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iMazing 2.15.7

iMazing for Mac は、すべての目的の iOS 管理ソフトウェアです。あなたのデバイスを jailbreaking せずに、通常可能な範囲を超えてモバイルデータを制御します。 iMazing を使用すると、バックアップを簡単に参照および管理したり、テキストメッセージを抽出したり印刷したり、曲を iPhone にドラッグ&ドロップしたりすることができます。簡単に言えば、iMazing for Mac では、iTunes が提供するものを超えて&ndash を利用できます。下記の広範な機能リストをご覧ください.

iMazing for Mac 特長:

iPhone、iPod& Mac と iPad への iPad ファイル転送 PC
任意の Mac または PC と iOS デバイス間でファイルを転送し、すべてのアプリケーションドキュメント、データ、およびメディアで使用できます。超高速 USB 経由または Wi-Fi 経由で簡単に接続できます。雲なし、脱獄なし、iTunes アカウントなし、または同期不要、ちょうど動作– すべての新しい iOS 9.

Device Backup& amp; リストア管理
すべての iOS デバイスを、データセットごとに完全にまたは選択的にバックアップし、リストアし、複​​製します。あなたのアプリケーションを含め、すべてのデバイスの完全なアーカイブを保存する’ データ。任意のデバイスでいつでもそれらを復元します。アプリやアプリケーションデータのバックアップと復元(iOS 9)– スペースを節約し、必要なときにアプリケーションを再インストールしてください.

転送 iPod、iPhone& iPad Music Right Way
iPhone、iPod、iPad、そして Mac または PC 間で音楽を転送できます。以前の同期または iTunes アカウントの一致要件なしで、iOS デバイスとの間で双方向に動作します。トラック、アルバム、プレイリスト、再生回数を処理する:あなたの iTunes ライブラリを再構築する.

iPhone データを保存して管理する& すべての iPhone データをテキストメッセージや画像(SMS、MMS、iMessage)、連絡先、ボイスメール、ボイスメモ、ノート、通話履歴などの任意のコンピュータに転送できます。 Mac または PC から iPhone 連絡先を管理する:連絡先を直接インポートまたはエクスポートする(vCard、連絡先 Mac アプリ、および Windows の連絡先をサポート)すべての画像とムービーをコンピュータ、カメラロール、フォトアルバム、または iCloud Photo Streams からコピーします.

すべてのメディア、データを転送&新しい iPhone
の設定 iPhone のすべてのデータを、iOS を実行している新しいデバイスに 2 つの簡単な手順で転送します。メディア、アプリケーションデータ、デバイス設定などの完全バックアップを作成します。ディスクの使用状況を維持するために、音楽ライブラリとビデオライブラリは別々に処理されます。 iCloud とは無関係に、以前の同期なしで、iTunes アカウントがリンクされていても、それはちょうど作品です.

注:15 日間の試用版です。 64 ビットプロセッサと iPhone、iPad または iPod model.

も利用可能:iMazing for Windows


ファイルのバージョン iMazing 2.15.7
ファイル名 iMazing2forMac.dmg
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X 10.8 or later
ソフトウェアタイプ Trial
著者 DigiDNA
更新時間 2022-07-08

What's new in this version:

iMazing 2.15.7
Fixes and Improvements:
- Manage Apps: fixed an Apple server error while downloading apps from the App Store, following Apple changes
- Music: fixed tracks incorrectly reported as not being in Apple Music when they are
- Music: improved typing characters in either of the 3 filter columns (Genre, Artist, Album)
- Music: playlists tracks are now displayed in their actual order
- Music: better handling of ID3 Album Artist tag
- Music: better handling of ID3 Compilation tag
- iOS 16 Messages: added deleted message notifications
- iOS 16 Messages: handling of edited messages
- iOS 16 Messages: handling of security notifications with special characters

iMazing 2.15.6
- Fixed a crash on macOS 13 Ventura Beta when connecting a device in Recovery mode
- Added new iOS 16 Setup Assistant step "Terms of Address" in iMazing Configurator's blueprint editor

iMazing 2.15.5
- iOS 16 an macOS 13 Ventura compatibility

iMazing 2.15.4
- Quick Transfer: fixed EPUB and PDF files not transferred to the Books app
- Music: fixed various crashes and improved memory usage

iMazing 2.15.2
- a rare crash while searching messages
- an issue when installing the same app simultaneously to multiple devices

iMazing 2.15.0
- Refreshed Music interface
- Album artworks are now visible
- New embedded player
- New album view
- New playlist view
- New filter: Hide DRM protected medias
- New filter: Hide medias already in iTunes/Music
- Audiobooks are now in the Books section

- exporting attachments from a note, iMazing was exporting just the first attachment
- date and time not displayed while searching messages

iMazing 2.14.8
- Backups: fixed a rare crash just before a backup operation starts
- Backups: fixed a rare crash when trying to extract files from a backup
- Spyware Analyzer: fixed a potential crash during analysis
- Messages: fixed a rare crash while exporting messages

iMazing 2.14.7
Fixes and improvements:
- Voice Memos: fixed loading Voice Memos on iOS 15.4 and above
- New iOS devices: added support for new iOS devices presented at Apple’s March special event: iPhone SE (3rd Gen), iPad Air (5th Gen), and new iPhone 13 colors
- Backups: fixed a rare issue where backing up a device on macOS could trigger an error “Operation Failed: Lost connection with devicename” when using an external disk or NAS
- Profiles: improved configuration profile installation on supervised devices (in some rare cases, the operation was returning an error "InstallProfileSilent failed, Error 4099: Couldn't communicate with a helper function")
- Spyware Analyzer: improved analysis for WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business - included latest Amnesty Tech MVT tool modifications
- Spyware Analyzer: added new module to analyse iOS Configuration Profiles - included latest Amnesty Tech MVT tool modifications
- Backup Browsing: the Files section is now available when browsing a backup
- Apple TV pairing: fixed pairing with Apple TV over the network, the Apple utility Paired Devices is now launched properly
- Remove All Pairing Records: this function, available in iMazing Preferences, works correctly now on macOS Monterey
- Manage Apps: improved login user experience with 2FA
- Manage Apps and Apple Volume Purchase: fixed issues preventing newly created managed Apple IDs from Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager from being utilized - it is now possible to enter directly the Server Token downloaded from ABM or ASM

