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DBeaver 21.0.5

カクテルは、Mac をきれいにし、修復し、最適化できる OS X 用の汎用ユーティリティです。世界中の何十万人もの Mac ユーザーが毎日コンピュータを最大限に活用できるようにする、強力なデジタルツールセットです.

アプリケーションには、メンテナンスツールと調整の完璧な組み合わせが用意されています。 。カクテルの機能は、コンピュータのさまざまな側面を管理するのに役立つ 5 つのカテゴリに分類されています。また、自動パイロットモードでは、ボタンを押してリラックスして、カクテルが残りの世話をすることを知ることができます..6235896
Cocktail for Mac は世界中の 250.000 台以上のコンピュータにインストールされています。最大の部分は私的な個人ですが、カクテルは大規模な国際企業、教育機関、新聞などでも見ることができます.


ファイルのバージョン DBeaver 21.0.5
ファイル名 dbeaver-ce-21.0.5-macos.dmg
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X 10.13 Sierra
ソフトウェアタイプ Trial
著者 Maintain
更新時間 2021-05-17

What's new in this version:

- Boolean properties editor behavior was redesigned
- Broken shortcuts (F2, F4, etc) in object editor were fixed
- Redundant help icons removed from standard dialogs
- Language change validation and documentation was added
- Quick filter now supports triggers

SQL Editor:
- Auto-completion was fixed for table aliases, joins and asterisks
- Smart commit now ignores EXPLAIN statements
- Big updated row count (>2gb) support was added
- Output log enable/disable button was added

Data editor:
- Selected rows highlight was fixed
- Bug with overlapping timestamp and FK values was fixed
- Find/replace dialog now respects number formatting
- ERD viewer: property view support was fixed, entity/attributes context menu was fixed

- Constraints and indexes support was added
- Problem with constantly growing search_path was fixed
- Fully-qualified table names in foreign keys DDL was fixed
- PGPASS authentication now can be used with empty user name
- NaN and Infinity numbers formatting was fixed
- Data transfer: ON DUPLICATE query generation was fixed
- Database size statistics was added (configurable, off by default)
- DB2: BEGIN/END blocks support was added
- Greenplum: DDL for replicated tables was fixed

- Procedure body formattign was fixed (for encoded procedures)
- Procedures/triggers/packages DDL statements processing was fixed
- Redshift: view columns metadata read was fixed, extra data type aliases were added

- Table columns read was fixed for older Vertica versions
- Sequences support was added
- BigQuery driver version was upgraded
- Eclipse plugin: bug with redundant .dbeaver folders was fixed
- System notifications support was added on Linux
- Jar code sign certificate was updated
- Big number of minor bigfixes

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