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MuLab 8.4.18

BlueStacks for Mac は、Mac でお気に入りのモバイルアプリを使用できるようにする、初めてのプロダクションソフトウェアです。 Angry Birds Space、Candy Crush Saga、電報、Temple Run 2、Evernote、Documents などのアプリを Mac 用 BlueStacks に直接ダウンロードしたり、BlueStacks Cloud Connect Android アプリを使用して携帯電話から同期することができます。基本的にこのアプリケーションは、Mac.

BlueStacks のための Android エミュレータです。機能:
Android アプリは、Mac またはタブレット上で高速かつフルスクリーンで表示できます。Cloud Connect モバイルアプリを使用して携帯電話から BlueStacks にアプリをプッシュできます。 Google Play のアプリは、あらかじめインストールされているゲームやアプリが付属しています。Windows 用 BlueStacks をダウンロードしてください.

ファイルのバージョン MuLab 8.4.18
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X 10.6 or later
ソフトウェアタイプ Freeware
著者 BlueStacks Team
更新時間 2020-02-24

What's new in this version:

- M8.4 features APLC = Automatic Plug-in Latency Compensation
- APLC enables the proper use of plug-ins like look-ahead compressors, FFT equalizers, vocoders, convolvers, etc.
- Most of the time, APLC is fully transparent to the user, it's all automatic
- However it's also possible to manually control the latency compensation of a plug-in or external MIDI synth/effect that doesn't report its latency
- New "Latency Generator" module.
- This module can be used to manually define a latency for a plug-in or hardware synth/fx that doesn't report its latency, and so it gets included in the APLC system.
- This module also is a handy tool to check APLC in MuLab or any other host DAW
- Project browser can now also be docked on the left side of the main project window
- MIDI recording: A new recorded part now simply ends at the time you stopped recording. (before it ended at the end of the last recorded event)
- Patch Point module now also has a modulation in-to-out jack
- Modulation Monitor now has an indicator that shows whether the input signal is at audio rate
- The "Convert Rex Files" function now is available in all versions
- Event List Editor now also indicates muted events by graying them out
- When using a large audio engine block size, recording things from the GUI was recorded with less accurate timing. Fixed.
- When using a large audio engine block size, then the play cursor was moving stuttery. Fixed.
- The play cursor and transport time displays did not take the audio output latency into account. Fixed.
- MuDrum: Fixed a bug when pasting a rack in the MuDrum rack desk.
- Audio Dispatcher module: When using one of the Solo Modes and Use Velocity was on, this caused a crash after the last note off. Fixed.
- Inserting a Send in a rack could in some cases cause a crash. Fixed.
- Dropping a track recorder on that same track caused a crash. Fixed.
- Dropping a module on a track and that module is in some way an input to that track's audio recorder, then this caused a feedback loop. Fixed.
- Due to a recent new bug saving a sample to a file caused a crash. Fixed.
- Cutting multiple modules from a modular area caused a hang. Fixed.
- Tools -> MIDI Input Monitor wasn't working anymore. Fixed.
- When using nested meta-parameters, tweaking a child parameter didn't always update the parent meta-parameter. Fixed.
- When tweaking a parameter, then start recording and undo-redo that parameter change, that undo-redo parameter change was unintendedly recorded too. Fixed.
- Some additional GUI style adjustments for specific parts to get them in harmony with the rest of the new restyled GUI
- Less redundant infotips
- MUX Modular Plug-In: Previously when loading DAW projects/presets that were saved with MUX 7 Plug-in, but now loaded into MUX 8 Plug-in, then the audio sequence editor showed empty events. Fixed.
- Lower RAM usage
- Misc. other small improvements

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