Cyberduck for Mac、ソフトウェア教育、ソフトウェアダウンロード、ソフトウェアコミュニティ、Windowsソフトウェア、Macソフトウェア

Cyberduck for Mac

Cyberduck for Mac は、Mac 用のオープンソース FTP、SFTP、WebDAV、クラウドファイル、Amazon S3 ブラウザです。それはすぐにアクセス可能なブックマークで使いやすいインターフェースを備えています。ブラウザの概要ビューでは、大きなフォルダ構造を効率的にブラウズでき、クイックルックでファイルをすばやくプレビューできます。ファイルを編集するために、いくつかの外部エデ...


What's new in this version:

- Unable to authenticate using PuTTY Pageant (SFTP, Windows)
- Set modification date on uploaded files (DRACOON)
- Failure authenticating with proxy using Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) authentication (WebDAV, Windows)


What's new in this version:

- Static IPs are enabled by default on monitors for Business and Enterprise teams. You can also view the static IP details on the Create Monitor page for easy reference.
- It’s easier to draft OpenAPI2 and OpenAPI3 schemas with new support for auto-complete
- You can more accurately depict API behavior with mock servers by simulating a 100ms, 300ms, or custom network delay

- You can now import and configure multiple API schemas at once in Postman
- When inviting teammates to a workspace, we added a confirmation message to ensure any changes weren’t lost on closing the invitation window without saving
- Updated the placeholder value for the header prefix field in OAuth2, which previously implied that “Bearer” would be added by default if left blank #8811

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a bug when adding empty params to the OAuth1 signature, where the signature would be calculated incorrectly
- Fixed a bug when entering a request query param with the value hasOwnProperty would cause the app to crash
- Fixed a bug when stopping a collection run would cause the app to crash
- Fixed a bug when changing workspaces, where newer collection runs wouldn’t sync
- Fixed a bug when filtering the workspace activity feed by user, where the list of users wouldn’t show up in the filter menu


What's new in this version:

- Lock and unlock vaults using option in menu or toolbar (Cryptomator)
- Feature Support for using native REST API (
- Feature Restore files in Glacier storage class (S3)
- Feature Support for AES/GCM ([email protected], [email protected]) ciphers (SFTP)


What's new in this version:

- Fixed a bug where Request Tab would crash when opening older history items


What's new in this version:

- Failure running application
- Navigation buttons in browser window do not work
- Upload files using S3 direct upload to encrypted rooms
- Upload files to encrypted rooms


What's new in this version:

Etcher 1.5.103
- Update rendition to ^17
- Update electron to 9.2.0
- Update etcher-sdk to ^4.1.23
- Move linting and testing into package.json
- Set module: es2015 in tsconfig.json
- Replace native elevator with sudo-prompt on windows
- Don't import WeakMap polyfill in deep-map-keys
- Don't use lodash in child-writer.js
- Optimize svgs
- User regular stream in lzma-native instead of readable-stream
- Remove Bluebird

Etcher 1.5.102
- Fix flashing truncated images, fix flashing large dmgs
- Electron 9.1.1
- Remove bluebird from main process, reduce lodash usage
- Centralize imports in child-writer
- Split main process and child-writer js files
- Stop using request, replace it with already used axios
- Remove font awesome unused icons from the generated bundle
- Remove no longer used .sass-lint.yml
- Use tslib
- Use strict typescript compiler option
- Update rendition to ^16.1.1

Etcher 1.5.101
- Resize modal to show content appropriately
- Update etcher-sdk to v4.1.16
- Convert sass to plain css
- Remove unused scss
- Remove unused warning in settings
- Refactor UI without bootstrap & flexboxgrid
- Restyle modals
- Remove bootstrap & flexboxgrid
- Rework and move flashing view elements
- Refactor UI grid to use rendition

Etcher 1.5.100
- Update partitioninfo to 5.3.5
- Add .vhd to the list of supported extensions, allow opening any file
- Update mocha to v8.0.1
- Update electron-notarize to v1.0.0
- Update electron to v9.0.4
- Update etcher-sdk to v4.1.15
- Sticky header in target selection table
- Update rendition to 15.2.1
- Fix source-selector image height
- Update rendition to v15.0.0
- Merge unsafe mode with new target selector
- Rework target selector modal

