Chromium for Mac、ソフトウェア教育、ソフトウェアダウンロード、ソフトウェアコミュニティ、Windowsソフトウェア、Macソフトウェア

Wirecast 13.1

Chromium for Mac は、すべてのインターネットユーザーが Web を体験するために、より安全で、高速で、より安定した方法を構築することを目指すオープンソースのブラウザープロジェクトです。 Chromium は、Google Chrome がソースコードを描画するオープンソースの Web ブラウザプロジェクトです。このプロジェクトの 1 時間ごとの Chromium スナップショットは、Google ブランド、自動更新メカニズム、クリックスルーライセンス、利用状況のトラッキング、および Adobe Flash Player.

Chromium Project は、クロムが生成される金属であるクロム(Cr)元素からその名前が付けられています。開発者向けドキュメントに記載されているように、Google の意図は、オープンソースプロジェクトの名前が Chromium for Mac、最終製品名が Chrome だということでした。しかし、他の開発者が Chromium コードを使用し、Chromium の名前でバージョンをリリースしました.

Chromium と Google Chrome の違い

Chromium は、Chromium Project によって公開され、維持されているオープンソースプロジェクトとブラウザソースコードに与えられた名前です。 Windows、Linux、Mac 用の最新のプリコンパイル済みスナップショットをインストールすることも、ソースコードをダウンロードしてそれらのプラットフォームで手動で構築することもできます。 Google は、このソースコードを使用して、統合された Flash Player、Google の名前とロゴ、GoogleUpdate という自動アップデータシステムを追加しました。ユーザーは Google に使用統計情報やクラッシュレポートを送信するオプションを選択できます。例えば、Chrome がダウンロードされた時および場所で、コード化された形式で情報を Google に送信する RLZ 追跡。デフォルトでは、Chromium は HTML5 のオーディオタグとビデオタグの Vorbis、Theora、WebM コーデックのみをサポートしていますが、Google Chrome は H.264、AAC、MP3 の他にこれらをサポートしています。一部の Linux ディストリビューションでは、他のコーデックをカスタマイズしたバージョンの Chromium.

に追加することができます.Google Chrome のコードを提供するオープンソースプロジェクトです。ドキュメント、開発者情報、バグレポート、ソースコードのダウンロードが含まれています。

注:64 ビットプロセッサが必要です.

現在利用可能:Chromium for Windows


ファイルのバージョン Wirecast 13.1
ファイル名 Wirecast-13.1.dmg
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X 10.9 or later
ソフトウェアタイプ Open Source
著者 The Chromium Team
更新時間 2020-03-05

What's new in this version:

New and improved:
- Continuing our quest to improve performance, efficiency and to reduce code bloat, we’ve done some under-the-hood updates that will make way for MORE updates, but in the short term should improve specific display functionality and reduce CPU usage.
- We now prevent icons from being rendered in the background unnecessarily, again with the aim of providing some performance improvement
- Now you can do a “draft” or preview of your broadcast when streaming to LinkedIn Live
- Updated to NDI SDK 4.1- just keeping things current
- We now allow you to configure the Closed Captions settings for YouTube Events
- Thanks to all who let us know how much they love to collapse the layers on the Main Shot Bin. We brought back that ability
- Updated Facebook API version to the latest release
- Updated various UI buttons and images so that they scale better on Windows
- We widened the properties panel and did some general cleanup to make the whole properties panel area look more appealing
- We received a very good suggestion to update our audio icons to make them more obviously show when audio is muted. Now, instead of just changing color, the icon has a line through it to indicate when it’s muted.
- More under-the-hood improvements - we updated the Wirecast audio code to use AudioQueue and WASAPI APIs. The only user-facing change in this phase is that audio from multiple open documents will now be mixed together rather than only playing the audio from the topmost document.
- We updated some wording for our Failed to Activate License warning, and included a link to our license reset tool
- When running Wirecast on a Windows machine where a monitor has > 100% scale, the text and graphics are now crisp and clean
- Improved decompression of MJPEG video, which will improve performance for many webcams, 4K webcams, and USB3 capture devices that capture 4K video
- More clean up and updating - we’ve removed CEF from the inspector panel which improves drawing performance and reduces flicker in the UI
- We also updated our technology to improve the performance and quickness of adding NDI sources to a document
- We have greatly improved the ability to navigate within the UI using the tab key. There’s more to come, but you can now joyfully tab through the text entry fields.
- We’ve re-enabled NVENC high-profile encoding

