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DbVisualizer 10.0.21

CotEditor for Mac はオープンソースで、OS X 用の Cocoa ベースのプレーンテキストエディタです。構文の強調表示、OniGmo(正規表現エンジン)を使用した強力な検索と置換、その他の小さなコーディングをサポートしています。それは CJK 言語 well.

CotEditor も MacOS のために作られています。 MacOS アプリケーションと同じように見え、動作します。 CotEditor for Mac はすばやく起動するので、いつでもすぐにテキストを書くことができます。 CotEditor は、誰でも投稿できるオープンソースプロジェクトとして開発されています.

CotEditor for Mac 特徴:

Syntax Highlighting
HTML、PHP、Python、Ruby、Markdown などの 50 以上のプリインストールされた主要言語を色付けできます。独自の設定を作成することもできます.


強力な検索と amp; Replace
Super 強力な ICU 正規表現 engine.

Character Inspector
を使用して、強力な検索と置換を行います。ドキュメント内の選択された各文字の Unicode 文字データを確認し、popover.

ギーク知識が必要な複雑な設定ファイルはありません。 Python、Ruby、Perl、PHP、UNIX シェル、AppleScript か JavaScript かどうかにかかわらず、好みの言語で独自のマクロを作成できます.

Auto Backup
あなたは必要ありませんもう保存していないデータを失うことになります。 CotEditor for Mac 編集中にドキュメントを自動的にバックアップします.


Outline Menu

CJK 言語 Friendly

注:64 ビットプロセッサが必要です.8997423

ファイルのバージョン DbVisualizer 10.0.21
ファイル名 dbvis_macos_10_0_21_jre.dmg
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X 10.10 or later
ソフトウェアタイプ Open Source
著者 CotEditor Team
更新時間 2019-06-02

What's new in this version:

- App Logging: Using dbviscmd shows any passwords set as arguments in the debug output
- Connection Setup: Allow configuration of the maximum SSH authentication retries
- Connection Setup: Introduce the "Fetch Size" connection property used to give a hint to the JDBC driver the number of result set rows to get in a single network call
- DB Support DB2 LUW: Update the DB2 JDBC driver to 4.25.1301
- DB Support Elasticsearch: Add Database Type and driver entry for Elasticsearch
- DB Support Exasol: Update Exasol JDBC driver to version 6.1.2
- DB Support Exasol: DDLs for Exasol Views are not generated correctly
- DB Support Exasol: Updates for Exasol
- DB Support H2: Table index node should include the column the index refers to
- DB Support InterSystems IRIS: Add database type and driver entry for InterSystems IRIS
- DB Support SQL Server: Include Creation and Modification Date in the listings for tables, views, procedures, etc.
- DB Support Sybase ASE Object View: For Sybase ASE add a new DBA->Blocked or Waiting Objects view
- Database Profile: Add right-click menu item "Open" in the connection Properties->Database Profile list. Will open the selected profile XML file in system editor
- Docs EULA: Request EULA consent when starting DbVisualizer rather than approving it during installation
- Export: Allow generating multi-row inserts with a single INSERT statement in the export features
- Installation/Update Installation Java 8: Now bundles the AdoptOpenJDK 8: on Windows 32/64 and AdoptOpenJDK 11 on macOS
- SQL Editor: Rearrange the SQL editor right-click menu by moving for example cut, copy, and paste to top level rather than the Edit sub menu
- Workspace: Loading a file that is already open in a floating window should move that window in front of all other DbVisualizer windows

Bugs Fixed:
- Command Line Support (dbviscmd): dbviscmd should fail with a user friendly message if no Java runtime can be found
- Command Line Support (dbviscmd): dbviscmd doesn't tell if there is no command specified in the -sql parameter or if the file identified by -sqlfile doesn't exist or is empty
- Compare DB Support DB2 LUW: Grid Compare doesn't honor the Grid->Show Column Alias as Grid Column Label tool property for drivers supporting aliases such as DB2
- DB Support Exasol: There are no columns listed for database Views
- DB Support MySQL, DDL Generator: The DDL for a GEOMETRY and its spatial key is incorrect
- DB Support Oracle: The "Change Password" capability for Oracle is invisible for a brand new Oracle connection. Only restart makes it visible
- DB Support PostgreSQL: View definition not visible for a user not owning the view
- DB Support PostgreSQL: Empty Arrays are displayed as NULL
- DB Support PostgreSQL, DB Support Redshift: When getting catalogs in Redshift there is suddenly the "oid" column in first index where catalog name is expected
- DB Support PostgreSQL, Data tab, Procedure Editor: Having "Preserve Object View tabs at Disconnect" disabled and object view tabs with edited content, when reconnect these tabs are closed without confirmation (for ex the Data tab and Procedure Editor)
- DDL Generator: The DDL for a view object with a comment is "COMMENT ON TABLE" rather than "COMMENT ON VIEW"
- Database Objects Tree: SQL Commander Dragging an object name from the Databases tab to the SQL Commander should insert the name at the caret position
- Scripts: Exception when moving directory to another directory in the scripts Tab
- Workspace: New tabs may occasionally end up in new tab groups

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