CleanMyMac X 4.6.1

まったく新しい CleanMyMac で Mac をきれいにし、最適化し、メンテナンスします。システムのあらゆる場所をスキャンし、2 回のクリックでギガバイトのジャンクを除去し、Mac の状態を監視します。 CleanMyMac は世界最高の Mac クリーナーです。それは、あなたがクリーンアップし、Mac をスピードアップすることができます。 Mac コンピュータを 2 つの簡単なクリックで維持し、最適化してください!

CleanMyMac 特長:

Mac は独自のクリーニングを受ける価値があります。genius
CleanMyMac 3 は何を清掃するかを示しています。 Mac のシステム、iTunes、メール、写真、ごみ箱、ひそかにあなたを避けていた古いフォルダなど、Mac 上のすべてをスキャンします。さらに、あなたの Mac から何が安全にクリーニングできるのか、何ができるのかを正確に把握しています。ほとんどの場合、脳や物を持っているようです.

Mac は使いやすいです。 Mac のクリーナーも必要です。 CleanMyMac 3 つのスマートクリーンアップは、あなたの Mac のすべてのインチをスキャンし、見つかったジャンクを削除するために 1 つのボタンに頼っています。また、100%安全に削除できるファイルのみを選択するので、間違ったファイルを削除する心配がありません。それは単に自動クリーニングユーティリティではありません。それは信じられないほど smart.

Smart クリーナーは安全なクリーナーです
私たちの最も重要な優先順位は、あなたの Mac を安全に保っています。安全なクリーンナップアルゴリズムは 6 年以上前から構築されています。それはセーフティデータベースと呼ばれ、あなたの Mac をスキャンするたびに参照されるルール、アイテム、および例外のリストです。 CleanMyMac 3 を使用すると、正しいファイルをクリーンアップすることが絶対確実です.

アプリをゴミ箱にドラッグしますか?それはいいえ、そうではありません。あなたは削除されたアプリの残った部分のトンで終わる。 3. CleanMyMac を使用してそれらをアンインストールします。3. アプリケーションと一緒に移動するすべての余分なファイルを含むアプリケーション全体を削除します。 CleanMyMac 3 残っている部品や部品が残っていません.

Mac の性能をまったく新しいレベルに引き上げることはできません.62535896 Mac をあなたが考えたことのない方法で最適化してください。 Spotlight のインデックスを再作成してパフォーマンスを向上させたり、ディスクのアクセス許可を修復してシステムをよりスムーズに実行したり、Mail の検索機能を高速化したりすることができます。 CleanMyMac 3 では、あなたの Mac のパフォーマンスを担当しています.

Mac の健全性は優先順位 1 です.62535896 Mac のハードウェアの健全性に関しては、CleanMyMac 3 が対象です。大量のメモリ使用、低 SSD 寿命、高いディスク温度などを警告します。問題が発生した場合は、何が起きているかを正確に教えてくれるでしょう.127896
Mac のパフォーマンスを一目で確認できます
Mac がリアルタイムでどのように実行されているかを確認できます 3 プロセッサーやメモリの使用状況、バッテリーの充電サイクルを最新の状態に保ち、さらに RAM を解放して Mac の遅延時間を短縮することもできます。 CleanMyMac 3 あなたが知っているのを助けます。知っていることは戦いの半分です.

CleanMyMac 3 Mac の重要な変更について通知し、問題の解決に役立ちます。ごみ箱の容量が足りなくなっても、アプリが突然停止(応答しなくなる)しても、アプリを起動する必要がなくても、あなたはそのことを知り、あなたをアシストできます。 CleanMyMac 3 は、クリックしたままにしても、いつでも閉じることができます.

注:このデモ版では、Mac で 500 MB のデータを消去することができます.

ファイルのバージョン CleanMyMac X 4.6.1
ファイル名 CleanMyMacX.dmg
ファイルサイズ 51.9 MB
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X 10.8 or later
ソフトウェアタイプ Demo
著者 MacPaw Inc.
更新時間 2020-03-26

What's new in this version:

CleanMyMac X 4.6.1
- Updated malware database and detection rules

CleanMyMac X 4.6.0
- Removal of Chrome browser items within Privacy when Chrome sync is turned on
- Self-uninstallation of CleanMyMac X
- More precise detection of malicious executables that launch at system startup

- Search Queries cleanup in Chrome browser within Privacy

- A number of cases when CleanMyMac X Menu crashed
- Enhanced security for CleanMyMac’s privileged operations
- Removal of BlueStack application within System Junk
- Minor bugs and known crashes

