Email Archiver Pro for Mac、ソフトウェア教育、ソフトウェアダウンロード、ソフトウェアコミュニティ、Windowsソフトウェア、Macソフトウェア

VASSAL Engine 3.5.1

Email Archiver Pro for Mac であなたの人生(そしてあなたの受信トレイ)を簡素化してください!すべての電子メールの SEC 準拠、アクセス可能、検索可能な PDF アーカイブを作成します。

Archiving made シンプルである.
複数のメールアカウントとフォルダを button.

Email Archiver Pro はすべてのメール(または選択したフォルダのみ)を添付ファイル付きの検索可能な PDF に変換します.

Email アーカイバプロはスペースを解放し、会話をバックアップして簡単に検索できるようにすることができます.

注:数分間だけ実行されます。 64 ビットプロセッサーが必要です.8997423

ファイルのバージョン VASSAL Engine 3.5.1
ファイル名 VASSAL-3.5.1-macos.dmg
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X 10.11 or later
ソフトウェアタイプ Demo
著者 Palmer Andersen Design
更新時間 2021-02-15

What's new in this version:

- Multi Action Button and Toolbar Menu lose last item in Menu Entry list
- Prevent concurrent updates to preferences
- Fast Match forgets fields when added to Maps and Module
- Fast Match was picking wrong number of cards from decks
- GameRefresher incorrectly deletes off map pieces
- NumberFormatException when private server port is empty
- Advanced Search displays "hit lists" properly for names/types of prototypes & configurables
- Refresh Predefined Setup incorrectly clones at start stacks
- Die Roll 'Prompt for values when button pushed' dialog is broken
- Unused Images Tool was suggesting some in-use GIFs for deletion
- NPE when adding dockable PieceWindow from module extension
- OverlappingFileLockException when attempting to write preferences
- Fast-Match wasn't working for "Moved" property
- Chat log should start display on bottom line even with larger monitors
- Sanitize temp file basenames to escape illegal characters
- Don't try to write a logfile without having started one
- IllegalBuildException on gpIdChecker when using GameRefresher
- NPE in Embellishment.addLocalImageNames()
- NPE when using Game Refresher on predefined setups
- ExecutionException when opening a moved or renamed module file
- ChessClock buttons with icons had inappropriate height/width
- NPE in BugUtils when involved from the Module Manager
- NoSuchElementException using Edit All Contained Pieces
- ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException using Edit All Contained Pieces
- Missing message for failure to write file
- Cannot create new module extensions
- DiceButton icons and Mask images incorrectly suggested for removal by unneeded-file-remover
- NPE in HelpFile.addLocalImageNames()
- Search wasn't searching into PieceSlots ("Single Piece" items in Setup Stacks, etc.)
- MouseoverStackViewer should not show face-down cards in decks, should not unnecessarily clip underneath text, and should not run off left edge of screen in an overzealous attempt to center-on-cursor
- Module extension file extension incorrectly listed as .vext instead of .vmdx
- MouseoverStackViewer mis-centering if "draw pieces" wasn't selected
- Loads from wizard should add filename to window title
- ExecutionException when cancelling a screenshot
- Alt-click, Shift+Ctrl-click should not change selection
- NPE when loading second game in modules using deprecated Map.mainWindowDock

- Reference Manual cleanup
- Improved/Repaired some tables in online docs
- Upgrade bundled Java to 15.0.2+7
- Remove confusing Vassal Version column from MM, show based on preference
- Added infinite loop protection to PlaceMarker
- Search now pre-selects contents of search field when restoring/remembering the previous contents
- Standardize remaining dialogs
- Alt+Shift now an option for band selection of Does Not Stack pieces
- Better window title bars (filename-first like most apps)
- Added infinite loop protection to TurnTracker
- Action Button trait should arm when pressed, fire on release

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