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GraphicConverter 10.6.7

GraphicConverter for Mac は、使いやすさ、優れた機能、安定性、信頼性を備えた、Mac 用のオールラウンド編集ソフトウェアが必要とするすべてを提供します。 GraphicConverter for Mac はおよそオープンしてインポートできます。ファイルが作成されたオペレーティングシステムまたはコンピュータプラットフォームに関係なく、200 種類の異なる画像フォーマット、すなわちほとんどすべての形式の画像ファイルを含む。あなたが他のユーザーと写真を交換できるようにするために、GraphicConverter は現在、あなたの写真を約 1 時間で保存することができます。 80 種類の異なるフォーマット。使用されるフォーマットに応じて、GraphicConverter はファイルのインポートとエクスポートのさまざまな設定を提供します。 200& およその輸出。 80 グラフィックフォーマットカタログ作成(ウェブ、プリント、写真)カメラからの直接画像取り込み(RAW)スキャナのための TWAIN インターフェース写真サービスの直接サポート Google+、Flickr、Locr 写真構成& ワークフロー管理
グラフィカルファイルとピクチャブラウザスライドショー機能バッチ変換 AppleScript の顔検出のサポート画像編集
エクスプレスピクチャ拡張機能インターネットで使用するピクチャの拡張と作成ピクチャを編集するための基本機能ピクチャ操作のための高度な機能、エフェクト、フィルタプラグインアーキテクチャ ColorSync および ICC プロファイルを使用したカラー管理 3D 画像のサポート幅広い機能の Geodata

ファイルのバージョン GraphicConverter 10.6.7
ファイル名 gc10.dmg
ファイルサイズ 187 MB
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X 10.9 or later
ソフトウェアタイプ Demo
著者 Lemke Software
更新時間 2018-11-29

What's new in this version:

GraphicConverter 10.6.7

New features:
- GraphicConverter now supports the Hardened Runtime on macOS 10.14
- GraphicConverter is now notarized by Apple
- browser context menu: append iptc title to caption
- menu copy date/paste date
- browser context menu misc:Delete PhotoRAWs if no JPEG exists
- browser context menu:select items depending label or rating

Updated features:
- localization
- browser: large preview quality improved on retina displays
- browser search panel: added search by rating
- pdf export: added page layout/mode options
- find duplicates: added do not search subfolders option
- position palette: added option to use larger font
- browser prefs: option to disable darkening of subinfo below thumbnails
- prefs browser metadata: option to inject XMP into MP4/MOV
- prefs browser metadata: option to write title, caption and headline into matching MP4/MOV tags
- view menu: items to hide/show ruler and enable/disable display with color profile (in addition to icons at the bottom of the image window)
- pen tool: added third cursor variant as option
- jpegTurbo support
- libraries (Adobe XMP SDK, ziplib)
- added third slideshow metadata display option
- improved movie metadata support for MOV, MP4 and M4V
- improved clipboard import order
- ExifTool

Bug fixes:
- fixed HEIC import issue on 10.9 to 10.12
- fixed a possible issue during resetting the Exif orientation tag of some files
- fixed issue with print catalog with frame
- fixed bug in browser display of eps with alpha channel
- fixed a display glitch with enabled rulers on 10.14.x
- fixed bug during opening JIF files
- fixed a possible crash during decoding some TIFs with embedded JPEGs

GraphicConverter 10.6.6

New features:
- browser: digital lightroom mode unter light mode in Mojave (prefs part browser)
- image: change rating/label menu commands
- browser context menu: merge two movie clips command
- browser action: apply LUT
- edit menu: smart insert

Updated features:
- updated localizations
- document context menu: added save as and save copy as
- updated dynaPDF
- browser: added optional pictogram date prefix
- browser: option for disabling undo
- white correction tool: support for gradient white correction

Bug fixes:
- fixed display glitch in text palette under dark mode
- fixed not changing window title upon saving in GraphicConverter format
- fixed crash upon display of images with very large keyword list
- fixed failure of changing Spotlight comment under Mojave

GraphicConverter 10.6.5

New features:
- browser context menu: dynamic desktop creation for 10.14 Mojave
- batch action: change path one folder up
- browser toolbar icon: folder icon

Updated features:
- various display options for the alpha channel
- libRaw 0.19
- ExifTool 11.11

Bug fixes:
- display issue with dark mode during batch rename
- display issue during editing file name in browser with dark mode
- flipped text preview under Mojave
- fixed possible crash with Xe8472 filter under Mojave
- fixed possible display issue in the tool sub palettes in dark mode

GraphicConverter 10.6.4

New features:
- Mojave (10.14) dark mode support

Updated features:
- localizations
- enlarged path field in find duplicates dialog
- added direct transitions access to select slideshow folder dialog
- frame option in text palette
- added arrow down to advance in slideshow
- added profile support to PDF import
- added support for IFF files with 1/3 image data
- import/export of HEIC with multiple images
- Mojave (10.14) compatibility fixes

Bug fixes:
- roll-back to libraw 0.18.13 due a multithreading bug in libraw 0.19
- fixed change flag bug during editing of alpha channel
- workaround for QCView bug under Mojave
- fixed a possible crash with some special NEFs
- fixed a bug in the ratio display
- fixed UTF8 issue with inverse geocoding

GraphicConverter 10.6.3

New features:
- import from digital camera: option remove exif image description tag
- browser context menu item: append caption
- action: set alpha with image
- cng import
- kuwahara filter

