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Termius 7.40.2

Slack for Mac はすべてのコミュニケーションを 1 か所に集約します。現代のチームをリアルタイムでメッセージング、アーカイブ、検索することができます。メッセージだけでなく、すべてのファイル、画像、PDF、文書、スプレッドシートを Slack に直接ドロップして、必要な人と共有することができます。コメントを追加し、後で参照できるようにスターを付けると、すべて検索可能になります。 Google ドライブ、Dropbox、Box などのサービスを使用している場合は、リンクを貼り付けるだけですぐにそのドキュメントが同期して検索可能になります.

すべてのツールを Slack に接続し、スラック内のすべての通知をサポート要求、コードチェックイン、エラーログから販売リードまですべての通知を 1 つの中央アーカイブで検索できるように統合を設定します.

スラック内のすべてのメッセージ、通知、ファイル、すべての— は自動的にインデックスが作成されアーカイブされるため、いつでも自由に使用できます。また、PDF、Word 文書、Google ドキュメントなどを検索できるように、すべてのファイルの内容にインデックスを付けます。 1 つの検索ボックスと一連の強力な検索演算子を使用すると、コミュニケーションの中でその 1 つのメッセージに向かって細かく切り分けることができます。haystack.



ダイレクトメッセージを同僚に直接に送信してください。完全にプライベートで secure.

注:スラックアカウントと 64 ビットプロセッサが必要です.

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ファイルのバージョン Termius 7.40.2
ファイル名 Termius.dmg
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X 10.9 or later
ソフトウェアタイプ Freeware
著者 Slack Technologies Inc
更新時間 2022-05-05

What's new in this version:

Termius 7.40.2
- Fixed an issue causing a blank screen on start

Termius 7.40.1
- Automatic detection of server OSes allowing Termius to show their logos instead of generic icons
- ed25519-sk and ecdsa-sk keys are working without admin permissions on Windows
- The DigitalOcean integration imports a Droplet’s public IP address if it exists, otherwise - a private one
- Fixed sorting by name
- Fixed an issue causing the terminal to have incorrect size in Telnet sessions
- Renamed the subscription plans

Termius 7.39.0
- Ability to execute a snippet in all active sessions

Termius 7.38.2
- Sync with AWS and DigitalOcean clouds. Automatic sync of changes in your infrastructure at AWS or DigitalOcean to Termius will save you from the nightmare of updating data every time your system scales up/down
- Added the ability to manually switch between the app's color schemes
- Added the ability to switch terminal emulation types in Preferences
- Updated color palettes in some of the terminal themes
- Fixed an issue causing the terminal to have incorrect size in Telnet sessions
- Fixed inability to use port forwarding with host chaining
- Fixed an issue with the input mode in terminal session sharing
- Stability and performance improvements

Termius 7.37.2
- Fixed an issue with CSV import

Termius 7.37.0
- Host chaining setting in groups for easier management of infrastructure involving advanced security. It's now possible to specify a host chain consisting of jump or bastion host servers for many hosts at once – by specifying it in the group containing the hosts
- Ability to generate a biometric key based on the Secure Enclave and use it for SSH authentication. The function is available for MacOS and can be found on the Keychain screen
- Ability to import from CSV and MobaXterm
- Performance improvements concerning scrolling in the terminal

Termius 7.36.1
- Stability improvements

Termius 7.35.5
- Fixed an issue preventing the app from a restart after an update has been downloaded
- Fixed a bug causing a crash report to appear when the app is started

Termius 7.35.4
- Autocomplete for snippets
- New terminal color schemes: Dracula, Nord Light, Nord Dark, Monokai
- New fonts: Meslo Nerd Font, JetBrains Mono Nerd Font, Fira Code Nerd Font and Cascadia Code
- Fixed an incorrect order of running snippets on Windows
- Security improvements and more bugfixes

Termius 7.34.1
- Stability improvements

Termius 7.32.0
- Made it possible to use an empty password during SSH authentication
- Stability improvements

Termius 7.28.0
- Made it possible to generate ED25519, ECDSA and RSA keys (on the Keychain screen)
- Brought back the SFTP path input field
- Fixed issues with adding tags

Termius 7.27.0
- Added an option to open file for SFTP with download/upload
- Added autosave indicators to the edit forms
- Fixed snippet execution on hosts running Windows
- Termius for Teams: fixed multiple group sharing confirmation
- Some UI improvements and UI-related bugfixes

Termius 7.26.2
- Stability improvements

Termius 7.26.1
- Added support for TOTP as a second authentication factor
- Other stability and security improvements

Termius 7.24.1
- Live terminal sessions - ability to share a session with other Termius users
- The '+ New' / edit forms have been reworked and now save changes automatically

Termius 7.23.2
- single sign-on via Apple ID and Google Account
- support for the new format of PuTTY keys (PPK3)
- verbose connection logs to help troubleshoot connection issuesa

Termius 7.22.1
- Improved import from SecureCRT - made it possible to import Keys, Passwords, and Port Forwarding rules
- Other stability and security improvements

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