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Google Web Designer

Google Web Designer for Mac は、美しく魅力的な HTML5 コンテンツを作成する力を与えます。アニメーションやインタラクティブな要素を使用して、クリエイティブなビジョンを生かすとともに、Google ドライブ、DoubleClick Studio、AdWords などの他の Google サービスとシームレスに統合できます。 Google Web Designer は、インタラクティブな HTML5 広告やその他の HTML5 コンテンツを作成するための、Google の Windows、Mac、Linux 用のフリーソフトウェアです。

One idea。いずれの画面でも表示されない

HTML5 と CSS3 を処理して、好きなことに集中できるようにしましょう:豪華なビジュアルエクスペリエンスの作成。完全なデザインスイートにより、あらゆるビジョンを簡単に生かすことができます.


注:64 ビットプロセッサが必要です.

使用可能:Windows 用 Google Web Designer のダウンロード

ファイルのバージョン Google Web Designer
ファイル名 googlewebdesigner_mac.dmg
ファイルサイズ 61 MB
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X 10.7 or later
ソフトウェアタイプ Freeware
著者 Google
更新時間 2020-04-08

What's new in this version:

Google Web Designer
Fixes and improvements:
- Image Effect component now works in older browser versions
- Fixed missing "Image Effect" header in the Properties panel of the Image Effect dialog
- Fixed runtime error in the Sprite Sheet component
- Copying and pasting the Transition Gallery component across documents now also correctly copies the images

File operations:
- Fixed issue creating or opening a file with an ampersand (&) character in the file path
- Fixed issue where disk monitoring was unable to save recovered documents

- Fixed "This app isn't verified" error when publishing to Google Drive
- Fixed issue where GreenSock libraries couldn't be included in Code view if another document was open
- "Hostpage scroll" event is now only listed in the Event dialog for ads with an environment of "Display & Video 360"

Google Web Designer
- Fixed publishing issue when the document contains custom fonts

Google Web Designer
- The Components panel now only shows supported components when the ad environment is set to Google Ads or AdMob
- The initial load size has been temporarily removed from the Summary section in the Publish dialog and the Ad Validator
- The option to include GreenSock JavaScript libraries (File > Include JS library) is now available for the Google Ads environment
- The "Skip loading delay" option has been added to the local Publish settings dialog for bypassing the default delay when loading the published ad outside of Google ad platforms
- Additional sizes have been added to the advanced mode responsive preview sizes list for Display & Video 360 (360x640, 360x592, and 375x667)
- As Google Fusion Tables has been shut down, the Maps component no longer supports displaying markers for locations listed in Fusion Tables

Fixes and improvements:
Code view:
- The "Reset to defaults" option now resets all Code view preferences correctly
- The language menu now closes when clicking outside of the menu or selecting the current option
- Fixed performance issue when switching between Code view and Design view
- Fixed layout issue with long labels in Code view preferences in some languages
- Fixed issue with custom color swatches not refreshing when switching documents in Code view

- Particle Effects] Specified tooltip for Autoplay property
- Particle Effects] Fixed issue where the add preset button didn't work when scrolled to right end of the Presets panel
- Particle Effects] Fixed issue where the "Number" property could be empty
- Particle Effects] Fixed issue where a group containing the Particle Effects component wouldn't render in the Library after being broken apart
- Transition Gallery & Particle Effects] Fixed issue with zoom control being active in the "Choose images" dialog
- Fixed issue where the Transition Gallery did not render images after switching pages

- Fixed issue where the custom schema account dropdown didn't appear after canceling and reopening the Dynamic bindings dialog
- Files can now be opened when the Studio dynamic profile contains special characters such as - and + in the profile field names
- Fixed issue where "Image URL" couldn't be selected when applying the "Pluck and Join" filter in the Dynamic bindings dialog
- Fixed issue with font name not updating correctly for text with a binding for the font name

Guide layers:
- Fixed publishing issue for documents without pages that contained a guide layer
- Fixed the incorrect warning about missing local assets in the Ad Validator when switching between documents or between Code view and Design view
- Fixed issue with the redo command when the document contained a guide layer
- Fixed issue with keyframe rules for guide layers getting published if the guide layers weren't on the active page
- Fixed issue with the element ID of a guide layer getting changed to data-gwd-grp-id after editing a group
- Fixed issue where empty keyframes on elements nested in guide layers were not added or restored correctly
- Fixed issue where the bounding box for multiple selected elements was removed after converting the layers to guide layers with the Ad Validator panel open

- The mask type shown in the timeline is now localized
- Fixed issue with undoing the creation of a mask

- Responsive documents for AdMob can now be published as a fixed-size ad with the addition of a "Size" dropdown in the Publish dialog
- Fixed issue with keyboard shortcut commands not working after dismissing the Publish to Studio dialog
- The "Press enter to create" text now disappears once you start typing the creative name in the Publish to Studio dialog
- The Publish dialog summary now updates the file size after toggling the "Inline local files" or "Groups unpacking" options
- Fixed layout issue with long labels in the Publish dialog in some languages

- Fixed issue with opening the Swipeable Gallery event in the Cue Cards 300x250 template
- Fixed mouseover glitch in the responsive version of "Dynamic Remarketing Side-by-side with Header and Individual CTA Buttons"
- Fixed issue with duplicate events for the expand button in "Expandable creative with Video Player"
- Fixed issue with missing data in the sample data for the Cue Cards template

- Ad environment] Fixed issue with images not rendering on stage after switching the document's ad environment from "Non-Google ad" to another environment or the other way around
- Responsive] Overlapping media rules manually added in Code view are now disabled
- CSS panel] Fixed issue with red outlines appearing around elements when deleting CSS style rules in the CSS panel
- Interactive video] Fixed issue with undoing the deletion of a hotspot using the X button in the hotspot layer
- Outliner] Fixed issue with the Outliner not filtering on tag name
- Quick mode] Fixed issue with undoing the addition of a new thumbnail
- An error message is now shown when opening a malformed document that is missing class="gwd-page-content" or "gwd-page-size"

