Sketch for Mac、ソフトウェア教育、ソフトウェアダウンロード、ソフトウェアコミュニティ、Windowsソフトウェア、Macソフトウェア

Sketch for Mac

Sketch for Mac は、Mac 用のベクター描画を革新的で新鮮なものにしています。その意図的に最小限のデザインは、パレット、パネル、メニュー、ウィンドウ、およびコントロールのない無制限のサイズとレイヤーの描画スペースに基づいています。使い方は簡単ですが、完璧なブール演算、記号、強力なルーラ、ガイド、グリッドなどの強力なベクトル描画とテキストツールを提供します。スケッチは、軽量で使いやすい...


What's new in this version:

Microsoft To Do 2.45
- We squashed some bugs related to sync and app crash. Your experience should be better now

Microsoft To Do 2.44
- We have added support for Spotlight Search. Now you can quickly search your tasks and to-do lists from your home screen
- We have fixed some bugs related to accessibility and app crash

Microsoft To Do 2.43
- fixed some bugs to improve the user experience

Microsoft To Do 2.42
- fixed some bugs to improve the user experience

Microsoft To Do 2.41
- We squashed some bugs. Also, if you're on iOS 12 or below, you won't see any more To Do updates until you switch to iOS 13.

Microsoft To Do 2.40
- We made some UI improvements and fixed some bugs - your sync and sharing experiences should be better now

Microsoft To Do 2.39
- We have fixed some bugs related to the new widgets and accessibility

Microsoft To Do 2.38.1
We have made some improvements related to widgets and app sync to improve the user experience

Microsoft To Do 2.38
We have made some improvements related to widgets and app sync to improve the user experience

Microsoft To Do 2.36.1
- We have made some fixes to improve app performance

Microsoft To Do 2.36
- We've been sweeping in the corners of our app, getting rid of all of the bugs and making a few minor improvements

Microsoft To Do 2.35
- We have made some fixes to improve app performance

Microsoft To Do 2.34
- We have fixed a bug which was causing the "New List" button to disappear

Microsoft To Do 2.33
- We have fixed some bugs to improve the user experience

Microsoft To Do 2.32
- We fixed some bugs including the one that was causing two instances of a file being uploaded

Microsoft To Do 2.31
- We have changed the week start date to Monday
- We have fixed some bugs that were causing the app to crash
- We have improved the search experience. Now special characters are supported in search

Microsoft To Do 2.30
- We fixed some issues in this version to have a smooth experience while adding tasks from Siri
- We have fixed some bugs related to print functionality


What's new in this version:

- This release focuses on fixing a few bugs


What's new in this version:

Wavebox 10.0.542.2
- Update to Chromium 91.0.4472.77 which improves JavaScript performance by up to 23% in real world tests. This is thanks to the new Sparkplug compiler in V8 which should see the vast majority of JavaScript launch and run faster
- Incrementally load Wavebox code as it's needed, using our new just-in-time pipeline. This reduces the evaluation time and memory usage on startup by 20-ish percent. Then depending how Wavebox is used, additional chunks are loaded as they're needed. This means if there's a feature you just don't use, you'll never need to load it in. If you do use it, then it's loaded seamlessly in the background without you even noticing!
- Wavebox uses lots of different code components in the app, but within those they use a shared library. We spent some time optimising these, stripping out bits that we didn't need and rewriting some others to be more performant. We managed to reduce some of the code components by over 50%, which means less overhead in lots of parts of the app and now pages and tabs should now load that little bit more quickly.
- We now officially support the Arch User Repository as a new install method!
- Fix duplicate tab in new window messing up the window focus on Windows
- Fix a hard crash when profiles are enabled
- Fix being unable to remove a profile
- UI fixes

Wavebox 10.0.518.2
- New micro version of Wavebox Connect
- Add the ability to pin a tab in the main wavebox window
- Add support for automatically changing the menu bar colors depending on theme/desktop wallpaper
- Add an option to move tabs between groups
- Add button to open all pinned items in a new window
- Change dino to wavebox logo for QR code in omnibox

Updates & improvements:
- Improve the loading experience in profile popup
- Update our frameless window code used in profiles & quick switch
- Update to Chromium 90.0.4430.212
- Update dependencies
- Tree-shake some useless code to improve performance
- UI Fixes

