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Screens 4.3.7

Screens for Mac は美しく強力なスクリーン共有と VNC クライアントで、リビングルーム、コーナーコーヒーショップ、または世界のどこでも Mac、Windows、Linux PC に接続することができます.


Faster Ever
Screens now OpenGL を使用してリモートコンピュータのディスプレイを表示します.

Mobile Trackpad
iPad を画面上で使用しているときに iPhone をトラックパッドに切り替えます.

Curtain Mode
ユーザーまたは誰も画面を見ることができない Mac を制御します.

One Touch Password
LetScreen は、ワンタッチでユーザーパスワードを入力します.

Adaptive Toolbar
Screens は、現在使用しているデバイスに応じてショートカットツールバーのグループ化を最適化します.

フル 3D タッチサポート
クイックアクション、 ke スクリーンをさらに速く使いやすくすることができます.

1 パスワード統合

注:10 回の接続が成功すると試用期間が終了します。 64 ビットプロセッサーが必要です.8997423

ファイルのバージョン Screens 4.3.7
ファイル名 Screens.dmg
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X 10.11 or later
ソフトウェアタイプ Trial
著者 Edovia Inc.
更新時間 2018-01-06

What's new in this version:

Screens 4.3.7
- Fixed French AZERTY keyboard issues with some characters when connecting to PCs
- Improved Wake On Lan
- Fixed cursor issues when uploading files when the local cursor is hidden
- Stability improvements

Screens 4.3.6
- Stability improvements

Screens 4.3.5
- Fixed Italian keyboard mapping
- Bug fixes

Screens 4.3.4
- Fixed issue where blank passwords would not be saved after storing in Keychain
- Stability improvements
- Note: If you're using a blank password, you may me prompted to save it again one last time. Sorry for the inconvenience

Screens 4.3.3
- Fixed issue where blank passwords would not be saved after storing in Keychain
- Stability improvements

Screens 4.3.2
- Fixed window resizing issue when scaling is off
- Improved pasteboard transfers
- Now obfuscates sensitive pasteboard content in notifications
- Improved file transfers
- Stability improvements

Screens 4.3.1
- Screens will no longer re-populate shortcuts at every launch if they were cleared by the user
- Fixed freezing issue when connecting to a Windows or Linux PC via a SSH tunnel
- Fixed issue with service browser not always starting at launch
- Fixed German keyboard mapping on windows and Linux PC

Screens 4.3
- Fixed Dropbox issues
- Improved performance
- Bug fixes

Screens 4.2.2
- Stability improvements

Screens 4.2
- macOS 10.13 High Sierra compatibility
- Sending system shortcuts to the remote computer can now be turned off in the app preferences
- Screens will no longer show the Library window when it is launched from a supported file format
- Fixed Danish keyboard mapping issues
- Fixed issue where fullscreen window would pause when Screens is running on a multiple display configuration
- Stability improvements

Screens 4.1.4
- Bug fixes

Screens 4.1.3
- Screens wasn't checking for updates automatically
- Fixed issue where associated URLs wouldn't launch Screens
- You can now customize toolbars in both the Library and Connection windows
- Enhanced connection speed and responsiveness
- Improved stability and general performance

Screens 4.1.2
- Fixed update system that wouldn't check for updates automatically
- Fixed URL schemes when launching app
- Stability and performance improvements

Screens 4.1.1
- Fixed licensing issues
- Stability and performance improvements

Screens 4.1
- Command-Tab and Spotlight shortcuts are now sent to the remote computer
- Fixed issue where a key would sometimes stick when Command was pressed earlier
- Fixed license issues
- Stability and general improvements

Screens 4.0.5
- Fixed license validation issues when running Screens offline
- Fixed license resetting issues
- Stability improvements

Screens 4.0.4
- Stability improvements

Screens 4.0.3
- Fixed On-Disconnect Actions that were not executed for some users when Curtain Mode was enabled
- Custom screenshots could get deleted after disconnecting
- Operating system or a saved screen could be set to Linux if RFB minor version was invalid
- Fixed middle-click button
- Fixed scroll wheel not responding when connecting to a PC
- Screens now disables file transfers when in Observe mode
- Stability improvements

Screens 4.0.2
- Fixes OpenGL issues on some systems
- Stability improvements

Screens 4.0.1
- Fixed clipboard issue with iWork apps
- Fixed overlay items in Groups
- Fixed jumping connection window
- Fixed crash when resuming Screens from sleep
- Fixed scaling issue when moving a connection window from a retina display to a non-retina display and vice-versa
- Duplicated items in a group would be moved to root group
- Authentication sheet now allows empty passwords
- One-Click Password could send incorrect characters

Screens 4.0
- Fixed a crash under macOS 10.11
- OpenGL optimizations
- Improved clipboard receiving
- Fixed clipboard issues after re-connection
- Stability improvements
- Bug fixes

Screens 3.8.7
- Stability improvements

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