Google Web Designer
- Fixed publishing issue for documents that included a timeline event and animation in the media rules
- Fixed issue with mask not getting removed when undone
- Code view minimap now scrolls with the editor window
- Fixed issue where the Code view minimap wasn't draggable after reaching the bottom of the document
- Fixed issue where "Reset to defaults" did not reset some Code view preferences
- Ruler guides now respect the "Snap to objects" option
- Fixed issue with text fitting not working in non-Google ads
- Fixed issue with adding an effect from the Preset panel of the Particle Effects dialog after scrolling to the right end of the panel
- Fixed undefined tooltip for the Autoplay property in the Particle Effects dialog
- Fixed scrolling issue in the Components panel when clicking on the scrollbar
- Fixed issue where the template wasn't selected in the Template Gallery when trying to open it via URL and Google Web Designer wasn't running

Google Web Designer
New features:
Code view improvements:
- Design view panels and toolbars are now automatically hidden to give you a wider area for viewing your code
- The new Files panel lets you browse and open other files in your project folder
- Use the minimap for a high-level overview of your code and for quick navigation
- Collapse and expand code blocks
- Code completion suggestions display automatically as you type

Events panel layout:
- The Events panel now displays information in resizable columns
- You can reorder events by dragging them to a new position in the list

Focal points for responsive images:
- Set a focal point to keep a key part of your image always visible in case resizing the image may crop it

Interactive video:
- The Video component now lets you add hotspots that appear over your video
- Set cue points to seek or trigger events at specific times during video playback

Keyframe rules editing in CSS panel:
- You can now see and directly edit CSS animation keyframe rules while in Design view

New templates:
2 templates have been added to the Dynamic remarketing for Google Ads template category:
- Responsive Dynamic Remarketing Travel Block Details
- Responsive Dynamic Remarketing Travel Pennant Details

Other notable changes:
- Document tabs now display long file names
- The Ad Validator shows a warning about the upcoming Google Fusion Tables turndown for the Maps component

Fixes & improvements:
Components & runtime:
- [Star Ratings] Fixed rendering issue with the Star Ratings component
- [YouTube] Show title property removed because the showinfo parameter has been deprecated
- Fixed issue with the Properties panel not updating to show custom component properties

- [Publish to Display & Video 360] Fixed issue where the Creative name field was enabled before an Advertiser was selected
- [Publish to Display & Video 360] The Publish button in the Publish dialog is now disabled after the association is removed and settings are cleared

Timeline & animation:
- Fixed issue with wrapping and unwrapping element not updating animation selectors
- Fixed crash after selecting a keyframe then using Shift + dragging to select other keyframes

Workspace (panels and user interface):
- Fixed issue with error when saving a workspace with empty name
- Document tab overflow dropdown now displays the full filename

- The Ad Validator now shows the correct size limit for ads created with the App Promo Install template
- Fixed crash when opening files containing certain image URLs
- Fixed issue where dynamic data bindings weren't saved for descendants of elements with text fitting applied
- [Publish to Display & Video 360] Fixed issue where the Creative field was enabled before an Advertiser was selected
- [AMP] Inline style rules can now be viewed and edited in the CSS panel
- [AMP] Motion paths are now available in AMPHTML ads

Google Web Designer
- Fixed issue with the wrong size of creative publishing to Studio

Google Web Designer
New features:
- Help prompt
- Google Web Designer now displays workflow tips and other helpful information within the interface
- Star Ratings component
- Display a row of star icons based on a numeric rating, and customize their appearance

New templates:
- Responsive Dynamic Remarketing Job Listings
- Responsive Dynamic Remarketing with Individual Thumbnails and Single CTA
- Responsive Dynamic Remarketing with Pagination and Single CTA
- Responsive Dynamic Remarketing with Single CTA
- Responsive Dynamic Remarketing with Single CTA II

Bug fixes:
- [Image Button] [Firefox & IE] [Windows] Fixed issue with "Over image" not rendering upon hover
- Previewing in the browser now supports a minimum viewport height of 20px instead of 24px
- Border color selector in the Publish dialog no longer shows "No color" and gradient options
- Fixed issue with a ruler guide getting deleted by a click after deleting another ruler guide
- Fixed issue with some special characters in sample dynamic text content being escaped incorrectly
- Fixed issue where pressing the Enter key didn't confirm the deletion or replacement of a workspace
- Fixed issue where the Text Style dropdown didn't list italic styles if the web font URL used the "xxxi" italic variant specifier for a specific weight
- Fixed issue with opening a document that contains a bad tag
- Fixed issue with saved custom easing presets not working after updating Google Web Designer
- Fixed issue with color mixer pop-up closing upon selecting a color swatch when in Text editing mode
- [Parallax] Fixed issue with "Images" and "Scroll factor" properties not updating in the Properties panel
- Web Designer no longer hangs when editing a group containing an element with no set width or height

Google Web Designer
Bug fixes:
- [AMPHTML ads] Fixed issue with "gotoAndPlayNTimes" missing from the Events dialog in non-English versions
- [Preview] Fixed issue with transformed dynamic data in responsive documents not rendering properly in preview
- [Dynamic] Binding text content to custom data objects no longer adds fields to the sample dynamic data
- [Dynamic] Dynamic profiles no longer requested from Studio when the advertiser ID is invalid

Google Web Designer
- The new Date Swap component (under "Miscellaneous" on the Components panel) makes it easy to show or hide content depending on the current date and time

Bug fixes:
- Fixed issue with images being counted twice in the Library Use count
- "hover" pseudo-class added in Code view is no longer removed from the document
- Fixed issue with images not respecting the max-width/max-height style
- Fixed issue with image rendering when height is less than 15px
- Fixed issue with with changing the display CSS property for custom Google Web Designer elements
- Fixed issue with "Swap image" function keeping the old image size
- Fixed issue where the Outliner didn't correctly filter images