- Remove create new tab from context menu, when tabs are disabled
- When the main window quit behaviour was set to quit, Wavebox would exit badly. This caused a number of problems...
- Running tabs wouldn't save, so the startup behaviour of "continue where you left off" wouldn't work
- Secondary profiles could be lost if they were saved to disk badly
- If you had a second window open and quit the main Wavebox one, there was no way to bring it back other than to restar the app
- Opening a new tab carries the cookie container across, however in some instances creating a new window would not, so always carry the cookie container.
- Fix widevine on Apple Silicon builds
- Fix a crash in workspaces

Wavebox 10.0.503.2
- Add keyboard shortcut for home
- Add keyboard shortcut for the profile picker
- Add duplicate to new window option to the tab menus
- Add support for some additional chrome.identity extension apis

Updates & improvements:
- Update to Chromium 90.0.4430.93
- Slack unread badges and notifications stopped working after Slack changed their API. Update Wavebox to be compatible with these changes
- UI tweaks and fixes
- Improvements to streaming quality in Wavebox Connect
- Add the option to open pinned items in new windows

- Shutting down profiles was a bit flakey, fix this
- Cookie container settings were not respected on extensions after the Chromium 90 update. Fix this
- Fix zoom not working in Wavebox Mini
- Fix clicking on a notification erroneously waking up a bunch of tabs in a group
- Fix an issue that would sometimes see tabs requiring a double click to close
- Fix playback of protected media on Apple Silicon
- Fix issue that would prevent some users from launching Wavebox

Wavebox 10.0.495.2
- Fix change to Slack sync protocol that caused Slack accounts to stay signed out
- Fix the Wavebox UI incorrectly using the default page zoom
- Add a flag to revert the linux tray behaviour to the old refresh-y behaviour

Wavebox 10.0.493.2
- Upgrade to Chromium 90.0.4430.85
- Add an option for main window tabs to inherit their sleep settings from the opening app
- Speed up initial load in Navigator
- Bugfix for missing tabs in Navigator
- Fix the scrollbar not appearing on workspaces
- The homepage url for apps could be lost under an edge case, fix this
- UI Fixes

Wavebox 10.0.487.2
- Add notification volume control to Settings > General > Notifications
- What's New icon in sidebar
- Add an option to name individual tabs

New Profiles:
- Profiles icon in the UI top-right with dropdown Profile switcher. Disabled by default - email support for access
- We've been busy updating and fixing some longstanding issues with Cookie Profiles. Alongside this and the release of Profiles, we've renamed Cookie Profiles to be Cookie Containers. They do the same thing, but helps with any ambiguity between profiles and containers
- Option to show Wavebox Profile picker window on start-up
- Option to launch all Wavebox Profiles on start-up

Sleep Improvements:
- Extend the default sleep period to 15 minutes from the old 5 minutes
- Sleep unused tabs (not just apps) after 15 minutes. This works across all windows, not just the main Wavebox window and can be disabled or customized in settings
- Uncouple the sleep setting for tabs in the main Wavebox window, so that they use the global setting
- Add an option to sleep apps & tabs when the machine has low memory
- Indicate when tabs are sleeping by greying out the tab title and icon
- Add an option to each tabs context menu to sleep them on demand
- After adding an app and switching away from it, the app would always go to sleep immediately. Don't do this.
- Schedule auto sleep on apps at startup (if applicable)
- Show sleeping tabs in the tab navigator

Wavebox 10.0.454.2
- Update to Chromium 89.0.4389.72
- Update dependencies
- Reduce individual writes to disk by batching them together, decreasing CPU load
- Disallow adding workspaces multiple times
- Clearing all browsing data would sometimes fail when clearing multiple profiles. Fix this.
- Add create group from tab to tab context menu
- Flags section under advanced settings
- Wavebox connect improvements
- UI Tweaks

Wavebox 10.0.442
- Add an alert state to apps and groups to show which are audible, muted, screensharing etc
- Add mute/unmute to the app/tab menus
- Improve the active indicator when apps are placed in the sidebar
- Add search to settings
- Add option to hide or show the bookmarks bar in the main Wavebox window (available under settings. This is still experimental)
- Wavebox mini now remembers the last tab that was open
- Add option to move app into its own group
- Add an option to always show the tabstrip

Updates & improvements:
- Update to Chromium 88.0.4324.192
- Update dependencies
- Speed up double click vs single click detection on apps
- Make Wavebox connect theme aware
- Various UI tweaks

