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Stellarium 0.20.2

Stellarium for Mac はあなたのコンピュータのための無料のオープンソースプラネタリウムです。肉眼や双眼鏡、望遠鏡などと同じように、現実的な空を 3D で表示します。プラネタリウムプロジェクターで使用されています。あなたの座標を設定してください。 Stellarium の特長:

デフォルトのカタログ 600,000 以上星 2 億 1000 万以上の星を持つ余分なカタログ星座の星座とイラスト 12 種類の文化の星座星雲の画像(完全なメシエカタログ)現実的な天の川非常に現実的な雰囲気、日の出と日没惑星およびその衛星 Interface
強力なズームタイムコントロール多言語インターフェイスプラネタリウムドームの魚眼プロジェクション独自の低コストドーム用の球面ミラープロジェクション新しいグラフィカルインターフェイスと豊富なキーボードコントロール望遠鏡コントロール Visualisation
赤道軸と方位角のグリッドスター輝くシューティングスター Eclipse シミュレーション超新星シミュレーション Skinnable 今、球面パノラマ投影を持つ風景 Customizability
人工衛星、眼球シミュレーション、望遠鏡の設定などを追加するプラグインシステム新しい太陽系オブジェクトを追加する能力あなたの深い空オブジェクト、風景、星座画像、スクリプトを追加してください。注:64 ビットプロセッサが必要です.

も利用可能:Windows 用のダウンロード

ファイルのバージョン Stellarium 0.20.2
ファイルサイズ 233.97 MB
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X 10.12 or later
ソフトウェアタイプ Open Source
著者 Fabien Chereau
更新時間 2020-06-22

What's new in this version:

- rectangular sensor crop overlay support [Oculars]
- support newly marker in Search Tool (Position and Settings tabs) [Search Tool]
- new features for scripting engine: extend the JavaScript classes corresponding to Vec3f and Vec3d [Scripting]
- options to be able to define and use custom FOV circles for Telrad [Oculars]
- VecMath tests for the new functions
- VecMath feature: Vector/QColor conversions
- feature to set current date and time as initial data when AstroCalc/Ephemeris is open [AstroCalc]
- notification for user when version of DSO catalog is mismatched
- support Trumpler Catalogue (Tr or Trumpler) [DSO Catalog, v3.10]
- support Stock Catalogue (St or Stock) [DSO Catalog, v3.10]
- support Ruprecht Catalogue (Ru or Ruprecht) [DSO Catalog, v3.10]
- support "van den Bergh-Hagen Catalogue" (VdB-Ha) [DSO Catalog, v3.10]
- support search by long name for Trumpler, Stock, Ruprecht, Collinder and Melotte catalogues [DSO Catalog, v3.10]
- new type of DSO objects: region of the sky [DSO Catalog, v3.10]
- special case for improve DSO regions visibility [DSO Catalog, v3.10]
- outlines for DSO regions [DSO Catalog, v3.10]
- marker of center of FOV on the sky [Special Markers]
- circular marker of FOV on the sky [Special Markers]
- rectangular marker of FOV on the sky [Special Markers]
- tool for adjustable thickness of the planetary trails
- tool for adjustable line thickness for ephemeris lines
- tool for adjustable thickness of the planetary orbits
- a column, showing the elevation of the object at transit times into AstroCalc/WUT tool [AstroCalc]
- new category into AstroCalc/WUT tool: regions of the sky [AstroCalc]
- new category into AstroCalc/WUT tool: pulsars (the category available if Pulsars plugin is loaded and pulsars are enabled to display) [AstroCalc]
- new category into AstroCalc/WUT tool: bright nova stars (the category available if Bright Novae plugin is loaded) [AstroCalc]
- new category into AstroCalc/WUT tool: bright supernova stars (the category available if Historical Supernovae plugin is loaded) [AstroCalc]
- new category into AstroCalc/WUT tool: exoplanetary systems (the category available if Exoplanets plugin is loaded and exoplanets are enabled to display) [AstroCalc]
- new category into AstroCalc/WUT tool: active galaxies (this category may include additional quasars if Quasars plugin is loaded and quasars are enabled to display) [AstroCalc]
- new category into AstroCalc/WUT tool: interacting galaxies [AstroCalc]
- new unit tests for DeltaT
- tool to guess the group of satellites by their names [Satellites]
- new groups of satellites [Satellites]
- method to check state of loading for the plugins
- column Elevation for AstroCalc/Phenomena tool [AstroCalc]
- default groups for some satellites from default JSON catalog [Satellites]
- missing tool for define color of regions of the sky
- regions of the sky into Lists of Search Tool [Search Tool]
- tool to export version of Stellarium through StelProperty and Remote Control plugin
- display of epoch of the TLE for artificial satellites [Satellites]
- new flag for InfoString of planets, comets and minor planets
- better arrangement of InfoString entries for planets, comets and minor planets
- highlighting for string literals between apostrophes for Script Console [Scripting]
- highlighting for regular expressions for Script Console [Scripting]
- highlighting for multiline comments for Script Console [Scripting]
- highlighting for exponential numeric format for Script Console [Scripting]
- highlighting for hexadecimal numeric literals for Script Console [Scripting]
- separate highlighting of predefined names from that of keywords for Script Console [Scripting]
- red highlighting for unknown methods of Stellarium modules for Script Console [Scripting]
- highlighting for methods of StelSkyDrawer and core for Script Console [Scripting]
- penumbral and umbral magnitudes during lunar eclipse
- comments for scripters [Scripting]
- radar cross-section (RCS) data for satellites [Satellites]
- calculate approximaged visual magnitude for satellites from their RCS value [Satellites]
- special case for set RCS value for Starlink satellites [Satellites]
- option to allow drawing of landscape polygon only, if a polygon is defined [Landscapes]
- option to allow a polygon to be drawn in the foreground (out of regular call sequence) [Landscapes]
- option to allow landscape polygon overdrawn onto the 3D scenery [Scenery3D]
- GUI and minor redesign of remaining icons [GUI]
- computation an approximated angular size of satellites (the linear size is obtained from RCS value and we use spherical shape for satellites) [Satellites]
- special case for computation an approximated angular size of ISS (we are defined linear size of ISS by "hands") [Satellites]
- tool to display a focuser overlay in the sensor view [Oculars]
- checking conflicts for keyboard shortcuts with informing user if conflicts are exist
- tool to rescale oversize textures on-the-fly
- show a fuchsia-colored replacement texture for wrong filename
- NORAD numbers in addition to name of artificial satellite in Satellites Import Dialog for available for search [Satellites]
- function to compute distance between locations, on a flattened planet, in km
- geographic coordinates of center line for total and annular solar eclipse

