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Pixelmator 3.7

Pixelmator for Mac は、強力で、高速で、使いやすい画像エディタです。それはあなたが写真を強化し、触れることができますスケッチ、描画とペイント、テキストや図形を追加する、眩しい効果を適用するなど、はるかに。 Pixelmator は、最新の Mac OS X の機能とテクノロジーを最大限に活用して Mac 用に開発されたものです.

Pixelmator for Mac には最新の Mac 機能と技術のサポートが強化されており、素晴らしい修復ツールの性能が再定義されています。ダウンロード、インストール、アップデート Pixelmator for Mac!

Pixelmator の新機能:


のフォトブラウザからすぐに写真ライブラリに簡単にアクセスできます。新しい Force Touch トラックパッドを使用して圧力感度でペイントします.

写真から不要なオブジェクトを取り除きます以前のバージョンより 5 倍高速化しました.

Mac でコンポジションを開始し、iPad で途中で中断した部分をすぐにピックアップします.

Mail や TextEdit.

注:30 日試用版など、Pixelmator 外部の画像をすばやく修復します。 64 ビットプロセッサが必要です。結果の画像にウォーターマークを付けます.8997423

ファイルのバージョン Pixelmator 3.7
ファイル名 Pixelmator.zip
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X 10.11 or later
ソフトウェアタイプ Trial
著者 Pixelmator Team Ltd.
更新日 http://www.pixelmator.com/
更新時間 2017-10-06

What's new in this version:

Pixelmator 3.7
- Pixelmator is now fully compatible with macOS High Sierra
- Launch Pixelmator directly from Photos and save your edits back to the original image in your library
- Support for importing HEIF images
- Improvements to the Repair Tool algorithm make the Repair Tool faster and more accurate
- The Pixelmator extensions for the Photos app would quit unexpectedly on certain newer Mac computers. Fixed
- The Quick Selection Tool’s live preview would appear in the lower left corner of the image. It’s back to where it should be
- The Pixelmator Change Type of Images Automator action would not convert files to PSD. Fixed
- Improved support for Photoshop images
- Rulers would sometimes disappear when editing text. Fixed
- It was not possible to drag and drop images from Safari and Photos directly into Pixelmator documents. Drag and drop is back

Pixelmator 3.6
- Pixelmator 3.6 Cordillera brings full support for macOS Sierra and the all-new MacBook Pro Touch Bar, adds Tabs, includes a content-aware Smart Refine feature, Deep Images support, and more.
- Pixelmator is now fully compatible with macOS Sierra
- The Touch Bar keeps your favorite Pixelmator tools and the most useful options always at hand
- Use Tabs to easily manage your Pixelmator windows
- The new Smart Refine feature lets you instantly improve selections with stunning accuracy and speed
- Support for Deep Images makes colors in 16-bit images more vibrant and true-to-life on Wide Color displays

Touch Bar:
- Set the most useful tool options for your selected tool right in the Touch Bar.
- The Touch Bar is customizable, so you can choose exactly which tools you’d like to keep in it.
- Use the Touch Bar to change color, alignment, and other text properties
- When previewing effects or adjustments, a Show Original button lets you take a peek at the original image
- Use Rotate and Scale sliders to transform layers

- Quickly drag and drop layers between documents in different tabs
- Merge all your Pixelmator windows into a single one by choosing Window > Merge All Windows
- Close all tabs except the current one by Option-clicking the Close button of the tab you’re in
- New images open in a new tab according to your preferences in System Preferences > Dock – either Always, In Full Screen Only, or Manually
- If your tab preferences are set to In Full Screen Only or Manually, hold down the Option key when opening or creating new documents to open them in a new tab

New features and other gems in macOS Sierra:
- With support for the Universal Clipboard, you can now seamlessly copy images and text between Pixelmator on your Mac and iOS devices
- Precisely align windows and palettes by moving them close to each other
- Double-click the edge of a window to automatically expand that edge

Smart Refine and Refine Selection:
- Using an advanced edge-detection algorithm, Smart Refine precisely snaps your existing selection to object edges in your image
- Customize just how edge-sensitive Smart Refine is using the Edge Detection slider in the Refine Selection dialog
- You can now edit your selection while the Refine Selection dialog is open – paint to subtract from your selection, hold down the Option key and paint to add to your selection
- Use the [ and ] keys to change the size of the selection brush

Deep Images:
- With support for P3 color and Wide Color displays, all 16-bit images on the new MacBook Pro, iMac with Retina 4K display, and iMac with Retina 5K display look more vibrant and true to life
- 16-bit images also look better on standard displays, as dithering is applied to subtly smooth gradients and remove visible banding
- Dithering is also applied when reducing the color depth of an image from 16 bits to 8 bits

Quick Selection improvements:
- The Quick Selection Tool now has a live preview
- It’s also much faster, thanks to a faster algorithm
- And it’s more accurate, too – especially with black and white images

