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OmniGraffle 7.8

OmniGraffle for Mac は、正確で美しいグラフィックスを作成するためのものです。ウェブサイトのワイヤーフレーム、電気システム、ファミリーツリー、ソフトウェアクラスのマップは、OmniGraffle で活躍します。プロのアーティストやデザイナーからカジュアルなデータマッパーや初心者のダイアグラムまで、OmniGraffle では何か新しいものが見つかるでしょう.

の近くにダーンを作成するためにそれを使用して OmniGraffle for Mac は例外的になりますか?簡単に始めることができますが、必要なときにすぐに電源を準備できます。それは、親しみやすく、堅牢で、Mac とうまく組み合わされ、驚くほどの保証とそれを裏付ける完全サポートチームを持っています.

OmniGraffle for Mac 特長:

Pro for Mac
OmniGraffle Professional は、標準に含まれるすべての機能を備えています。複雑なシステム理論からダイアグラムまでのあらゆるものを解説しています.

Expert Diagramming
チャートを使用して、シンボル、グラフィックス、および接続線でデータとプロセスを表現します。 OmniGraffle でのダイアグラム作成は、強力で強力なツールを使用して非常に簡単にできます。自動化、堅牢、スタイリング用の準備が整いました.

標準 for Mac
OmniGraffle Standard を使用してすべての基本機能にアクセスできます。 Pro が提供するものが必要になった場合は、後でその差額を支払うだけです.

Central Organization
OmniGraffle 7 の新しく統合されたサイドバーで、ドキュメント内のオブジェクトを組織設定します。 OmniGraffle のリソースブラウザ内のフォルダをリンクして、テンプレートとステンシルのような資産を保持するために、自動的に更新されます.

注:オブジェクトのグループ化とグループ解除、オブジェクトの名前の変更、 14 日間の試用版。 64 ビットプロセッサーが必要です.8997423

ファイルのバージョン OmniGraffle 7.8
ファイル名 OmniGraffle-7.8.dmg
ファイルサイズ 117 MB
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X 10.11 or later
ソフトウェアタイプ Trial
著者 The Omni Group
更新時間 2018-07-06

What's new in this version:

OmniGraffle 7.8
- OmniGraffle 7.8 improves the algorithms used to route orthogonal lines that connect objects. Any document opened in this version will be updated to use the new algorithms, so you should double-check that the lines in your diagram still look the way you’d like them to.

- OmniGraffle 7.8 brings significant improvements to OmniGraffle’s line routing algorithms. Any document that is opened with OmniGraffle 7.8 will automatically be updated to use the new orthogonal line routing behavior
- The new “Connected Objects” option in the Diagram Layout and Style inspector makes it easier to enable auto layout without accidentally moving content that isn’t connected by lines in your diagram (like a header, footer, or logo)
- Diagram Style options have moved from the Format menu to the Diagram Layout and Style inspector. You can choose between styling All Objects or Connected Objects and there is an option to continuously enforce the diagram style. Hold down the option key and the buttons only apply to the selected objects
- Automatic Layout operations are now animated to make it easier to see where your content is shifting to. Auto layout has also been updated to improve performance and produce more reliable results
- There is a now visual distinction between lines connected to an object and lines connected to a specific magnet on an object. If a line is not connected to a specific magnet then the line’s selection highlight will continue past the line ending to the center of shape and through any magnets that are influencing the line’s path
- The Outline sidebar now converts pasted lists into individual objects based on line breaks making it easier to get outline content into OmniGraffle
- Circular line magnet indicators have been replaced with color coded diamonds that indicate what type of point on the line the new line will connect to. A blue diamond indicates a connection to a midpoint, a red diamond is a connection to the tail of the line, a green diamond is a connection to the head of the line, and a connection to any other point on the line will be indicated by a pink diamond
- “Remove Midpoints” (in the Edit→Objects menu) has been renamed to “Remove Midpoints and Reset Handles” and will now reset orthogonal line handles in addition to removing line midpoints
- The left sidebar can be made much wider to accommodate long titles and deep hierarchies
- When using diagram styles, customizations to a object’s style are now preserved when moving that object to a new position in the hierarchy
- Fixed a few cases where selection would be lost while using the outline tab of the sidebar to build a diagram. These improvements make it much easier to build your diagram from just the keyboard. Also, pressing Command-Return will now toggle label editing on and off
- There is now a specific icon (a crosshair) to indicate when an orthogonal line has been pinned to a path as opposed to using automatic routing
- Magnets now appear as you are approaching a shape while drawing or moving a line to make it easier to target those magnets. Magnets also grow in size to indicate when a line is connecting directly to the magnet instead of the shape
- Object ID Numbers are now changed less frequently, making them a more reliable tool for scripting
- Fixed a bug that caused auto-correct to end text editing of a label before the user was done typing
- Fixed a bug where canvases would be blank in presentation mode when presentation mode was started on a canvas other than the first canvas
- Fixed a bug that caused a black background when exporting an artboard with transparency disabled