Google Web Designer
- The interface now reflects the new Google advertising brands, Google Ads (formerly AdWords) and Display & Video 360 (bringing together features from DoubleClick Bid Manager, Campaign Manager, Studio, and Audience Center). Learn more
- Shell build reduces the latency of file operations while templates update on Windows
- Google Web Designer now implements the following elements as autonomous custom elements (e.g., ), rather than as customized built-in elements. To update an existing file, open the file in Web Designer and save it
- Support added for the new Brand Awareness data schema (under the "Standard Schema" type) for Display & Video 360

3 new Data driven for Display & Video 360 templates use the Brand Awareness schema:
- Blank Slate - A basic framework ready to be customized with your dynamic elements
- Cue Cards - 3 frames that scroll down to tell a dynamic user story
- Panorama - 3 frames that the user can swipe through horizontally

Google Web Designer Beta
Bug fixes:
- Fixed issue with file not opening when the document links to an external CSS file using an absolute URL.
- GreenSock libraries updated to use version 2.0.1.
- The “Use” column header in the Library is now localized.

New features:
Computed CSS styles:
- View a list of CSS properties for an element, with resolved values, under the new Computed tab in the CSS panel.
- Jump to the CSS rule definition that sets a particular property.

Motion path editing:
- Move, resize, flip, and rotate motion paths with the new Transform control for the motion path tool.

Asset usage count:
- See in the Library panel how many times you use each asset in a document.
- Sort the list of assets by name, usage count, asset type, or last modified date.

- The new Outliner panel provides a tree view of the elements in your document for easy selection and navigation.

Template improvements:
- The Template Gallery now shows the vertical (business type) for the AdWords dynamic remarketing templates.
- The Save as template dialog automatically populates the ad type, dynamic vertical, and components in the template metadata.
- Dynamic templates can now be previewed directly from the Template Gallery with sample feed data.

Text fitting:
- New settings in the Text panel let you automatically resize or truncate text so it won't overflow the containing element.

Timeline animation scaling:
- Hold Shift while dragging selected keyframes on the Advanced timeline to change the length of an animation while keeping the spacing between keyframes proportional.

- Save panel layouts as custom workspaces, or switch to one of Google Web Designer's preset workspaces in the Window > Workspace menu.
- Hide all panels with the Window > Hide panels command, or by pressing F4.

Templates added:
- DoubleClick responsive templates were added: Standard Banner Build Dissolve, Standard Banner Build Slide, Standard Banner Static, Standard Banner Storyboard Dissolve, and Standard Banner Storyboard Slide.

Fixes and improvements:
- Components:
- Fixed issue with Swipeable Gallery exit URLs not working with spaces between the URLs.
- [Feature request] Enabled Tap Area components within the frame of a Carousel Gallery or Swipeable Gallery.

- Invalid tags can no longer be entered in the Tag field.
- Fixed issue with text box losing the insert cursor after indenting the text.
- Fixed issue with tag name not updating when undoing a tag change.
- [Feature request] Provided text fitting & truncation controls in the user interface for both dynamic & static text.
- Fixed issue with incorrect text coordinates when stage was zoomed in.
- Enabled use of keyboard shortcuts (Cmd/Ctrl with +/-) to zoom in or out while in text editing mode.
- Fixed issue where a text box couldn't be drawn inside a div.
- Fixed issue with extra CSS properties getting added when copying & pasting colored text between documents.
- Fixed issue with italic text for Google Fonts not displaying correctly.

- AdMob templates have been updated to remove custom exits.
- Fixed issue where the options for inline local files and polite loading weren't selected by default when creating files from some templates.

- [Feature request] Added ability to easily update the animation duration in the UI.
- Finite and infinite loops now distinguishable on the Advanced mode timeline.
- Undoing the deletion of a layer with looping now restores the looping.
- Repeated spans now visible on the Advanced mode timeline for infinite loops when animation duration is extended.
- Fixed issue with stage not updating when span easing was edited.
- [Quick mode] Fixed issue with only first 2 anchor points of a Pen path displaying on the thumbnail.
- Added tooltips: "Current time" and "Timeline work area length".
- Workspace (panels and user interface):
- [Feature request] Added ability to save panel sets and switch between them.
- Fixed issue with docked panel's height not being resizable after docking a floating panel to a panel on the left side.
- Removed the top border on the Document bar.
- Fixed issue with start dialog disappearing when closing the New File dialog with the Esc key.
- Panels can now be collapsed by clicking the panel title right after launch or after switching workspaces.

- [Studio dynamic] Fixed issue with dynamic profile not loading when the user has Advertiser-level access to multiple advertisers.
- [Publish to Drive] Publishing to Google Drive no longer adds an extra string to image sources.
- [Ad environment] Strings have been translated.
- [Ad environment] Fixed issue with the Publish dialog not updating the ad environment after ad environment conversion.
- [Installer] [Windows] Shortcut icon is now created on the Desktop after installation but not after an update.
- When clicking on "Browse all articles" or "Visit help forum" from the help panel, a browser window now opens instead of a pop-up window.
- [Windows] Fixed issue with Firefox v.59 or later not showing in Google Web Designer's Preview browser list.
- Events dialog is now resizable.
- [Drawing] W and H are now translated when drawing a new element.
- [Properties panel] Fixed issue with Visibility field label overlapping the value in some languages.
- [Feature request] Usage count now displays next to assets listed in the Library.
- Fixed issue with zoom resetting in Design view after editing in Code view.
- [Hand tool] Fixed issue with stage moving off-center after repeatedly dragging it back and forth with the Hand tool.