Etcher 1.5.99
- Update node-raspberrypi-usbboot to 0.2.8
- Update electron to 9.0.3
- Inline all svgs

Etcher 1.5.98
- Use between 2 and 256MiB for buffering depending on the number of drives
- Check that argument is an url or a regular file before opening
- Update etcher-sdk to ^4.1.13

Etcher 1.5.97
- Update electron to v9.0.2
- Fix flash from url on windows
- Avoid random access in http sources
- Update etcher-sdk to ^4.1.8
- Read image path from arguments, register etcher://... protocol
- Update etcher-sdk to ^4.1.6
- Fix sudo-prompt promisification
- Allow skipping notarization when building package (dev)

Etcher 1.5.95
- spectron: Make tests pass on Windows Docker containers

Etcher 1.5.94
- Stop checking file extensions
- Fix flash from url (broken in 1.5.92)
- Update etcher-sdk to ^4.1.4

Etcher 1.5.93
- Update electron-builder to v22.6.1
- Strip out comments from generated code
- Update electron to v9.0.0

Etcher 1.5.92
- Use instead of reading it from argv in catalina-sudo
- Disable asar packing on all platforms
- Remove unneeded fortawesome from main.scss
- Remove unneeded font formats
- Webpack everything, reduce package size

Etcher 1.5.91
- Minor fix - Init isSourceDrive param in correct place
- Fix undefined image from DriveCompatibilityWarning

Etcher 1.5.90
- Change log not available for this version

Etcher 1.5.89
- Fix drive selector modal padding
- Update all dependencies minor versions
- Update @types/node 12.12.24 -> 12.12.39
- Update ts-loader 6 -> 7
- Update sinon 8 -> 9
- Update node-gyp 3 -> 6
- Update lint-staged 9 -> 10
- Update husky 3 -> 4
- Remove no longer used html-loader dev dependency
- Update electron-notarize 0.1.1 -> 0.3.0
- Remove no longer used chalk dev dependency
- Update @types/tmp 0.1.0 -> 0.2.0
- Update @types/sinon 7 -> 9
- Update @types/semver 6 -> 7
- Update @types/mocha 5 -> 7

Etcher 1.5.88
- Update roboto-fontface 0.9.0 -> 0.10.0
- Update rendition 12 -> 14, styled-system and styled-components 4 -> 5
- Update electron-updater 4.0.6 -> 4.3.1
- Update redux 3 -> 4
- Update debug 3 -> 4
- Update semver 5 -> 7
- Update tmp 0.1.0 -> 0.2.1
- Update uuid v3 -> v8

Etcher 1.5.87
- Update etcher-sdk to ^4.1.3 to fix issues with some bz2 files

Etcher 1.5.86
- Fix theme warnings

Etcher 1.5.85
- Prefer balena-etcher to etcher-bin on Arch Linux

Etcher 1.5.84
- Including Arch / Manjaro install instructions
- Fix notification icon path

Etcher 1.5.83
- Decompress images before flashing, remove trim setting, trim ext partitions

Etcher 1.5.82
- Allow http/https only for Flash from URL
- Add generic error's message
- Refactor buttons style
- Add flash from url workflow
- Add staging percentage for v1.5.81
- Trigger update for v1.5.81

Etcher 1.5.81
- Add average speed in flash results
- docs: Update macOS drive recovery command
- Update etcher-sdk to use direct IO

Etcher 1.5.80
- Use zoomFactor to scale contents in fullscreen mode
- Update electron to v7.1.14
- Fix sass files path for lint-sass

Etcher 1.5.79
- Remove "Download the React DevTools for a better development experience" message
- Fix error when launching from terminal when installed via apt

Etcher 1.5.78
- Update drivelist to 8.0.10 to fix parsing lsblk --pairs

Etcher 1.5.77
- Fix error message not being shown on write error
- The RGBLed module has been moved to a separate repository

Etcher 1.5.76
- Prefix temp permissions script name
- Fix image drop zone, remove react-dropzone dependency
- Update etcher-sdk to ^2.0.17

Etcher 1.5.75
- Initialize leds object map

Etcher 1.5.74
- Etcher pro leds feature
- Compress deb package with bzip instead of xz
- Update electron to 7.1.11

Etcher 1.5.73
- Update electron to v7.1.10

Etcher 1.5.72
- Remove no longer used angular svg-icon component
- Remove no longer used closestUnit angular filter