OmniGraffle 7.7.1
Stability improvements and bug fixes:
- Fixed a bug that prevented arrow keys from nudging points on a line
- Fixed a bug that caused some objects above artboard objects to not be included in exports when using the “Export from artboards only” option
- Fixed a bug that prevented the Bevelled Rectangle shape from scaling correctly
- Fixed a bug that caused Bézier lines to not be included when copied from OmniGraffle and pasted into another application
- Fixed a bug that caused line endings on Straight and Curved lines with line labels to appear in the center of a shape instead of the edge of the shape when copied from OmniGraffle and pasted into another application
- Restored the Non Navigable line ending
- Fixed a crash that occurred when sharing a document via iCloud Drive on a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar
- Fixed a crash that could occur when editing a stencil document while the Stencil Browser was also displaying that document
- Fixed a bug in Visio import that would sometimes generate OmniGraffle objects with incomplete data causing a crash when exporting those objects to another format
- Fixed a bug in SVG import that would cause a crash if the default template had the “Size uses printer pages” setting enabled

OmniGraffle 7.7
- OmniGraffle 7.7 is focused on improving SVG import and export. SVG exports now include better metadata and imports support more of the SVG specification. SVG imports and exports both produce more accurate output based on the sample files that users have sent in

SVG Export:
- Unique IDs - OmniGraffle object IDs are now included on each element (object/group/layer/canvas) when exporting to SVG. Object IDs are unique for each canvas but may change between exports. Use “Show object ID numbers in the Layers tab of the Sidebar” in General preferences to see the ID in OmniGraffle
- Object Titles - Custom object names are now included in the title element when exporting to SVG. Names can be defined using the Object Data inspector or using the Layers tab of the left sidebar
- Freehand Stroke - Added support for the Freehand Stroke style in SVG Exports
- Multiple Text Styles - Improved support for text blocks that contain multiple text styles
- Font Weight - Adjusted the font-weight attribute that is exported to avoid non-bold fonts in OmniGraffle being mis-interpreted as bold
- Artboards - Improved support for exporting artboards as SVG
- Shadows - Improved support for exporting object shadows in SVG Exports
- Rotated Objects - Fixed a bug that caused rotated objects to be rotated the wrong way when exported to SVG
- Overlapping Line Endings - Fixed a bug that caused line endings to not draw next to the connecting object when multiple lines overlapped
- Export Margin - Fixed a bug that prevented the Margin setting in SVG export from being used in the export
- Custom Gradient Midpoints- Custom gradient midpoint data is now included in SVG output instead of assuming midpoint was at the default 50%

SVG Import:
- Dashed Strokes - Added import support for the stroke-dasharray attribute
- Transparency - Added import support for the fill-opacity attribute
- Text Alignment - Improvements to various text alignment issues
- SVG Transformations - Improved support for nested SVG transform functions
- Canvas Size Uses viewBox Size - When opening an SVG file in OmniGraffle the canvas size is now defined by the viewBox size in the SVG file
- Ordering of Mixed Group Objects - Fixed a bug that caused the z-order of objects to be incorrect if grouped objects were followed by ungrouped objects

Other Changes:
- Hidden Layers - The Flexible canvas mode now accounts for hidden layers by only being large enough to contain the visible objects
- Presentation Mode - Fixed a bug that caused Object Note tooltips to have a dark background after exiting Presentation Mode
- Nudging Bézier Points - Fixed a bug that caused arrow keys to nudge an entire object when a single Bézier point was selected
- Multi-selection of Bézier Points - Fixed a bug that prevented the multiple selection of Bézier points when using the Point Editor too
- Export Selection - Exporting selection is more accurate and no longer creates oversized export areas
- Pen Tool - Fixed a bug that caused lines to render incorrectly when using the Pen tool and constraining the line angle with the shift key
- Stencil Window Previews - Fixed a bug that caused some stencil object previews to be cut-off in the grid view of the Stencil Browser
- Zoom - Fixed a bug that prevented zoom level changes from applying to all selected canvases (would only apply to the visible canvas)
- Page Number Variable - Fixed a bug that caused the Page Number variable to report incorrect page numbers when the page was in negative coordinate space
- Export - Fixed a bug that caused some export preferences to not be applied on initial export