- Fixed a couple translation bugs in the Wirecast Preferences
- Twitter Message feed is now readable on macOS in Dark Mode
- Fixed an issue that was causing a transparent video signal from certain DeckLink capture cards when receiving an RGB signal from the HDMI input
- Fixed some obscured notifications which could lead to confusion and crashes
- Now you can again set/reset time on Countdown Clock
- Fixed a crash when exiting Windows Notifications (WinToast)
- Made Download Manager window more intuitive to understand when nothing has been downloaded
- When you select a deinterlacing option from the drop down in Source Properties, it now respects and saves your choice
- In our ongoing crusade to prove that English is indeed our first language, we’ve simplified the message that prompts you to install our audio capture driver
- We fixed a crash that occurred on Windows when starting a Rendezvous Session with a video device set to "Logi Capture"
- Fixed a memory leak while the DirectShow configuration window is open
- Fixed an issue where sources from the Blackmagic ATEM Mini weren’t showing up, unless you selected the option to Show Duplicate Devices
- When typing a description for LinkedIn Live, the return key will now not cause the 'OK' button to be clicked, and all carriages returns will appear in the description field, as they should.
- Fixed a long-standing annoyance where an extremely long RTMP stream key or name would get truncated and not saved correctly in a document
- We found a crash that could occur when closing a document after starting some recordings. We don’t know why you would ever do that, but we fixed it.
- Put in a fix to alleviate some reported A/V sync issues that could occur when using multiple input sources
- On macOS we fixed an error that would occur if you started an ISO recording with an AVCapture video and audio source
- We updated YouTube’s branding
- Stock Media Warning message was unreadable when in dark mode
- Rendezvous audio mixer now displays the correct meter values for sources that emit floating point audio (such as NDI) as opposed to 16-bit.
- Fixed a missed translation in an Output Settings window
- Wirecast is no longer supported on Windows 7 after January 2020, so we now do not allow it to be installed on versions lower than Windows 10.
- Wirecast no longer hangs/beachballs when you send an MP4 file live while showing a solid color in preview and starting an ISO/record
- For those of us who don’t fully understand the purpose of the Monitor Mix Minus button – we have added a tooltip to help
- Bet you didn’t even catch the misspelling. Consoliated is not a word. And now you won’t see that non-word in our app. #embarrassing
- Fixed an issue where cryptic placeholder strings were displayed in place of text in a navigation menu in several instances
- Fixed numerous reported issues with the countdown clock – specifically where it would default to local computer time when stopped – making it impossible to pause the countdown.
- Stinger transitions on Mac now work and maintain transparency for all framerates, including 25fps, which briefly forgot how to function
- Fixed a broken link in the Welcome to Wirecast window that pointed to a video, which you may have wanted to watch but couldn’t
- Fixed an issue that in some instances wouldn’t let you reconfigure Output Settings once they had been set to one destination
- Layer 1 in the Main Shot Bin no longer disappears when switching shots using your shortcut keys
- If you were trying to bring in a shot from a remote computer that didn’t have much motion, via NDI– you might have noticed the shot would remain black. This was an NDI bug, which can be fixed by updating to NDI Tools v.4.
- Fixed an issue where the audio Multi-Track Input Mapper would not show your source until you resized the window
- We updated all RTMP outputs to use our transport library, which fixed some issues caused by using a different library
- The inline audio meters used to incorrectly cause the Main Shot Bin to redraw if the meter reading was 0dB. That was a waste of resources, which we’ve corrected.
- Drop shadows on text were disappearing or didn’t update properly. Fixed.
- If you declined usage of a device (like a microphone), then later wanted to use that device, Wirecast would silently fail. Now we will nicely ask you if you still want to decline the device.
- Updated Twitch and YouTube default bitrate presets to be 4Mbps to be more consistent with other destination defaults
- We also updated our destinations, so they default to x264 encoders
- When Wirecast is running on Wirecast Gear 110, 210, 220 or 230, live icons in the Main Shot Bin will be now be defaulted to off to conserve system resources.