- security issue for jquery
- magnitudes for planetary nebulae [DSO Catalog, v3.10]
- data for "Part of a Galaxy" objects [DSO Catalog, v3.10]
- work for clipboard in Script Console tool: avoid effects caused by QTextEdit after copy-paste from HTML pages. [Scripting]
- telescope syncing for INDI [Telescope Control]
- “Uninitialized members” issue in Script Console [Scripting]
- VecMath features: moved vector/string conversion previously in StelUtils to the VecMath classes
- VecMath feature: moved un-inlineable definitions to separate cpp file
- proper motion output
- time delay with planet movement information
- cross-id data for open clusters [DSO Catalog, v3.10]
- designations for van den Bergh catalogues [DSO Catalog, v3.10]
- descriptions for van den Bergh catalogues [DSO Catalog, v3.10]
- crash in scripting method core.setObserverLocation() when planet is not defined or not exist [Scripting]
- core.setObserverLocation() behaviour: avoid duplicating a country if script programmer provides one [Scripting]
- object type info for meteor showers [Meteor Showers]
- crash when lens are deleted in Oculars plugin [Oculars]
- (a temporary fix) crash Stellarium when autoconnect is enabled for ASCOM device, but device is not attached [Telescope Control]
- wrong approximated visual magnitude of satellites [Satellites]
- guessing groups of satellites [Satellites]
- possible cache problem for magnitudes
- casting warnings
- topocentric/geocentric corrections for ArchaeoLines plugin [ArchaeoLines]
- crash AstroCalc/WUT tool when required plugin is not loaded [AstroCalc]
- docs and tooltips
- visibility of deep-sky regions of the sky
- work of regions of the sky in AstroCalc/Positions tool [AstroCalc]
- missing object in Bennett's list of deep-sky objects (switched to synonym of missed object) [Search Tool]
- missing object in Dunlop's list of deep-sky objects (switched to synonym of missed object) [Search Tool]
- visual style for dialog to define custom equation of DeltaT
- crossquarter declinations in ArchaeoLines plugin [ArchaeoLines]
- updating timezones when loading landscapes/sceneries
- updating location panel when off-screen
- a deprecation warning for InfoString of planets, comets and minor planets
- broken highlighting for quoted string literals for Script Console [Scripting]
- broken highlighting for line comment for Script Console [Scripting]
- indentation problems in the code
- crash when removing already removed selection of constellations
- jumping of the Moon
- visibility for telescope selector when image sensor frame enabled after binocular [Oculars]
- saving thickness of the planetary trails and orbits
- context data for unit measure in Satellites plugin [Satellites]
- a stupid bug in ArchaeoLines [ArchaeoLines]
- sign of one element in the matrix sequence for nutation
- Scripting Engine bug: a script isn't terminated properly via the stop script button [Scripting]
- crash when texture isn't found
- the maximum size of CCD: increased limit of sensor size to 100000 pixels [Oculars]
- visual artifacts on the sky
- bug in Vec3d constructor for scripting engine [Scripting]
- shader bug visible during Total Solar Eclipses only

- default settings for InnoSetup Script (.iss) file
- Stellarium User Guide
- morphological classification of open clusters [DSO Catalog, v3.10]
- subsystem to obtain the standard magnitudes of artificial satellites [Satellites]
- method for load standard magnitudes and RCS data for satellites [Satellites]
- size of window resize border to reduce difficulties to their resize
- InfoString block for artificial satellites [Satellites]
- minimum height of artificial satellite to check the valid orbit [Satellites]
- default source of Starlink TLE's [Satellites]

- behaviour of GUI in Satellites tab in Satellites plugin [Satellites]
- AstroCalc/WUT tool behaviour: radiogalaxies, active galaxies, quasars, blazars and BL Lac objects was moved from 'Galaxies' category into 'Active galaxies' category [AstroCalc]
- behaviour of AstroCalc/WUT tool: let's use visual magnitude for all objects without extinction data [AstroCalc]
- "Arguments" to "arguments" for highlighter in Script Console [Scripting]

- obsolete scripting methods from StarMgr class [Scripting]
- duplicate code for InfoString of planets, comets and minor planets
- "Global" from highlighter in Script Console [Scripting]
Removed unused variables

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