Google Web Designer Beta
- Pasting now works when editing text.
- Fixed issue with "Unable to get property 'remove' of undefined or null reference" error when expanding the ad in Internet Explorer.
- Carousel Gallery and Swipeable Gallery components now work correctly in Chrome.

Ad environment conversion:
- Change the ad environment with the new File > Ad environment menu command.

Components panel:
- Double-clicking a component in the Components panel now adds it to the center of the stage.

File browse for image and video source:
- The Properties panel for images and the Video component now lets you browse your file system for source files.

Help panel:
- View help articles without leaving the Web Designer window by going to Help > Help center > Help panel.
- Performance improvements:
- Fixed performance issues with the timeline, including Advanced mode scrubbing, switching to Quick mode, opening a file in Quick mode, and switching between Code view and Design view while in Quick mode.
- Improved the performance of element modification and selection on stage when the Properties and CSS panel aren't visible and expanded.

3D component (beta):
- A new component for including interactive 3D models has been added for beta use. Initially, only a limited set of pilot users can serve ads with this component.

CSS panel:
- Fixed issue where the "Add property" button added an empty, non-editable property in an active media rule.
- The Shift and Ctrl/⌘ keys now allow range selection and multi-selection for CSS panel rules in the same way that other selectable lists in the UI do.

- [Dynamic] Text in an empty div can now be styled in the Text panel.
- Fixed issue with the Text tool options bar and Text panel settings disappearing after undo.
- Fixed issue with text files displaying incorrectly when opened while the Text tool is selected.

- Fixed issue with the label name dialog appearing off-screen after scrolling the timeline.
- Fixed issue with radial gradient backgrounds for pages not displaying in Quick mode thumbnails.
- Fixed issue where Quick mode thumbnails didn't reflect changes in SVG shape width.
- Fixed issue with Quick mode thumbnails showing invisible and deleted elements.
- Fixed performance issue with editing a motion path in a file with many animated elements.
- Fixed performance issue with scrubbing the timeline in a file with hundreds of elements.

Workspace (Panels and UI):
- [Panels] Fixed issue with adding a new panel to a group of three tabbed panels after closing a tab.
- [Panels] Panel menu now closes when dragging panels.
- [Panels] Fixed hidden tab visibility issue.
- [Options bar] Fixed issue with the More icon not showing when Web Designer launched at the minimum window size.
- [Scrollbars] Fixed issue with scrollbars disappearing when switching between documents.

- "NEW" indicator for templates is now translated on the start screen.
- [Gradient editing] Fixed issue with the center point in the radial gradient editing tool not moving as expected.
- [SVG shapes] Fixed issue with the dynamic bindings dialog including inner SVG shape elements in the list of selectable elements.
- [Groups] Fixed image flickering issue when text is edited or elements are added or removed.
- [Copy and paste] Fixed issue with animations not playing for a group instance copied from a document with multiple pages to a document without additional pages.
- [Preferences dialog] Updated syntax highlighting for HTML in the code editor in the Preferences dialog.
- Fixed issue where the gwd_webcomponents_min.js file was sent to the recycle bin upon every launch instead of getting deleted.
- Fixed issue where outdated template files were sent to the recycle bin after an update instead of getting deleted.

Google Web Designer Beta
- Change log not available for this version

Google Web Designer Beta
- Change log not available for this version

Google Web Designer Beta
Fixes and improvements:
- Fixed issue with Google Web Designer templates failing to load on machines with the user's Documents directory on a network drive. (Note: There is still an issue with saving a file as a template when the user's Documents directory is on a network drive. As a workaround, select Edit > Preferences and change the location for My Templates to a local file path)

Google Web Designer Beta
AdWords Dynamic Remarketing:
- Additional meta tags, productType and vertical, are now included in published dynamic remarketing creatives for AdWords
- Alert message displayed for using a deprecated schema when a binding to a Design or Headline attribute is detected
- AdWords dynamic remarketing templates no longer contain bindings to the deprecated Design and Headline attributes

- Fixed issue with pause not working in a group with an ID
- Fixed issue with GotoAndPlayNTimes event not executing again on page change

- [Ad Validator] Removed warning when a click event is not detected on the Tap Area component
- [Events] Autoplay events are now displayed for the Carousel component
- [Preview] Browser preview now displays the updated image after it has been replaced in the file system

Additional changes since version
- YouTube masthead templates have been removed. Learn more

Google Web Designer Beta
Auto update (Internet connection required):
- If you have a previous version of Google Web Designer, it will be automatically updated to the latest version
- Important: Google Web Designer requires an Internet connection for this update to occur

Fixes and improvements:
- Use of pause, gotoAndPause, and togglePlay in custom actions is now supported
- Fixed performance issues in files containing many groups
- Font name now displays after copying and pasting text with a font that was added in another file
- Fixed issue with video not autoplaying when ad re-expanded on Mac Safari 11
- Fixed issue with some GreenSock libraries getting referenced as script elements instead of library elements after using the File > Include JS library menu option

Google Web Designer Beta
- Templates are now released separately from new versions of Google Web Designer

Google Web Designer Beta
New features:
Motion paths:
- With motion paths, it's now possible to animate objects moving along curves and complex shapes

Application zoom:
- Google Web Designer detects the screen resolution and automatically calculates the appropriate zoom percentage to support high-resolution monitors such as 4K
- Additional changes

Changes to 3D tools:
- Double-clicking the 3D object rotate tool or the 3D object translate tool no longer resets an object's rotation or position

- Bid Manager dynamic remarketing minimal logoless templates have been removed

Fixes and improvements:
- YouTube video doesn't autoplay on touchscreen desktop

- Mobile devices exit to wrong item in the Dynamic Remarketing Job Listings template
- No mobile exits in the Dynamic Remarketing Single Page for Travel and Dynamic Remarketing Single Page with Minimal Details templates
- Unable to open a template in Google Web Designer from the Rich Media Gallery

