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DBeaver 7.0.2

Reason for Mac は始めるのは簡単ですが、あなたが望むほど深いところです。世界中のミュージシャンとのコラボレーション、発見、発見に役立つ音楽制作ソフトウェアです.

サウンドの世界で自分自身を失います。 Reason の膨大な楽器やエフェクトを使って創造的な選択肢を使い果たすことはありません。彼らはすべて、現実の世界のように見え、聞こえて、気分が良く、簡単なレイアウトで、サブメニューや隠れたインターフェースがなくても分かりやすい.

Reason for Mac と Allihoopa を使って他の音楽制作者と共同制作、共有、コラボレーションする。世界中のミュージシャンが創造したものに触発されてください。あなた自身の貢献を追加してください。その後、友だちと音楽を共有してください。または誰でも!


Also にエクスポートしたりすることはできません。理由:Windows


ファイルのバージョン DBeaver 7.0.2
ファイル名 dbeaver-ce-7.0.2-macos.dmg
ファイルサイズ 56.9 MB
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X 10.7 or later
ソフトウェアタイプ Demo
著者 Propellerhead Software
更新時間 2020-04-06

What's new in this version:

Database navigator:
- Simplified database structure view was added
- Navigator view settings and presets were added

Object editor:
- Context menu was added to the object breadcrumbs
- Object alter script now can be opened in SQL editor

Data editor:
- Preference and data format changes now applying immediately (without data refresh)
- Scrollbar position reset in columns reorder/filtering was fixed
- Number of selected rows/columns/cells now shown in the status bar
- Query filter history save/load was fixed
- Floating point numbers (4-byte precision) rendering was fixed
- SQL Editor: quick search tool was added (ctrl+alt+shift+f)
- Driver copy was fixed (problem with read-only URL)

- PGPASS support was fixed
- Database information (ctype, collate) reading was fixed
- Problems with default database change were fixed
- OID types rendering fix
- Domain metadata reading was fixed (base type qualified name)
- Extra options were added to database backup/restore wizards
- Redshift: data type resolution was fixed (array types)

SQL Server:
- Driver download and "reset to default" was fixed
- Default schema detection was added
- Problems with read-only query results were fixed
- Column comments edit was fixed

- Permission editor was fixed (schema privileges)
- Index rename support was added

- Security tree (Exasol 7) was fixed
- Auto-completion for builtin functions was added
- Foreign keys metadata was fixed
- Oracle: "drop procedure" support was fixed
- SAP HANA: driver download was fixed
- Firebird: driver version was upgraded (4.0)
- Many other minor bug fixes

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