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Private Internet Access 2.5.0

あなたのラップトップやあなたの携帯電話を盗んで取得するが、それについて何かできることがあります。 Prey for Mac は軽量な盗難防止ソフトウェアで、紛失や盗難の際にそれらを回復するのに役立ちます.

Prey for Mac の機能:

After あなたのラップトップにソフトウェアをインストールした後、あなたの命令を待つバックグラウンドで黙って眠ります。 Prey アカウントからリモートでトリガーされると、あなたの端末は、誰が使用しているかの写真など、詳細な情報を収集して返送します。多くの場合、警察官が行動を起こす必要がある重要なデータです.

データが危機に瀕していると、悪いことが起こる可能性があります。 Prey を使用すると、デバイスをリモートからロックして、保存されたパスワードを削除して、誰もあなたのプライベートなものにアクセスできないようにすることができます.

Prey はすべての主要なオペレーティングシステムで動作します。 1 つの場所からデバイスを選択できます。普遍的なリモコンのように、しかし、ノートパソコンや携帯電話のために.

古い boot

プライバシーが最初に来ます.1235896 重要なデータは、ユーザーが要求したときにのみ収集され、目に見えます。あなたは確かにしたい場合は、いつでも私たちのソースコードを確認することができます.8997423

ファイルのバージョン Private Internet Access 2.5.0
ファイルサイズ 29.5 MB
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X
ソフトウェアタイプ Open Source
著者 Prey, Inc.
更新時間 2020-10-08

What's new in this version:

Private Internet Access 2.5.0
- Split tunnel on Windows now also splits DNS traffic
- Added "Name Servers" setting to Split Tunnel on Windows and Linux
- Region locations and translations are now updated automatically
- Split tunnel is disabled on macOS 11.0 due to removal of network kernel extensions
- Added 'pubip' type to 'piactl get/monitor'
- Fixed executable signing on Windows

Private Internet Access 2.4.0
- Windows hardware acceleration now uses Direct3D 11 instead of OpenGL
- PIA on Windows now requires Windows 8 or later
- Split tunnel app rules on Linux now also split DNS traffic
- Routed packets on Linux are now protected by the PIA killswitch (includes most containers and VMs)
- Split tunnel can now bypass routed packets on Linux
- Fixed a crash on macOS caused by changing screen layouts
- Fixed an issue causing installation to hang in some cases on macOS

Private Internet Access 2.3.1
- Fixed a possible daemon crash on macOS when split tunnel was enabled
- Fixed dependency issues on some Linux distributions
- Detect additional graphics drivers for automatic safe graphics mode on Windows

Private Internet Access 2.3.0
- Next Generation network is now the default
- Added the Connection tile
- Updated Qt to 5.15.0
- PIA on macOS now requires 10.13
- Fixed several issues relating to installation or uninstallation on Windows in Safe Mode
- Fixed an issue causing a memory leak on some Windows systems when Windows suspends pia-client to save power
- Fixed an issue preventing split tunnel from working with WireGuard on some newer Linux distributions
- Fixed DNS routing issues with split tunnel on Linux systems not using systemd-resolved
- Fixed an issue causing the WireGuard userspace method to occasionally fail to connect on some Linux systems
- Removed unneeded WireGuard kernel module logging on Linux

Private Internet Access 2.2.2
- Fixed an issue causing high CPU usage on some Linux systems
- Fixed an issue causing WireGuard to disconnect in some cases using split tunnel with All Other Apps set to Bypass

Private Internet Access 2.2.0
- Split tunnel is now supported with WireGuard
- Geo-located regions are supported
- The PIA Next Generation network is now in preview
- Added Built-in Resolver option to Name Servers setting
- Removed Handshake testnet resolver from Name Servers setting (testnet no longer exists, hnsd does not support mainnet)
- Added 'requestportforward' option to 'piactl get/set' to control port forwarding setting
- Improved DNS leak protection compatibility with macOS 10.15.4 and later
- Improved compatibility of split tunnel on Windows with other WFP callout drivers
- Fixed an issue preventing IP split tunnel rules from being disabled on Windows in some cases
- Fixed layout of the killswitch warning in some translations
- Changed title of windowed dashboard to "Private Internet Access"
- The regions list keeps its scroll position as latencies are updated
- Diagnostic improvements in debug reports

Private Internet Access 2.1.0
- Split tunnel "bypass" rules can be created for IP addresses and subnets
- WireGuard now supports network roaming on Mac in addition to Windows and Linux
- New piactl commands to log in and log out - 'piactl login', 'piactl logout'
- New piactl command to enable killswitch and/or VPN connections without using the graphical client - 'piactl background'
- Fixed an issue that prevented WireGuard from connecting on Windows if the computer had been shut off unexpectedly
- Fixed an issue on some Linux resolvconf systems that could block DNS incorrectly when using WireGuard

Private Internet Access 2.0.2
- Improved handling of several Mac applications with split tunnel, such as Mail and Calendar
- The WireGuard connectivity timeout is customizable
- Improved support for IPv6 networks when the Allow LAN setting is enabled
- Fixed an issue that prevented Use Existing DNS from working on some Mac systems
- Fixed an issue causing WireGuard to take a long time to connect on some Windows systems
- Updated Qt to 5.12.8
- Updated OpenVPN to 2.4.9
- Updated OpenSSL to 1.1.1g
- Security improvements

Private Internet Access 2.0.1
- Fixed long DNS resolution times on Windows on some systems

Private Internet Access 2.0
- WireGuard is now supported as a connection method
- WireGuard on Windows requires Windows 8 or later
- Some settings are not yet supported with WireGuard - split tunnel, port forwarding, and proxy
- Fixed the Mail app on Windows 10 with split tunnel (shares an app family with Calendar)
- Fixed terminal emulator support for Terminator and other terminals on Linux
- VPN IP and forwarded port appear more quickly than in 1.8
- Improved reliability of support tool submissions
- Security improvements

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