- [Text] Undoing text color does not work in keyframe
- [Text] Cannot undo applying default style after the text color change
- [Quick mode] Getting Uncaught NotSupportedError when trying to reset the center point of 3D rotated element in the thumbnail
- Animation CSS is unnecessarily duplicated when duplicating elements with group instances inside

Workspace (Panels and UI):
- [Menus] Command key does not render correctly on some users' machines
- [Panelsl] Fly-out menu icon gets hidden when docking 4 panels with long names.
- [Panels] More than 4 panels can be grouped together when docked to the left, which causes overflowing
- [Panels] Fly-out menu items are not localized
- [Timeline panel] It’s easy to drag the timeline while attempting to resize it
- [Panels and workspace] Stage shifts when expanding or collapsing the timeline

- [4K monitor] Allow the web app to be zoomed for use on high resolution monitors
- Language won't switch if quitting immediately after switching language from the menu
- [Mac] Crash after login to Studio when in fullscreen mode
- [Mac] The application window’s rendering is wrong with the right side being clipped on relaunch after it’s moved offscreen
- [Mac] Google Web Designer launches in English when the locale is set to Simplified or Traditional Chinese
- [Preferences] Long label does not wrap nicely in some languages
- [Pages] Scroll bars appear in the Pages control when renaming a page
- [Ad validator][HTML] Publish locally shows wrong file size error message
- [Media Rules] Properties overridden in an animation are marked as overridden in the Properties panel
- [Mac] Index.html of unzipped publish file shows wrong date

Google Web Designer Beta
- Swipeable Gallery and Carousel Gallery components do not work properly on iOS 9

Google Web Designer Beta
- In non-English versions, the "Exit ad" and “Exit ad (overrides URL)” actions for the Mouse > click event are missing in the Events dialog
- Duplicating a page with a timeline event or duplicating an element with nested animation that includes a timeline event causes the file to subsequently fail to open

File operations:
- [Mac] "Save as" dialog fails to open if the location specified in the new file dialog does not exist

Workspace (panels and UI):
- [Panels] Issues with closing and reopening the Events panel

Google Web Designer Beta
Ad Validator:
- The Ad Validator automatically checks for common issues with your ad. See the results in a panel as you're building your ad, and also when publishing.

Redesigned Template Gallery:
- The Template Gallery now offers a reorganized view of available templates.
- You can now set general and Design view preferences in the Preferences dialog:
- General - Choose to open your most recent document at launch, set the default ad type and environment for new files, and specify your custom template path. (Note: Only documents saved specifically as templates can be used as custom templates.)
- Design view - Configure defaults for object outlines, snap settings, and whether rulers and the 3D grid are visible.
- Flexible panel layout
- Dock panels on either the left or right side of the window, and move the timeline to the top or bottom. You can also close panels entirely if you don't want them to take up space (and open them again using the new Window menu).

Reorganized Components panel:
- Components are now grouped under folders to make them easier to find.

You'll see more improvements to the timeline:
- Edit an element at multiple keyframes.
- Copy and paste a keyframe, even between different layers, pages, or documents.
- Select keyframes using rectangular marquee selection.
- Edit easing for multiple spans.
- Duplicate layers, including all keyframes.
- Animation previews can be paused and started from the playhead position or current thumbnail.

Code view:
- [Code selection] Selected element in a group is not highlighted in Code view when switching from Design view
- [Code selection] Wrong div class is selected in the duplicated page
- Focus does not stay in Code view after including JS library
- File > menu cut is not working in Code view
- [GreenSock] Rearrange the menu items so the most used plugins show at the top

- [Video] Autoplay doesn't work in HTML with pages
- YouTube video still plays after creative collapses

- [Dynamic] [Preview] Select a feed by default when previewing a dynamic file
- [Dynamic] Update DoubleClick exit handling code to support product click tracking for Dynamic in DoubleClick Bid Manager

- [Feature Request] Selecting multiple events for bulk removal
- Don't allow exit or exitOverride actions for Touch events as scrolling can cause exit on the mobile device
- Exit ad and exit ad override action should only be available for mouse click and Tap area click/tap events
- Incorrect action label for Video & YouTube components (play instead of play after pause)
- Filter out the events that are not useful for users under Page Deck
- Event page prefixes should display names not IDs
- Document is not marked as needing to be serialized/dirty when undoing/redoing an add event operation

File operations:
- Problem with opening, saving and closing a HTML file that has an image tag with id=head in layer.
- Closing HTML documents with a text file open throws errors
- [Feature Request] Easy way to share source files with others by providing save as zip functionality

- [Gradient Editing] The center point of radial gradient in the published file should match with the gradient on stage after positioned it
- Gradient is not working when setting border gradient first and then changing the size of the border
- A CSS background with multiple radiants is not published
- A radial gradient fails when the position of a color stop is missing or in pixels

- [Feature Request] Add UI to refresh assets in the library
- New folder name (untitled) is localized and not usable

- File > Publish menu is disabled for the non-Google ad file
- Release notes in Help menu should go to the most current release notes
- Error when hitting Escape key to close the menu
- Menu remains open when clicking or typing in Code view
- Main menu dropdown and Style dropdown won't get dismissed while in the Text tool
- Keyboard shortcuts in the main menu for Zoom in and Zoom out are not aligned

Properties panel:
- Error is thrown when deleting the hex value from the color popup in the Properties panel
- Undo typing value in Fill color in Properties panel is not working properly
- [Feature Request] Add basic arithmetic ability to input fields
- Undo doesn't work for dropdown in the Properties panel

- [Feature Request] Allow the location of custom templates to be configurable in the preferences
- Save as template: need an option to overwrite with the same name
- Save as template discards timeline mode
- Merchant name in Dynamic in DoubleClick Bid Manager Logoless Minimal template should be left-aligned
- MDE templates should be labeled as "Multi Directional Expanding"
- VPAID Templates - Reduce background asset file size
- GDN Lightbox Templates Video + Map are missing exit event on logo