iMazing 2.14.6
- iMazing Mini: a sound is now played when a notification is displayed. Play sound for notifications can be disabled in macOS Preferences (Notification & Focus -> iMazing Mini)
- iMazing Mini: optimized device info fetching to reduce battery usage on the device
- Configurator: a new option Allow unpaired external boot to recovery (allowUnpairedExternalBootToRecovery) is now available in the Organization & Supervision of the Blueprints editor
- File System: the iMazing folder is no longer automatically created in the Media folder. It will instead be created lazily when accessing the Documents folder at the root of the File System section
- Notes: fixed case where attachments in notes created with iOS 15 could not be displayed
- Notes: improved performance when loading attachments

iMazing 2.14.5
Fixes and improvements:
- Manage Apps: fixed error when logging in to Apple ID (handles a recent change on Apple-side)
- Photos: added handling of ProRes videos
- Supervision: it is now possible to supervise a device without erasing it if a backup from another device was just restored to it
- Backup Archiving: added additional checks to prevent automatic cleaning of older backup archives in specific scenarios
- UI: moved Files dataset after Apps
- Configurator: removed User cannot remove MDM profile option which is only honoured on devices enrolled via ADE
- Profile Editor: embedded version is now 1.5.2

iMazing 2.14.4
- Profile Editor: updated to version 1.5.1 which fixes an iOS 15 compatibility issue with profiles containing multiple payloads of the same type
- Notes: fixed crash when exporting attachments from pre iOS 10 devices

iMazing 2.14.3
- iOS 15: this new major iOS version is now fully supported
- iPhone 13 and iPad latest models:: all new Apple mobile devices info and images will be displayed properly
- Voice Memos: support for iOS 15 voice memos (a full backup of the device is now required to access voice memos)
- Notes: a new Export Attachment action has been added
- Export All Data: Notes attachments are now included in exports
- Contacts: custom fields are now all displayed, and included in exported vCards
- Contacts: improved support for importing vCards exported from Google Contacts (custom fields mapped to standard ones)
- WhatsApp: disappearing messages are now displayed correctly
- Photos: added a new column Is Favorite in the photo list view
- Photos: now support deleting photos taken with an iOS 15 device
- Restore OS: it is now possible to restore bridgeOS using DFU on T2/iBridge Macs
- Battery Info: when the Battery Effective Max. Charge is greater than the Battery Design Max. Charge, the percentage displayed under Battery Health won't be displayed over 100% to avoid confusions
- Files: if a device backup was done, it is now possible to browse and extract files and folders stored at the root of On My iDevice via the new Backup virtual item
- Misc: a Presentation mode toggle has been added to the Preferences window. Enable to hide phone number and Apple ID from the device info view
- Misc: it is now possible to enter recovery mode before pairing by opening a context menu from the device's icon in the pairing wizard screen. On iOS 14.5 and above, this requires a supervised device configured with allowUnpairedExternalBootToRecovery enabled
- Profile Editor: embedded version is now 1.5, featuring live updates of profile manifests

- Notes: fixed a rare issue preventing the loading of notes and causing high memory usage
- Notes: exporting a multi-page scan embedded in a note now exports all pages
- Videos: fixed a rare crash when handling some non-standard video formats
- CLI: fixed case where activating an erased device with the --activate switch could fail

iMazing 2.14.2
- Spyware Analyzer: improved logging of network errors while resolving shortened URLs

iMazing 2.14.1
- Photos: fixed rare crash in Photos browser

iMazing 2.14.0
- Books: fixed error when exporting PDF files to an external drive
- Photos: fixed a potential error when exporting items with the "Use Original Filenames" option enabled
- Photos: all errors should now be skippable when deleting photos
- Messages: fixed case where the phone number of the sender could be clipped in PDF exports of attachments if the 'Show Contact Details' option was enabled
- Messages: fixed rare issue with exporting to PDF a message containing a malformed link

iMazing 2.13.10
- Music: modernized Export to iTunes and Export to Folder wizards
- Music: improved Export to iTunes and Export to Folder operations

- Quick Transfer: fixed Quick Transfer not offering Photos as target app
- iOS 6 and below: fixed a connection issue with non-paired devices
- Backup Restore: fixed Install Apps from Library if available option which wasn't working in somes cases

iMazing 2.13.9
- iMazing is now compatible with iOS 15 Beta 1

iMazing 2.13.8
- iMazing CLI: you can now use iMazing's Command Line Interface from the terminal. C:Program FilesDigiDNAiMazingiMazing-CLI.exe --help to see the list of commands. iMazing CLI requires an iMazing CLI license available in the Business tab of our store.
- New Devices Support: iMazing now supports the new iPod Pro 2021 and can restore macOS to the new iMac 24" M1 2021 in DFU

- Localization: small improvements in German thanks to user feedback
- Music: fixed an encoding issue affecting special characters in the Artist and Album metadata fields when exporting tracks to the computer
- Music: fixed a rare crash when importing tracks to the device
- Photos: the Export button is now clickable even when no items are selected in the main view
- Backup Browser: Fixed Quicklook and double click to open a file only once per session
- Backup Editing: the Keychain-Backup.plist protection class is now handled properly when importing this file in an editable backup
- Backups: deleting backups should no longer occasionally trigger Access Denied errors
- Messages and WhatsApp: improved scrolling in large conversations
- Legacy iPod Support: improved support of non-iOS legacy iPod models. Fixed compatibility issues with the latest iTunes versions (12.11.x)

iMazing 2.13.7
- Change log not available for this version

iMazing 2.13.6
- Automatic Backups: when an automatic backup has been canceled by the user, no new scheduled backup of the same device will occur for an hour
- iMazing Configurator (macOS): added a new option in blueprints to ignore "Find My Device" status when a device is erased or a backup is restored

Fixes and improvements:
- Automatic Backups: fixed an issue with the option "Backup only if battery is: charging" on iPhone 12 devices
- Photos: fixed an issue where location longitude was displayed with a S (South) instead of W (West)
- Photos: improved deleting photos
- Backup Browsing: switching to a backup archive will not longer hang for a while when the device is not connected
- WhatsApp: improved bubble and text colors in Dark mode (macOS)
- Contacts: fixed a rare crash when browsing contacts
- Notes: images are now displayed in high resolution
- Supervision Organizations: fixed an issue when importing or exporting PKCS12 identities with passwords longer than 30 characters
- Music: improved exporting playlists to iTunes

iMazing 2.13.5
- WhatsApp: Added support for WhatsApp Business
- Profiles: Added Signed column to iMazing's profile library