OmniGraffle 7.6.1
- Visio Import Crash: Fixed a crash when importing Visio documents that contained certain types of connections
- Object Previews: Fixed a problem with preview drawing when duplicating objects via option-drag or dragging them from the Stencil Browser

OmniGraffle 7.6
- Change log not available for this version

OmniGraffle 7.5
- Layer and Canvas Management via JavaScript:  Added the ability to create, reorder, and delete layers and canvases with JavaScript.
- Ungroup via JavaScript:  Added an .ungroup() function to the JavaScript library.
- Object Names in JavaScript:  An object’s name is now exposed in the JavaScript API by calling .name on an instance of a Graphic.
- Option + Shift to Duplicate on Axis:  Holding down option and shift while dragging a selection duplicates the selection and constrains movement to either the horizontal or vertical axis.
- Object Hierarchy when Copied as JavaScript:  Copy as JavaScript no longer reverses the order of the selected items.
- JavaScript Floating Point Precision Warning:  Copy as JavaScript includes a header which warns that floating point values in the script may be rounded, resulting in minor visual differences from the original content.
- JavaScript Plug-in Error Reporting:  Errors encountered while loading JavaScript plug-ins are now reported in the console.
- Updated Types in JavaScript:  Updated the CanvasSizingMode (was autosizing) and .strokePattern to define their attributes as strings instead of numbers to be more human readable.
- Copying Subgraphs as JavaScript:  Copy as JavaScript will now emit the correct code to generate subgraphs, including any child objects that might be collapsed.
- Subgraph collapse state in JavaScript:  JavaScript code which assigns a value to a Subgraph’s .collapsed property will correctly use the value passed rather than just toggling the collapsed state.
- JavaScript Access to Collapsed Subgraphs:  JavaScript code has access to a new .subgraphics property on subgraphs, which can be used to access contained graphics even when the subgraph is collapsed.
- Automation Stability:  Fixed a crash when setting .blendColor on a Shape object in JavaScript.
- Automation Stability:  Fixed a bug that would occasionally cause a crash when creating a new group via JavaScript.
- Copy as JavaScript Stability:  Fixed a crash when using Copy as JavaScript on a multi-segment line.
- Multi-line Text Copied as JavaScript:  Copy as JavaScript now quotes property keys so that user data with spaces in their keys won’t cause a syntax error in the emitted JavaScript code.
- Stop In-progress Edits Before Executing JavaScript:  JavaScript code which changes the text of a shape will now stop any edits that are in progress rather than leaving the editor and the shape in an inconsistent state.
- Preserving .text Attributes in JavaScript:  JavaScript code which assigns text to a shape correctly preserves its existing .textHorizontalAlignment, .textSize, and .textColor properties.
- AppleScript:  AppleScript code which assigns plain text to a shape correctly preserves the current text alignment.
- Reading .shape Attributes in JavaScript:  JavaScript code which reads a graphic’s .shapeVertices or .shapeControlPoints no longer modifies that shape.
- Automation Console Stability:  Fixed a crash that would occur when using Undo in the Automation Console.

OmniGraffle 7.4.3
Minor update focused on bug fixes:
- Printing: Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur when opening the Print Dialog on High Sierra
- Automation Documentation: Fixed a bug that prevented the links in the Automation API documentation from working
- Fill Inspector: Fixed a bug that caused the application to hang when detaching the Fill Inspector from the sidebar

OmniGraffle 7.4.2
Minor update focused on bug fixes:
- Stability: Fixed a crash that would occur when duplicating some graphics from the Connections stencil
- Automation: Fixed a crash when referencing ‘incomingLines’ or ’outgoingLines’ in JavaScript

OmniGraffle 7.4
- OmniGraffle 7.4 now has three canvas sizing modes: Fixed, Flexible, and Infinite. Canvas modes are configurable in the Canvas Size inspector for each canvas. This release also enables Omni’s new Automation support, a new way to script actions in OmniGraffle using JavaScript

