Steam for Mac、ソフトウェア教育、ソフトウェアダウンロード、ソフトウェアコミュニティ、Windowsソフトウェア、Macソフトウェア

Dashlane 6.1942.1

Steam for Mac は、3500 種類以上のゲームを提供しており、どのコンピュータからでも購入、ダウンロード、再生できます。新しいリリース、インディーヒット、カジュアルなお気に入り、そしてその間のすべてをチェックしてください。遊ぶ人、友人と会う人、同じような興味のグループとつながる人、チャット、試合、トーナメントをホストしたり参加する人あなたの友人がオンラインであるか、ゲームをしているかを見て、簡単に同じゲームに参加できます。あなたの仲間とチャットをするか、マイクを使ってどのゲームでもコミュニケーションをとることができます。 Steam for Mac で、あなたのゲームは自動ゲームのアップデートで自分自身で最新の状態に保たれます.


あらゆる 3500 のゲームが Mac から購入、ダウンロード、および再生できます。新しいリリース、インディーヒット、カジュアルなお気に入り、そしてその間のすべてをチェックしてください.

誰かと遊んで、友達と会い、同じような興味のグループに参加し、チャット、試合、トーナメントをホストして参加しましょう。潜在的な友人(または敵)が 1 億人を超えると、楽しみは決して止まらない。ゲーム中に友達と


組織化されていないウェブサイトからパッチをダウンロードしてダウンロードするのは 20 世紀です。 Steam では、あなたのゲームはそれ自身で最新の状態に保たれます。無料の週末へのプレリリース割引から、Steam for Mac はゲーマーの価値を最大限に引き出します.

Steam Workshop で友人や取引アイテムをゲットし、ゲームの新しいコンテンツを作成することさえできます。あなたの好きなゲームの将来を形作るのに役立ちます.

エンターテインメント Anywhere
あなたは、PC、Mac、Linux ボックス、モバイルデバイス、またはテレビでさえ、Steam のメリットを享受できます。あなたと一緒に楽しみましょう.

Also Available:Windows 用の Steam をダウンロードする

ファイルのバージョン Dashlane 6.1942.1
ファイルサイズ 819.2 KB
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X 10.7 or later
ソフトウェアタイプ Freeware
著者 Valve Corporation
更新時間 2019-10-31

What's new in this version:

Dashlane 6.1942.1
- This version contains a fix for an issue that prevented users from purchasing Dashlane Premium

Dashlane 6.1942.0
- This version introduces compatibility with MacOS 10.15 Catalina, and introduces fixes to the autofill performance of the Safari extension

Dashlane 6.1937.0
- Change log not available for this version

Dashlane 6.1935.0
- Enhanced Dark Web Monitoring alerts: Dashlane continuously scans the dark web and alerts you if your personal data is not where it’s supposed to be.
- VPN country selection: now you can choose from server locations in 20+ countries when using the Dashlane VPN.

Dashlane 6.1930.1
- Change log not available for this version

Dashlane 6.1929.1
This version contains changes from version 6.1928.0, along with the fix to the ID creation/edition issue that version introduced. It also contains:
- The fix for an issue with the deletion of items in the list shared with the Emergency contact
- The fix for the issue that made the "Manage Firefox extension" grayed out in the app for some users
- The fix for an issue that was making the app crash when canceling a file attachment in a Secure note
- The fix for an issue with the default browser used to open the user onboarding process
- The fix for a wrong VPN driver installation for 32 bits computers

Dashlane 6.1928.1
- The ability to uninstall the VPN from the VPN menu of the app
- A fix to VPN issues some users were experiencing after waking up their device from sleep mode
- An error message will now be displayed when entering nonexistent dates when creating an ID in the app

Dashlane 6.1926.1
- Change log not available for this version

Dashlane 6.1924
- A fix to the issue that sometimes made the app consider a newly created password weak until the user logged out then logged back in
- A fix to the issue that prevented some users running the latest version of Windows 10 (1903) from using U2F keys to log in if they had multiple keys registered
- Increased security of the U2F feature

Dashlane 6.1923
- Fixed the bug that made the display overlap in the app for Windows 8.1 HiDPI users
- Fixed the bug that made Dashlane open the wrong browser when clicking "Go to Website" in some cases
- Fixed bugs with the key derivation function selection feature

Dashlane 6.1922
- This version allows B2B admins to prevent updates of their Dashlane app (installed in Program Files) from being installed automatically

Dashlane 6.1920
- Change log not available for this version

Dashlane 6.1918
- Change log not available for this version

Dashlane 6.1915
- Change log not available for this version

Dashlane 6.1914
- A fix to a freeze issue occurring mostly when clicking on some Dark Web Monitoring popups
- Multiple other fixes and improvements around the Dark Web Monitoring experience

Dashlane 6.1913
- Change log not available for this version

Dashlane 6.1911
- This version contains the removal of Dark Web Monitoring sign up prompts for Business users, along with a couple of minor bug fixes

Dashlane 6.1909
- the removal of prompts to install the IE plugin during the first setup
- the ability for the Diagnostic Tool to edit the configuration file when Dashlane was installed in ProgramFiles
- the fix of an issue that was overwriting the full PATH variable in some cases
- [Business] the fix to an issue that security score to show in the Admin Console but not in users' app when there were less than 5 passwords in the Business space

Dashlane 6.1907
- A fix to an issue that prevented the IP/location from changing after disconnecting the VPN
- A fix to some missing copy in the Help menu
- A security warning when enabling Windows Hello feature

Dashlane 6.1905
- A fix to the grey extension in Chrome 72
- The ability to use U2F keys on Intel machines
- A fix to the Dark Web Monitoring prompt displayed multiple times
- A fix to some sharing issues
- A fix to some issues with the Password Changer feature
- A fix to a crash of the app when loading "heavy" accounts

Dashlane 6.1903
- Some improvements of the VPN feature
- A fix to Dashlane Business issues related to the removal of company items from the vault when leaving the Dashlane Business account
- A fix to some website icons not displaying after another password was added to the vault
- An improved design of Dark Web Monitoring in Identity Dashboard

Dashlane 6.1901
- Improved design of Premium Plus elements in Identity Dashboard
- Improved the password generation algorithm
- Fixed some connection issues with the VPN
- Fixed some access issues with items shared with limited rights
- Fixed a display issue that prevented some users from seeing their data anywhere in the app but in the search results
- Reverted the replacement of the "Edit" button by a "Copy password" button in the app's main window (this change remains in the search results)

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