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SwitchResX 4.12.1

GeoGebra for Mac は、ジオメトリ、代数、スプレッドシート、グラフ、統計、微積分を 1 つの使いやすいパッケージにまとめた、あらゆるレベルの教育用の動的数学ソフトウェアです。 GeoGebra は、急速に拡大しているコミュニティで、ほぼすべての国に数百万人のユーザーがいます。 GeoGebra for Mac は、科学、技術、工学および数学(STEM)教育、および世界中の教育および学習の革新をサポートする動的数学ソフトウェアの主要プロバイダーになっています。

GeoGebra 概要:

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ファイルのバージョン SwitchResX 4.12.1
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X 10.9 or later
ソフトウェアタイプ Open Source
著者 International GeoGebra Institute
更新時間 2022-07-22

What's new in this version:

- Preliminary support for macOS 13 Ventura: should install correctly and shouldn't crash on the first betas
- Should be able to export EDIDs for nearly identical monitors
- Correct some issues when parsing EDID
- Solves an issue when using the preferences file as a template (for deployed installation)
- Solves an issue when quitting and saving the preferences application wouldn't update saved settings in the daemon
- Removes the popup window asking to install the Helper Tool at first start on macOS 11 and above
- Allows to display the resolutions grouped by frequencies in the settings application independently of the group in the in main menus
- Correctly groups the resolutions by frequencies if both scaled and unscaled resolutions with identical sizes exist
- Shows in the current resolutions list which one is the actual resolution, even if the list is grouped by frequency
- Is able to report the frequency range on variable refresh rate modes (on Intel only)
- Correctly shows a mode with a fixed refresh rate, if this rate is identical to the maximal refresh rate of a variable refresh rate mode
- Normally remembers settings (for example visibility in the Menus) when rotating the display
- Allows to set different key modifiers for showing the new contextual menu
- Should report the notch on all variants of 16" M1 Macs. Is ready for the M2 MacBook Air, also.
- Can paste several resolutions at once in the custom resolutions list
- Correctly shows the Menu if the only options to show are the color profiles or the display brightness
- Correctly shows the Menu at first click in the menu bar of a secondary display
- Correctly saves the Finder icons even if the desktop is hidden in the Finder
- Can now set some properties of the listed resolutions from AppleScript (allows batch setting visibility from external if needed)

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