular demand, save presets now let you move the original files and folders to the trash or any other folder after successful compression. (Limited to direct mode and queued operation.)

Many More New Features and Enhancements:
- Added “Test”, “Open in BetterZip window”, and “Add to archive” to BetterZip button in Finder
- BetterZip can now keep the external rar commandline utility up-to-date and automatically download and install new versions when they are available
- Added an option to always or never update edited files inside the archive. While at it, I enhanced the updating of edited archive files in general (fewer alerts, keeping track of open files after saving changes back to an archive).
- For added security, BetterZip will now quarantine apps extracted from archives. You can disable this in the preferences.
- The “Replace File” dialog no longer blocks all other operations and you can now quick-look the two files for a last visual check
- Better handling of Windows zip archives with non-latin character sets
- Change the encoding of open archives without reopening them
- BetterZip will now ask for the correct encoding, when it cannot be determined automatically
- The info pane in the preview sidebar now shows more details. When no files are selected, general archive information is displayed
- Better visibility when errors occur during queued operations, even if you choose to ignore the errors and continue. And the Reveal button in the queue window will open the transcript window in this case.
- Favorites sidebar: Added options to not show archive count badges and to disable file browsing, for users who use it as quick and simple extraction drop target only
- Enhanced the logic of opening file packages (most importantly apps) with a double click. BetterZip will now only navigate into the package, if the option “File packages are expandable” in the View menu is toggled on. Otherwise it will either extract and open the package or do whatever you specified in Preferences > Files. Holding down the cmd key will toggle the behavior temporarily.
- When previewing an app in an archive, its icon, version, and copyright string are extracted and displayed
- BetterZip now lets you save all the settings in the save panel as a preset. Use the new gear button for this. Loading presets has been moved to this button as well.
- When quitting BetterZip while archive operations are running, you are asked whether you really want to quit. This warning can be suppressed.
- Password panels allow you to show the entered password, even when not using the password manager
- Added a command to completely reset the password manager in case you forgot the master password
- When you load a preset in the save panel that has a password set, you can now use that password or clear it to enter a new one. You also get the chance to set a new password when doing a “save as…” command with an encrypted archive
- More accurate progress bars for all operations
- Added a tab for the configuration of default settings for the BetterZip Quick Look Generator in the preferences window. macOS Catalina rendered all other means of remembering settings for QL generators defunct. The QL generator is still free for all (i.e., no BetterZip license required) and free users can also use the app to set default settings without problems.


What's new in this version:

Compatibility fix:
- This latest version fixes the Quick Look generator to work with new security restrictions in macOS 10.15 Catalina. Catalina no longer allows users to extract files directly from the Quick Look panel, invoke presets, or save the panel configuration. Sadly, I had to remove these features for Catalina users.


What's new in this version:

Bug Fixes:
- When editing files inside an archive, BetterZip 4.2.3 would not mark the archive as changed even though the user asked to update the file
- Files with a space as the last character of the filename couldn’t be extracted individually from zip and 7z archives
- Damaged zip and 7z archives could crash the BetterZip Quick Look generator under certain circumstances
- The BetterZip QL generator did no longer honor Dark Mode on the latest releases of macOS Mojave


What's new in this version:

- BetterZip is now a notarized app and uses the “hardend runtime” for added security. Notarization means that Apple scans BetterZip for code-signing issues and possible security flaws before it is released
- Better results when extracting broken rar archives
- Added an Internet Access Policy file for Little Snitch which explains BetterZip’s internet usage (checking for updates and installing the external rar tool, if you choose to do so)
- Updated file type detection to include more rar based archives

Bug Fixes:
- Extracting a large app (or any package really) with drag and drop while the preview for the app was still extracting could lead to an error
- Fixed a problem with tar files whose name, excluding the last extension (tar.gz does usually not have the problem), is the same as the folder inside when they are extracted through the queue


What's new in this version:

- If you change the preview font, BetterZip will now remember it
- Added an explicit encoding option in the file open panel. BetterZip does have automatic encoding detection built in, but at times the filename encoding of Windows zip archives cannot be determined automatically and you need to tell BetterZip what to use. If your zip archive shows weird characters instead of correct filenames, close the archive, choose File > Open… from the menu, and use the encoding option in the file open window to select the correct encoding
- Better progress bar behavior during extraction of tar based archives