Updated features:
- localizations
- added direct text fields to the color balance dialog
- ExifTool 11.10
- libRAW 0.19
- Sparkle 1.20 update framework
- dynaPDF
- added even/odd number in filename to if batch action
- Cocooner changes will be applied to complete selection of files
- improved action: crop to ratio
- improved browser:set Exif date dialog
- rename: added option to add folder name one or two levels up
- import fpx: added alpha channel support
- GPS deletion supports now deletion of XMP:GPS tags

Bug fixes:
- fixed possible flicker upon playing a movie in the slideshow
- fixed possible issue during browsing XPS files
- fixed bug during saving uncompressed TIFF or PNG with more then 2GB data
- fixed flip issue with Mosaic Flip transition during slideshow
- fixed disabled movie options in browser
- fixed possible crash upon update check due bug in older Sparkle framework
- fixed possible issue in find and replace iptc data
- fixed an Exif date editing issue under Swedish localisation
- fixed possible autoconvert issue with some network drives

GraphicConverter 10.6.2
New features:
- Added convert&modify function: convert DXF/DWG to (vector) PDF
- Tags support in browser general information area
- Unskew: added prefs to define line width and color

Updated features:
- ExifTool updated
- DynaPDF updated
- Increased maximum grid size to 1024

Bug fixes:
- Fixed possible crash on 10.9.x after trying to apply an effect
- Fixed bug during removing points of a polygon selection with the backspace key
- Fixed undo issue after feathering command
- Fixed a possible issue during multicore conversion

GraphicConverter 10.6.1
New features:
- browser: edit name kind toolbar item (allows to change file name editing to iptc/xmp title editing)
- browser/convert & modify: save action added (to create complex batch actions with multiply save operations)
- browser/convert & modify: reload action added (maybe useful is save action is used)
- browser/convert & modify: subfolder action added
- browser/convert & modify: anonymize faces action added
- browser context menu: added option to edit tags directly
- menu effect: graduated filter
- browser/image window: added icon to show/hide toolbar (10.10 or later)
- prefs convert/general: added settings for auto convert

Updated features:
- added GPS detection in RW2 files
- updated localizations
- browser/convert & modify: change format action - added options
- position palette: displays line length and angle during drawing a line
- prefs save/resource: added option for icon size
- reduced file access in browser for files without gps location
- image toolbar: added print icon
- import from digital camera: added predefined folder option
- multi core support for batch conversions improved
- support for extraction of multiple images of ithmb files added
- add/remove margins: added "set for all" and "use last values"

Bug fixes:
- fixed possible crash during applying LUT
- fixed possible issue during setting last path
- fixed a possible bug in setting rating of some special TIFFs
- fixed magic pen issues with HDR images
- fixed possible missing images during extraction from PDFs

GraphicConverter 10.6
- Change log not available for this version

GraphicConverter 10.5.5
New features:
- menu gps: find images near selected image
- menu edit: find and replace/find duplicate of selected file
- browser filter menu: additional filter to filter w/ and w/o metadata
- browser sort menu: additional sort options by width, by height
- batch action: remove metadata

Updated features:
- updated localizations
- edit menu subitem find and replace colors: added shades and hue support
- improved dds export
- updated texts and routines for writing HEIC files with 10.13.4

Bug fixes:
- fixed refresh issue with fullscreen quicklook
- fixed HEIC export if width/height is not divisible by two
- fixed DICOM import issue with special JPEG compression variant
- fixed possible crash during opening corrupted JPEGs
- fixed possible removal of GPS data during changing XMP inside RAWs
- fixed possible crash during wpg import

GraphicConverter 10.5.4

New features:
- browser context menu: copy XMP face names to XMP persons
- slideshow: advance two images option for two monitor setups
- browser: automatic store and restore of drop area items
- browser: manual sort option

Updated features:
- added HEIC export on 10.13 with external helper tool
- added separate text antialias option
- added direct import support for ZIP compressed 16 bit per channel TIFFs due a bug in 10.11
- added support for Mailplane 3 as e-mail application
- improved speed of thumbnail and preview creation/display in the browser
- added unit to bring to size batch action
- updated Japanese, French, Danish localization
- updated pdf library
- browser edit prefs: added one more variant for the space key

Bug fixes:
- fixed triangle display of last core image filter
- fixed a possible APNG import issue if average filter is used
- localization fixes
- fixed possible wrong line break issue in text boxes

GraphicConverter 10.5.3

New features:
- browser: sort by pixel size (count)
- batch action: adjust for web
- import hpgl: option to set background transparent
- import general: option to ignore/remove alpha channel
- menu: added full screen (2 pages)
- import: heic import on 10.9 to 10.12 with helper tool

Updated features:
- collage: improved message upon unsaved changes
- Japanese, French, Danish localization
- Prefs Save/Resource
- improved export speed of dds with dxt1 or dxt5 compression
- import: added support for import of webp files w/o correct extension
- applescript: window property browser selected items
- import dds: added support for DXT10 header and BC7 compression
- improved layer support (drag and drop of files, context menu)
- browser metadata: added option to support writing directly into RAWs
- file info dialog: added Open w/o overwrite
- updated exiftool
- collage: A3 portrait and landscape presets
- new image: A3 portrait and landscape presets
- import: heic import on 10.13 improved (Exif data and ICC profile)
- preferences general/window content: 200% option for retina

Bug fixes:
- fixed a possible issue with ImageOptim during batch conversion
- fixed possible issue during html catalog export
- fixed stepper issue in the rename dialog
- fixes catalog issues
- fixes bug during loading xmp file with umlauts
- fixed bug during saving grayscale hdr file as TIFF
- fixed bug with negative offset in browser/change file date dialog
- fixed bug with 16 bit per channel import with libraw
- fixed an issue with iptc editing with only Japanese characters

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