- Text will change font size to 32px by itself when changing the size the second time
- Bullet and ordered list buttons can be selected at the same time
- Not able to change font size in Text edit mode when manually entering the value in the Size box on options bar
- Text does not get updated on stage after changing the text color in thumbnail/keyframe
- When scrolling the stage, the black resize dots do not move along with the text box until scrolling is stopped
- Copying and pasting a hex color code in the Color box will paste into the text box instead when Text is selected

- [Feature Request] Added support for editing easing for all selected spans at once
- [Feature Request] Keyframes animation should be included when duplicating a layer with animation
- [Feature Request] Timeline Preview improvements: previews can be paused and started from the playhead position or current thumbnail
- [Feature Request] Support marquee selection of multiple keyframes
- [Feature Request] Ability to edit multiple keyframes for the same element all at once
- [Feature Request] Add "Delete" and "Rename" in the layer context menu
- Incorrect undo steps after using F6 to insert keyframe
- After changing the layer order, keyframe selection gets lost
- Selecting 2 adjacent keyframes doesn't select the span between them with Cmd/Ctrl + click
- [Usability] Disabled easing in context menu when there is no animation is confusing
- The position of the element after removing all the keyframes is incorrect
- Timeline panel should bring focus to the respective layer by scrolling when an object is selected on the stage
- [Timeline Zoom] When creating a new file or opening a file, the zoom level is at default but it won't show the background yellow slider
- [Usability] [Keyframe selection] Can't select a keyframe right next to another keyframe
- Undoing removing keyframe (1st keyframe) returns a reset translate value
- Keyframe selections should be cleared after right-clicking is used on a span in the same track
- [Timeline scrubbing] Animation appears wrong with border size change when scrubbing timeline
- Undoing from Quick Mode doesn't remove the added keyframe right away
- [Feature Request] Add a paste option "Paste element only" and make the paste with animation by default if there is animation
- [Advanced mode] Wrong alert message when editing the layer name and adding invalid character (e.g., exclamation point) to the end of the ID name
- [Usability] Can't drag or move an element when above layers are locked
- [Feature Request] Show hand cursor when hovering over animations that have been selected to show that they can be moved around the timeline

Workspace (panels and UI):
- Missing tooltip for the add button (+) in the Components panel, Events panel, and Dynamic panel
- Publish and Preview UI are not grayed out when there is no file open and throw errors when selected
- [Panel behaviors] There is a stumbling motion when expanding a tab when multiple tabs are in a panel
- [Panel allocation] Having transition causes a little jarring effect when a panel gets allocated into a minimum space
- [Publish UI] Environment is Google Ad instead of showing the specific environment
- [Feature Request] Mouse over the document tab should display the file name
- Element preview (Quick mode thumbnail, Save As Template preview, and library preview) only rendered up to 5 nested elements
- Scrollbar is hard to use
- [Color] Tooltip not available for the selected color selector

- [SVG] Unable to open a file that contains SVG tags
- [Groups] Duplicating groups results in non-unique Timeline event names
- [Video tag] Undoing the name in the Sources field is not working
- [Video tag] Undoing the Preload property is not working
- [Import] [Feature Request] Importing or dragging the same file on stage with the same name should not make a duplicate in the assets folder
- Incorrect position when dragging and dropping image and video assets on a zoomed stage
- [Media Rules] Automatically switch to selection tool when using viewport resizing tool
- [Media Rules] The viewport resize tool remained visible on stage after resetting the stage using Hand tool
- [Zoom] Incorrect marquee zooming in Top and Side view
- [Publish to Studio] User with multiple advertisers in their Advertiser Level only account will get an error when selecting an Advertiser
- [Publish to Studio] Cannot create new Advertiser in the Publish to Studio dialog

Google Web Designer Beta
- Change log not available for this version

Google Web Designer Beta
- 1 new set of templates with dynamic remarketing schema for DoubleClick Bid Manager and 7 new sets of AdWords dynamic remarketing templates have been added

Google Web Designer Beta
New templates:
- 5 new dynamic remarketing templates for use with AdWords Display Ad Builder have been added.

Fixes & improvements:
- Code view: The GreenSock JavaScript Library version was outdated and has been updated to 1.19.0. KineticPlugin (deprecated) was removed and ModifiersPlugin added.
- Components: Swipeable Gallery component swiped 2 frames at a time on an Android device.

Google Web Designer Beta
Copy/Paste across documents:
- Copy and paste across documents is now possible! Any element that can be copied in the same document can now be copied to other documents (including assets, groups, etc)

Timeline enhancements:
- Many improvements have been made to the timeline, including a few that were very popular feature requests.
- Multiple keyframe & thumbnail selection - Multiple keyframes can now be selected and deleted in Advanced mode, or multiple thumbnails if using Quick mode.
- Zoom for Advanced mode - zoom in and out of the timeline allowing for more precise placement of keyframes
- Drag to hide/lock layers - It is now possible to drag/select to hide or lock layers in the timeline.
- New easing functions - We have added two new easing functions for animation: step-start and step-end.