CleanMyMac X 4.5.3
Malware detection improvements:
We’re working hard on enhancing our Malware Removal module and detecting more kinds of threats. With this update, we start:
- Detecting malwares that launch automatically when restarting your Mac
- Checking .pkg files for potential threats

- Adding items to Ignore List in the Malware Removal module
- Crash on scanning items within Privacy
- Drag and drop UI issue in the Uninstaller module
- A lot of issues to improve CleanMyMac X stability

- Uninstallation of Proxyman app got improved

CleanMyMac X 4.5.2
- New groups of Chrome items available for cleanup within Privacy
- Updated malware database and detection rules
- CleanMyMac’s Terms of Service got updated to clarify trial version limitations

- Uninstaller finds stuff up to 5 times faster now
- Clearer cleanup log details within Privacy in case of errors
- Uninstallation of the Anaconda app

- Cloud trash wasn’t displayed within Trash Bins
- Firefox items were not shown in the Privacy module
- Crash on opening Full Disk Access window
- Crash when navigating within Space Lens
- CleanMyMac X Menu icon was invisible in the status bar

CleanMyMac X 4.5.1
- Updated malware database
- Accessibility labels for table views for VoiceOver users
- CleanMyMac’s Terms of Service got updated to represent the trial limitations

- Self-uninstallation of CleanMyMac X got even better
- Using CleanMyMac’s Uninstaller is the easiest way to remove an application from your Mac, even if it’s CleanMyMac itself (smile) We hope you’ll use it only when moving the app to another computer
- Uninstaller finds stuff approximately twice as fast
- Steam app resources are now treated the same way as any other app

- An error on attempt to open the Full Disk Access tab in CleanMyMac’s Preferences
- Traffic light buttons position for Arabic and Hebrew localizations
- 32-bit Steam apps weren’t displayed correctly in Uninstaller
- Removal of locked files from Trash in CleanMyMac X Menu
- Crash when removing files that require additional permissions

CleanMyMac X 4.5.0
- Uninstallation of Quicken application
- CPU chart animation in CleanMyMac X Menu
- Enhanced security for CleanMyMac's Privileged Agent

- Detection of new types of threats within Malware Removal
- Photo and iTunes Junk modules became irrelevant and were removed for macOS Catalina

- Health alerts appeared when Do Not Disturb mode in the Notifications Center was on
- Crash on CleanMyMac launch for some users with Arabic calendar

CleanMyMac X 4.4.7
- Updated malware database
- Minor bugs and known crashes

CleanMyMac X 4.4.6
- Chrome Downloads cleanup: now you can remove unneeded Chrome downloads within System Junk for extra space on your Mac
- Deleted Mac Users cleanup: consider removing the data that remains on your Mac after deleting user accounts. Look for a new feature in the System Junk module

- A crash that could occur within Updater in case of unexpected Release Notes format of certain applications
- Safari cookies could not be found in the Privacy module

Additional Details:
- Quick Look preview was added within Space Lens
- Malware and Safety Database update process was amended

- Uninstallation of Adobe Acrobat Reader and Setapp applications got improved
- Interaction with external drives and Full Disk Access blocks for VoiceOver users

CleanMyMac X 4.4.5
- Malware database was updated with more types of threats

- TeamViewer uninstallation within Uninstaller caused troubles booting your Mac
- A number of minor issues here and there

CleanMyMac X 4.4.4
- Malware database was updated with more types of threats

- Navigation for VoiceOver users now ignores images
- Context menu items description within the Maintenance module
- Not all Sublime Text 3 files were removed after having the app uninstalled

- Space Lens scan results might have included the size of mounted Volumes
- A number of minor issues here and there

CleanMyMac X 4.4.3
- Downloads cleanup feature within System Junk
- Cache cleanup for Electron-based applications

- Clearer scan details for Smart Scan

- Incorrect sizes of Login Items within Uninstaller
- Crash on Purgeable Space popover click within Space Lens
- Minor bugs and known crashes

CleanMyMac X 4.4.2
- Malware database updated with more types of threats

- Updated CleanMyMac X Safety Database to support the latest version of Photos

- Another case of CleanMyMac X Menu becoming empty

CleanMyMac X 4.4.1
- Purgeable space cleanup
- Free up your Mac’s purgeable space in a click of a button. Look for this feature in the Maintenance module

