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Movist 2.0.7

Movist for Mac は、QuickTime と FFmpeg に基づくムービープレーヤーです。高品質のキャプション機能などを備えたメディアプレーヤー。 Mac OS X 用ムービープレーヤー(QuickTime& FFmpeg。

Movist for Mac 特長:
QuickTime と FFmpeg をサポートカスタマイズ可能な高品質のキャプション smi、srt 形式のキャプションをサポートプレイリストのサポートフルスクリーンのコントロールパネルシンプルなユーザーインターフェイスユニバーサルバイナリ注:必要です 64 ビットプロセッサー.8997423

ファイルのバージョン Movist 2.0.7
ファイル名 Movist.dmg
ファイルサイズ 47.1 MB
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X 10.9 or later
ソフトウェアタイプ Shareware
著者 Yong-Hoe Kim & Cheol Ju
更新時間 2019-03-24

What's new in this version:

Movist 2.0.7
 - Fixed a problem that can not open a file with drag and drop in window

Movist 2.0.6
- Fixed problem where some music file can not be played
- Fixed problem that stopped some files as soon as they opened
- Fixed problem that prevented some files from restoring the last playing time
- Removed internet media watching feature
- Removed temporary files unused anymore

Movist 2.0.5
- Fixed some unexpected crash
- Fixed viewing previous frame when seek for some files
- Fixed audio sync in some .ts files
- Improved hardware video decoding

Movist 2.0.4
-  Fixed intermittent crash when played to the end
-  Fixed crash in some ttxt subtitles
-  Fixed crash in some ass subtitles
-  Fixed crash in some pgs subtitles
-  Fixed some strange characters appearing in some subrip and sami subtitles
-  Fixed incorrect aspect ratio of some videos when opened with QuickTime decoder
-  Fixed incorrect resizing height of inspector window
-  Added Preferences > Playback > "Speed adjustment unit"

Movist 2.0.3

- UI does not hide when mouse moves out of the bottom of the window
- cannot load some .sami subtitle files
- subtitles were cut off in some fonts
- instant applying Preferences > Playlist > Media/Playlist ended action settings
- some Chinese translation

- Chrome extension
- Reordering playlist items by drag-and-drop
- Reordering video filters by drag-and-drop
- Preferences > Playback > "Show bookmarks in seek slider"

Movist 2.0.2
-  Fixed: Seeking position problem by keyboard after seeking by horizontal scroll
-  Fixed: Zoomed area can not be moved under zoom ratio of 100%
-  Fixed: incorrect character at the beginning of text in embedded ttxt subtitles
-  Fixed: subtitles no longer display after playing beyond last subtitle range
-  Fixed: toggling full screen does not work while playing audio file
-  Added: subtitle list view in Control Panel > Subtitle > each subtitle track
-  Added: Preferences > General > "Keep video aspect ratio while resizing window"
-  Preferences > Full Screen > "Black out other screens" is off by default
-  Subtitle delay can be set for each subtitle track
-  Non subtitle .txt file is not added to playlist any more
-  Added bottom margin below seek-bar in full screen
-  Added bookmark add/edit & import from 1.4.x
-  Added playlist(.movist) file import from 1.4.x

Movist 2.0.1

Bugs fixed:
- Accessible Folder management
- Incorrect behaviour of keyboard shortcuts with Shift and/or Option key.
- Incorrect Arrow key behavior in File Open Panel.
- Incorrect Chinese translation in full screen time labels in Preferences.
- Setting value for Audio device delay in Preferences > Audio
- No display for some embedded ass subtitles
- No display for some SubRip(.srt) subtitle files
- No display for TTXT(.ttxt) subtitle files
- No apply sync. adjustment for subtitle range repeat & subtitle seeking.
- No display subtitle while playing in subtitle range repeat
- Can seek beyond range repeat boundary
- Cannot seek in some time ranges of movie file
- Incorrect backward/forward frame in some files

- Preferences > General > Show status message
- Preferences > General > Keep window on top
- Preferences > General > Support Apple Remote
- Preferences > Audio > Finetune Volume (0.01 unit)
- Preferences > Playback > Previous/Next 300 sec.
- Preferences > Playback > Horizontal screen
- Preferences > Playback > Use Key-frame seeking
- Preferences > Playlist > Default > When playlist ended > Close Window
- Main Menu > Movist > Visit Web Site
- Main Menu > Help > Movist FAQ

- Timer added when playlist ended
- Range-repeat popover behavior
- Show status message when click pushpin button in title-bar
- Normal play speed in slow motion range
- Auto-switch to Software decode when Hardware decode is stalled

Movist 2.0.0

- user interface
- app-icon & file-icons
- official web site
- macOS 10.14 Dark mode supported
- Optimized for macOS 10.14

- Thumbnails on seek-slider
- MacBook Pro TouchBar support
- Key-input prefs for Control Panel
- Music file play
- Internet media play
- Safari extension app
- Track selection prefs when open media
- Playlist management
- Playlist sort & search
- H.265/HEVC hardware video decode acceleration
- 10-bit color support
- Smart zoom-in/out
- Audio devices prefs
- Default audio device prefs
- Subtitle speech
- Subtitle prefs for each language
- pgs subtitle support
- Subtitle fade-in/out effect
- Subtitle range repeat

- Keyboard shortcut prefs UI
- Multiple track selection UI
- Accessible Folders management
- ass/ssa subtitle support
- Subtitle text-encoding autodetection
- Range-repeat setup
- seek performance & precision

Movist 1.4.2
- Fixed white letter-box in macOS 10.13

Movist 1.4.1
- Fixed control panel appearing on launching in macOS 10.12
- This version supports macOS 10.9 or later (10.6-10.8 not supported)

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