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iCompta 6.0.49

iCompta for Mac は、簡単にアカウントを管理できるアプリケーションです。収入と経費を追跡し、請求書をスケジュールし、予算に沿って滞在し、美しいチャートのおかげですべてのお金がどこに行くのかを知ることができます.

iCompta のモバイル版のおかげで、それを単独で使用することも、デスクトップバージョンと簡単に同期させることもできます.

iCloud、Dropbox、またはローカルネットワークを使用して、コンピュータ、iPhone、iPad 間で簡単にアカウントを同期します。あなたはあなたの取引を入力したり、コンピュータや iPhone や iPad 上で変更することができ、iCompta は残りの部分を処理して同期をすべて取ることができます.

iCompta for Mac 特徴:
複数の通貨で複数の口座を管理する取引を並べ替えてフィルターして、経費の管理予算による収入と経費の追跡あなたのポートフォリオの監視共有経費の管理:最終的に誰に何を借りているかを知ることができます美しいレポートとチャートあなたの口座から直接あなたの銀行からトランザクションをダウンロードしてください。組み込みブラウザ QIF、OFX、CSV、XML、JSON 形式でのトランザクションの簡単なインポート / エクスポート iCloud、Dropbox、またはローカルネットワークを使用した Mac 上の iCompta 6 と iPhone / iPad 上の iCompta 6 の完全な同期請求書の作成バッチ編集や強力なルールエンジンを使用して、一度に多くのトランザクションを変更する間違いを避けるためにあなたの銀行の声明に ransactions パスワード保護注:30 日間トライアル版。 64 ビットプロセッサーが必要です.8997423

ファイルのバージョン iCompta 6.0.49
ファイル名 iCompta_Demo.zip
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X 10.9 or later
ソフトウェアタイプ Trial
著者 Cyril Anger
更新日 http://www.icompta-app.com/
更新時間 2021-07-12

What's new in this version:

iCompta 6.0.49
- Bug fixes

iCompta 6.0.48
- Bug fixes

iCompta 6.0.46
- Bug fixes

iCompta 6.0.45
- Bug fixes

iCompta 6.0.44
- Bug fixes

iCompta 6.0.40
- Bug fixes

iCompta 6.0.39
- Bug fixes

iCompta 6.0.38
- Bug fixes

iCompta 6.0.37
- Bug fixes

iCompta 6.0.36
- Bug fixes

iCompta 6.0.35
- Bug fixes

iCompta 6.0.34
- Bug fixes

iCompta 6.0.33
- Bug fixes

iCompta 6.0.32
- Bug fixes

iCompta 6.0.31
- macOS 10.15.1 crash fix

iCompta 6.0.30
- macOS 10.15 fixes

iCompta 6.0.27
- Added an option to send synchronization data on the cloud without needing to save manually (off by default)

iCompta 6.0.26
- Fixed an issue with wrong dates when opening a document
- Fixed an issue when using Japanese calendar

iCompta 6.0.25
- Change log not available for this version

iCompta 6.0.21
- Bug fixes

iCompta 6.0.20
- Change log not available for this version

iCompta 6.0.19
- Bug fixes

iCompta 6.0.18
- Bug fixes

iCompta 6.0.17
- Bug fixes

iCompta 6.0.16
- Bug fixes

iCompta 6.0.15
- Bug fixes

iCompta 6.0.14
- You can click on a column in the header of the transactions list to quickly sort by that column
- There is a new "Transactions > Set category…" menu item (with keyboard shortcut control + command + C) to allow you to type to select the category of a transaction instead of having to click on the popup button
- Bug fixes

iCompta 6.0.13
- Bug fixes

iCompta 6.0.12
- Bug fixes

iCompta 6.0.11

New features:
- There is a new setting to use last entered date by default when creating new transactions

- Bug fixes

iCompta 6.0.10

New features:
- Almost all columns in clients and invoices lists can now be sorted

- Bug fixes

iCompta 6.0.9
- You can now show the transactions details directly in reports
- Bug fixes

iCompta 6.0.8
- Bug fixes

iCompta 6.0.7
- Bug fixes

iCompta 6.0.6
- Japanese localization
- Bug fixes

iCompta 6.0.5
- Fixes: The remaining transactions of a budget were only computed for current period

iCompta 6.0.3
- New localizations: German
- Bug fixes

iCompta 6.0.2
- New features: You can now hide previous transactions when creating a new transaction
- Fixes: Bug fixes

iCompta 6.0.1
- Bug fixes

iCompta 6.0

New localizations:
- Spanish (thanks to Jordi Casiñol Noguera)
- Catalan (thanks to Jordi Casiñol Noguera)
- Italian (thanks to Alessandro Vancheri)

New features:
- The database format has been rewritten completely to be faster and more reliable
- Many interface changes for greater ease of use
- Support of the Touch Bar of the new MacBook Pro has been added to further simplify the most common tasks
- You can choose to hide the fields you don't use in the transaction editing panel
- Better handling of splits to avoid entering same information twice
- A Today extension is available to enter a new transaction quickly without having to launch iCompta
- There is a new action to categorize transactions from previous transactions automatically
- The previous periods of a budget are now frozen and keep the budgeted amount they had when they were created even if you change the budgeted amount later
- You can put a 0 amount line in a budget and you can add a line that will include transactions not included in other lines
- There is a new action to add missing categories to a budget
- You can change the start date and the end date of several lines of a budget at once
- The balance evolution graph is now more customizable and allows you to see the evolution of your net worth over years for example
- Better display of reports
- You can show a report for selected transactions under the transactions list
- You can preview corresponding transactions in reports and budgets by hitting space key
- You can now handle deferred debit manually if you prefer
- You can create a new rule quickly from a selected a transaction
- You can now extract dates from text in the rules
- Added an option to hide netted positions for securities
- You can import clients from a CSV file
- You can import invoices from a CSV file
- It's now possible to print the list of invoices
- New default invoice printing template
- You can create the corresponding transaction from an invoice
- The invoices now have a due date which make them appear in red when the payment has not been received yet
- You can now handle estimates and credit notes in addition to invoices
- You can set a discount for an invoice
- You can manage several companies

- iCompta can now handle multiple Linxo connections concurrently

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