- User Cache Files in System Junk now include App Store cache
- Scan results indication for Space Lens in the sidebar
- VoiceOver in Smart Scan for better accessibility

- Google Chrome was uninstalled along with non-related files in the Uninstaller module
- A number of minor issues here and there

CleanMyMac X 4.4.0

- Interface illustrations and icons for high contrast mode
- VoiceOver for better accessibility
- Outlook attachments scan
- Enhanced button design throughout the app

- Updater failed to offer PDF Expert app updates
- Older versions of Mailplane app were displayed in the Updater
- Firefox Autofill Values were not removed in the Privacy module
- Firefox bookmarks got wiped out when cleaning history via the Privacy module

CleanMyMac X 4.3.1
- Improved: updated malware database

CleanMyMac X
- Cleanup logs got a little more detailed by adding module names to their entries
- Uninstaller allows to add separate leftover files to Ignore List
- Better and faster scanning for application leftover files
- High contrast mode for better accessibility

- An option in Preferences to enable or disable Beta features for live versions
- An ability to share your cleanup results over social networks

- Uninstaller did not show Dock icons among application resources
- Apps with long names did not fit well in the Updater
- Several CleanMyMac X Menu issues related to privileges
- A number of minor issues here and there

CleanMyMac X
- Change log not available for this version

CleanMyMac X 4.2.1
- Detection of hijacked browser settings for Malware Removal

- Visual progress and log details for cleanup operations
- iOS device monitors can be disabled for CleanMyMac X Menu from Preferences
- Complete applications are marked as malicious if they include embedded malware

- Updater failed to detect updates if you had over 200 App Store applications installed
- Two more causes of CleanMyMac X Menu becoming empty
- Wrong speeding up Mail behavior without Full Disk Access

CleanMyMac X 4.2.0
- Mail Attachments: In addition to the native Mail application, this module now supports Spark and Outlook (2016) email clients
- Large & Old Files: Now completely ready to look for old stuff on your external devices. Keep them tidy too!
- CleanMyMac X Menu: Using some wireless magic, you will now see storage and battery state of your iOS devices
- System Junk: Becomes awesomely cool by having four more locations to find junk in

- Apart from apps, Updater will let you know about macOS updates
- CleanMyMac X is now notarized by Apple to support the highest security standards

CleanMyMac X 4.1.3
- Health issue notifications appeared in random parts of the screen
- CleanMyMac crashed when stumbling upon items with negative size values
- Another issue that caused CleanMyMac X Menu to become blank

CleanMyMac X 4.1.2
- Added a side progress indicator for the Updater module
- Added one of the system services to Health alert ignore list

- Menu app did not ask for required permissions if skipped for the first time
- Interface text colors were presented the wrong way for disabled components
- CleanMyMac’s updating system failed on automatic update checks
- Malware Removal scans got interrupted under certain circumstances

CleanMyMac X 4.1.0
- Now the Updater lets you update several apps or even all of them at once
- Selecting apps for resetting or uninstallation has become easier in the Uninstaller

- Manage your Steam games easily with CleanMyMac’s Uninstaller

- CleanMyMac X Menu being blank under certain conditions

CleanMyMac X 4.0.4
- This update fixes a problem with Health Notifications that could not be disabled or ignored on macOS Mojave.

CleanMyMac X 4.0.3
- Support of macOS 10.14 Mojave
- An ability to add items to Ignore List from Preferences
- Korean localization

- CPU temperature can be shown in Fahrenheit

- Inability to perform a self-reset for CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac X 4.0.2
- AddedL
- Scan for unused DMG files within Applications
- Services menu for Updater and Uninstaller modules

- Validation of CleanMyMac 3 activation numbers
- Welcome video quality
- Significantly reduced CleanMyMac Menu’s CPU impact

- Prevented Dropbox from downloading files from the cloud during scanning
- Shredder did not remove parent folders
- Conflicting drag and drop cases during uninstallation
- A number of known crashes and error cases

CleanMyMac X 4.0.1
- Removes malware
- Speeds up Mac with new tools
- Updates your applications
- Finds system junk in even more places
- Gives you personalized cleanup tips via Assistant

CleanMyMac 3.9.9
- Fixed: Some bugs and crashes

CleanMyMac 3.9.7
- Number of substantial inside changes that improve CleanMyMac's performance and dependability

CleanMyMac 3.9.6
- Our Privacy Policy has been updated to fully comply with GDPR requirements

- Minor bugs and known crash cases

CleanMyMac 3.9.5
- Smart notifications to remind about incomplete or abandoned tasks in CleanMyMac

