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GitHub Desktop 1.2.3

GitHub Desktop for Mac は、GitHub と GitHub Enterprise でプロジェクトに貢献するシームレスな方法です。 GitHub Desktop は、開発者がブランチの同期、リポジトリのクローン作成などを行うことができます。プルリクエスト、マージボタン、フォークキュー、問題、ページ、wiki:共有を容易にするすばらしい機能。しかし、あなたのコードを GitHub.

GitHub Desktop Features:


ブランチから既存のリポジトリを直接クローンする off
GitHub 上で変更を提案してコードをレビューするにはブランチが不可欠であり、常に利用可能ですリポジトリビューの左上隅に表示されます。現在のブランチを選択してブランチを切り替えたり、新しいブランチを作成したりするだけです.

Craft perfect commit
コミットされていない変更を表示し、変更を行うファイルや特定の行を選択して完全なコミットを作成してください。要約と説明を入力してから commit.

同期ボタンは GitHub に変更をプッシュし、他の変更を 1 回の操作でプルダウンします。それは、あなたがプッシュしていない変更があったとき、または GitHub に新しい変更があったことを通知します.6.6535896
GitHub Desktop for Mac にリポジトリを追加すると、あなたが所属する組織と自動的にマッチングされます。リポジトリを からプルダウンしたいですか?ウェブサイトのボタンを確認してください.

ブランチは Git の優れた機能の 1 つです。リモートブランチを試したり、新しいローカルブランチを作成したり、ブランチを公開して他の人と共有したりするのは簡単でした.

注:64 ビットプロセッサが必要です.

も利用可能:GitHub Desktop for Windows をダウンロードしてください.

ファイルのバージョン GitHub Desktop 1.2.3
ファイルサイズ 65.9 MB
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X 10.9 or later
ソフトウェアタイプ Freeware
著者 GitHub, Inc.
更新時間 2018-06-21

What's new in this version:

GitHub Desktop 1.2.3
- No autocomplete when searching for co-authors
- Error when checking out a PR from a fork

GitHub Desktop 1.2.2
- Make cURL/schannel default to using the Windows certificate store
- Restore text selection highlighting in diffs

GitHub Desktop 1.2.1

- Brackets support for macOS
- Pull request number and author are included in fuzzy-find filtering

- Decreased the max line length limit
- Updated embedded Git to 2.17.1 to address upstream security issue

- Display the difference in file size of an image in the diff view

GitHub Desktop 1.2.0

- History now has ability to compare to another branch and merge outstanding commits
- Support for selecting more than one file in the changes list
- Render bitmap images in diffs

- Add PowerShell Core support for Windows and macOS
- Add MacVim support for macOS
- Syntax highlighting for JavaServer Pages (JSP)
- Syntax highlighting for Haxe files
- Syntax highlighting for R files

- 'Open in Shell' on Linux ensures Git is on PATH
- Pressing 'Enter' on filtered Pull Request does not checkout
- Alert icon shrinks in rename dialog when branch name is long
- 'Open in Desktop' performs fetch to ensure branch exists before checkout
- 'Open in Default Program' on Windows changes the window title
- Skip fast-forwarding when there are many eligible local branches
- Image diffs not working for files with upper-case file extension
- Syntax highlighting not working for files with upper-case file extension
- Error when creating Git LFS progress causes clone to fail
- 'Open File in External Editor' always opens a new instance
- 'Select All' shortcut now works for changes list

- Automatically add valid repository when using command line interface
- Always fast-forward the default branch
- Warn when trying to rename a published branch
- Added context menu for files in commit history
- Discarding all changes always prompts for confirmation
- Getting list of changed files is now more efficient when dealing with thousands of files
- Checking out a Pull Request may skip unnecessary fetch
- Commit summary now has a hint to indicate why committing is disabled
- Pull request status text now matches format on GitHub
- Add escape hatch to disable hardware acceleration when launching

GitHub Desktop 1.1.1

- Render WebP images in diffs

- Edit context menus in commit form input elements
- Escape behavior for Pull Request list does not match Branch List
- Keep caret position after inserting completion for emoji/mention
- Handle error events when watching files used to get Git LFS output
- Potential race condition when opening a fork pull request
- Show placeholder image when no pull requests found
- Disable commit summary and description inputs while commit in progress
- Ensure pull request cache is cleared after last pull request merged
- Focus two-factor authentication dialog on input
- Branches button no longer disabled while on an unborn branch
- Delete gitignore file when all entries cleared in Repository Settings
- Add visual indicator that a folder can be dropped on Desktopsilaos!
- Attempt to focus the application window on macOS after signing in via the browser
- Refresh issues when user manually fetches