Etcher 1.5.71
- Update resin-corvus to 2.0.5

Etcher 1.5.70
- Make header draggable again
- Refactor drive selector and confirm modal to React
- Rework lib/gui/app/styled-components to typescript
- Convert FlashAnother & FlashResults to typescript
- Use React instead of Angular for image selection
- Convert the drive selection step to React
- chore: move flash step to React
- Use React instead of Angular for image selection

Etcher 1.5.69
- Don't add --no-sandbox when ELECTRON_RUN_AS_NODE true

Etcher 1.5.68
- Add version in settings modal

Etcher 1.5.67
- Fix elevation on macos in development

Etcher 1.5.66
- Update spectron to ^8
- Update dependencies, get node-usb from npm
- Update nan to ^2.14
- Use the same entrypoint for etcher and the child writer
- Require angular-mocks only when needed
- Remove no longer needed pkg dev dependency
- Update mocha, remove nock
- Remove no longer needed xml2js
- Remove node-pre-gyp patch that is no longer needed with electron 6
- Update electron-mocha to ^8.1.2, remove acorn
- Update electron to 6.0.10

Etcher 1.5.65
- Convert settings modal to typescript
- Refactor settings page into modal

Etcher 1.5.64
- Change log not available for this version

Etcher 1.5.63
- Introduce an FAQ file

Etcher 1.5.62
- Update drivelist to 8.0.9

Etcher 1.5.60
- Upgrade ext2fs to 1.0.30

Etcher 1.5.59
- Catch console log messages from SafeWebView

Etcher 1.5.58
- Remove leftover GH-pages configuration file

Etcher 1.5.57
- Fix entrypoint when options are passed to electron

Etcher 1.5.56
- Fix windows portable download

Etcher 1.5.55
- Update etcher-sdk to ^2.0.13

Etcher 1.5.54
- Fix auto-updater check for updates

Etcher 1.5.53
- Allow typescript files

Etcher 1.5.52
- Don't use wmic's ProviderName if it's empty

Etcher 1.5.51
- Update sudo-prompt to ^9.0.0

Etcher 1.5.50
- Option for trimming ext partitions on raw images

Etcher 1.5.49
- Make window size configurable

Etcher 1.5.47
- Rework drive-selector with react + rendition
- Use rendition theme property for step buttons
- Upgrade styled-system to v4.1.0
- Upgrade rendition to v8.7.2

Etcher 1.5.46
- Update ext2fs to 1.0.29

Etcher 1.5.45
- Empty commit to trigger build

Etcher 1.5.44
- Fix elevation on windows when the path contains "&" or "'"

Etcher 1.5.43
- Revert "Include sass in webpack configs"

Etcher 1.5.42
Include sass in webpack configs

Etcher 1.5.41
- removal and adding a link to the license

Etcher 1.5.40
- windows installer and portable version support both ia32 and x64


What's new in this version:

MacFamilyTree 9.1.2
- Large Charts now work reliably when exporting websites
- Notes are now sorted by creation date when exporting a GEDCOM file
- The initial scale of the Virtual Globe is now chosen correctly when using a Retina display
- Managing LDS Ordinances on FamilySearch improved

MacFamilyTree 9.1.1
- Media can now be opened when referenced from a source
- Source citations now show up correctly when exporting a website
- Person images are now displayed correctly when editing a chart
- Localization updates

MacFamilyTree 9.1
Colorize Black and White Photos:
- Magically create color images from your precious black & white photographs in a single click — with the help of Artificial Intelligence
- MacFamilyTree’s Artificial Intelligence automatically recognizes grass, sky, and faces and then chooses the appropriate colors
- Works especially well with Portraits, Landscape Photographs, and Group Pictures of up to 10 Persons

Image Enhancement:
- Enhances pictures with the help of Machine Learning
- Scales Pictures up to quadruple the size of the original to reveal details not present in the Original Picture
- Removes noise and Compression Artifacts — especially useful for older scanned documents and low-resolution images

New Image-Editing Features:
- Stepless rotation and easy to use crop function for photographs and scanned documents
- Adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation of images
- Non-Destructive: Every Operation can be reverted and Original Images are never altered

Further Media Improvements
- Drastic performance enhancements of the Media Gallery and the Edit Media Section
- Smooth zooming using gestures on your trackpad or your scroll wheel in the Edit Media Section
- Improved titles for Imported Images