- Dashboard now shows stored data types for APFS volumes
- Maintenance and Privacy intro screens represent the number of tasks or items available
- Announcements in CleanMyMac have become more personalized
- Language files cleanup
- NetBeans app cache cleanup and uninstallation
- Hider 2 app language files cleanup

- System Junk module incorrectly detected Wireshark files as Broken Startup Items
- Broken Login Items scanner wrongly detected some of the items
- CleanMyMac Menu crashed on ‘Launch CleanMyMac 3’ button click in some cases

CleanMyMac 3.9.4
- Temporary Holiday Theme

- iDrive uninstallation

- Messages did not actually get deleted from the Messages app via the Privacy module
- System color profiles could not be changed after cleanup
- CleanMyMac failed to uninstall some of the Airmail app components

CleanMyMac 3.9.3
- Temporary Christmas theme

- Disk space representation changed from 'Free' to 'Available' to correspond with system approach
- Help and About sections

- Startup Disk verification disabled for APFS and High Sierra users, due to system compatibility issues
- All known crashes and exceptions

CleanMyMac 3.9.2
- CleanMyMac's cleanup recommendation logic got better for your max results

- Crash on launch if no disk space available

CleanMyMac 3.9.1
- Temporary Halloween theme

- CleanMyMac could not detect its 'Large Media to Delete' Photos album if system language got changed
- All known crashes and exceptions

CleanMyMac 3.9.0
- CleanMyMac 3 fully supports Apple File System (APFS) and shows the actual file size on disk
- Support of new Photos and iTunes
- Enhanced animation works smoothly

- All known crashes and exceptions related to High Sierra

CleanMyMac 3.8.6
- Compatibility with 1Password and LaunchBar applications

- SIP (System Integrity Protection) locations were not ignored by macOS Localizations cleanup
- Dropbox cache got cleaned even if in the Ignore List
- Free space did not get updated in CleanMyMac 3 Menu
- Cleaned size did not get recalculated on cleanup completion screens
- Application uninstallation or reset did not work when using Smart Selector
- Application size changed to zero within Uninstaller if selected via context menu
- A stopped state would appear momentarily before showing scan results in Smart Cleanup
- All known crashes and exceptions

CleanMyMac 3.8.5
- Introducing CleanMyMac announcements, indulging you with some unobtrusive news while scanning
- Raised minimum macOS support to 10.9

- CleanMyMac’s Dashboard and Menu are now showing ‘Free’ disk space instead of ‘Available’ to correspond with macOS
- Safety Database updated to version 2.1.32 improving compatibility with Timing, Xamarin, Plex Media Player, Paragon NTFS, Disk Drill, and 4K Media Downloader

- Multiple Ignore List bugs and inconsistencies

CleanMyMac 3.8.4
- For the benefit of all developers! You may now manage Xcode Archives through System Junk and save tons of space more

- Uninstaller will now better analyze helper tools and other embedded applications

- Rare cases of removing local copies of emails through Mail Trash for badly synced accounts

CleanMyMac 3.8.3
- All known crashes and exceptions fixed

CleanMyMac 3.8.2
- Apple File System (APFS) support. From now on, CleanMyMac will be showing actual file sizes on disk
- System locked files removal

- Never-ending 'Freeing up...' Memory state in CleanMyMac Menu
- Chrome Extensions for the latest Google Chrome versions not working
- Messages history in Privacy not working
- Updater localization issues
- First launch in background window

CleanMyMac 3.8.1
- Document versions submodule not working
- Trash emptying sound not working from CleanMyMac Menu
- Possible cases of multiple CleanMyMac Menu instances opening at once
- ‘Uninstall with CleanMyMac’ Services menu item not working if CleanMyMac isn’t open
- A few minor bugs, not worth mentioning in detail

CleanMyMac 3.8.0
- Added:
- Old updates removal for Java, Chrome and Viber within System Junk
- A possibility to refresh an already scanned module
- Complete Setapp service uninstallation
- Detailed log for Verify Disk maintenance procedure
- A license retrieval option to your Activation menu

- Activation error handling for a seamless product licensing experience

- All known crashes and exceptions

CleanMyMac 3.7.4
- Dropbox cache cleanup

- Tons of small improvements implemented

- Issue with Repair Disk Permissions submodule
- Some bugs and crashes

CleanMyMac 3.7.2
- This new version provides a number of under-the-hood stability and performance improvements

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