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RazorSQL 9.0.0

RazorSQL for Mac は、Windows、Mac OS X、macOS、Linux、Solaris 用の SQL クエリツール、データベースブラウザ、SQL エディタ、およびデータベース管理ツールです。 RazorSQL は 30 以上のデータベースでテストされており、JDBC または ODBC 経由でデータベースに接続でき、

Athena、H2、MonetDB、Salesforce、Aurora、HSQLDB、MS SQL Server、SimpleDB、Cassandra、Informix、MySQL 、solidDB、DB2、Ingres、Netezza、SQLite、DBASE、Interbase、OpenBase、SQL Anywhere、Derby、Int.Sys。 Oracle、SQL Azure、DynamoDB、JavaDB、Paradox、Sybase(ASE)、FileMaker、MariaDB、Pervasive、Sybase IQ、Firebird、Microsoft Access、PostgreSQL、Teradata、Frontbase、Mimer SQL、Redshift、Vertica、Greenplum、MongoDB.

RazorSQL for Mac 機能:

データベース Browser

SQL Editor
Edit SQL スクリプト。 SQL クエリを実行します。オートコラムとオートテーブルルックアップ。 SQL、PL / SQL、TransactSQL、SQL PL、HTML、Java、XML などの 20 を超えるプログラミング言語をサポートする強力な EditRocket コードエディタを使用します.



Import Data
区切りファイル、Excel スプレッドシート、固定幅ファイルなどのさまざまな形式のデータをインポートします。    

Export Data
デリミタ付きファイル、XML、HTML、Excel スプレッドシート、SQL 挿入ステートメントなどのさまざまな形式でデータをエクスポートします.

SQL Query Builder
SQL ステートメントの選択、挿入、更新、および削除を行います。複数テーブルの結合を作成します。    

Built-in Database

スプレッドシートのような表形式でテーブルデータを挿入、更新、および削除します。データの検索と置換、生成された SQL のプレビュー、および more.

Data Compare

注:30 日間の試用版.8997423

ファイルのバージョン RazorSQL 9.0.0
ファイル名 razorsql9_0_0_x64.dmg
ファイルサイズ 77.6 MB
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X 10.7 or later
ソフトウェアタイプ Trial
著者 Richardson Software
更新日 http://www.razorsql.com/
更新時間 2019-12-12

What's new in this version:

- Added support for Couchbase
- Navigator / Database Browser Filter: Allow comma separated values in the contains and not contains fields
- Added a Connections -> New Tab (New Connection) menu option to the Connections main menu and context menu
- Added a Connections -> New Tab (Copy Editor) menu option to the Connections main menu and context menu
- Added a Connections -> Same Tab (Switch Connection) menu option to the Connections main menu and context menu
- Added New Session (New Connection) and New Session (Copy Editor) options to the new button popup
- Added support for Derby 10.15 for supported operating systems. NOTE: Linux 32-bit and legacy Mac OS X versions do not support Derby 10.15
- Copy Table to Another Database: Added a Generate Alter Table checkbox. If checked foreign keys are attempted to be assigned via alter table statements

- Linux 64-bit: Updated Java Runtime Environment to version 11
- macOS (Catalina and Mojave version): Updated Java Runtime Environment to 11.0.5
- Windows 32-bit and 64-bit: Updated Java Runtime Environment to 11.0.5
- Editor Auto Save. If user closes an unsaved file and auto save is on, still prompt if the user wants to save the file

Export Numeric Formatting Changes:
- If exporting query results (SQL, Delimited File, XML, HTML, Text): Formatting used is based on query results preference values for Locale options (primary) and decimal separator (if locale option not set)
- If exporting query results (XLS, XLSX): No formatting is used. Locale specific preferences within Excel determine how the cells are formatted
- If exporting from table(s): Numeric formatting is based on Number Format locale selected on the export window with the default being no specific formatting
- SQL -> Recent Queries menu options: Order is now based on order the statement was executed not just the timestamp when the statement was executed
- DynamoDB: Scan Requests with where clauses: For tables that have more rows than the "Max Results Per Query" value set on the RazorSQL connection profile, RazorSQL will continue to scan the table until either more rows than the Max Results Per Query value are returned, or there are no more rows to scan
- MySQL and MariaDB connections, autoReconnect property is now set to true by default
- Keep Alive: Default keep alive interval changed from 4 minutes to 2 minutes
- Keep Alive Preference: Added an option for 0.5 (30 seconds) to the keep alive interval

Bug Fixes:
- MongoDB: macOS notarized version: Not allowing connections over TLS / SSL connections that use SNI such as MongoDB Atlas free tier servers
- Mac repeat hold key preference is not on the correct line in preferences
- Query Results: Create Table from Results on Current Connection throws an error in certain situations
- SQL History: When running large numbers of statements through the editor such as thousands of inserts, SQL History process can get backed up and cause delays when trying to exit RazorSQL
- Fedora Linux: Very slow startup time / hangs on startup can occur
- Database Conversion Multiple Tables: When converting to MySQL, if the table name is a reserved word, the table name is getting wrapped in double quotes instead of tick marks in the generated SQL
- DynamoDB: Generate SQL operations from query results: Where clause not always populated

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