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OmniFocus 2.12

OmniFocus for Mac は、あなたが望むように自分の仕事を管理するのに役立ち、最も重要なことに集中することができます。タスクやアイデアをキャプチャすることは、キーボードショートカットキーである OmniFocus for Mac にあります。メール、Safari、メッセージ、またはサードパーティのアプリケーションからデータをクリップします。アイデアを整理して離れてしまう前に、クイックエントリを表示してください。それはあなたの指先でいつもより多くを待っています。文脈、見通し、焦点に分けて仕事と遊びを分かち合ってください。無関係なものを無視し、あなたが今できることに焦点を当て、より多くのことを達成してください。かつてよりもずっと速くやってください。ダウンロードまたはインストール!

OmniFocus for Mac 特長:

OmniFocus を使用すると、さまざまな方法で作品を見ることができます。それぞれの視点は、企画、実行、あなたの次の日のチェックなど、特定の目的に合わせて設計されています.

評価の最善の方法でプロジェクトや目標を最優先してください。間隔、ショートカットなどをカスタマイズします。 iPad と Mac の場合


OmniFocus を開いても、iPhone、iPad、Mac 上のすべての重要な優先事項を処理できます。 iOS をスワイプするか、Mac の通知センターを開きます.

OmniFocus Light& amp; Dark
OmniFocus for Mac には、明るい色と暗い色の 2 つのカラーパレットが組み込まれています。両方とも目で見やすく、フルスクリーンで見栄えます.

注:14 日間の試用版です。 64 ビットプロセッサーが必要です.8997423

ファイルのバージョン OmniFocus 2.12
ファイル名 OmniFocus-2.12.dmg
ファイルサイズ 31.9 MB
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X 10.12 or later
ソフトウェアタイプ Trial
著者 The Omni Group
更新時間 2018-03-06

What's new in this version:

- Database Format — Once all your devices are running OmniFocus 2.12 for Mac or OmniFocus 2.22 for iOS (or later), you’ll be prompted to migrate to a new database format. More information on migration can be found here
- OmniFocus 3 compatibility — OmniFocus 2.12 can calculate the next repeat for rules like “Every first Friday of the Month” that can be set in test builds of OmniFocus 3 (coming soon). However, these rules can’t be edited and you’ll be warned before making changes
- Repeating items — When completing a “Due again” or “Defer another” item ahead of time, OmniFocus is smarter about creating the next instance (we no longer create the instance with the same defer/due date as the one just completed)
- AppleScript — The completed property of a task is now read-only. The date completed property is still marked read-write in the terminology, but is only mutable in order to backdate an already completed task. Added mark complete and mark incomplete verbs and next defer date and next due date read-only properties
- Documentation — Updated the in-app help
- Single Action Lists — “Complete when completing last item” is now disabled, as parallel projects are the appropriate way to model a group of actions that all make progress towards a specific goal. If a repeating Single Action List is encountered with this option set, it is converted to a Parallel project upon repeat
- AppleScript — Fixed a hang when setting the status of a project to done
- Calendar Publishing — Repeating actions are once again published to the OmniFocus reminders calendar without repeat rules. Items are now properly removed on every sync (not just those where items were being added)
- Crash — Fixed a crash resizing the attachments window
- Crash — Fixed a crash when the OmniFocus cache file was deleted out from under the app. We now prompt for a database rebuild instead
- Dark Theme — Fixed a problem where placeholder text in Quick Open was not visible in the OmniFocus Dark theme. Fixed another problem where the cursor was not visible in the Inspector Notes field in the OmniFocus Dark theme
- Foreign Documents — Fixed a problem with opening local .ofocus documents that had been updated to the latest sync format
- Localizations — Updated localized text
- Migration — We now hide the Show Devices button during migration to avoid leaving the process half-done
- Notes — Fixed a problem where the Inspector Notes field sometimes showed no content
- Perspectives window — Fixed a problem where the Focus pop-up appeared behind the Perspectives window
- Preferences — Fixed a problem where the link to the list of anonymously submitted information was not appearing in Update Preferences
- Sync — Fixed a repeated prompt for ‘The server “Omni Sync” requires authentication’ even when the correct password had been provided
- Smaller Fixes and Improvements — Including crash fixes. Thanks for sending in those reports

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