Preferences panel:
Ability to set preferences for the Google Web Designer tool, beginning with Code View options

Recent files:
- The New File dialog and File > Open recent menu now include a list of the most recently opened Web Designer documents

Code Editor Enhancements:
- The code for the element that is selected in design view will be selected when navigating to code view

JavaScript library support:
- DoubleClick Studio users can now easily include the Greensock JS Library for creatives made in Google Web Designer

Zoom tool enhancements:
- Zoom in using marquee selection now respects the marquee rectangle size

Less pixelation when zooming in:
Changes to SVG:
- Double clicking on an SVG image no longer goes in editing mode

Code view:
- [Code view] Problems with double quotes in inline style attributes
- [Codeview] [Feature Request] When selecting an element and go to Codeview, go to that item in the code
- [Codeview] [Panel behaviors] Right side panels are active when in code view

Components and Ads Runtime:
- [YTMasthead Template] Uncaught TypeError in console when"Close button" is pressed
- [YouTube] [Responsive] YouTube component is not responsive/fluid
- [Component] [Swipeable Gallery] Image stay for a brief moment when the expanded page collapsed after interacting with the component
- "Metrics ID" are not required to be unique
- [Services] Cannot 'Save as' if source file path is incorrect in the components
- Push transition doesn't work between pages (Chrome)
- [Youtube] "Play after pause/replay" action won't apply to autoplay, "preview/intro"

[Galleries] Swipeable automatically adds exitId for Gallery Frame Exited even when there is no exit url set in the creative:
- [Color] Using the Properties panel to modify elements with different color causes the color to disappear
- [Color panel] Transition when collapsing/expanding the Color panel will show the bottom part of the panel briefly if only the swatches are selected in the panel before.

[Color Panel] UI issue: Incorrect icon for Fill and Stroke color chips after selecting No color:
CSS panel:
- Hint field does not restart the matched terms list from the beginning on every input update and hitting Esc clears the hint
- [CSS Panel] Timeline frames update with wrong CSS property value when property defined in multiple rules:

- Profile fails to load in Data Schema panel

Unable to set default map location dynamically with the GWD map component:
Events dialog:
- [Events dialog] When suggestion comes up, hitting Enter/Return key can't select the property name for Inline style, instead, it closes the dialog.
- [Events dialog UI] Need a better way to validate user input:

- [Groups]: Create group dialog creates additional dialogs when pressing with Keyboard shortcut multiple times
- [Groups] [Resize] Group container resize info will not get saved properly if saving the file inside the Edit in Isolation Mode.

- [Library] Image preview shows repeated image if the image file dimension is smaller than 80x80.
- [Groups] Library preview doesn't show images for groups.
- [Groups] Library review doesn't show the image after the duplicated group is edited
- [Library] Cannot preview an image in the the library preview window when the filename has the % and # characters
- [Library] The same level of folder and file are not aligned.

Search is case sensitive:
Media rules:
- [Media Rules] Dirty mark is not added when editing the breakpoint values in responsive panel
- Editing groups in GWD with media rules has issues because the media rule contains a keyframes rule

[Media Rules][Multiple Files]: CSS panel gets disabled for non responsive file when there is a responsive file is open in document tab:
- [Panel behaviors] Tab dragging shows OS's Plus sign cursor when it shouldn't.
- [Panel behaviors] Should not allow resizing a panel when there is no available vertical space:

Properties panel:
- [Properties Panel] [3D] Using the PI to modify the Rotation and Translation of multiple elements have 3D matrix cause elements to get the maximum of negative 3D value
- [Properties Panel] The translation, rotation and scale controls are not hidden in the Page Properties panel when nothing is selected on stage.

[Properties Panel] [Feature Request] "Fill" option should come before "Border" option under Style:
- Dynamic Remarketing Single Page with No Details has a custom CSS Class Issue that causes an erratic animation
- [App promo] Error when previewing the app promo templates due to bad reference to gwdattached_min.js
- Some templates are missing node
- [Entertainment_TheaterLookup] The "Enter Zip" text truncated inside the input field

[VPAID] template preview is set to fixed size and not set to matchviewport:
[Copy and Paste] [Text in animation] When copying and pasting a text in animation, the last keyframe gets copied, not the base style
[Text] Element is deselected when use escape key to close color popup
[Text] Hyperlink button in the Options bar appears at far left if it is only in the overflow

- [Quick Mode] Page background color doesn't show in the thumbnail view
- [Quick Mode] Thumbnail view shows the incorrect positioning of a child element when 3d is applied to a parent
- Layer is required to be selected to be draggable
- Select highlight of an id name field becomes deselected unexpectedly, which fails copying the text
- [Quick Mode] [Feature Request] Please add functionality to select multiple thumbnails all at once
- [Quick Mode] Lock state for the easing option does not get updated properly
- The bottom horizontal scrollbar is hard to select and use in Timeline.
- [Quick mode] If pen path shape is added to the stage in the second thumbnail, it will render in smaller size when preview.
- [Quick mode] When undo the deletion of an empty thumbnail, keyframe time is added back in but the deleted thumbnail is not.
- [Feature Request] Selecting multiple keyframes with 2 clicks (shift click)
- [Feature Request] Please add support for step-start and step-end timing functions to create animations where things 'appear' or 'disappear' at given points in the animation.
- [Feature Request] Adding timeline Zoom control to get the better view of grids and keyframes
- Editing in the initial thumbnail/keyframe will update other thumbnails/keyframes
- Setting no fill background color in the 2nd thumbnail/keyframe did not update correctly on stage
- [Advanced mode] The outlines will not return on stage when unlocking the layer if the div is selected when it is locked
- [Advanced mode] Timeline still allows to change the animation looping when the layer does not have animations
- [Feature Request] Confusing UI for length of animation
- [Quick Mode] Easing is reset to Linear after undoing a deletion of thumbnail with mixed easing
- [Feature Request] Support click and drag to easily select consecutive hide/lock settings on layers
- [Timeline] Color animation loses its bg color when inserting a keyframe at 0 after delay is created

[Timeline Usability] When you drag a keyframe, the playhead follows but slightly off the center of the keyframe, which results in adding a new keyframe:
Zoom tool:
- [Zoom Tool] Nested element's position is ignored when zooming