Fixes and improvements:
- Backup Browsing: the presence or absence of WhatsApp is now correctly refreshed when switching between backup snapshots
- Books: fixed No asset manifest error when importing more than 200 books at once
- Configurator: fixed harmless final error when applying a blueprint to a DEP device of which the supervision identity is not configured in iMazing
- Messages & WhatsApp: long links are now clickable in exported PDFs
- Performance: substantial improvements in memory management to reduce iMazing's memory footprint
- Voicemail: fixed rare case were export could hang

iMazing 2.13.4
- Configurator: Added automatic selection of new organizations, profiles and MDM servers
- M1 Macs: iMazing will now detect M1 Macs in DFU mode and offer to restore macOS
- Messages & WhatsApp: New Only show attachments filter
- Messages & WhatsApp: Replies now labelled by prefixing them with Replying to metadata. CSV and Excel exports consequently have a new Reyplying to column which stores the original message along with its date and sender
- Storage: Available disk space of iOS and iPadOS devices now also includes purgeable space
- WhatsApp: Added filter to hide archived chats
- WhatsApp: Added new notifications: Phone number change, Message failed to send, and group admin changes

Fixes and improvements:
- Configurator: Fixed case where restoring a backup via a blueprint would result in apps not appearing on springboard despite app data being restored
- Export All Data: Fixed case where exporting chats with zero attachments could cause an error
- Export All Data: Allow skipping all errors
- File Transfer: If target device is full, iMazing will now wait for iOS to free purgeable space and retry
- File Transfer: Fixed error when transferring files from recently rooted devices
- Messages: Fixed case where exporting a chat to a PDF named with special characters could fail with an Cannot write local file error
- Mini: Fixed iMazing Mini requiring a license to restore a backup
- Networking: Improved proxy support (auto-config from PAC file and credential retrieval for authenticated proxies
- Notes: Exporting images from a note now always exports the high resolution version if available
- Notes: Fixed case where attachments from iCloud notes would not be displayed
- Photos: Fixed case where the original thumbnail of a ProRAW image could be missing
- Photos: Fixed rare crash when browsing photos via Wi-Fi
- Photos: Fixed rare crash when putting computer to sleep during loading of thumbnails
- Photos: Fixed Cannot write local file error when exporting photos saved from WhatsApp with the Use original filename preference
- Photos: Fixed case where exporting both an edited image and its original version would only export the original shot
- Supervision: Fixed case where supervision identities generated with the Windows version of iMazing could be considered invalid by iOS despite having a valid certificate

iMazing 2.13.2
- Calendars: Fixed case where exported events would contain a truncated note field
- Configurator: Added Automatically re-execute blueprint on reconnect after successful operation option to the operations dispatcher view. This setting facilitates automating provisioning in cases where the same device may be automatically provisioned multiple times upon connection to iMazing Configurator.
- Configurator: Improved error reporting when MDM enrollment is set to Download and Apply Configuration from DEP
- Contacts: Fixed case where the birthday field was not included when exporting to vCard
- Photos: Exporting to external drives no longer requires temporary local storage space
- Messages & WhatsApp: Fixed memory leak when exporting audio attachments
- Messages & WhatsApp: Fixed case where no attachments were exported when using the Export all data tool
- Messages & WhatsApp: Fixed case where not all attachments were exported when exporting multiple sessions simultaneously
- Messages & WhatsApp: Fixed case where the date label could be missing between text bubbles
- Messages & WhatsApps: Printer settings are now persistent
- Music: Improved parsing of Album Year ID3 tag
- Music: Improved handling of album art ID3 tags unexpectedly formatted
- Music: Fixed case where album art ID3 tag would be duplicated when exporting a track
- WhatsApp: Added blocked/unblocked notifications
- WhatsApp: Added broadcast messages
- WhatsApp: Improved handling of empty chats and notifications
- Other small fixes and stability improvements

iMazing 2.13.1
Fixes and improvements:
- Configurator: fix for app selection sheet randomly displayed
- iMazing Mini: fix content margin
- iMazing Mini: improved Preferences window on Big Sur
- WhatsApp: small improvements to handling of groups

iMazing 2.13.0
macOS 11 Big Sur and Apple Silicon:
- iMazing is now fully compatible with Big Sur, and ready for Apple Silicon. We are still waiting on one external library before we can offer a native Apple Silicon build, but the 2.13.0 version already runs very well in compatibility mode thanks to Apple's Rosetta.

Fixes and improvements in 2.13.0:
- Configurator: New option in the blueprint editor's Actions section to bypass an iOS issue causing DEP enrollment to be skipped when restoring a backup to the same device: Don't skip DEP enrollment
- Messages: Improved handling of forbidden characters when exporting to PDF
- Photos: Location data is again included when transferring photos to device on iOS 14.1 and above
- Photos: Importing photos to device now orders them by the Date Taken metadata instead of file creation date
- Profiles: Deleting a signed non-removable profile from a supervised device now works as expected

iMazing 2.12.7
Fixes and improvements:
- Licensing: fixed various activation issues
- Fixed inactive Choose Wallpaper button in Supervision wizard (macOS)
- Other minor fixes and stability improvements

iMazing 2.12.6
- Licensing Server Change: iMazing will now connect to for license validation. This change anticipates the upcoming retirement of our previous licensing platform, Devmate. Please make sure to whitelist if you're experiencing activation issues.
- Licensing: added support for new license types (imz*** license codes)
- Licensing: new license and trial screens
- Misc: added assets for new Apple devices

Fixes and improvements:
- Fixed inactive Choose Wallpaper button in Supervision wizard (macOS)
- Other minor fixes and stability improvements

iMazing 2.12.4
- Fixed iMazing Mini occasionally hanging on recent macOS Catalina versions
- General stability improvements following sanitized retrieval of disk usage metrics

iMazing 2.12.3
Fixes and improvements:
- Misc: The Exit Setup Assistant action does not work with iOS 14 devices and will cause iMazing to display an informative dialog
- Photos: fixed deleting photos from iOS 9 camera roll
- Profile Editor: VPN section completely reworked
- Supervision: it is now possible to pair supervised devices silently if the supervising organization is configured in iMazing. Backing up and accessing app files require the device to be unlocked, but clearing the passcode and managing profiles does not
- Other minor fixes and improvements

iMazing 2.12.0
- iMazing 2.12 introduces the ability to supervise devices and manage supervised devices via the new Supervision button in the actions list.