Pixelmator 3.5.1
- Improvements and bug fixes, including fixes for image exports and the Color Selection, Magic Eraser, and Paint Bucket tools.
- Stability improvements for the Pixelmator Photos extensions.
- When editing larger images using the Pixelmator Photos extensions, the image would sometimes disappear. Fixed.
- An issue with the Stroke effect meant that images which had text layers with Stroke were being exported darker. Fixed.
- The preview of the Pixelate effect would ignore any active selections and show a preview of the effect over the entire image. Now, the preview will show you exactly what you’ll get after applying the effect.
- Gradients weren’t entirely smooth and they were also slightly transparent at 100% Opacity. Fixed.
- When painting over partly transparent areas using certain Retouching tools, the transparency would be removed. Those areas will now keep their transparency.
- Pixelmator would quit unexpectedly when opening PSD files containing the Color Overlay layer style. Fixed.
- Fixed an issue that caused the app to quit unexpectedly when using the Magic Wand, Paint Bucket, or Magic Eraser on a hidden layer.
- With the Magic Wand, Paint Bucket, and Magic Eraser tools, the edge smoothing algorithm that we added in the previous Pixelmator update wasn’t working as well as it should, so we brought back the previous one for now (but we're working on making it even better).
- When using the Clouds effect, unnecessary horizontal and vertical lines would sometimes appear. Fixed.
- Zooming in the Pixelmator Photos extensions is now faster and smoother.
- The radius slider of the Gaussian Blur effect now uses pixels instead of percent.
- When dragging to export layers from the Layers palette, underscores in the name of the layer would be removed. Fixed.
- On OS X 10.9.5, Pixelmator would quit unexpectedly when exporting images that had many shape or text layers with layer styles. Fixed.

Pixelmator 3.5
Pixelmator 3.5 Canyon brings an incredibly smart Quick Selection tool, a precise yet easy-to-use Magnetic Selection tool, a full set of powerful Pixelmator retouching tools to your Photos app, and more:
- The smart Quick Selection Tool lets you select even the most challenging areas with a single brushstroke.
- The new Magnetic Selection Tool snaps to the edges you trace, so that you can make detailed selections quickly and precisely.
- The new Pixelmator Retouch Extension for Photos adds a full set of powerful retouching tools to your Photos app.

Other improvements and fixes:
- On OS X El Capitan, the totally redesigned Stroke effect is now up to 15 times faster and much smoother.
- Thanks to the redesigned Stroke effect, resizing a selection with the Refine Selection dialog is also up to 15 times faster (on OS X El Capitan).
- The outlines that you get when using the Color Selection Tool, Paint Bucket Tool and the Magic Eraser Tool are much smoother and more precise (on OS X El Capitan).
- In the Pixelmator Distort Extension, the brush size now auto-adjusts as you zoom in and out of your image, so it always stays the right size.
- When using the Repair Tool, double-clicking the canvas would resize the document window. Fixed.
- Choosing the Red Eye Tool when editing tiny images made the app quit unexpectedly. We fixed that, too.
- When using the Glass, Vintage, Noise, Rain, Snow, or Sketch effects on layers smaller than the canvas, some pixels at the edges of the layer would be stretched across the empty areas. We fixed this.
- The preview animation shown in the Bar Swipe effect thumbnail was shown at an angle. Fixed.
- While transforming a layer with a shadow, small, grey squares would sometimes appear on the canvas. Not anymore.
- The Column Marquee Tool would sometimes make selections that were 1 pixel wider than they were supposed to be. Now they are pixel-perfect.
- When refining a selection with the Clone Stamp Tool selected, parts of the red selection overlay that marks the non-selected area would sometimes disappear. We fixed this.
- When a text layer was used as an overlay for a clipping mask, converting it into a pixel layer would cause the text to disappear. Fixed.
- Sometimes, the coordinates of a shape layer could get lost and this would make it impossible to save or open the document. Fixed.
- Improved stability when opening PSD files with specific Photoshop text features.
- On OS X 10.9, the Add to iPhoto option was missing from the Share menu. It's back.
- On OS X 10.10, when applying Blur effects to layers that don't fill the entire canvas, some pixels at the edges of the layer would be stretched across the empty areas. Fixed.
- On Mac computers with a Retina Display, the effect preview, which is shown on your image while a Color Adjustment dialog is open, made the image look slightly blurred. Fixed.
- On iMac computers with 4K Retina Displays, when painting with a brush-based tool, moving the brush outside the document window made the screen flicker. We fixed this.
- In the Pixelmator Distort extension, clicking the image before choosing a tool would automatically select the Warp Tool. It now works as it should.
- Other stability improvements.

Pixelmator 3.4.4
- Features minor improvements and bug fixes as well as improved Intel HD 3000 graphics card support in OS X El Capitan.
- Faster performance when moving layers in Transform mode
- The app would sometimes quit unexpectedly when applying effects that add noise – Noise, Vintage, Snow, and Rain. We fixed them.
- Fixed missing metadata when sharing images to the Photos app.
- When editing images with a large number of layers, the canvas would sometimes disappear. Fixed.
- Fixed blur transparency at image edges. Now, when you apply any effect that adds blur to a layer, all edges that reach an edge of the canvas are blurred without transparency.
- Fixed a memory leak that occurred when exporting PDFs (and that makes Pixelmator just that little bit faster).
- In OS X 10.11, PDFs were being exported without transparency. Transparent PDFs are back.
- In OS X 10.11.4, when painting with brush-based tools on large images, the brush strokes would have small graphical glitches. Now they’re smooth.
- When opening images on Macs with non-Retina Displays running OS X 10.10 and 10.11, the document window was slightly taller than the image. We fixed that, too.

Improved support for Intel HD 3000 graphics cards in OS X El Capitan:
- The app would sometimes quit unexpectedly when opening. We’ve fixed this. Learn more on our forum.
- Fixed an issue where the app would quit unexpectedly when using Export for Web.
- Saving and exporting is now faster.

Pixelmator 3.4.3
- This update features minor improvements and bug fixes as well as improved Intel HD 3000 graphics card support in OS X El Capitan.

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