Performance improvements:
- Serialize sleeping tabs to disk for faster tab restore
- Use our new store heuristics to pre-predict changes and dump those that have no effects early in the pipeline
- There's a case where switching between some Slack teams would cause a large CPU spike and in some cases a short hang. We added a fix that should vastly reduce CPU usage when doing this.
- In some places we emit multiple store updates together, causing some usless UI repainting in the process. We now batch these automagically into a single update and crucially a single repaint which means faster performance.
- Some of the integrated apps would share large blobs with multiple frames in the app. This data was never used in any of those frames, so move into a dedicated background sync store and free up some CPU and memory for all!
- Fix a potential leak in the tab manager that was causing CPU spikes when switching tabs

- The cookie profile was being lost in new tabs, when new tab extensions are installed (e.g. Carry the cookie profile through.
- In some instances, tabs might not load until they're entered. Hopefully a fix we applied will make them load when they're supposed to
- When sleeping/unsleeping tabs they’d incorrectly animate. Fix this
- Wavebox connect fixes & improvements
- Fix double clicking on apps wrongly reloading when the window is out of focus
- Fix widevine on Apple Silicon devices not working
- When adding weblink apps to a shared team they'd lose their name and icon. Hold on tighter and carry these through
- Fix a crash on the dashboard when it loads before the background thread is 100% ready
- Tweaks to the app/group tooltips
- Fix connect call notifications routing to the wrong tab
- Fix case where some conflicting notification sounds would play

Wavebox 10.0.422
- Update to Chromium 88.0.4324.150, which contains important security fixes
- Additional V8 hardening and security fixes
- The new tab page always started opening on the default partition. Fix this and make it partition aware again
- There was an edge case where the UI may not paint in the main window
- This patch release includes a fix for Slack unread counts and notifications not working

Wavebox 10.0.412
- Add Wavebox Mini button to the the titlebar
- Add option to disable buttons in the titlebar to the main settings rather than using chrome://flags
- Double clicking on an app or group with one app now loads the homepage

Updates & improvements:
- Update to Chromium 88.0.4324.146
- UI Tweaks
- Update dependencies
- Crashpad reporting
- Add extension spanning info to user generated diagnostics

- Some themes would show a clipped background on buttons in the titlebar. The background was never meant to be there, so remove it
- The Clickup extension wouldn't allow you to sign-in on a Cookie Profile that isn't the default one. Fix this so you can sign in on any cookie profile

Wavebox 10.0.407
- Sites that request HTTP basic auth now work outside the default cookie profile
- Vastly improved service worker sync for sites that support it
- The ability to lock an extension to a single cookie profile
- Better cookie profile support for extensions that have struggled with it
- Fixes for mixmax outside of the default cookie profile
- Add the ability to re-order pinned items
- Add tab close button to quick switch
- Add favicons to quick switch
- Add tab search, navigatior & new window button to the titlebar

Updates & improvements:
- Update to Chromium 88.0.4324.96
- Update dependencies
- Improve stability by hardening some core event systems so in-app errors don't result in a domino-effect fallover
- Open pinned and recent items as a new tab rather than always in a new window
- Some tabs in the stip failed to update on chrome:// pages. Fix this.
- Hide tab sleep indicator when space is at a premium

- Fix toolbar apps collapsing slightly when there are lots of tabs
- Fix an edge case where opening the options page in a tab on startup would result in it crashing
- Badges wouldn't clear on facebook messenger if you dismissed them on another device. Fix this
- Signing into Slack with Google stopped working, fix this
- Opening a link from bookmarks in a new tab would cause the app to crash. Don't crash.
- Fix folder upload on sites such as Google Drive & OneDrive
- Fix tray losing notification muted state on Linux & Windows
- The character encoding was losing some character definition in Wavebox Mini Notifications. Fix this (Existing notifications will continue to show funny glyphs)


What's new in this version:

Improvements to Civil:
TIN Surfaces from Point Clouds:
- When an input point cloud has more than 5M points, only the outer boundary of the resultant TIN Surface will display

2D Constraints:
- 2D constraint labels are now updated when their names change

- A linefeed is now entered in the command line after an 'auto save' message

- The Detach option now works in localized versions, as expected

- Profiles are imported correctly, and existing profiles are no longer improperly overwritten

- Background lines are no longer generated when the Show Background lines property of the section entity is off

- Section lines for sectioned regions are now properly generated in volume sections

- The command now generates grid lines with the correct color, transparency, linetype, linetype scale and lineweight

- The content on the BRX2D+ layer is updated correctly when related components have been modified

BIMTAG command:
- Spot elevation tags are now supported in detail sections

- The command options in non-English versions are now available, as expected

- Specific entities are no longer processed multiple times when 3D or Draft drawing views are present in a drawing

- The command now correctly launches the "Add block to library" dialog box in Spanish language versions of BricsCAD

DGN Export:
- TTF styles are now exported correctly

DGN Import:
- The import of circles, arcs and circle/arc hatch boundaries is now correct

Dimensions :
- The scale of linear dimensions between centerlines or center marks is now correct

Dynamic Blocks:
- An UNDO issue that occurred when Dynamic Block modifications were made via a grip point, when a popup menu is active, has been fixed

FILEOPEN command:
- We fixed the population error that occurred in the Open File dialog box when opening a drawing from a File Explorer dialog, after a modal dialog was launched in a BricsCAD session.