Supervise Devices:
The following options are available in the supervision wizard:
- Create or import a supervising organization
- Disable USB restricted mode
- Save passcode unlock token
- Allow or disallow pairing
- Allow or disallow activation lock
- Set language and country
- Configure wallpapers
- Skip setup assistant
- Configure accessibility options

Manage Supervised Devices:
If a device is already supervised, the supervision wizard exposes the following options:
- Set language and country
- Configure wallpapers
- Configure accessibility options
- Save passcode unlock token and clear passcode
- Clear restrictions password
- Enable or disable Single App Mode

iOS 14 Support:
- iOS 14 beta 4 photos can now be loaded properly. Photos of previous iOS 14 betas will not be supported anymore
- Changes in beta 4 which prevented backing up are now handled

Photo Transfer:
- Transferring photos to iPhone and iPad is again supported. Location data is omitted during the transfer because of an issue in iOS 13.4 and above which can cause photos containing location data to be removed from the device.

- Accessibility: Added a Choose button to the Quick Transfer wizard to improve its usability
- Apps: Inverted the Device and Library tabs in the Manage Apps wizard so that device apps appear first. Tab selection is preserved between sessions
- Backup Restore: Added Reminders to the list of datasets when customizing a partial backup restore
- Configurator: Added Exit Single App Mode action in the Devices view
- Configurator: Added new iOS 14 setup assistant skip keys
- Device Details: Added the supervising organization's name if the device is supervised
- Device Settings: Added set language, country and accessibility options. Supervised only settings have been moved to the Supervision wizard
- Library: Improved support for storing iMazing's library on slower external drives
- Notes: Improved support for weblinks and image attachments saved from external sources
- Profiles: It is now possible to manage configuration profiles of supervised devices without importing the supervision identity
- Sidebar: It is now possible to search devices by type or iOS version

iMazing 2.11.8
- iOS 14 beta: iMazing is now fully compatible and no longer displays a warning when connecting an iOS 14 device
- Photos: added option in the export panel to format exported moments as {date}-{location} instead of {location}-{date}
- Configurator: connectivity options are now ignored when applying a blueprint to devices which have no telephony capabilities
- Other minor fixes and improvements

iMazing 2.11.7
- iOS 14 beta early compatibility
- macOS 11 Big Sur early compatibility

iMazing 2.11.6
- iOS 13.5 is now fully supported
- Configurator: Added a Max simultaneous downloads setting in the Preferences window, Library tab
- Configurator: Added Manage Profiles and Manage Organizations buttons in the Preferences window, Library tab
- Messages: Improved support for message attachments in legacy iOS version (iOS 4)
- Quick Transfer: improved compatibility with legacy OS versions

- Calendars: fixed rare case where loading would never complete
- Configurator: OTA profiles which by definition are not installable from a computer will now trigger a specific error when imported in iMazing’s Profile Library
- Configurator: removed Uninstall System Apps blueprint action which caused some confusion since it can only uninstall fully downloaded apps
- Erase Operation: Fixed erroneous error message when erasing a supervised device
- Other small fixes and tiny improvements

iMazing 2.11.5
- Configurator: allow choosing non-root certificates when creating or importing an Organization
- Configurator: added new action "Restore OS"
- Configurator: added new action "Uninstall System Apps"
- Configurator: .blueprint exported files can now be applied to a device using the Quick Transfer action

- Configurator: fixed an issue when importing signed configuration profiles to library
- Configurator: fixed custom MDM server port not respected in certain circumstances
- Repair Backup: fixed a potential crash
- Photos: fixed accessing the photo library of old iPods (non-iOS devices)
- Photos: fixed drag and drop on macOS 10.11 and below
- Photos: fixed rare case where iMazing would display ghost items from 2001
- Installation: fixed message dialog shown when iMazing is not launched from the default /Applications folder, even when "Dont show again" is checked
- Various fixes and stability improvements

iMazing 2.11.4
- Configurator: added port for MDM servers
- Configurator: added an action to restore the device's last backup
- Configurator: added " Copy" to duplicated blueprint names
- Configurator: added {device_name} placeholder in device name scheme
- Configurator: blueprints, servers and organizations lists are now resizable
- WhatsApp: added support for messages sent from a WhatsApp Business account

- Configurator: Fixed iMazing Profile Editor not launched in some environments
- EULA: removed white background (thank you Alex)
- Device Settings screen: fixed crash affecting macOS 10.11 and below
- Repair Backup: fixed a rare crash
- Other minor bug fixes and stability improvements

iMazing 2.11.3
- added support for messages sent from a WhatsApp Business account

iMazing 2.11.2
- iOS: version 13.4 is now fully supported
- Photos: ability to select moments and export them using drag & drop
- Music: importing compilation albums is now handled properly
- Translation: minor changes in Portugese

- Photos: various minor fixes
- Music: fixed exporting tracks to the macOS Music app - in some cases the target path in the Music library was wrong
- Translation: fixed incomplete sentences in various languages
- Mini: fixed a crash when accessing Device Settings
- Backup repair: fixed a potential crash

iMazing 2.11.1
- Change log not available for this version

iMazing 2.11.0
The Photos section has been rebuilt from the ground up. The Camera section has been removed and integrated to Photos:
- Vastly improved loading times
- Preview photos in high resolution
- Access detailed information about each photo and video
- Preview and export other versions of a photo or video: pre-portrait mode asset, originals of edited items, image and video components of Live Photos
- Customize exports with powerful options
- Full screen mode

New Dataset:
This one is for sys-admins, developers and geeks:
- View configuration and provisioning profiles of iOS devices
- Install, export and remove profiles
- Manage a library of profiles

Tools Menu:
iMazing packages three smaller utilities which you can open from the new Tools menu:
- iMazing Mini is our menu bar app which handles automatic backups. It hasn't changed, but is now opened via the Tools menu instead of the backup icon in iMazing's top toolbar.
- iMazing HEIC Converter is our popular HEIC to JPEG conversion tool, now available within iMazing too.
- iMazing Profile Editor is our new Apple Configuration Profiles editor, also available on the Mac App Store as a standalone app.