- Add `Discard All Changes...` to context menu on changed file list
- Improve contrast for button labels in app toolbar
- Speed up check for submodules when discarding
- Make the keychain known issue more clear within Desktop
- Continue past the 'diff too large' message and view the diff
- Repository association might not have expected prefix
- Add message to gitignore dialog when not on default branch
- Hide Desktop-specific forks in Branch List
- Disregard accidental whitespace when cloning a repository by URL
- Show alert icon in repository list when repository not found on disk
- Repository list now closes after removing last repository
- Move forget password link after the password dialog to match expected tab order
- More descriptive text in repository toolbar button when no repositories are tracked
- Context menu in Changes tab now supports opening file in your preferred editor

GitHub Desktop 1.1.0

- Check out pull requests from collaborators or forks from within Desktop
- View the commit status of the branch when it has an open pull request

- Add RubyMine support for macOS
- Add TextMate support for macOS
- Syntax highlighting for Elixir files

- Update layout of branch blankslate image
- Expanded avatar stack in commit summary gets cut off
- Clear repository filter when switching tabs
- Avoid crash when unable to launch shell
- Ensure renames are detected when viewing commit diffs
- Fetch default remote if it differs from the current
- Handle Git errors when .gitmodules are malformed
- Handle error when "where" is not on PATH
- Ignore action assumes CRLF when core.autocrlf is unset
- Prevent duplicate entries in co-author autocomplete list
- Renames not detected when viewing commit diffs
- Support legacy usernames as co-authors

- Update branch button text from "New" to "New Branch"
- Add fuzzy search in the repository, branch, PR, and clone FilterLists
- Tidy up commit summary and description layout in commit list
- Use smaller default size when rendering Gravatar avatars
- Show fetch progress when initializing remote for fork
- Remove references to Hubot from the user setup page
- Error handling around ENOENT
- Clear repository filter text when switching tabs
- Allow window to accept single click on focus
- Disable drag-and-drop interaction when a popup is in the foreground

GitHub Desktop 1.0.13

- Commit together with co-authors
- PhpStorm is now a supported external editor on macOS

- Update embedded Git to 2.16.1
- Blank slate view is now more responsive when zoomed
- Documentation fix for Open in Shell resource
- Improved error handling for Linux
- Allow links in unexpanded summary to be clickable

- Update Electron to 1.7.11 to address security issue
- Allow double dashes in branch name
- Sort the organization list
- Check out PRs from a fork
- Confirm deleting branch when it has an open PR
- Defer user/email validation in Preferences
- Checkout progress did not include branch name
- Don't block branch switching when in detached HEAD
- Handle discarding submodule changes properly
- Show tooltip with additional info about the build status
- Update placeholders to support Linux distributions
- Refresh local commit list when switching tabs

GitHub Desktop 1.0.12

- Syntax highlighting for Rust files
- Syntax highlighting for Clojure cljc, cljs, and edn files

- Prevent creating a branch in the middle of a merge
- Truncate long repo names in panes and modals to fit into a single line
- Keyboard navigation support in pull request list

- Inconsistent caret behavior in text boxes when using certain keyboard layouts
- Only render the organizations list when it has orgs
- Checkout now handles situations where a ref exists on multiple remotes
- Retain accounts on desktop when losing connectivity
- Missing argument in FullScreenInfo that could prevent app from launching

GitHub Desktop 1.0.11

- Highlight substring matches in the "Branches" and "Repositories" list when filtering
- Add preview for ico files
- Fallback to Gravatar for loading avatars
- Provide syntax highlighting for Visual Studio project files
- Provide syntax highlighting for F# fsx and fsi files
- Provide syntax highlighting for Kotlin files
- Provide syntax highlighting for Clojure

- Toggle the "Repository List" from the menu
- Prevent saving of disallowed character strings for your name and email
- Error messages now appear at the top of the "Create a New Repository" dialog
- "Repository List" header is now "" for consistency
- Rename the "Install Update" button to "Quit and Install Update"

- Fix ordering of commit history when your branch and tracking branch have both changed
- Prevent creating a branch that starts with a period
- Branch names are properly encoded when creating a pull request
- Re-enable all the menu items after closing a popup
- Removes option to delete remote branch after it's been deleted

