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Plex Media Server

ファイルのバージョン Plex Media Server
ファイル名 PlexMediaServer-
ファイルサイズ 74.8 MB
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X 10.9 or later
ソフトウェアタイプ Open Source
著者 GNS3 Technologies Inc.
更新時間 2019-08-14

What's new in this version:

- (Web) Updated to 3.104.2

- (DVR) Improve selection of default lineup during setup
- (Filters) Track source filter would not work. Renamed to Album Source
- (Music) Tracks added from TIDAL would not show up in Popular Tracks
- (Notifications) A large number of new item notifications would arrive after enabling the preference
- (Playlists) Shuffling a playlist containing items from mixed sources could cause unexpected results
- (Playlists) Smart playlist generated from Add to Library content would not play back
- (Scanner) PlexIgnore file exclusion would not work in Photo libraries
- (Subtitles) Issues with automatic selection when default subtitle and audio languages differ
- Fix for deadlock when deleting DVR that could not be upgraded to Cloud EPG
- (Transcoder) The transcoder process could leak memory on the Nvidia SHIELD

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