Configurator Menu:
- iMazing 2.11 includes a new set of tools designed for sys-admins to manage and provision fleets of iOS devices. If you are not interested, you can select the Hide this menu option of the Configurator menu to remove it altogether from iMazing's menu bar.

- Backup: improved the Repair Backup feature to handle more edge cases
- iMazing Mini: reduce the frequency of disk accesses to allow NAS and other external drives to sleep more often
- Messages: threads with different recipients (email and phone number) for the same contact are now merged
- Messages and WhatsApp: added more info in TXT exports: time stamp, contact name etc.

- Automatic Backup: fixed a rare issue where an operation could run multiple times
- Backup: fixed an issue which could cause slower backups on certain configurations
- Contacts: fixed importing contacts to empty address book on devices running iOS 13.2 and above
- Photos: handling of new permissions required to delete photos in macOS 10.15.3
- Transfer to device: improved available space checks before transferring data

iMazing 2.10.6
- Fixed iMazing (macOS) unable to delete photos from Camera roll of recent iOS devices
- Fixed accessing Logs in iMazing's File System section when the device is on iOS 13 and connected via USB
- Fixed accessing Root in iMazing's File System section when the device is on iOS 13, jailbroken and connected via USB
- Fixed case where editable copies of non-encrypted backups could get corrupted when editing (digest file mismatch error 205)
- Fixed transferring files with the .ibooks extension to Books
- Fixed iMazing's Windows installer which in some cases wasn't keeping the installation location when updating iMazing
- Fixed Windows buttons layout in the Check for Updates window on lower screen resolutions
- Fixed case where the sidebar contextual menu would display "Reinstall iPad OS" instead of "Reinstall iOS"
- Fixed Quick Transfer of audio books to BookMower third party app
- Fixed wrong emojis shown on macOS El Capitan when exporting Messages or WhatsApp conversations to PDF
- Other minor fixes and improvements

iMazing 2.10.5
- Support for new iOS 13.2 emojis
- Other minor improvements

iMazing 2.10.4
- Fixed issue with erasing devices running iOS 10 or below
- Fixed call history section asking for encrypted backup even if the backup was already encrypted
- Fixed issue where deleting contacts did not work on iOS 13 devices
- Fixed album cover arts in JFIF format not transferred when copying music to the iOS Music app
- Fixed charger voltage and amperage not shown in battery diagnostics for iOS 13 devices
- Fixed case where the malfunctioning USB cable message was shown multiple times
- When an iOS installation fails, iMazing will now make the device exit from recovery mode
- Other minor fixes and improvements

iMazing 2.10.3
- Fixed device activation for iOS 13.1
- Fixed detection of empty devices on iOS 13.x
- Other minor bug fixes and improvements

iMazing 2.10.2
- Fixed a very high memory usage and hangs when displaying Messages or WhatsApp large conversations (Mac)
- Fixed a potential freeze at startup (Mac)
- Fixed an issue when restoring app data backups (.imazingapp files), file were not restored anymore in version 2.10.1
- Fixed developer apps built with Xcode 11 in debug, iMazing wasn't showing their "Developer" folder anymore
- Other minor bug fixes and improvements

iMazing 2.10.1
- Now fully compatible with iOS 13 and macOS 10.15 Catalina
- Compatibility with iTunes downloaded from the Microsoft Store (Windows)
- Backup: new engine lays groundwork for future optimizations and improves error reporting
- Update iOS: added an option to backup the device before updating the OS
- Messages / WhatsApp: added support for the following languages: Thai, Vietnamese, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu Tamil, Gujarati, Urdu, Kannada, Odia, Malayalam, Punjabi, Sanskrit
- Renamed section "Videos" to "TV" to match the new iOS 12.4 TV app
- Minor improvements and fine tuning

iMazing 2.10.0

- Compatibility with iTunes downloaded from the Microsoft Store
- Backup: new engine allowing a better error reporting
Messages / WhatsApp: added support for the following languages: Thai, Vietnamese, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu Tamil, Gujarati, Urdu, Kannada, Odia, - Malayalam, Punjabi, Sanskrit
- Many minor improvements and others fine tunings

- iMazing Mini: fixed notifications not sorted chronologicaly
- iMazing Mini: fixed serious mode option not saved
- Manage Apps: fixed a rare crash when downloading apps
- Manage Apps: fixed potential issues when trying to download and update apps with wrong CFBundleVersion numbers, not properly incremented by their developers (It's not possible to keep multiple version of such apps, please contact the app developer in case you encounter this issue and ask him to increment the value of CFBundleVersion when releasing an update)
- Messages / WhatsApp: fixed a crash when displaying or exporting conversations with PNG attachments
- File Transfer: fixed an issue with long paths when transferring files to Windows computers. This was potentially affecting the Books Export feature
- Notes: Fixed an error when exporting notes to PDF

iMazing 2.9.14
- macOS Catalina support
- Export music and videos to the new Catalina Music and TV apps

- Update iOS: fixed a potential issue when installing an IPSW downloaded manually (Mac)
- Manage Apps: fixed issues when downloading or installing app updates which do not increment their bundle version
- Manage Apps: fixed app search function to add apps from the App Store in Arabic
- Music: removed the dialog shown when adding tracks already in the device library to a playlist
- Contacts: fixed an issue preventing the import of contacts exported on Windows
- Quick Transfer: fixed an issue with matching file types to compatible apps. Numbers, Pages and other apps should now be listed correctly when transferring the corresponding file type
- Messages: fixed an issue with dates / timestamps not correctly retrieved from iOS 4 and 5
- Messages / WhatsApp: fixed an issue with traditional Chinese characters not displayed in PDF exports
- Messages / WhatsApp: fixed a rare crash when loading messages
- Preferences: fixed a crash when changing the CSV Data Export delimiter (Windows)

iMazing 2.9.12
- Change log not available for this version

iMazing 2.9.10
- iOS 13 beta, early compatibility

iMazing 2.9.9
- iMazing Mini isn't suspended by macOS anymore when the account is locked
- Fixed rare crash when loading Messages or WhatsApp views
- Fixed UI glitch in WhatsApp where a message could become floating instead of a date
- Fixed iMazing Preferences' Detection of media already in iTunes setting not taken into account when set to Disabled

iMazing 2.9.8

- Fixed case where depending on the timezone, very recent messages would only show up after resetting the date range
- Fixed keyboard navigation in threads and chats
- Improved handling of corrupted or missing attachments

Other fixes:
- Fixed crash related to restoring app data to iOS 10.0 or 10.1 devices
- Other minor fixes

iMazing 2.9.7

- Call history now includes two new columns: Location and Service (WhatsApp, Skype, Viber...)