GitHub Desktop 1.0.10

- ColdFusion Builder is now a supported external editor
- VSCode Insiders build is now a supported external editor
- BBEdit is now a supported external editor
- Hyper is now a supported shell on Windows too
- Swift is now syntax highlighted
- Vue.js is now syntax highlighted
- CoffeeScript is now syntax highlighted
- Cypher is now syntax highlighted
- .hpp is now syntax highlighted as C++
- ML-like languages are now syntax highlighted
- Objective-C is now syntax highlighted
- SQL is now syntax highlighted

- Better message on the 'Publish Branch' button when HEAD is unborn
- Better error message when trying to push to an archived repository
- Avoid excessive background fetching when switching repositories
- Ignore menu events sent when a modal is shown

- Parse changed files whose paths include a newline
- Parse file type changes
- Hitting Return would select the first item in a filter list when the filter text was empty
- Add some missing keyboard shortcuts
- Handle "304 Not Modified" responses
- Don't overwrite an existing .gitattributes when creating a new repository

GitHub Desktop 1.0.9

- ColdFusion Builder is now available as an option for External Editor
- Swift code is now syntax highlighted

- Better message on the 'Publish Branch' button when HEAD is unborn
- Better error message when trying to push to an archived repository

- Parse changed files whose paths include a newline
- Parse file type changes
- Avoid text selection when dragging resizable dividers

GitHub Desktop 1.0.8
- Fixed: Crash when rendering diffs for certain types of files
- Fixed: Continually being prompted to add the upstream remote, even when it already exists

GitHub Desktop 1.0.6
- Fixed: The Branches list wouldn't display the branches for non-GitHub repositories
- Fixed: Pushing or pulling could error when the temp directory was unavailable

GitHub Desktop 1.0.5

- The command line interface now provides some helpful help
- Create new branches from the Branches foldout
- Add support for VSCode Insiders
- Linx: Add Atom and Sublime Text support
- Linux: Tilix support
- Linux: Add Visual Studio Code suppor

- Report errors when a problem occurs storing tokens
- Don't try to display diffs that could cause the app to hang
- Handle local user accounts with URL-hostile characters
- Cloning a repository which uses Git LFS would leave all the files appearing modified
- Signing in in the Welcome flow could hang
- Properly replace old Git LFS configuration values

GitHub Desktop 1.0.4

- Report Git LFS progress when cloning, pushing, pulling, or reverting

- Increased diff contrast and and line gutter selection
- Clarify why publishing a branch is disabled in various scenarios
- Improved error message when installing the command Line tool fails
- Format the branch name in "Create Branch" like we format branch names elsewhere

- Avatars not updating after signing in
- Lots of bugs if there was a file named "HEAD" in the repository
- Handle duplicate config values when saving and
- The "Create without pushing" button when creating a new pull request wouldn't actually do anything

GitHub Desktop 1.0.3

- Increase the contrast of the modified file status octicons

- Showing changed files in Finder/Explorer would open the file
- macOS: Fix app icon on High Sierra
- Cloning an empty repository would fail
- Catch logging exceptions

GitHub Desktop 1.0.2

- Better message for GitHub Enterprise users when there is a network error
- Clone error message now suggests networking might be involved
- Include push/pull progress information in the push/pull button tooltip
- Allow publishing a brand new, empty repository
- Make file paths in lists selectable

- Disable LFS hook creation when cloning
- Use the new URL for the "Show User Guides" menu item
- Make the SHA selectable when viewing commit details
- Use the initial path provided when creating a new repository
- Files would get deleted when undoing the first commit
- Find the repository root before adding it
- Display warning about an existing folder before cloning
- Show contents of directory when showing a repository from Show in Explorer/Finder instead of showing the parent

GitHub Desktop 1.0.1
- Improved: Message for GitHub Enterprise users when there is a network error
- Fixed: Disable LFS hook creation when cloning
- Fixed: Use the new: URL for the "Show User Guides" menu item
- Fixed: Make the SHA selectable when viewing commit details

GitHub Desktop 1.0.0
- Fixed: Use the loading/disabled state while publishing
- Fixed: Lock down menu item states for unborn repositories

GitHub Desktop 0.9.1 Beta
- New: Allow users to create repositories with descriptions
- New: Use `lfs clone` for faster cloning of LFS repositories
- Improved: Prompt to override existing LFS filters
- Fixed: Don't install LFS hooks when checking if a repo uses LFS
- Fixed: Ensure nothing is staged as part of undoing the first commit
- Fixed: "Clone with Desktop" wouldn't include the repository name in the path