Grip Editing:
- We fixed a grip editing regression that caused values entered in dynamic dimensions to be ignored during grip-based operations

Group Selection:
- We fixed a bug that could cause multiple groups to be selected when a specific group entity was contained within multiple groups

IFC Export:
- We fixed the incomplete IFC export of a particular model

IMPORT command:
- An issue that caused the Mechanical Browser to be empty, after an import in background mode, has been fixed

- We fixed a slowdown caused by model regeneration after a LAYER FREEZE

- Drop-down menu items on the Text Formatting dialog for justification and alignment are now properly localized. A regression since V21.2.03.

Plot Style Table Editor:
- The Plot Style Table Editor dialog box now opens on the first try. This was a regression. We're sorry this happened

- An option to insert geometry, and to add an image to the section plane, has been added

Point Clouds:
- A deleted cache folder is recreated again automatically when BricsCAD is re-started

Point Clouds:
- Reading RCP/RCS files no longer stops when a voxel without points is encountered. Empty voxels are now skipped, and file reading continues.

- The combo-boxes in the Ribbon now show proper borders in light and dark color themes

- The label style of a split button's child items are now honored when they differ from the parent button

- The tooltips for ribbon buttons no longer display the macro name in the tooltip when a ToolTipTitle exists

- Export results are now consistent, regardless of the use of DMSIMPLIFY

- The command now correctly exports a single-sided form feature

- A set of particular test cases with many adjacent, analytical lofted bends is now properly supported

Standard Parts:
- The thread length of the ISO 4017 bolt is now shown correctly

- The EditorInput.UserInputControls enum now includes AnyBlankTerminatesInput and UseBasePointElevation values

- We fixed a bug that prevented the removal of Application.BeginDoubleClick event handlers

BRX AcDbMPolygon:
- The AcDbMPolygonNode::AcDbMPolygonNode(), AcDbMPolygon::getMPolygonTree() and AcDbMPolygon::deleteMPolygonTree() functions have been implemented

- The combo control now updates its item list after items are removed. This was a V21 regression

- We corrected an Undo state bug when cloning block definitions, that resulted in a replaced block definition

- AcDbEntity::intersectWith() now works correctly with disjoint regions

- AcDbMPolygon::appendMPolygonLoop() now fails when adding a self intersecting loop

- AcDbMPolygon::balanceTree() now keeps bulges synchronized with vertices in case of the reversal of the direction of said loop

- A bug related to the Diagnostics and Usage Data Collection subscription that occurred when using LISP expressions has been fixed

LISP Reactors:
- A problem with (entget), (entmod), (entmake) during Lisp reactor callbacks has been fixed. This regression was introduced with the first V21.2 version

- A incorrect behaviour of (bim:delete-property) has been fixed: when the specified property is part of the PropertySet, the entire PropertySet was removed, instead of the specified property only. This also applies to the corresponding BRX function.


What's new in this version:

- Fixed: This release fixes some unexpected behaviours with text in overrides. This includes text appearing incorrectly aligned, not updating if you swapped between different components, or not appearing at all. Thanks to everyone who reported this one and we’re sorry for the impact it had on your workflows.


What's new in this version:

- Bug and Crash Fixes: This release fixes a crash and some bugs you’ve reported to us, including one that caused Sketch to run slowly on Macs with certain GPUs


What's new in this version:

- Doing a clean install on Windows, Example.avc is not copied and loaded on startup
- Crash switching decks
- Playing this mp4 with wrong AAC-audio PTS values crashes Alley on windows
- Capture color conversions are inaccurate
- Undo-redo column insertion breaks with groups sometimes
- Midi (by position) shortcut no worky after undoing group column insert
- Text Animation doesn't leave a valid context
- L fixtures send different value than expected
- Video mixer gets garbage texture from somewhere
- Media Manager freezes trying to reconnect a file with a different name
- Capture input starts to trail in feedback