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DxO PhotoLab (formerly DxO Optics Pro) 3.3.4 Build 65

友人や愛する人と連絡を取り合う。無料のメッセージ、ビデオ、音声通話、低コストの通話、楽しいステッカーを使って ICQ for Mac を入手してください。 ICQ for Mac には、コミュニケーションエクスペリエンスを強化するための新機能とアップデートがあります:

Free voice& ビデオ通話
数回のクリックで無制限の通話が可能です!無料の音声通話や ICQ でビデオチャットをすることで、いつでもどこでもうかいことに追いつくことができます。あなたが望む限り話し、レートについて心配しないでください.

あなたの ICQ をカスタマイズしてください!さまざまなテーマと背景色から選択してください。明るく、カラフルな、または最小限の - ICQ にはあらゆる気分にテーマが付いています.

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ソーシャルネットワークアカウントで ICQ を接続し、すべての友達と 1 つのアプリでチャットします。 ICQ for Mac.

Bright とカラフルなステッカーでメッセージングがずっと楽になります
Chatting は ICQ ステッカーで楽しくなります。

注:64 ビットプロセッサが必要です.

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ファイルのバージョン DxO PhotoLab (formerly DxO Optics Pro) 3.3.4 Build 65
ファイル名 DxO_PhotoLab3.dmg
ファイルサイズ 305 MB
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X 10.7 or later
ソフトウェアタイプ Freeware
著者 ICQ Inc
更新日 http://www.icq.com/download/
更新時間 2020-12-07

What's new in this version:

DxO PhotoLab (formerly DxO Optics Pro) 3.3.4 Build 65
Bug fixes:
- Application doesn’t crash on start up anymore in specific scenarios
- Star ratings now behave correctly
- Minor bug fixes

DxO PhotoLab (formerly DxO Optics Pro) 3.3.3 Build 64
Bug fixes:
- Fix a bug where app kept quiting when exporting
- App doesn't crash on quit anymore on specific scenarios
- Keywords are now kept correctly when image path has been fixed
- Local adjustments doesn't make the app hang in some scenarios
- Compare action doesn't freeze the app anymore in some scenarios
- Images on secondary volumes can now be seen properly with Catalina install
- Cropped dimensions aren't modified without user intervention anymore in some scenarios
- Grid can now be displayed properly
- 16 bits tiff are exported correctly as 16 bits and not 8 bits
- macOS 11 (Big Sur) is correctly supported up to beta 11

DxO PhotoLab (formerly DxO Optics Pro) 3.3.1 Build 58
- You can now show or hide the image information popup window

Bug fixes:
- We corrected the behavior of the cropping tool (in some cases the aspect constraints did not work properly)
- PhotoLab resumes its activity correctly after running in the background
- Minor bug fixes ​

DxO PhotoLab (formerly DxO Optics Pro) 3.3.1 Build 57
Bug fixes:
- Application performance is significantly improved for images containing several corrections
- Stability has been improved in some scenarios that caused the application to crash
- Better management of the contextual display of interface elements
- Key figures no longer change randomly when using the cropping tool in manual mode
- DNG format exports now contain the right color profiles
- Minor bug fixes

DxO PhotoLab (formerly DxO Optics Pro) 3.1.2 Build 42
- Fixed an issue when opening images on a secondary partition where Catalina is installed
- Minor bugs fix

DxO PhotoLab (formerly DxO Optics Pro) 3.1.1 Build 31
- Improved performance and fixed minor bugs

DxO PhotoLab (formerly DxO Optics Pro) 3.1.0 Build 29
- Change log not availale for this version

DxO PhotoLab (formerly DxO Optics Pro) 3.1.0 Build 26
Improvements in local settings:
- In the dedicated palette, the actions available in the layers are now accessible via right-click (context menu)
- The icons for displaying local settings on the image are now smaller and less intrusive
- Local actions and adjustment tools are now accessible via keyboard shortcuts

Improvements to the repair tool:
- The behavior of the brush is now identical to local settings
- Repair areas are now displayed with a contour to facilitate readability and interaction

Support for new cameras:
- Canon EOS M6 mk II
- Canon EOS 90D
- Canon EOS M200
- Fujifilm GFX 100
- Nikon Z50
- Olympus E-M5 mk III
- Sony A9 II
- Sony A6600
- Sony A6100

Bug fixes:
- Improved PhotoLab stability
- Better support of Catalina OS
- Improved database
- Minor bug fixes

DxO PhotoLab (formerly DxO Optics Pro) 3.0.1 Build 23
- Fixed issues related to the macOS Catalina update
- Fixed issues when navigating the Photos Library from within PhotoLab
- Minor bug fixes

DxO PhotoLab (formerly DxO Optics Pro) 2.3.1 Build 43
- Fixed a bug in updates of installed DxO Optics Module
- Better updating of certain changes in XMP files made by other applications
- Minor bug fixes

DxO PhotoLab (formerly DxO Optics Pro) 2.3.1 Build 41
4 new supported cameras:
- Canon EOS-250D
- Fuji GFX50R
- Fuji GFX50S
- Fuji XT-100

Bux fixes:
- Changes applied with local setting tools are no longer lost when you switch to full-screen mode
- PhotoLab now updates any changes made by third-party applications to xmp files
- Minor bug fixes

DxO PhotoLab (formerly DxO Optics Pro) 2.3.0 Build 38
Direct access to Nik Collection:
- A quick access button gives users direct access to the Nik Collection’s 7 plug-ins

2 new supported cameras:
- Canon EOS-RP
- Olympus OM-D E-M1 X

Bux fixes:
- The application no longer freezes when you loading metadata.
- The preview display now matches the selected image in all cases.
- The comparison tool now works in all of its modes.
- Other minor bug fixes