GitHub Desktop 0.8.2 Beta

- Ask to install LFS filters when an LFS repository is added
- Clone GitHub repositories tab
- Option to to opt-out of confirming discarding changes

- Long commit summary truncation
- Ensure the repository list is always enabled
- Clicking the "Cancel" button on the Publish Branch dialog
- Relocating a repository now actually does that
- Clicking autocompletes inserts them
- Use shift for shortcut chord instead of alt
- macOS: "Open in Terminal" works with repositories with spaces in their path

GitHub Desktop 0.8.1 Beta

- 'Open in Shell' now supports multiple shells

- Enhanced image diffs
- Line diffs
- Octicons updated
- Adds ability to close repository list using shortcut
- Switch default buttons in the Publish Branch dialog
- Bring back "Contact Support"
- Persist repository filter text after closing repository list
- Redesigned example commit in the Welcome flow
- Tidy up initial "external editor" experience

- 'Include All' checkbox not in sync with partial selection
- Copied text from diff removed valid characters
- Click-focus on Windows would dismiss dialog
- Branch list not rendered in app
- Git operations checking certificate store
- Properly identify repositories whose remotes have a trailing slash
- Windows: Fix launching the `github` command line tool
- Use the primary email address if it's public
- Local branch not checked out after clone
- Only the most recent 30 issues would autocomplete for GitHub Enterprise repositories
- Missing "View on GitHub" menu item for non-Gitub repositories
- New tab opened when pressing "]" for certain keyboard layouts
- Ensure the repository list is always accessible

GitHub Desktop 0.8.0 Beta

- Added commit context menu
- Added 'Open in External Editor'
- Can choose whether a branch should be deleted on the remote as well as locally
- Support authenticating with non-GitHub servers
- Added the ability to revert a commit
- Added a keyboard shortcut for opening the repository in the shell

- Copied diff text no longer includes the line changetype markers
- Fetch if a push fails because they need to pull first
- Discard changes performance

- Show 'Add Repository' dialog when repository is dragged onto the app
- Dialog component did not remove event handler
- Open in External Editor context menu
- Update to Git 2.14.1 to fix security vulnerability
- Recent branches disappearing after renaming a branch
- Changing the default branch on is now reflected in the app
- Swap around some callouts for no repositories
- Darker unfocused selection color
- Increase the max sidebar width
- Don't say "Publish this branch to GitHub" for non-GitHub repositories
- macOS: Protocol schemes not getting registered
- Patches which contain the "no newline" marker would fail to apply
- Close the autocompletion popover when it loses focus
- Clear the selected org when switching Publish Repository tabs
- 'Create Without Pushing' button throwing an exception while opening a pull request
- 'Create Without Pushing' button throwing an exception while opening a pull request

GitHub Desktop 0.7.2 Beta
- Fixed: Issues with auto-updating to 0.7.1

GitHub Desktop 0.7.1 Beta

- Redesigned error and warning dialogs to be clearer
- Create Pull Request dialog shows more feedback while it's working
- Version text is now copiable

- Preserve existing GitHub API information when API requests fail
- Pass through error messages as received from the API
- The Pull and Create Pull Request menu items had the same shortcut
- Launching the `github` command line tool from a Fish shell
- Help menu items now work
- Windows: `github` command line tool not installing after updating
- Caret position jumping around while changing the path for adding a local repository
- Error dialogs being closed too easily
- Windows: Non-ASCII credentials were mangled

GitHub Desktop 0.7.0 Beta
- New Added the Branch > Create Pull Request menu item
- New Added the `github` command line tool
- Improved Better error message when publishing a repository fails
- Improved Windows: Don't recreate the desktop shortcut if it's been deleted
- Fixed Cloning a repository's wiki
- Fixed Don't call GitHub Enterprise
- Fixed Don't push after publishing a new repository if the branch is unborn
- Fixed Don't close dialogs when clicking the title bar
- Fixed Windows: Clicking 'Show in Explorer' doesn't bring Explorer to the front
- Fixed Windows: Opening links doesn't bring the browser to the front
- Fixed macOS: Closing the window wouldn't exit fullscreen
- Fixed Scale blankslate images so they look nicer on high resolution displays
- Fixed Windows: Installer not completing or getting stuck in a loop
- Fixed Move the 'Forgot Password' link to fix the tab order of the sign in view

