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Vectoraster 7.4.6

RazorSQL for Mac は、Windows、Mac OS X、macOS、Linux、Solaris 用の SQL クエリツール、データベースブラウザ、SQL エディタ、およびデータベース管理ツールです。 RazorSQL は 30 以上のデータベースでテストされており、JDBC または ODBC 経由でデータベースに接続でき、

Athena、H2、MonetDB、Salesforce、Aurora、HSQLDB、MS SQL Server、SimpleDB、Cassandra、Informix、MySQL 、solidDB、DB2、Ingres、Netezza、SQLite、DBASE、Interbase、OpenBase、SQL Anywhere、Derby、Int.Sys。 Oracle、SQL Azure、DynamoDB、JavaDB、Paradox、Sybase(ASE)、FileMaker、MariaDB、Pervasive、Sybase IQ、Firebird、Microsoft Access、PostgreSQL、Teradata、Frontbase、Mimer SQL、Redshift、Vertica、Greenplum、MongoDB.

RazorSQL for Mac 機能:

データベース Browser

SQL Editor
Edit SQL スクリプト。 SQL クエリを実行します。オートコラムとオートテーブルルックアップ。 SQL、PL / SQL、TransactSQL、SQL PL、HTML、Java、XML などの 20 を超えるプログラミング言語をサポートする強力な EditRocket コードエディタを使用します.



Import Data
区切りファイル、Excel スプレッドシート、固定幅ファイルなどのさまざまな形式のデータをインポートします。    

Export Data
デリミタ付きファイル、XML、HTML、Excel スプレッドシート、SQL 挿入ステートメントなどのさまざまな形式でデータをエクスポートします.

SQL Query Builder
SQL ステートメントの選択、挿入、更新、および削除を行います。複数テーブルの結合を作成します。    

Built-in Database

スプレッドシートのような表形式でテーブルデータを挿入、更新、および削除します。データの検索と置換、生成された SQL のプレビュー、および more.

Data Compare

注:30 日間の試用版.8997423

ファイルのバージョン Vectoraster 7.4.6
ファイル名 vectoraster7.dmg
ファイルサイズ 15.2 MB
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X 10.7 or later
ソフトウェアタイプ Trial
著者 Richardson Software
更新日 http://www.razorsql.com/
更新時間 2019-11-13

What's new in this version:

Vectoraster 7.4.6
- You can now import images from your Photos albums via the Browse dialoge (Under Media in the sidebar)
- Fixes some issues with the font selection panel for Text sources

Vectoraster 7.4.5
- Fixes some precision problems when exporting thin strokes on small filled points

Vectoraster 7.4.4
- Fixes a bug with the full screen preview
- Some under the hood improvements

Vectoraster 7.4.3
- Fixes a crash with changing the blur filter of a source image while the raster was generating
- Fixes a bug where importing some high resolution source images would sometimes convert them to a lower resolution

Vectoraster 7.4.2
- Index-based values You can now vary parameter based on point order, for changing the color or transformation of every other point in the raster. (Take a look at the new Alternating star raster sample file)
- Some interface fixes and adjustments
- Improvements to mouse wheel zooming and scrolling
- Added link to the lost code form in license code entry interface

Vectoraster 7.4.1
- Fixes a bug where Point fill and stroke color wells would be disabled
- Updates to sample files (Available from the Help menu)

Vectoraster 7.4
- Adds new combined sources mode for all variable parameters, letting you control them with a combination of multiple sources
- Adds a new toggle button to quickly enable/disable Raster pattern distortions without removing them
- You can now zoom with mouse option-scroll wheel or trackpad pinch gestures
- Improvements to interface and preview rendering
- Apple application notarization (New Apple security requirements)
- Fixes a bug with undo/redo of some raster pattern distortion properties
- Fixes a bug with linear gradient sources with small sizes
- Fixes a bug in the Align raster to edges utility

Vectoraster 7.3.8
- Preferences panel reorganized
- Fixes some bugs related to changing document artboard size
- Fixes a bug with raster distortion strengths in imported Vectoraster 6 files
- Parameter interface layout tweaks
- Updates to frameworks for updates, license handling and general macOS support

Vectoraster 7.3.6
- Performance improvements, especially on macOS 10.14 and retina macs
- Multi-scale can now also scale point stroke along with pattern and point size
- Fixes a bug with Multiscale not scaling radial raster patterns from the center
- The disable interface animations setting now works as intended

Vectoraster 7.3.5
- New variable point fill and stroke opacity parameters
- Improvements to display zooming
- Improvements to Finder quicklook previews and file thumbnails
- Fixes some interface bugs on macOS 10.14
- Fixes a rare network full version unlocking bug

Vectoraster 7.3.4
- New varied parameter functions: Sinus, Square wave and Sawtooth, with variable periods and offset
- New varied parameter sources: Position X and Y, letting you easily vary any property based on position without needing to make a new Gradient Source
- Improved Gradient source precision and performance
- File loading performance improvements
- Raster calculation stability improvements
- Updates to license entry and trial-mode interfaces
- Bug fixes to precision angle parameter inputs
- Apple Hardened runtime security features

Vectoraster 7.3.3
- New Custom shape point Image mode and Path mode for more options with imported point graphics
- Improved SVG rendering support for both source images and custom shapes in image mode
- Some bug fixes

Vectoraster 7.3.2
- Improved custom shape SVG path parsing
- Interface improvements for point color picking and source mixing
- Support for upcoming macOS 10.14 mojave
- Improved diagnostics for some installation and network problems

Vectoraster 7.3.1
- Fixes compatibility with macOS 10.11

Vectoraster 7.2.6
- Adds a new Pill point shape with variable length
- Fixes a bug where source advanced value measurement changes wouldn't update the raster in some cases

Vectoraster 7.2.5
- Improved configuration or structured and random varied density raster patterns
- Improvements to bitmap format export (TIFF, JPG, PNG), with better print size and resolution settings that are now properly stored in the exported image files

Vectoraster 7.2.4
- Stability bugfixes

Vectoraster 7.2.3
- Improved SVG and EPS custom point shape importing
- Updates to software update and version checking

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