DxO PhotoLab (formerly DxO Optics Pro) 2.2.3 Build 36
8 New cameras supported:
- Leica M10-D
- Leica M10-P
- Nikon D3500
- Panasonic Lumix S1
- Panasonic Lumix S1R
- Panasonic LX100 II
- Sony A6400
- Sony RX100 VA

Bux fixes:
- Minor bugs

DxO PhotoLab (formerly DxO Optics Pro) 2.2.2 Build 31
Bux fixes:
- CR3 file format doesn’t create a memory leak anymore
- Application no longer crashes when using the “Compare” mode
- Minor bug fixes

DxO PhotoLab (formerly DxO Optics Pro) 2.2.1 Build 30

Bux fixes:
- Black level on Canon EOS-R, Canon EOS-M50, and Panasonic GX9 corrected
- Already-generated cached images now load correctly
- The application no longer crashes and freezes in certain specific scenarios
- Images from DJI Mavic 2 Zoom are now supported
- Minor bug fixes

DxO PhotoLab (formerly DxO Optics Pro) 2.2.0 Build 27
New cameras supported:
- Nikon Z6
- Canon EOS-R
- DJI Mavic 2 ZOOM
- Canon EOS-M50

Bux fixes:
- Image not refreshed and updated in filmstrip when edited by third party application
- Some JPG images can take minutes to be loaded in PhotoLab
- Crash of PhotoLab with some image + caf modules association
- Missing date of shoot in output dng for Sony
- Color casts and color renderings issues on some Sony RX100 VI and Olympus EM5 images
- Minor bugs

DxO PhotoLab (formerly DxO Optics Pro) 2.1.2 Build 25
- Fixed application freeze in some scenarios

DxO PhotoLab (formerly DxO Optics Pro) 2.1.2 Build 20

White balance:
- Temperature and Hue settings are now visible by default

Bug fixes:
- Problem migrating databases from previous versions of the software
- Impossibility of exporting to the Photos application in OS X 10.14 (Mojave)
- Application crashes when quitting from it in OS X 10.12 (Sierra)
- Slow preview of presets
- Some links to the help and resource pages no longer working
- Minor bugs

DxO PhotoLab (formerly DxO Optics Pro) 2.1.1 Build 17

Bug fixes:
- Some situations in which the application crashes
- Compatibility problems with certain file formats
- Minor bugs

DxO PhotoLab (formerly DxO Optics Pro) 2.1.0 Build 14

- Folder indexing: You can now specify which image folders PhotoLab should analyze in order to store the information (this takes into account subfolders as well)
- Significant improvement in application performance and responsiveness

3 New cameras supported:
- Nikon Z7
- DJI Mavic 2 PRO
- FujiFilm X-A5

Bux fixes:
- Minor bugs

DxO PhotoLab (formerly DxO Optics Pro) 1.2.3 Build 82
- Bug fix: Support of JPG files from Panasonic GX-9

DxO PhotoLab (formerly DxO Optics Pro) 1.2.2 Build 81
- Bug fix: Adobe Lightroom Classic CC compatibility issues

DxO PhotoLab (formerly DxO Optics Pro) 1.2.1 Build 79
- Bug fixes: Renaming image loses settings

DxO PhotoLab (formerly DxO Optics Pro) 1.2.1 Build 78
- Bug fixes

DxO PhotoLab (formerly DxO Optics Pro) 1.2.0 Build 75
- Minor bug fixes

7 new cameras supported:
- Panasonic Lumix TZ90/ZS70/TZ91/TZ92/TZ93
- Panasonic Lumix GF9/GX800/GX850
- Panasonic Lumix DMC G9
- Apple iPhone 8 Plus
- Apple iPhone X
- Canon EOS 200D / Rebel T7 / EOS Kiss X90 / EOS 1500D
- Sony A7 III

Local adjustments user experience enhancement:
- New option to display U Point mask.
- Hue and Selective tone are now available in local adjustments.
- Local adjustments design has been updated with correction categorization.

DxO PhotoLab (formerly DxO Optics Pro) 1.1.2 Build 65

- Sony A7R Mark III
- Leica M10: No optic module will be supported with this camera due to missing required information in Exif (FNumber)
- Canon G1 X Mark III

- U Points and automask don’t take into account impact from repair tool
- « Internal error » when reopening a picture using settings including a big amount of brush strokes with changing radius.
- Local bokeh used with U Points has a too strong impact on areas far from U Points.
- Wrong exposure setting migration from OpticsPro 9 when smart lighting was set to intensity 0 or off.
- Rare cases of Moiré generated by lens sharpness correction.
- PRIME generate in rare cases colored artifacts near bright areas.
- Slight aliasing when exporting a picture with a downsizing up to 50%.
- Minor bug fixes

DxO PhotoLab (formerly DxO Optics Pro) 1.1.1 Build 58
- Minor bug fixes

DxO PhotoLab (formerly DxO Optics Pro) 1.1.0 Build 56
Brush tool update:
- New flow and opacity settings for brush and eraser tools.

6 new cameras supported:
- DJI Mavic PRO
- DJI Phantom 4 PRO
- Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III
- Sony RX10 IV
- Canon EOS M100
- Olympus Tough TG-5

General fixes:
- Minor bug fixes

DxO PhotoLab (formerly DxO Optics Pro) 1.0.1 Build 53
Lightroom CC Classic support:
- DxO PhotoLab supports now officially Adobe Lightroom Classic CC

Local adjustments minor fix:
- Fixing a bug in local saturation, that was creating a demarcation between affected and unaffected areas in the picture (especially visible when using graduated filter).

General fixes:
- Minor bug fixes

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