New Reports:
- New Status Report contains a summary of your Family Tree – for example, how many Persons or Families have been added
- Timeline Report: Shows the chronology of a Person and Close Relatives
- Today Report lists all events that have occurred on Today’s Date in your Family Tree
- LDS Ordinances Report: lists all ordinances that have been reserved or printed (For LDS members)
- Fact List: Displays all entered Facts grouped by Fact Type

Report Improvements:
- The Places List can now display Media that has been added to a Place
- Adjust the size of Person Pictures in all reports
- The Person List Report can now display the Person Picture in an additional column
- New minimalistic book style
- Information may now be displayed as a List or Table in every Report
- Display Notes, Labels, and Reference Numbers in the Person List Report

Further Improvements:
- Improved editing of Custom Events and Fact Types
- Improved compatibility with Family Search and the updated LDS Temple List
- Web Site Export: Improved display of Notes
- Large charts that have been exported as PDF files are now compatible with Adobe Acrobat Reader
- Plausibility Warnings now work correctly when using approximate date formats

MacFamilyTree 9.0.12
- Reliability of CloudTree improved
- Issues displaying maps in the maps report fixed
- Merging larger family trees now works as expected
- Custom event and fact types are now handled correctly in the person list report
- Using Smart Filters with To Dos works correctly now
- Issue launching MacFamilyTree fixed when the default network interface is not present
- Layout of sub sections in reports improved
- Localication improvements
- French user guide added

MacFamilyTree 9.0.10
- Issues using Source Citations in Books fixed
- Privacy settings are now evaluated correctly for the Kinship Report
- Error displaying long notes in the Edit section corrected
- Sorting in the Map Report improved
- Books: When selecting families or persons, the lists are now sorted correctly
- Search using FamilySearch improved
- Preparations for a future FamilySearch update
- Issue editing family event types corrected
- Fan Chart: Kinships are now correctly displayed for descendants
- Localization improvements

MacFamilyTree 9.0.9
- Description of events added to the Family Report
- Issues in the Family Report settings fixed
- Improvements displaying step or adopted relationships in the Kinship Report
- Web Export: Issues displaying Statistic Charts resolved
- Performance when copying family trees using AirDrop improved
- Stability improvements when using CloudTree
- Performance of the Virtual Globe vastly improved when displaying a large number of places
- Person Report: Improvements displaying facts
- Localization improvements

MacFamilyTree 9.0.8
- Descendancy Report now optionally displays the place of marriage
- Fixed layouting issues in the fan chart
- Narrative Report evaluates divorce events correctly now
- The Distribution Chart and Statistic Chart are now correctly evaluating the specified date range
- In charts as well as in reports, the calculated age will now correctly be displayed in the specified language
- Events list in the Person Report improved
- Localisation improvements

MacFamilyTree 9.0.7
- Sorting in the Map Report now works as expected
- Stability of the Interactive Tree improved when multiple windows are used
- Sharing the Family Report via AirDrop now works as expected
- Issues in the settings of the Narrative Report fixed
- The Slideshow now works as expected
- Search improvements
- Notes that are referenced multiple times are now correctly imported from GEDCOM files
- Text of source citations will now import correctly from GEDCOM files
- Issues using the Web Research function fixed
- Sorting of Events in Charts improved

MacFamilyTree 9.0.6
- Stability improvements when syncing with CloudTree
- Sorting in the Sources Report now works as expected
- Exporting and removing partial trees now works with family trees of any size
- The hourglass chart and the genfgram chart can now be customised to just show one ancestor or descendant generation
- Charts in reports will now appear correctly when exporting as a PDF file
- Sorting of events in the person and family report fixed
- The person report now displays the authority and cause of events

MacFamilyTree 9.0.5
- Books: Option added to hide subsections from the table of contents
- Books: Option added to hide chapter numbers
- Web search: added
- Display of dates in reports improved
- Event descriptions can now be reliably hidden in the Fan Chart
- Bugs fixed for a future macOS release
- Issues exporting web sites resolved
- Events list can now display the cause, authority or address of events

MacFamilyTree 9.0.4
- Zooming by pinch gesture is now supported in the Edit Media section
- Cause and description of events can now be displayed when diagram with the Card style is selected
- Editing the tree chart improved
- Several stability improvements