Stage shifts when after zooming in/out:
- [Start page] Help items are not accessible from the Start page
- [Template Gallery] Flyout, Dropdown is not closed when clicking the button again
- [Publish] File is marked as dirty right after publish even the file is saved before
- The button label "Close" is not implicit enough to warn "without saving"
- [New File Dialog] Expandable fullscreen lightbox ads should have their expanded page size set to 100% x 100%
- Translating in Z in 3D space moves too fast on Windows, causing elements to go to extreme Z values
- [Feature Request] [Snapping] Settings for snap are not saved when GWD is relaunched
- [File IO] Stage shifts when an ad file is created/opened after text file is created/opened
- [Windows only] GWD doesn't support character with accents. Browser preview failed and error thrown in console
- [Launch] After GWD webapp is updated, show a message in the notification bar right after launch to notify users of the update
- Google Web Designer login problem when an account or advertiser name contains multiple spaces

- Mac Sierra only: GWD launches in English when the locale is set to Simplified or Traditional Chinese. Workaround: switch to the correct language in GWD in the Start screen or in Help > Set language menu.
- Only up to 4 panels can be grouped/tabbed together
- White screen on launch if behind a web proxy. Please follow these instructions to change your proxy settings.
- Mac Chrome, Opera, IE : Play button is not working in Google Web Designer Preview when Autoplay preview is on. Workaround: remove localhost from the URL to use file:///
- Linux only: File drag and drop from the file system to Google Web Designer is not working. Workaround: use File > Import assets or Add asset from the Library
- Downloading iCalendar ics file is not supported on Safari desktop browser.
- It is not possible to have more than one map component or street view component, or a map and a street view component in the same creative.
- Linux only: if the browser (Chrome or Firefox) is launched by Google Web Designer for preview, Google Web Designer cannot be closed unless the browser is closed first.
- Linux only: Google Web Designer sometimes loses focus and is unable to take keyboard input when switching between apps. Workaround: resize the Google Web Designer window to bring focus back to the app.

Video Component on iOS doesn't play a video multiple time if the source file .mp4 is the unique source. Workaround: include in the sources at least 2 video files. (it can be the same one repeated). Is CRUCIAL that the .mp4 is not the last video listed in the sources if other formats are used. Valid options are therefore:
- .mp4, .ogv, .webm
- .mp4, .mp4
- .webm, .mp4, .ogv

Google Web Designer Beta
- Change log not available for this version

Google Web Designer Beta
- Dynamic: Dynamic and Exit Override from Profile fields do not fire the appropriate exit
- Dynamic: Dynamic ads do not render correctly and show overlapping content when the ads render before dynamic data is ready
- Templates: Missing script tags after creating a file from Dynamic Remarketing Single Page with No Details 320x50 or 728x90 template
- AdWords Dynamic: Creative redirecting to the ad url instead of the product final url

Google Web Designer Beta
- AdWords Dynamic: Creative redirecting to the ad url instead of the product final url

Google Web Designer Beta
- Change log not available for this version

Google Web Designer Beta
- Auto Update (Internet connection required)
- If you have a previous version of Google Web Designer, it will be automatically updated to the latest version.
- Important: Google Web Designer requires an internet connection.
- Fixes & Improvements since version

Code view:
- [Feature Request] Enable line wrap
- [Feature Request] Add the key stroke for switching from Code view to Design view (Shift-Ctrl-C, Shift-Cmd-C)

Components and Ads Runtime:
- [YouTube] On mobile devices, pausing a video before it is played renders it inoperable.
- [Performance] Spritesheet component with preview on the stage shows a significant time delay in performance
- [Component icons] The icons on the stage are solid white so they block the image preview.
- [Swipeable gallery] [Feature Request] Pause media feature on swipeable gallery
- [Swipeable gallery] Autoplay not working when a video is part of a group used in a swipe gallery in Firefox and Safari
- [Carousel] Fit Image] causes neighbor separation issues. After the fix: If the gallery has only images, the effective frame width is always clamped to the actual image width.
- [Video] Background images for the video files are not consistent between ad and html docs
- [SpriteSheet] [Galleries][Swipeable/Carousel gallery] Image on stage is not scaled as per settings in the Properties panel
- [Component background] Image is not rendering on stage when there is a white space in the image name
- [Component background]: Component Image background is not refreshed once the image is added in Library
- [360gallery] goForwards() and goBack() methods do not wrap when wrapping is enabled.

- Missing colorchips in color panel when drawing an element which has preflight gradient color
- Color mixer picker (circle) appears outside of mixer
- [Swatches] Trash can icon is enabled before any custom swatch gets added
- [Properties panel] The input field does not accept HTML color names and rgb(a) strings

CSS panel:
- Mousewheel/Trackpad should change the input values in CSS panel
- [i18n][l10n] is localized.
- Minor ui issue: When scrolling down the panel, the bottom border line becomes thicker
- [Feature Request] Add ability to select and copy the entire rule. In order to paste the entire rule into another rule in CSS panel, first “Add property” is required to be clicked, then paste can be done. Pasting into code view or a text editor works normally.
- A style selector name should be able to pasted (applied) to another element
- Undo/Redo issue when shorthand and subproperties (e.g., 'border' and 'border-color') are both defined in a declaration

- YouTube component if dynamic ignores autoplay="none"
- Getting Uncaught TypeError in dev console on opening a saved Doubleclick dynamic file if a text file is opened first.
- [Bindings] Element Attribute box is not highlighted in red border when trying to save the changes without making a selection in the dropdown.
- [Dynamic properties] Cannot see the full length of the Data window on bindings that are close to the bottom of the dialog.

- [Events dialog] Enter/Return key does not close the dialog
- Rotate to Landscape/Portrait event is not dispatched on Chrome.
- [Groups] [Events] When opening an event for a group from child level, the event panel shows incomplete event paths.
- Events dialog doesn't show other pages' Timeline labels as potential receivers for Timeline goto actions. Now it is possible access to labels in timeline on a different page using Events dialog, but need to make sure it is still required to set Go to Page event for each timeline event to work. Timeline event, gotoAndPlayNtimes is not supported in this case.
- [Feature Request] Event target should be pre-populated if a single element with an id is selected on stage.

- Library preview does not show in non-English build and swapped image has wrong dim

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