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Stellarium 0.19.2

Stellarium for Mac はあなたのコンピュータのための無料のオープンソースプラネタリウムです。肉眼や双眼鏡、望遠鏡などと同じように、現実的な空を 3D で表示します。プラネタリウムプロジェクターで使用されています。あなたの座標を設定してください。 Stellarium の特長:

デフォルトのカタログ 600,000 以上星 2 億 1000 万以上の星を持つ余分なカタログ星座の星座とイラスト 12 種類の文化の星座星雲の画像(完全なメシエカタログ)現実的な天の川非常に現実的な雰囲気、日の出と日没惑星およびその衛星 Interface
強力なズームタイムコントロール多言語インターフェイスプラネタリウムドームの魚眼プロジェクション独自の低コストドーム用の球面ミラープロジェクション新しいグラフィカルインターフェイスと豊富なキーボードコントロール望遠鏡コントロール Visualisation
赤道軸と方位角のグリッドスター輝くシューティングスター Eclipse シミュレーション超新星シミュレーション Skinnable 今、球面パノラマ投影を持つ風景 Customizability
人工衛星、眼球シミュレーション、望遠鏡の設定などを追加するプラグインシステム新しい太陽系オブジェクトを追加する能力あなたの深い空オブジェクト、風景、星座画像、スクリプトを追加してください。注:64 ビットプロセッサが必要です.

も利用可能:Windows 用のダウンロード

ファイルのバージョン Stellarium 0.19.2
ファイル名 Stellarium-0.19.2.dmg
ファイルサイズ 245.08 MB
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X 10.12 or later
ソフトウェアタイプ Open Source
著者 Fabien Chereau
更新時間 2019-09-29

What's new in this version:

- Added support DMS and DD formats for parallactic angle feature
- Added altitude limitation filter for AstroCalc/Graphs[AltVsTime/ME] tools
- Added visual improvements for AstroCalc/Graphs tool
- Added new time intervals for AstroCalc/Ephemeris tool
- Added computation of ephemeris for all naked-eye visible planets into AstroCalc/Ephemeris tool
- Added GUI for select the color of ephemeris markers into AstroCalc/Ephemeris tool
- Added 2 new scripts (Saturnian and uranian analemmas)
- Added 'k Pup' designation to star HIP 37229
- Added information about progress of loading on splash screen
- Added a new skylore for Stellarium: Anutan
- Added support catalog "Southern Stars embedded in nebulosity" (Van den Bergh and Herbst, 1975 - VdBH)
- Added support "Catalogue and distances of optically visible H II regions" (Dickel+, 1969 - DWB)
- Added distances for few LDN objects
- Added support removing shortcuts through config.ini file
- Added extraInfoString to StelObject: Allows extra info injected by plugins or scripts
- Added display of Apex/Antapex points
- Added "observers" for all planets with moons
- Added IAU constellation abbreviation to object info
- Added 3 new actions
- Added settings for Script Console
- Added Vanuatu (Netwar) skyculture
- Added few asterisms
- Added new one time step into AstroCalc/Ephemeris tool
- Added few new DSO textures
- Added support Vec3d into scripting engine
- Added a Messier Marathon script
- Added support for short weekday display modes in bottom toolbar
- Added GUI option to toggle permanent orbit drawing
- Added hyperbolic comet C/2019 Q4 (Borisov) [2I/Borisov] into default ssystem_minor.ini file
- Added a scripting function for refraction
- Fixed coloring text issue when formatting output is on
- Fixed saving properties for external software/remote computer in Telescope Control plugin
- Fixed behaviour of selected ephemeris marker when sorting not for date (AstroCalc/Ephemeris tool)
- Fixed sorting date and time columns for AstroCalc/Ephemeris and AstroCalc/Phenomena tools
- Fixed crash on destruction of static QWidget
- Fixed small difference of values issue for different time zones for Date and Time column in AstroCalc/Ephemeris tool
- Fixed stupid conversion bug in hmsToRad function
- Fixed an asymmetry w.r.t. to the ecliptic latitudes (Moon age)
- Fixed Search Tool/Lists behaviour for VdBH catalog
- Fixed distances for few DSO
- Fixed Gregorian date issue for AstroCalc
- Fixed support GPS on macOS
- Fixed coefficient for the duration of mean tropical year
- Fixed issue for images in description for landscapes: set search directory
- Fixed tooltip behaviour for Date and Time dialog
- Fixed star name to its source spelling
- Fixed compiling with GPSD 3.19 [API 8.0]
- Fixed encoding script files in Script Console
- Fixed drawing names of asterisms
- Fixed aFOV display in Oculars plugin
- Fixed visual issue in Script Console (white background) with Qt 5.13
- Fixed links for scripting docs (SUG)
- Fixed screen flashing during solar eclipse
- Fixed core.resetOutput(); method behaviour
- Fixed AltGr behaviour for some languages on Windows
- Fixed clipping issue for LabelMgr.labelObject
- Fixed weekday computation
- Fixed rendering planets orbits
- Fixed error in shape of asterism Red-Necked Emu
- Fixed proper removing of default secondary shortcut
- Fixed cross-id error in DSO catalog
- Updated appdata.xml file
- Updated outdated code for names of days and months
- Updated Observability plugin
- Updated list of proper names of stars (IAU approved list)
- Updated Moon age calculation: let's use geocentric coordinates only for compute of the Moon age
- Updated AstroCalc/PC tool: simplification and colorification for graphs
- Updated AstroCalc/Phenomena tool: small speed-up
- Updated the default color space: StelToneReproducer now use sRGB as target RGB color space
- Updated GUI for Satellites plugin
- Updated common names for DSO
- Updated common names for stars
- Updated packaging for macOS: Let's use macdeployqt for creating a MacOS bundles
- Updated nomenclature support: Let's use compressed nomenclature data to reduce an installation package
- Updated translations
- Updated planetary nomenclature
- Updated Sardinian skyculture
- Updated file handling in Script Console
- Updated HDPI features: enabled scaling fonts on High DPI monitors
- Updated default shortcuts: changed default shortcut for copying selected object information (Ctrl+C -> Ctrl+Shift+C) to allow use Ctrl+C shortcut for text edit fields for whole planetarium
- Updated getInfoMap method [scripting engine]: enhanced the getInfoMap method for the Sun
- Updated Chinese (Simplified) and Russian translations for Windows installer
- Updated Bookmarks tool
- Updated default exoplanets and pulsars catalogs
- Updated behaviour on Windows: disable HiDPI scaling in manifest
- Updated Oculars plugin: improve RA/Dec output for CCD frame
- Code refactoring: type checking/casting clarifications
- Removed FOV plugin (the feature was moved into core of planetarium)

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