MacFamilyTree 9.0.3
- Charts can now display the cause of events in addition to the description, date and type
- Family Report configuration enhanced: Optionally hide reference numbers, improved configuration layout
- Enhancements for Dark Mode
- The Hourglass chart in the Person Report now displays the correct count of generations
- The orientation of the Relationship Chart fixed
- Markers for living persons in the Genogram are now displayed reliably

MacFamilyTree 9.0.2
- Family trees from previous versions that have been uploaded on CloudTree can not be deleted reliably
- Limit the count of generations to be displayed in the Virtual Tree
- Layout of the Fan Chart improved
- The Ahnentafel Report can now display up to 100 generations
- Option to hide the description of events in charts

MacFamilyTree 9.0.1
- Order of place name components in reports fixed
- User interface customization is now retained after relaunching MacFamilyTree
- Localization improvements

MacFamilyTree 9.0
- New User Interface
- Layout vastly improved, modern design
- Improved space usage, especially when using the edit section
- Improved display of children as a list when editing families
- Configurable color scheme
- Completely new Charts
- Greatly enhanced performance
- Multicore processors found in modern Macs are fully utilized
- Rendering charts is completely handled by the graphics hardware/GPU
- Nearly unlimited options configuring charts
- Many included themes and templates
- Text-only themes
- Themes optimised for monochrome printing
- Much improved and more efficient PDF export
- Bitmap export as a PNG or JPEG file, optionally as individual pages
- Several options to colorize generations added
- Improved display of step and adoptive relationships
- Age of the person at time of an event can be included optionally
- Improved search for specific persons in a chart
- New coloring options: By age and by birth year
- Customize the name format to be used in a chart
- Choose between different date formats (like long or short formats) to be displayed
- New Chart Edit Mode (Mac)
- Improved user interface layout
- Edit events or facts to be shown for specific persons
- Improved options for text added to the chart
- Improved arrows and lines: More options and line/arrow labels
- Enhanced options to distribute the chart to multiple pages
- Undo/redo
- New Tree Chart
- Much improved layout
- Greatly enhanced performance
- Persons are grouped for easier navigation
- Many new options to configure the Tree Chart
- New Fan Chart
- Optionally include person images
- Many new themes and templates
- New configuration options added
- Optionally displays all events and facts for persons
- Greatly enhanced text display
- New Descendancy Chart
- Improved layout
- Can display up to 100 generations
- Improved Statistics Chart
- Much improved configuration options
- Fully customise the appearance of the diagram grid
- Optionally display numbers at each data point
- Much improved performance
- New statistic type: Month of divorce
- New statistic type: First names
- New statistic type: Titles
- New statistic type: Age at christening
- New statistic type: Age at retirement
- New statistic type: Place of marriage, country of marriage
- New statistic type: Place of burial, country of burial
- New statistic type: Year of christening, year of burial
- New statistic type: Genders
- Option to exclude events and facts marked as private
- New Distribution Chart
- Visualize the distribution of names, birth place, birth country and genders over time
- Also displays all person facts, like eye color, over time
- Additionally shows the distribution of illnesses and occupations over time
- Improved configuration options
- Much improved graphics
- Enhanced performance
- New Double Ancestor Chart
- New layout options added
- Much improved layout and space usage
- Optionally include brothers and sisters of ancestors
- Improved Ancestor Chart
- New compact view
- Improved display of branches (when two distinct branches are colliding, they are separated by a greater distance)
- Start person and partners are displayed in separate groups optionally
- Now supports up to 100 generations
- Optionally include brothers and sisters of the ancestors
- Improved Hourglass Chart
- Much improved layout
- Many new configuration options added
- Optionally display brothers and sisters of ancestors
- Improved Timeline
- Better space usage and layout
- Optionally display the persons age at the time of event
- New coloring option: By age
- Improved Genogram
- Configurable Layout
- Much improved display of events
- Improved connection lines
- Improved Saved Charts Section
- Better user interface
- Improved Thumbnails
- Completely new Reports and Lists
- Many themes and styles included ranging from plain text to coloful and complex designs
- Each report and report theme is completely configurable to the last detail
- Export all lists as CSV files compatible to Numbers and Excel
- All reports can be exported as plain text or RTF files
- On larger screens, several report pages can be shown side-by-side for better space usage
- Choose between different date formats (like long or short formats) to be displayed
- Source citations are now completely configurable. All information from a source can also be included in the source citation.
