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DBeaver 21.3.0

iBoostUp(正式名称は iTuneUp)は、不要なファイルをパージし、ハードディスクを修理し、パフォーマンスの推奨事項を提示し、クッキーを削除し、システム情報を表示してプライバシーを保護するなど、Mac のチューニングと最適化を行います

Mac が遅く応答しなくなりましたか?それは以前持っていたもののいくつかを失ったのですか?予期しないクラッシュやエラーメッセージが表示されますか?あなたの MacBook は熱くなり、ファンは絶えず動いていますか?遅いパフォーマンスを今修正!今すぐ無料で iBoostUp for Mac をダウンロードしてください!

効果的に iBoostUp.

を最適化するためには、学ぶべき複雑なオプションはありません。 Repair
Mac を最適化し、パフォーマンスを改善し、アプリケーションエラーを修正してください。あなたの Mac をもう一度新しいものにしてください.

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iBoostUp は完全に無料でダウンロード& つかいます。オプションの機能は、アプリ内で購入できます.


ファイルのバージョン DBeaver 21.3.0
ファイル名 dbeaver-ce-21.3.0-macos.dmg
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X 10.9 or later
ソフトウェアタイプ Demo
著者 iBoostUp Pty Ltd.
更新日 http://www.iboostup.com/
更新時間 2021-11-29

What's new in this version:

Data viewer:
- Filters configuration dialog UI was fixed (MacOS)
- Found occurrences highlighting was fixed (find/replace)
- Problem with long columns resize was fixed
- Problem with overlapping column icons was fixed
- Diagram viewer: connections auto-layout was fixed
- Problem with SQL script preview dialog was fixed on MacOS
- Error "PKIX path building failed" was fixed on Windows (switched to OS certificate storage)
- Dark theme: bug with mismatching colors was fixed on MacOS
- Metadata editor: editor flickering after mode change was fixed
- Full-text search now keeps original table filters
- Broken projects auto-recovery feature was added (problem with missing .project file)
- Legacy error/warning icons were replaced with new ones

Version auto-upgrade:
- Incorrect package type detection was fixed
- Incorrect architecture (M1/ARM/x86) detection was fixed

Driver editor:
- URL template edit support was added for all drivers
- Maven artifacts import/edit UI was improved
- SSH tunnel test: system variables support was added

New database drivers:
- Babelfish driver was added
- OceanBase driver was added
- Greenplum: permission editor was fixed for older GP versions
- MySQL/MariaDB/PostgreSQL: backup/restore tasks create wizard was fixed (NPE)
- ODBC: app crash on editor open was fixed

- Database structure was redesigned (all cluster-level entities moved to the top level)
- Multirange data types support was added
- Exclusive schema filters support was fixed
- Support of JSON columns in unique keys was added
- SQLite: table indexes create/delete support was added

SQL Server:
- Auto-completion and hyperlinks were fixed in stored procedures
- Browser-based MFA authentication was fixed
- Taradata: driver version was updated to 17.10

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