- Fixed a crash while loading Messages, WhatsApp or Safari
- Fixed a crash when loading Call History on iOS 9 and lower
- Mac: fixed device pairing screen not shown when iMazing and Mini were both running

iMazing 2.9.6

- Improved jailbreak detection (Chimera and Uncover)
- It is now possible to reverse the sort order of Messages and WhatsApp threads by clicking the header

- Fixed cases where the battery icon would not be displayed or would display stale values
- Fixed case where the date label in the WhatsApp view was displayed according to UTC instead of local time
- Fixed case where loading notes with a lot of markup would cause memory usage to balloon
- Increased backup timeout to one hour to better support very large backups on slower drives
- Other small improvements and stability fixes

iMazing 2.9.5
- iOS 12.2 support
- Support for new iPad models
- Messages: support for voice messages sent from iOS 12.2 devices
- Messages and WhatsApp: added Show all dates option

iMazing 2.9.4

- Data is invalid error when parsing a backup is now ignored when it is safe to do so
- Bulk exports of Messages and WhatsApp threads now honour the current date range
- Improved support for older versions of WhatsApp
- Fixed rare Error writing file error when exporting Messages or WhatsApp to PDF

iMazing 2.9.3
- This version introduces support for browsing, exporting and printing WhatsApp data, as well as a completely overhauled message data extraction and PDF generation engine for Messages

iMazing 2.9.2
- This version introduces support for browsing, exporting and printing WhatsApp data, as well as a completely overhauled message data extraction and PDF generation engine for Messages

iMazing 2.9.1
- Fixed crash when exporting music from iTunes Classic to iTunes

iMazing for Mac 2.9.0
Browsing Messages and WhatsApp chats:

- Loading times greatly improved
- Supports arbitrarily large quantities of messages, even on older computers New displayed data types
- Subject line (Messages)
- Message Status (sent, delivered, read)
- Group events (who joined or left and when, more...)
- Service type change (SMS, MMS, iMessage)
- (Optional) Contact details (email or phone number)
- Windows: Emojis are finally displayed in all their colorful glory Search
- Added date range filter
- Added search in conversations (find all threads or chats whith a specific contact)
- Text search now retains context when cleared (search for a word, select a message in the result and clear search to identify which chat the message belongs to) Export behaviours
- Added contextual menu on threads
- Selecting multiple threads no longer aggregates their content, instead used for bulk export of multiple conversations
- Drag out selection with attachments only will export attachments. Drag out selection containing text will export to PDF Attachments
- Videos, audio clips and GIFs can now be played within the view
- Shared locations are displayed as such, and can be opened in Google maps or exported as links
- Shared URLs displayed with site description, and can be opened in default browser or exported as links
- Shared vCards containing multiple contacts are now exported to split vCards on Windows for better compatibility

Exporting to PDF and Printing:
- iMazing now features native PDF generation, allowing for greatly improved performance and expanded features when both exporting to PDF and printing both Messages conversations and Whatsapp chats.
- Bulk export of threads to PDF (split files or single file)
- Choose scale, margins and orientation

Choose paper size Optional:
- Chat session name and participant details in header
- Page numbers in footer
- Extraction metadata in footer (great for increased legal weight)

Exporting to CSV or TXT:
New fields in CSV exports:
- Delivered date
- Read Date
- Service Type (SMS, MMS, iMessage)
- Sender name
- Sender contact details (email or phone number)
- Subject
- Attachment type
- (Optional) Include header row
- (Optional) Include thread/chat name (useful for bulk exports to spreadsheets) Text exports now optionally include:
- Chat session name
- Sender (group chats)
- Date/Time
- Status (Sent, Delivered, Read)
- Attachment informations
- Notifications
- Separator between messages

Fixes and smaller changes in 2.9:
- Apple TV: Improved wireless pairing of 4k models
- Apps: when searching in the App Store, iMazing no longer defaults to the US store
- Apps: don’t offer update of apps if the update is incompatible with the iOS version of the target device
- Apps: improved restore of multiple .imazingapp files at the same time which in some cases could cause a ‘Unique constraint’ SQLite error
- Device Info: dual e-SIM info is now displayed
- iMazing Mini: fixed rare case where iMazing Mini thread count would keep rising when the app has been running for 10+ days without interruption
- Media sync: copy to Photos, Music, Ringtones and Videos now use much less CPU
- Music: improved exporting playlists to iTunes
- Music: fixed case where a special character in the Album Artist tag would cause tracks to be copied as separate albums
- Photos: better handling of copying photos to iOS when the photo library of the target device is empty or nearly empty
- Photos: fixed 'Error communicating with device' error when there are more than 6'000 photos in synced albums
- Photos: better interaction with albums originally synced with iTunes
- Restore: when restoring a backup without erasing the target device, iMazing will no longer uninstall apps which are on the target device but not in the backup
- Voice memos: better handling of missing or corrupt files in bulk exports

iMazing for Mac 2.8.5
- Fixed a crash when restoring .imazingapp files

iMazing for Mac 2.8.4
- Fixed regression in 2.8.3 which caused reinstalling iOS to wrongly try to ask for device unlock, thereby making reinstalling iOS impossible
- Fixed iMazing Mini crashing if a device which was erased without signing out of Find my iPhone (activation locked) is connected

iMazing for Mac 2.8.2
- Fixed a memory leak while converting HEIC files to JPEG
- Fixed issues when exporting items with back slash characters "" from a backup or the iOS file system
- Excluded Adobe Lightroom app from Quick Transfer, importing files to Lightroom via the File Sharing is unfortunately not supported by Lightroom
- Other minor fixes and improvements

iMazing for Mac 2.8.1
- Fixed iPhone XR model details not retrieved properly
- Other minor fixes and improvements

iMazing for Mac 2.8.0

Quite a few small but substantial improvements in this update:
- New 2018 iPads Pro support
- iOS 12.1 support
- Managing app updates from the “Manage Apps” section is now much easier to use: a dedicated window lists available updates, and it is now easy to download updates or directly update apps on a specific device
- Installing VPP apps is now supported, as long as device assignment is already done
- The calendar view will now display multi-day events on multiple days and not just on the day of the event
- When a device’s backup location is on an unavailable NAS, iMazing will let you know and will offer to stop trying to connect
- Other tiny improvements