Bug Fixes
- The encoding detector (not related to the zip filename encoding mentioned above) in the preview sidebar didn’t always work correctly for text files
- When creating a multi-volume rar archive and the specified volume size was larger than the resulting archive, an error was displayed
- When previewing a folder in the archive and having a preview rule setup for “*”, a subsequent drag and drop extraction of that folder could fail


What's new in this version:

- Fixed a problem with opening archives from Finder for users on macOS 10.10 and 10.11
- Fixed the progress not being shown correctly when testing large zip files


What's new in this version:

New Features:
- Added support for macOS 10.14 Mojave’s Dark Mode
- BetterZip now has a menu bar icon onto which you can drag items and that has a shortcut menu with the most important functions. Activate the menu bar icon in the BetterZip preferences on the tab “General”
- You can now specify in extraction presets what BetterZip should do, if there are conflicts with already existing files or folders
- BetterZip now supports zipx files that use xz compression as well as WinZip split files (z01, z02, …)
- Added an option to not “show folders” when in flat list view. Toggle this option via the View menu
- Added a Polish translation

- Filenames containing numbers are now sorted numerically like in Finder
- The “Replace File” dialog shows more clearly which file or folder is older and which is newer
- Changed the logic of the option “Quit after last window closed”: only archive windows will trigger the quitting, not the preferences, transcript, or queue windows
- Show combined progress of all windows (not only queue) in Dock tile (and menubar item)
- Added a button for testing the archive in the warning message window when an error occurs during opening
- Added an AppleScript command to get the selected item paths in an archive window
- The Drop Bar is now forced to the front when dragging files over it
- Add a setting to not show the queue window when queue operations are started. Turn it on in BetterZip > Preferences > Advanced
- The encoding of text files is now automatically detected when previewing text files in the preview sidebar
- You can now select multiple files in the File > Open panel

Bug Fixes:
- Dropping files (especially a mix of supported archives and non-archive file types) onto the BetterZip Dock icon did not work reliably
- When switching view mode without a sorting column selected in the table, BetterZip could crash
- BetterZip will no longer allow to extract zip files outside of the destination folder. (Thanks, Meituan Financial Security Team!)
- Fixed the opening and extraction of plain xz archives
- For some users the BetterZip Finder button did not work
- Extracting multi-part, password protected rar archives with CRC errors could lead to an endless password entry loop
- When editing a file type in Preferences > Files and clicking Ok without making any changes in the window, the type disappeared from the list
- PDF files showed only the first page in the preview sidebar
- Compressing a folder with a space character at the end of the name didn’t work


What's new in this version:

- BetterZip can now move itself to the Applications folder

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a regression in 4.1.2: Under certain circumstances apps were not executable after extraction from archives
- The QL generator couldn’t save its settings
- If you have multiple empty BetterZip windows open and then open multiple archives from the Finder, BetterZip will now only reuse one of the empty windows and open as many new windows as necessary
- Fixed a few translation problems
- When closing an archive window while a file extraction for the preview from a rar file ran in the background, BetterZip could crash


What's new in this version:

- Improved the speed of post-processing of files after extraction (restoring metadata, resource forks, …)
- Added a Swedish localization

Bug Fixes:
- The favorites sidebar could show ghost items when a folder contained hidden files and all filters were turned off
- Fixed a possible crash when extracting archives while using the favorites sidebar
- Fixed a possible crash when dealing with split rar archives that miss the first part, either opening them or just having them in the favorites sidebar
- The extract preset option to overwrite files without warning wasn’t working


What's new in this version:

- The release notes can now be opened through the help menu

Bug Fixes:
- The QL generator in version 4.1 didn’t work, if your system language was not one of the localized in BetterZip
- When you try to add a password to a preset while the password manager isn’t initialized yet, BetterZip now asks you to choose a master password before proceeding
- Under certain conditions exclude patterns didn’t work in direct mode or when creating archives through the operations queue
- Favorites sidebar: Archives in folders that are not Spotlight indexed were not treated as archives, i.e. not opened when selected, and not filtered correctly
- When modifying and saving a split zip or 7z archive, BetterZip would under certain conditions loose track of the archive or even crash
- Opening a rar archive from Finder in a fresh BetterZip window when there was a favorite in the sidebar that is a parent folder of that rar file and that also has a huge number of other archives could be very slow (with beachball). This one was very weird and is now fixed
- Fixed a crash after closing a BetterZip window on macOS 10.11