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GnuCash 3.7

GnuCash for Mac は、GNU GPL の下で自由にライセンスされ、GNU / Linux、BSD、Solaris、Mac OS X、および Microsoft Windows で利用可能な個人および中小企業の財務会計ソフトウェアです.


GnuCash 特長:
ダブルエントリーアカウンティングストック / ボンド / ミューチュアルファンド口座スモールビジネスアカウンティングレポート、グラフ QIF / OFX / HBCI インポート、トランザクション照合予定トランザクション財務計算も利用可能:Windows 用 GnuCash ダウンロード

ファイルのバージョン GnuCash 3.7
ファイル名 Gnucash-Intel-3.7.dmg
ファイルサイズ 154 MB
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X 10.5 or later
ソフトウェアタイプ Open Source
著者 GnuCash Project
更新時間 2019-09-09

What's new in this version:

- precision of Financial Calculator seems to depend on locale
- Template transaction splits are loaded in reverse order and then not sorted before saving
- Actually not sorted after loading because the template accounts weren't being committed
- Start Day of weekly report doesn't respond to change in locale. Redefines some functions to ensure weekly grouping in transaction report obeys locale's start-of-week
- GNUCash does not work with sql backend, I can open in read only mode. Upgrade the splits table as well, an oversight from the original fix
- Balance (with >>eguile<<) - Report Title can't be changed
- googletest detection cannot be overridden
- bad icon with Spanish localization. Temporary fix for Farsi, which was afffected, too. As it is maintained by TP, the final fix has to come from them.
- Report formatting (justify) is broken. Preveious patch reverted and replaced with a more correct one
- Import Bills & Invoices – headers not translated. Make strings translatable. Translators: This adds 22 new translatable strings.
- gnc:make-account-sel-limited-option is not working. Option was being deliberately reset to default_value every time.
- Reports RTL do not support RTL. Fix guile-2.0 string handling to prevent munging unicode in report-titles etc. while loading/saving reports.
- problems with entering swedish åäö in company address
- GNUCash is in English even though MacOS is set-up to French
- Register Menu View > Refresh doesn't work in 'with subaccounts' window
- "URL cannot be shown" when one clicks an account line link in report
- New Mauritanian ouguiya MRU not supported
- Mauritanian ouguiya MRO shows too few decimals
- Online banking frame to small
- "A"ssociate header badly translated
- Add copyright and release info in appdata file
- General Journal report seems to be off balance. Previously, for general-journal, each split was being analyzed, and only the source split was counted for totals. This change will means the source split *and* its peers were accounted for.
- cmake fails on debian-8 and ubuntu-14.04 with does not exist
- QIF file import fails: Loading gives wrong type argument in position 2
- Random Crashes while attaching a document

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