Fixes and improvements:
- Fixed issues in the "Manage Apps" section when updating or downloading apps
- Fixed few issues in the "Calendars" section
- Many improvements and other minor fixes

iMazing for Mac 2.7.2
- Change log not available for this version

iMazing for Mac 2.7.1
- iPhone XS and XS Max compatibility update
- Other minor improvements

iMazing for Mac 2.7.0
iPhone XS & XS Max Ready, iOS 12 Compatibility:
- iPhone XS and XS Max should be displayed beautifully when connected to iMazing
- iOS 12 is fully supported, including updating to iOS 12 with iMazing

Quick Transfer Wizard:
- Easily transfer documents, media, books and files to your iOS devices via drag and drop
- Drop files and folders in the Quick Transfer window, and iMazing will automatically detect compatible apps

Export All Data:
- Export all data from iOS devices in human readable format in 2 clicks only
- Aimed at repair shops, data recovery pros and lawyers
- Special shout out to Geneva’s Maclinic repair shop for suggesting the feature

macOS Mojave: Dark Mode & More:
- Dynamic Dark Mode support: iMazing automatically adapts when changing the macOS theme, no need to quit and relaunch
- New security & privacy features handled: iMazing will request permission to access iTunes backups, and to import media to iTunes’ Library

Fixes and improvements:
- Fixed an issue when transferring books to an iOS device after having deleted a book from the iBooks app
- Fixed an issue when drag & dropping multiple VCard files in Contacts section (Mac)
- Fixed an issue in Calendars where time was formatted in 24 hours format instead of 12 in english
- Fixed an issue in Calendars where time wasn’t shown in the right time zone
- Fixed an issue on Windows 32 bit where editing backup and backing up app data to .imazingapp wasn’t working
- Fixed an issue on Windows 32 bit where backup file sizes were wrong (1.2 EB).
- Fixed an issue on Windows where the quality of exported voicemail as .mp3 files was degraded
- Improved iOS app update in the “Manage Apps” section, fixed false positive updates
- Fixed an issue preventing Mac screens from sleeping while iMazing Mini is running
- Lots of other minor fixes and improvements

iMazing for Mac 2.6.4
- Change log not available for this version

iMazing for Mac 2.6.3
Fixes and improvements:
- Fixed backup location wizard not displayed in macOS 10.8 and 10.9
- Fixed case where starting a new backup could cancel another ongoing backup operation (macOS)
- Apple TV 4K can now be paired (macOS)
- Exported voicemail are now converted to mp3 (Windows) or m4a (macOS)

iMazing for Mac 2.6.1
- Tiny fixes and stability improvements

iMazing for Mac 2.6.0
- Fixed a recursive crash occurring only on Mac without battery (iMazing 2.6.0 - build 8971 - iMac, Mac mini...). We are sorry for the inconvenience. If you cannot update, please download iMazing manually from

iOS 11.4 Compatibility:
- Fixed message attachments not displayed in some cases
- General compatibility fixes

Safari Data:
- Browse and export Safari browsing history, bookmarks, and reading lists
- 2 export formats: CSV for spreadsheets or HTML to import in another browser
- Recover Safari data from backups too, including from iTunes backups

- Browse and export events from the iOS Calendars app
- 2 export formats: CSV for spreadsheets or ICS to import in other calendar apps
- Recover Calendar data from backups too, including from iTunes backups

Better CSV Exports:
- All CSV exports have been completely overhauled: Call History, Contacts and Messages.
- Added column headers for all CSV exports
- Completely reworked the Contacts CSV export for better compatibility with Outlook and Google Contacts
- Better handling of illegal characters

Resizable Wizards:
- All wizard screens now feature resizable contents. This is especially useful in the Manage Apps wizard: more room for your content!

Memory and Performance Optimizations:
- Loaded backups now take twice less space in RAM
- faster and more efficient memory management
- And lots of other tiny improvements and microscopic fixes

iMazing for Mac 2.5.4
iPhone X:
- Support for new resolution in iMazing's UI
- Minor compatibility adjustments

Brand new Manage Apps wizard:
- Download IPAs from the App Store
- Manage an App Library on your computer, install/uninstall, backup or restore all from the same view
- Sort apps by size, filter them by Apple ID
- Restoring .imazingapp apps now installs the app straight from the App Store
- Read our blog post to learn more

- Apps: Added label to identify apps not compatible with current device type (Manage Apps wizard)
- Apps: Added Delete and Hide from Library option to permanently remove an app from iMazing's Library
- Books: Much improved robustness when transferring books and pdfs to iOS devices
- Books: Book titles with special characters are now always displayed correctly
- Call History: added FaceTime info to identify FaceTime Audio and Video calls
- Console: Much improved robustness on Windows, the Console should now just work!
- Console: Improved performance when leaving the console window open for a long time
- Contacts: Importing vCard files to iOS now supports more vCard format variants
- Contacts: More tiny improvements in imports/exports
- File Transfer: Fixed case where transferring multi-gigabyte files over Wi-Fi could fail
- Localisation: fixed German translation of the Windows Files menu, thank you Theodor!
- Music: Exporting compilations to iTunes should now work as expected
- Music: Fixed case where iMazing hanged when transferring a folder containing a lot of tracks to iOS
- Music: Fixed Import from iTunes when the iTunes Music Library is on an external drive (Windows)
- Music: iMazing now display a warning when exporting DRM protected music
- Music: Improved Composer metadata handling
- Photos: Added location data when transferring photos to iOS
- Photos: Fixed case where creating or renaming albums could result in iMazing not displaying them immediately
- Photos: Fixed case where importing large number of photos could fail
- Photos: Much improved stability when copying photos to device, especially to older/less powerful models
- Photos: Ordering of imported photos is now always based on date, just as in the iOS Photos app
- UI: Improved reactivity of dataset loading (stop/refresh)
- UI: Added Options button to the actions list to increase backup options discoverability
- UI: Re-organised contextual menus of the sidebar
- UI: Fixed a few harmless glitches