- Canvas Size Modes — OmniGraffle 7.4 adds three distinct canvas sizing modes: Fixed, Flexible, and Infinite. Fixed lets you define the exact dimensions of your canvas. Flexible lets you select any direction you want the canvas to grow in and only extends your canvas enough to hold all your objects. If you want infinite canvas space there is also a dedicated third Infinite Canvas mode that extends your canvas in all directions regardless of where your objects are
- Canvas Padding — When using the Flexible mode, OmniGraffle offers a Canvas Padding option to the Canvas Inspector that controls how much extra padding is provided between objects and the edge of the canvas.
- Automation — OmniGraffle now provides cross-platform and cross-application automation via JavaScript. With the tap of a script URL you can programmatically create graphics, create data driven diagrams, or manipulate existing content. For security, you’ll be shown the script and asked if you want to allow the script to run when you click on a script URL. See examples and learn more at
- Automation Plug-Ins and Actions (PRO) — With Pro you can save bundles of scripts (called plug-ins) for quick access from the Automation menu in a document and call scripts as Actions on objects
- Automation Console (PRO) — Using OmniGraffle’s Automation Console (in the Automation menu) you can write JavaScript directly in OmniGraffle, execute it, and see the results on the canvas
- Copy from the Stencil Window — Added the ability to copy stencils from the Stencil Window and paste them on the canvas instead of dragging and dropping them on the canvas
- Presentation Mode — Added limits to panning in Presentation Mode to prevent content from moving off screen
- Line Endings — The menu of line endings in the Line Inspector now have a label for each type of line ending
- New Artboard Under Selection — The Make Artboard command has been renamed to New Artboard Under Selection and now wraps the selection exactly instead of rounding to the next whole pixel
- Keep Tool Active — Fixed a bug preventing the “Keep tool active” preference from working
- Inspectors — Fixed a bug that caused inspectors that were hidden to show no data when opened and an object was already selected on the canvas
- Stroke Corners — Fixed a bug that caused stroke corners that aligned with bounding box corners from rendering in the correct stroke corner type
- Grouped Lines — Fixed a bug that prevented changing line attributes when the line was in a group
- Fit in Window — Fixed a bug that caused the Fit in Window setting to remain active after changing zoom level
- Print Canvas on One Page — Fixed a bug that was preventing objects in negative space (above or to the left of the origin) from printing when the “Print canvas on one page” option is enabled
- Overlapping Artboards — Fixed a bug that caused content on top of two or more overlapping artboards to move unexpectedly when both artboards are moving
- AppleScript — Fixed a bug that caused the sidebar to refresh too often when adding content via AppleScript
- Stability — Fixed a crash that would occur when undoing a change to an adjustable star

OmniGraffle 7.3.1
- OmniOutliner Import — Fixed a bug that caused OmniOutliner 5 imports to fail for some users
- AppleScript — Fixed a bug that prevented AppleScript from accessing the frontmost window
- AppleScript — Fixed a bug that caused an “AppleEvent handler failed” error when trying to get the current window selection
- Style Tray — Fixed a bug causing the Style Tray to not reflect the current selection when the tray is in the toolbar. The Style Tray also wasn’t staying in the toolbar after restarting the app, that’s fixed too
- Size Uses Printer Pages — Fixed a bug that caused the “Size uses printer pages” checkbox to uncheck when the canvas size changed

OmniGraffle 7.3
- OmniGraffle 7.3 improves Presentation Mode by adding support for artboards, zoom controls, and a sidebar for navigation. Use arrow keys to navigate between artboards (left/right) and canvases (up/down). Move your mouse to the left edge of the screen to reveal the presentation sidebar. Zoom controls are available in the View menu, and keyboard shortcuts and gestures work too