GitHub Desktop 0.6.2 Beta

- Link to User Guides from the Help menu
- Added the 'Open in External Editor' contextual menu item to changed files
- Added the 'Show' and 'Open Command Prompt' contextual menu items to repositories
- Windows: Support self-signed or untrusted certificates
- Copy the SHA to the clipboard when clicked

- Provide the option of initializing a new repository when adding a directory that isn't already one
- Link to the working directory when there are no changes
- Hitting Enter when selecting a base branch creates the new branch
- Prefix repository names with their owner if they are ambiguous

- Sort and filter licenses like
- Long branch names not getting truncated in the Rename Branch dialog
- Prune old log files
- Ensure the local path is valid before trying to create a new repository
- Support cloning repository wikis
- Disable the Select All checkbox when there are no changes
- Changed docx files wouldn't show anything in the diff panel
- Disable the Merge button when there are no commits to merge
- Username/password authentication not working for GitHub Enterprise
- Better error messages when an API call fails
- Create the 'logs' directory if it doesn't exist
- Enable the 'Remove' menu item for missing repositories

GitHub Desktop 0.6.1 Beta

- Properly log stats opt in/out
- Source maps for exceptions in the main process
- Styling of the exception dialog
- Handle ambiguous references
- Handle non-ASCII text in diffs
- Uncaught exception when hitting the arrow keys after showing autocompletions
- Clear the organizations list when publishing a new repository and switching between tabs
- Push properly when a tracking branch has a different name from the local branch

- Warn when line endings will change

GitHub Desktop 0.6.0 Beta

- Issue autocompletion not working for older issues
- GitHub repository association not working for repositories with some remote URL formats
- Don't try to delete a remote branch that no longer exists
- Tokens created by development builds would be used in production builds but wouldn't work
- Submodules can now be added
- Properly handle the case where a file is added to the index but removed from the working tree
- Use a local image for the default avatar
- Make the file path in diffs selectable

- More logging!
- Better error message when trying to add something that's not a repository
- Copy the shell environment into the app's environment
- Updated to Git 2.13.0
- Add 'Reveal' to the contextual menu for changed files
- Better handling of large diffs
- App launch time

GitHub Desktop 0.5.9 Beta

- Added Zoom In and Zoom Out

- Various errors when on an unborn branch
- Disable push/pull menu items when there is no remote
- Better error message when the GitHub Enterprise version is too old
- Error parsing non-JSON responses
- Updated the 'Install Git' help documentation link
- Disable menu items while in the Welcome flow
- Windows: Fall back to HOME if Document cannot be found

- Close the window when an exception occurs
- Always use merge when pulling
- Move the 'New Branch' menu item into the Branch menu
- Remove Repository's default button is now Cancel
- Only fetch the default remote
- Faster commits with many files
- Measure startup time more reliably
- Prefer the GitHub repository name instead of the name on disk

GitHub Desktop 0.5.8 Beta
- Fixed: Switching tabs in Preferences/Settings or Repository Settings would close the dialog
- Improved: Standardized colors which improves contrast and readability

GitHub Desktop 0.5.6 Beta

- Windows: Handle protocol events which launch the app
- Opting out of stats reporting in the Welcome flow
- Commit description text being too light
- Exception on startup if the app was activated too quickly

- Default directory for cloning now
- Accessibility support
- Lovely blank slate illustrations

GitHub Desktop 0.5.5 Beta

- Save the default path after creating a new repository
- Only let the user launch the browser once for the OAuth flow
- Don't linkify invalid URLs
- Excessive padding in the Merge Branch dialog
- Octicon pixel alignment issues
- Windows: Invoking some menu items would break the window's snapped state
- macOS: Errors authenticating while pushing
- Don't linkify links in the History list or in Undo
- Diffs not working when certain git config values were set

GitHub Desktop 0.5.4 Beta

- The release notes URL pointed to the wrong page
- Only create the `logs` directory if it doesn't already exist
- Uncaught exception creating a new repository if you aren't a member of any orgs
- Only report the first uncaught exception
- Include the name of the default branch in the New Branch dialog
- Uncaught exception if a network error occurred while loading user email addresses
- Uncaught exception while performing a contextual menu action

- Move all error logging to the main process
- Stats reporting reliability

GitHub Desktop 0.5.3 Beta

- Display of large image diffs
- Discard Changes spacing

GitHub Desktop 222
- Fixed: Performance regression on macOS Sierra

GitHub Desktop 221
- Improved: Updated git to 2.10.0
- Improved: Updated git-lfs to 1.3.1

GitHub Desktop 220
- Fixed: Errors rendering malformed branch names when opening a pull request

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