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EagleFiler 1.8

EagleFiler for Mac は、デジタルファイリングキャビネット、リサーチアシスタント、スニペットコレクタです。ジャーナルの作成、プロジェクトやジョブのすべてのファイルの追跡、お気に入りの Web 記事の保存、財務諸表と領収書の保存、ペーパーレスオフィスの運営、旅行計画、コースノートの収集、電子メールのアーカイブに使用できます購読を勉強したり、料理のレシピや読書を覚えたり、科学論文を保管したり、写真を整理したり、法律事例を収集したり、スクラップブックを組み立てたりすることができます。 Dropbox、Finder タグ、Fujitsu ScanSnap、Growl、Instapaper、iPhone / iPad、LaunchBar、MailTags、OpenMeta、PDFpen OCR、Skim など、Mac.

install:1 つのアプリケーションファイルをドラッグアンドドロップするだけです。他のアプリケーションと統合するために、データベースエンジン、プラグイン、またはスクリプトファイルをインストールする必要はありません。使い慣れた 3 つのペインのインターフェイスと使い勝手が良い、たくさんの力が詰まっています。 RAM とディスクスペースを効率的に使用します。他のアプリケーションとの自動化および統合のための AppleScript サポート。注:30 日間の試用版.8997423

ファイルのバージョン EagleFiler 1.8
ファイル名 EagleFiler-1.8.dmg
ファイルサイズ 20.72 MB
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later
ソフトウェアタイプ Trial
著者 C-Command Software
更新日 http://c-command.com/eaglefiler/
更新時間 2017-07-26

What's new in this version:

- EagleFiler is now compatible with macOS 10.13 (currently in beta)
- On macOS 10.13, EagleFiler uses APFS’s cloning feature. This can make importing large files much faster and reduce the amount of disk space used, as the copies in EagleFiler’s library can share the same disk blocks as the originals
- Added the Message ‣ Use Quick Look command to the View menu, which enables EagleFiler to display images that are attached to e-mails. Previously, only remote images were displayed; attached images could (and can still) be viewed in the separate Quick Look window and by double-clicking the message to open it in Apple Mail or another external viewer. The Message ‣ Plain Text and Message ‣ Rich Text options are still available. These use EagleFiler’s mail engine, which doesn’t yet support inline images but which provides more control over fonts and colors, as well as additional searching and text features
- The keyboard shortcut for Reply to Message has been adjusted to allow the View ‣ Message shortcuts to be consistent
- Added the Always Search All Records option to the search field menu. This lets you do a global search without having to first select the Records source. If you commonly want to search the entire library, enabling this option can save you that step as well as the step of re-selecting the sources that you were viewing before the search, should you want to go back to viewing them. This is described further in the Searching section of the manual
- Importing Apple Mail messages is faster and requires less temporary disk space
- It is now possible to use the records list and source list contextual menus without changing the selection. This means that, for example, while editing a record’s note you can copy and paste links to other records. (Previously, Control-clicking on the other record would change the target of the inspector, making the note disappear.)
- The Info inspector now remembers the scroll position and selection of the notes text view when you switch back and forth to another app
- Updated the Quoted Text Colors presets to match the new colors that Apple Mail uses
- On macOS 10.13, there is a new Show All Tabs command in the View menu
- EagleFiler will now prevent you from creating files whose names are valid on APFS but not HFS+, as such files cannot be backed up via Time Machine or copied/synced to an HFS+ volume
- Metadata in JPEG 2000 e-mail attachments is now indexed for searching
- Made various performance improvements
- When importing from Apple Mail, EagleFiler can now detect and warn if a message is marked as having separately stored attachments but EagleFiler didn’t find any references to them in the message headers
- EagleFiler no longer imports DEVONtech_storage metadata files
- The diagnostic reporter can now check whether the application package is damaged
- Removed a workaround for a PDF crash since the underlying bug seems to be fixed in macOS 10.13
- Worked around a Web Kit change that prevented quoted text from being colored in rich text e-mail messages
- Worked around an OS bug that could make only the first of a group of messages dragged from Outlook import into EagleFiler
- Made various code modernizations
- Fixed a bug where EagleFiler’s indexer could potentially get confused by the new nanosecond-precision dates in APFS
- Fixed a bug where the Tags inspector would look like it would let you delete an undeletable built-in tag
- Fixed a bug where certain types of Apple Mail mailbox hierarchies would cause EagleFiler would report that attachments were missing when they weren’t
- Fixed a bug where EagleFiler sometimes reported missing Apple Mail attachments using the wrong path, so that it was not possible to open the message and get Mail to re-download the attachments
- Fixed a bug where EagleFiler did not import an attachment from an Apple Mail message when the message’s only part was an image
- Fixed a bug where column state changes made when a window was in full screen mode were not saved
- Fixed a bug where no RTF file was created if you entered metadata but no text in the Quick Entry window
- Fixed a bug where some text in the New Library… window was truncated due to OS font changes
- Fixed a bug that could cause an internal error when trying to access the Open With menu while a library was opening
- Fixed a bug where text could wrap onto an invisible second line in the tag abbreviation column
- Fixed bug where YouTube videos in Web archives didn’t play. (Note that the video content is loaded on demand; it not saved in the Web archive file.)
- Fixed a bug that could cause an internal error when reporting errors
- Fixed a bug that could cause an internal error when updating the Find panel

Updated the following sections of the manual:
- Importing Mail From Apple Mail
- New Record ‣ Open Stationery Folder
- Search Query Syntax
- Searching
- Shortcuts
- Web page format

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