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SSH Tunnel Manager 2.2.7

SSH Tunnel Manager for Mac は、SSH トンネルを管理する macOS アプリケーションです。 SSH Tunnel Manager が必要ないかもしれませんが、SSH プロトコルを使用して 2 つのネットワークを接続することができたら、STM はあなたのためです.

Quick Access
A シングルクリック接続を開き、必要なポートリダイレクションを確立します。

パスワードなし認証のためにあなたの公開鍵を使うか、パスワードを使って macOS Keychain に格納するかどうかはあなた次第です。私たちはセキュリティを非常に重視しています。パスワードを保存しない限り、パスワードは保存されません.

接続やポートのリダイレクトを設定するためのすべてのオプションがありますが、これらの難解な議論を覚えておく必要はありません。接続が確立されたときに Web サイトのリストを自動的に開くこともできます.


注:64 ビットプロセッサが必要です.8999243

ファイルのバージョン SSH Tunnel Manager 2.2.7
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X 10.7 or later
ソフトウェアタイプ Freeware
著者 Tynsoe
更新時間 2016-10-18

What's new in this version:

SSH Tunnel Manager 2.2.7
- Fix a bug causing application to crash when editing tunnels
- Fix the menu bar icon appearance on Mac OS X Dark theme

SSH Tunnel Manager 2.2.6
- Fixes a bug causing SSH Tunnel Manager to crash when deleting tunnels

SSH Tunnel Manager 2.2.5
- Preferences now open frontmost when called from the menubar
- Fix an issue with "Listen" value for a redirection wouldn't be read from preferences

- Added a contextual menu on the main window to open settings for the connection
- Implemented warning when setting "Listen outside connection" when some ports are open for localhost only
- Warn user when ports couldn't be opened

SSH Tunnel Manager 2.2.4
- Renaming tunnels on the master list wouldn't work
- Reordering tunnels in preferences could lead to inconsistent behavior
- Fix a bug causing all redirections for a connection to have the same host
- Pushing any key while a redirection is selected would delete the entry
- New icon (courtesy of

SSH Tunnel Manager 2.2.3
- Import and export tunnels using drag and drop
- Better management of offending SSH keys
- You can now duplicate a configuration
- Added an option to disable strict host key check
- Added an option to automatically open a list of URLs (comma separated) when connected
- Other minor fixes and gems

SSH Tunnel Manager 2.2.2
- Fixed a bug causing the menu inability to start tunnels
- Enabled crash reporting

SSH Tunnel Manager 2.2.1
- Cosmetic changes
- Embedded Feedback form
- Fixed a formatting issue with port number field
- Fixed a bug causing the password window to stay open while STM was in the background
- Fixed a bug preventing copy/paste in the password window

SSH Tunnel Manager 2.1.4
- Fixed a bug causing application to crash when editing re-directions
- Fixed a bug preventing copy and paste to work in password field
- You can now specify bind address in the local port column using address:port
- Small interface adjustments

SSH Tunnel Manager 2.1.1
- Tunnels that were open at quit are relaunch at startup

Fixes :
- Fixed a bug in the management of SSH hosts user interaction
- Fixed a bug causing tunnels to need two launches to work
- Enhanced menubar icon

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