- Choose between three on-screen display modes: Normal page, endless page without page breaks or scalable full-screen view
- Click on persons, events, places, sources or media in a report to directly access the entry in the edit section
- New Report Edit Mode
- Undo/redo supported
- Customize each word, color or font of a report
- Remove unwanted sections in a report
- Add annotations, pictures, PDFs and Text as well as additional rows in tables
- Copy & paste text from or to the new reports editor
- New Person List
- Freely specify what should be displayed in each column
- Many options to customize sorting and grouping
- Improved Person Report
- Overview section at the beginning of the person report
- Much improved ancestors and descendants section
- Specify how large images of persons are displayed
- Optionally display reference numbers like GEDCOM IDs or AFN numbers
- Improved Family Report
- Much improved layout of events and facts
- Optionally display reference numbers like GEDCOM IDs or AFN numbers
- Optionally, the family report shows an overview of the selected family at the start of the report
- Improved Descendancy Report
- Much improved layout, especially when displaying parents
- Optionally display marriage dates or further information about parents
- Improved Map Report
- Configure which person events should be used to display the map report
- Optionally consolidate events at the same place
- Improved Marriage List / Family List
- New grouping options: By last name of husband, last name of wife or marriage place
- Freely specify what should be displayed in each column
- Improved Events List
- Optionally deactivate the grouping of events by year
- Option to only evaluate events of living persons
- Improved Places List
- Option to only evaluate events of living persons
- Improved grouping options
- Enhanced display of events at a place
- Improved Anniversary Report
- Optionally displays the anniversary year of an event
- Much improved configuration options
- Improved Person Analysis
- Improved user interface for selecting the analysis mode
- Enhanced display of persons in the report
- Improved Sources List
- Specify how large images of the source should be displayed
- New grouping option: By source archive
- Improved To Do Report
- Optionally display an overview at the beginning of the report showing the count of unresolved and resolved to dos in the family tree
- Enhanced Family Tree Books
- Exactly specify which fonts should be used in your book
- Also, all colors can be freely configured for the whole book
- Choose what should be shown on the title page of your book
- Specify an image for the title page or a family crest
- Options to configure the page margins for odd and even pages
- Improved Welcome Window
- Completely rewritten
- Much improved layout
- Sorting options added
- Add DNA test results to each person in your family tree – every major genealogy test vendor is supported
- Support for Y-DNA, mtDNA and autosomal DNA tests
- Additionally add media (PDFs, images), notes and to dos for each test
- Option to add raw DNA data for each test
- Multiple tests of different vendors can be added to a single person if required
- CloudTree
The restriction which limits sharing of databases to 5.000 persons has been lifted. It is now possible to share family trees of any size (version - 9 is required)
- Much faster invitation of participants to family trees: Inviting new members now takes a few seconds instead of a few minutes
- More efficient sync: Especially for small changes, syncing only takes a fraction of a second
- Database
- Much improved configuration options for parent-child relations: Specify how the child is related to the mother and father separately
- Title can now be entered as an additional name
- Specify which images should be displayed in the icon of the family tree. Optionally, the family crest can be used as the family tree icon
- Optionally hide specific person and family images to be displayed in charts or in the interactive tree
- Alternate place names can be entered for each place or transferred from the coordinate lookup feature
- If no known birth dates for children are present, the birth order can be manually specified
- Display of a persons has been improved to be shown as components (years, months, days) instead of a fractional number
- Author Information and Family Crests
- For every family tree, enter information and notes about the author
- Additionally, store family crests directly in the family tree database
- Optionally display family crests and author information in charts and reports
- Improved compatibility to PEDI tags used in Families
- Submitter information in GEDCOM files is now supported
- New Help/Manual system
- In every section, a small question mark is shown. By using it, you are directly taken to the relevant page in the manual
- Integrated reader: Read the manual directly from within the app


What's new in this version:

- Interoperability with macOS 11
- Column for storage class in browser (S3)

- Use STANDARD for default storage class (Google Storage)
- Switch to UTF-8 for encoding HTTP authentication header (WebDAV)
- SNI support for TLS connections (FTP)
- Handle formatting errors in ~/.aws/credentials (S3)
- Crash accessing files with colon in name (Windows)
- Support Team Drives for sharing files (Google Drive)