Full changelog:
- Presenting with Artboards — Added support for presenting artboards in Presentation Mode
- Zoom Controls when Presenting — Added the ability to zoom and pan in Presentation Mode
- Presentation Mode Sidebar — Added a sidebar that lists canvases and artboards
- OmniOutliner Import — Added support for OmniOutliner 5’s .ooutline file format
- Split Screen — OmniGraffle windows can now share full screen mode with another application using Apple’s Split Screen functionality. You can even have two OmniGraffle windows sharing the same full-screen Space
- Inspectors — Did you know you can grab individual inspectors and rearrange them? OmniGraffle 7.3 adds grab handle indicators on inspectors to make that more clear
- Adjustable Shapes — Adjustable shape handles would often be confused with Bézier points and get stuck under resize handles. Now the adjustable shape handles have a different look and get preference when they overlap resize handles
- Inspecting Locked Objects — Inspector fields now show values for locked objects but prevent editing until the object is unlocked
- Aligning to Locked Objects — Now you can align unlocked objects to locked objects with the Alignment tools
- Group Alignment — Fixed a bug causing alignment buttons to be unavailable when one item in the selection was a group
- Performance — Fixed a memory leak that was causing poor performance on files that were open for a long period of time
- Performance — Opening and closing the sidebar and inspectors is much smoother now
- Text Label Performance — Typing in a text label field is no longer excruciatingly slow. The rendering dirt has been cleaned up too
- Windows and Full Screen — Occasionally when moving documents between two different sized displays or re-opening a document on a different size display the application window wouldn’t adapt correctly. This would also occasionally occur with Full Screen mode when switching displays
- Auto Layout — Fixed an issue with undoing Auto Layout that would sometimes cause object ID collisions
- Text Tool — Fixed a bug causing the Text Tool to always be active when selected instead of using the “Keep tool active” Drawing Preference
- Lines with Labels — Duplicate now includes a line’s label when the line is duplicated
- Tooltips — Fixed a bug that caused incorrect tooltips for inspector controls
- Hot Keys — Fixed a bug that caused the Tool Hot Keys to not appear in the Drawing Tools preference pane
- Rendering — Cleaned up some gray highlight artifacts that would sometimes persist after selecting and moving objects
- Subgraphs — Fixed a rendering issue with the Outline sidebar tab when editing the contents of a subgraph
- Stability — Fixed a crash caused by switching from the Selection sidebar tab to the Layers sidebar tab with text selected on the canvas
- Stability — Fixed a crash that would sometime occur when switching between or closing document windows

OmniGraffle 7.2.2
- SVG Import: Added preliminary support for importing text. SVG text attributes are imported as text objects now, though font and formatting specifications aren’t supported yet.
- Export Settings: Export Settings, including custom export sizes, are now saved as part of the document so they are available each time you export and on any of your computers. Bonus: You can set up templates with your common export settings and they’ll be pre-filled when you’re ready to export.
- Documentation: Updated documentation to include a section on data variables.
- Stencils Window: The background color now uses the Stencil’s canvas color instead of a sea foam green.
- Recent Stencils: The automatically generated Recents stencil now uses autolayout so stencils aren’t added on top of each other.
- Stencils Window: Clicking the Stencils button in the toolbar now toggles the floating Stencils window open and closed if you have that option selected.
- Touch Bar: Stroke color and fill color controls on the Touch Bar now work when groups are selected.
- Keyboard Shortcuts and Hot Keys: Fixed a bug that caused keyboard shortcuts and hot keys to intermittently stop working.
- Bézier Points: Moving individual Bézier points with arrow keys works again.
- Pen Tool: Fixed a bug that was causing Bézier handles to not appear when clicking and dragging with the Pen tool.
- Text Follows Path: Text labels that are set to follow the path of a line will now account for the stroke width so that they don’t obstruct labels.
- Export: Fixed a bug that caused slashes in canvas names to break the export process.
- Exporting Other OmniGraffle Types: Fixed a bug that causeed all OmniGraffle stencil and OmniGraffle template exports to be OmniGraffle documents instead.
- Diagram Styles: Fixed a couple of bugs that prevented “Restyle Selected Objects” and “Reapply Diagram Style” from working.
- Pattern Fills: Fixed a bug that prevented Pattern Fills from showing in the Color Picker.
- Shared Layers: Fixed a bug that caused the sidebar to not immediately update and display a newly created shared layer.
- Undo: Fixed a bug that caused undoing a “Lay Out Now” operation to not restore all line connections.
- Dragging Multiple Objects: Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause rendering jitter when dragging a selection of multiple objects around the canvas.
- Export Margin: Fixed a bug that prevented the stepper buttons from working in the margin field of the export panel when the canvas units were set to inches.
- Stability: Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur when re-organizing content in the outline tab of the sidebar
- Stability: Fixed many of the crashes that you’ve reported. Thanks for sending them in!

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