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GraphicConverter 11.1.1

GraphicConverter for Mac は、使いやすさ、優れた機能、安定性、信頼性を備えた、Mac 用のオールラウンド編集ソフトウェアが必要とするすべてを提供します。 GraphicConverter for Mac はおよそオープンしてインポートできます。ファイルが作成されたオペレーティングシステムまたはコンピュータプラットフォームに関係なく、200 種類の異なる画像フォーマット、すなわちほとんどすべての形式の画像ファイルを含む。あなたが他のユーザーと写真を交換できるようにするために、GraphicConverter は現在、あなたの写真を約 1 時間で保存することができます。 80 種類の異なるフォーマット。使用されるフォーマットに応じて、GraphicConverter はファイルのインポートとエクスポートのさまざまな設定を提供します。 200& およその輸出。 80 グラフィックフォーマットカタログ作成(ウェブ、プリント、写真)カメラからの直接画像取り込み(RAW)スキャナのための TWAIN インターフェース写真サービスの直接サポート Google+、Flickr、Locr 写真構成& ワークフロー管理
グラフィカルファイルとピクチャブラウザスライドショー機能バッチ変換 AppleScript の顔検出のサポート画像編集
エクスプレスピクチャ拡張機能インターネットで使用するピクチャの拡張と作成ピクチャを編集するための基本機能ピクチャ操作のための高度な機能、エフェクト、フィルタプラグインアーキテクチャ ColorSync および ICC プロファイルを使用したカラー管理 3D 画像のサポート幅広い機能の Geodata

ファイルのバージョン GraphicConverter 11.1.1
ファイル名 gc11.dmg
ファイルサイズ 152 MB
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X 10.9 or later
ソフトウェアタイプ Demo
著者 Lemke Software
更新時間 2019-11-06

What's new in this version:

GraphicConverter 11.1.1
New features:
- Menu Faces/Delete XMP Faces/Regions
- Prefs Browser/Open: redirect option double click
- Menu GPS: Add or Edit GPS with Map

Updated features:
- text palette: added frame text size option
- ExifTool
- libDynaPDF
- unskew: support for moving border lines parallel
- percent display in grayscale histogram
- browser: preview support for Pages (2017-2019) documents
- browser: preview support for Numbers (if preview is embedded in document)
- convert and modify: extract preview support for Pages (2017-2019) documents
- browser: added more IPTC fields to summary panel
- prefs general/more misc: option to enable/disable sorting of the prefs
- prefs general/selection: option to enable/disable moving by mouse

Bug fixes:
- fixed custom icon issue during creation with convert & modify
- fixed selection issue on older macOS (before Catalina)
- fixed line deletion issue in locations palette
- fixed possible inverse geotag issue with missing road
- fixed possible flipping of GPS in saved heic files (due bug in system framework)

GraphicConverter 11.1
New features:
- Browser: fetch all used keywords function
- Browser: fetch all used locations function
- Image context menu inside border: offers change of color
- Picture Invert: Duo-Tone
- Browser: location palette
- Preferences: General/Misc option to select launch language different to system language
- Image context menu: copy and apply aspect ratio
- Browser: Option-Space stores the current frame of a movie next to the movie
- Browser context menu: Interpolate Exif date enforced added
- Browser context menu: Quick Convert into same Folder added
- Browser context menu: Add XMP Faces as Finder Tags
- Preferences Browser Cache: prefetch option
- Browser context menu in flat view: Open enclosing Folder in new Browser added

Updated features:
- localizations
- browser prefs: option to assign space key to full screen preview
- removed obsolete IPTC/URL comment from dialogs
- prefs convert&modify autoconvert: added optional additional delay for slow volumes
- added automatic deselection before page change
- added format options to c source export format
- added show submenu to browser context menu
- rewrite of interpolate Exif code; will now catch more cases
- autoplay option for QuickLook
- prefs slideshow: option to auto continue after click into file list
- preferences browser/misc: show path in footer
- LUTs submenu is now sorted
- scale pdf supports non-proportional scaling
- sorting mode: orientation & name
- preferences memory: option to ignore selection as change of document
- batch action: macro
- edit/find qr code detects now bar codes, too
- slideshow shortcuts: q zooms 100%; w shows fullscreen
- measure of line dumps the angle to the comment area
- replaced command = shortcut with command 1 due a conflict with command + on US layout keyboards
- xcf v11 files can be imported with the help of GIMP
- unit selection in grid dialog
- change of rating or gps location during slideshow and browser usage sets the data in the JPEG/RAW pair (if the option is enabled in the prefs)
- print dialog: grid
- preferences general/maps: pn animation can be disabled

Bug fixes:
- fixed possible crash with third party core image filters
- fixed possible bug during move to ntfs volumes
- fixed missing display of Exif date within XMP in PNGs below PNGs
- fixed missing display of Exif date within XMP in some HEICs below HEICs
- fixed time zone issue during display of creation date of some MOVs
- fixed possible error -47 during saving if file is currently selected in the Finder
- fixed raw import dialog size on 13 inch macbook
- fixed store lut issue
- fixed selection display issue on 10.15
- fixed bug in Spectre (.spc) import
- fixed dicom issue with 16 bit grayscale
- fixed invert method 4 issue with 16 bit per channel images

GraphicConverter 11.0.1
New features:
- Convert AVI to MP4 with keeping the data/time original tag
- Browser context menu: Copy IPTC Keywords to Caption
- Browser edit: option to advance to next item after change of rating or label
- General prefs: option to open browser instead of document upon drag and drop
- import of ORA (OpenRaster) added
- Browser context menu: Copy IPTC/XMP, Label and Rating from JPGs to RAWs
- Menu and batch actions: scale with crop and blur
- Action: Grayworld
- Action: Use original name
- Menu: Skin Tone effect
- Menu: Skin Smoothing effect

Updated features:
- browser sort popup: added sort by caption and title options
- updated ExifTool
- updated dynapdf
- added option-key + left mouse click onto toolbox in addition to double click
- added histogram display to adjust operator
- label and rating change will applied to RAW/JPG pairs if prefs is active under browser/edit
- core image filters: added option to avoid alpha channel adding
- First steps dialog improved
- Apply LUT: supports now lookup_xxxx.png files

Bug fixes:
- fixed possible detection error with 32KB Atari PIC files
- fixed possible issue with triangle in keyword palette after adding items
- fixed possible issue during decoding mime data
- fixed issue with function selection during switching from browser to convert & modify and back
- fixed possible crash during import of psp file
- fixed possible crash during import of bmp with bitfield
- fixed bug in storing 1024x1024 icon variant in icns
- fixed import issue with some RSB files

GraphicConverter 11.0
- Change log not available for this version

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