- Removed a bunch of old, unused code. That’s all we’re going to say about that.
- Now you can hot plug your X-keys device, and Wirecast will resume the connection seamlessly, rather than giving you the silent treatment.
- On Mac, if you close your document while still streaming, the streaming indicator would remain in your Dock, confusingly indicating that a broadcast was still in progress. You now won’t see that. But really, not recommended to close your document while streaming.
- Fixed an issue where the Twitter account selector box would be obscured or disappear in Output Settings after you had logged into Twitter, making it difficult to switch accounts.
- Wirecast now properly detects if there is a network disconnection
- You can now add a Cineform file into Wirecast without it crashing
- We added support for RTMPS streams to Wowza Streaming Engine
- Re-enabled the ability to click links in our embedded browser window on macOS 10.15
- We removed the channel selector from the Audio Mixer
- Fixed a rare crash on Mac when closing the Output Settings while you’re in the mouseDown state
- Fixed a little glitch in our API calls to Twitch
- The “Allow Embedding” option in Output Settings for YouTube broadcasts was not working. We’ve fixed that.
- We worked with Facebook to restore places, cross-posting and sponsor settings which stopped working after Facebook made some deprecations on their side.
- Updated the help link next to YouTube Event Allow Embedding, to go to a more appropriate and helpful page
- Removed the audio icon from a QR Code Generator source in Shot Layers, since QR codes don’t have audio, silly
- Relatedly, we also removed some other unnecessary options in Source Properties for QR Code Generator
- Fixed a crash that occurs while simultaneously unplugging an Audio Source while trying to change its settings in the Source Properties
- Fixed a UI issue on Windows where a black bar appears above Main Shot Bin if you drag enough shots in there and really try to break it
- Fixed some more instances where text wasn’t translated when viewing the app in languages other than English
- We updated the Create and Open document icons on Welcome to Wirecast window. They’re much more attractive now
- We removed the poorly aligned border background image from the Audio Mixer’s FX settings menus and replaced it with a solid color
- Fixed a UI annoyance on the Image Carousel where toggling the shuffle checkbox would cause the default image to flash briefly
- Fixed some more UI weirdness when switching background color from ‘None’ to ‘Solid’ on Text, Title, and Clocks
- We changed the behavior of the Windows Installer to force users to uninstall before downgrading
- Fixed a memory leak that occurred while outputting with Virtual Camera
- Now you can switch between LinkedIn Live accounts on Windows, without having to change the Post type
- On certain Windows machines, Quicksync encoders would be missing from the encoder drop-down. We found them and put them back where they belong
- Wirecast no longer hangs when losing Internet connection, and it will automatically reconnect after the Internet connection is restored
- Unplugging or disabling the network adapter(s) now does not cause a spike in CPU usage
- When clicking on the "Save as Default" button in the Chroma Key, now actually saves your selection as a default
- Fixed an issue where shots that were moved or renamed, then reassigned in a document, could not be taken live until a different shot on the same layer had done so
- Multi-viewer on Mac can now identify each monitor, even when Wirecast is assigned to a specific Display in Mission Control
- Fixed a bug that caused NDI audio output to stutter – sometimes, and only after more than 2 hours
- Now, when creating a Vimeo stream with a custom stream name, the stream name no longer shows as "Untitled, and the actual name created is displayed
- Fixed a crash – which may or may not have been related to WebRTC and Rendezvous
- When you open a ticket via the support assistant, we now require you to add a subject, which helps us help you
- Fixed an intermittent crash when closing a document with an ASIO/WASAPI device
- On Windows, we fixed a long-standing issue where colors from Blackmagic Web Presenter looked incorrect
- Fixed a somewhat random crash related to our source manager
- Added a warning message to prevent you from inadvertently copying over an existing file when you Record to Disk
- Now, if you try to record to disk to a subfolder that doesn't exist, the path/subfolder will be created, or the user will be alerted if the location needs to be edited.

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