iMazing for Mac 2.5.3
- Apps: fixed rare case where app download would stop at 99%
- Apps: improved error handling when restoring multiple apps in batch (added skip/stop dialog)
- Apps: fixed UI glitch in Find my iPhone screen when restoring .imazingapp files
- Apps: better handling of .IPAs imported to iMazing's library
- Backup: fixed regression which prevented reading iOS 10.0 encrypted backups
- Books: iBooks downloaded with iOS 11 are now properly displayed
- Photos: deleting pictures in the camera roll now also works for HEIC files
- UI: improved display of device screenshots for all models

iMazing for Mac 2.5.2
- Fixed issues when importing old .ipa downloaded from iTunes
- Fixed updating iOS crash at the end of the operation
- Fixed missing device image for iPad Air 2
- Fixed rare cases where notes were duplicated
- Fixed rare issues where a device backup password could be not retrieved from the macOS Keychain. If you were in that case, let us know if that works for you!
- Other minor bug fixes and improvements

iMazing for Mac 2.5.1
- Fixed installation of .ipa packages not downloaded from the App Store
- Fixed "Add from App Store", previously it was not possible to search for apps with non-standard characters
- Other minor stability improvements

iMazing for Mac 2.5.0

iPhone X:
- Support for new resolution in iMazing's UI
- Minor compatibility adjustments

Brand new Manage Apps wizard:
- Download IPAs from the App Store
- Manage an App Library on your computer, install/uninstall, backup or restore all from the same view
- Sort apps by size, filter them by Apple ID
- Restoring .imazingapp apps now installs the app straight from the App Store
- Read our blog post to learn more

- Backup: fixed an issue where backing up to a NAS volume which was not mounted when the backup started could cause an 'Cannot Optimise Backup Size' error.
- Books: better metadata support (Artist field)
- HEIC conversion: added support for color profiles, improved robustness
- Notes: fixed case where some notes could appear twice
- UI: fixed screenshot display issues with some rarer devices

iMazing for Mac 2.4.3
- Photos: HEIC to JPEG conversion, exported files are now lighter by default (95% quality)
- Photos: HEIC to JPEG conversion, exported JPEG files now include EXIF metadata
- Improved “Unlock device with passcode” dialog boxes, clicking cancel will suspend unlock prompts for the device until the next user action which requires it
- Better handling of NAS backups
- Mini: Improved backup notification reporting
- Mini: Prioritise devices which haven’t been backed up
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

iMazing for Mac 2.4.2
- Important: fixed a regression which could block backups at the ‘Preparing backup’ stage. Our apologies to all impacted users, and our thanks to those who alerted us of the issue
- Fixed export of filtered photos in HEIC format
- Other minor stability improvements

iMazing for Mac 2.4.1
- Photos: iOS 11’s new .HEIC images are now converted on the fly to .JPG if needed
- Preferences: Photo Export Format settings in Other Data tab. Choose in which format iMazing will export iOS 11 .HEIC photos
- Backup: Better handling of unavailable (disconnected) backup locations
- General: Small stability fixes and improvements

iMazing for Mac 2.4.0

- Backups: iMazing and iMazing Mini will now attempt to automatically mount network drives if they are active backup locations
- Device Info: Exporting device info now includes paths of apps, including GUID
- UI: Changed the way devices and backups are grouped in the sidebar. The new sections are: Available, Disconnected, Old Backups, Editable Backups. Backup location is now displayed in the device’s description text along with backup size
- UI: Battery icon and disk usage bar are now clickable to display extra info
- UI: Device info is now showing the backup location, backup size and number of backups

- Backup: Fixed rare issue with backups to external drives where a new Apple backup error was not correctly intercepted, resulting in a ‘Missing Status.plist’ error
- Transfer to device (iMazing): Improved handling of ‘dangling’ syncs when transferring music, photos, videos or iBooks to devices (‘Error Communicating with Device’ error)
- Review all devices (Mini): Fixed case where reviewing settings of all devices could reset battery notification and min battery settings
- Fixed iMazing’s window not displaying immediately at startup if login items contain an external drive which is not available or slow (network drive)
- Notes (iMazing): fixed case where some notes could be missing if the user had notes in both the old iOS 9 format and the new iOS 10 one
Notifications "Serious mode" (Mini): is now working properly

iMazing for Mac 2.3.3

- Integrated new iOS 11 icons
- Added power assertions to prevent computer sleep from interrupting backups
- Better handling of large backups to an external drive
- Devices are now always backed up before updating or reinstalling iOS
- Better handling of iOS reinstallation on multiple devices simultaneously
- Reinstall iOS: Added warning before iMazing puts the device in Recovery Mode

- Apple TV no longer displayed in iMazing Mini since tvOS does not allow backups
- Fixed crash when adding backup folder
- Fixed rare case where a ‘Backup Successful’ notification was erroneously displayed (iMazing Mini)
- Localisation: fixed french spelling mistake of ‘Diagnostics’ (Thank you Serge!)
- Minor stability fixes

iMazing for Mac 2.3.2
- Improvement of backup migration robustness
- Minor localisation fixes
- Stability improvements

iMazing for Mac 2.3.1
- Fixed issue with Cannot Optimise Backup Size message in some cases appearing without reason
- Fixed missing localisation in a few buttons
- Fixed iMazing Mini’s Welcome Screen always being displayed if iMazing was not installed in the Applications folder
- Added missing assets for new iPad Pro models
- Other tiny fixes and minor improvements

iMazing for Mac 2.3.0

IOS 11 Compatibility:
- iMazing is now fully compatible

Introducing iMazing Mini:
- iMazing now includes a companion menu bar app which can automatically back up your devices, monitor your battery levels, and more. Click 'Launch iMazing Mini' to discover all it can do for you

Automatic scheduled backups via Wi-Fi:
- Thanks to the Mini, iMazing can now be configured to backup your device automatically when it's connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your computer. Fully automatic backups, on your schedule!

New format for backup archives:
- iMazing 2's 'Automatic Backup Archival' feature has been keeping your data safe for nearly a year now. Our new format is faster, more portable, and compatible with NAS and FAT32 drives

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed regression which could cause a crash when switching to archive


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