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HitFilm Pro 14.0.2194

Telegram for Mac は、スピードとセキュリティに重点を置いたメッセージングアプリです。超高速でシンプルで無料です。同時にすべての端末でテレグラムを使用することができます。あなたのメッセージは、電話、タブレット、またはコンピュータの任意の数にシームレスに同期します.

と Telegram for Mac を使用すると、任意のタイプ(doc、zip、mp3 など)のメッセージ、写真、ビデオ、ファイルを送信できます。無制限の視聴者に放送するための人やチャンネル。あなたの電話の連絡先に書き込み、ユーザー名で人を見つけることができます。その結果、テレグラムは SMS とメールの組み合わせに似ています。あなたの個人的なメッセージやビジネスメッセージのニーズをすべて処理することができます.

Telegram for Mac で何ができますか?
ほとんどのリモートロケーションから接続します。最大 1000 人のメンバーを調整します。すべてのデバイス間でチャットを同期させます。任意の種類の文書を送信します。個人秘密やビジネス秘密を暗号化する。タイマーであなたのメッセージを破壊する。メディアをクラウドに保存します。 Google API で独自のツールを作成します。あなたの顧客からのフィードバックをお楽しみください。注:64 ビットプロセッサが必要です.

もご利用いただけます:Windows 用のダウンロードテレグラム

ファイルのバージョン HitFilm Pro 14.0.2194
ファイル名 HitFilmPro_14.0.2194.pkg
ファイルサイズ 461 MB
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X 10.11 or later
ソフトウェアタイプ Open Source
著者 Telegram Team
更新時間 2019-11-25

What's new in this version:

- Behavior effects can now be used on the Editor timeline
- Improved user access to the Activation app, through the Options dialog
- Improved export performance by decoupling encoding from rendering and readback during the export process
- The Auto Save recovery dialog has been adjusted, to improve clarity and functionality
- When a nested composite shot is opened, the position of the playhead is now retained from the parent timeline
- The Panels in the View > Panels menu are now listed alphabetically
- Multiple layers can now be toggled in a single movement, by click-dragging across the toggle buttons
- Double-clicking a Mask shape now adds a perfectly centered mask the exact size of the frame
- Double-clicking an effect in the effects panel will now apply the effect to the currently selected layer
- The decoding process for AAC audio files has been updated
- The icon indicating Offline Media has been updated
- Additional zoom levels have been added to the zoom menus in the Viewer and the Trimmer panels
- The Trimmer will now resize to fit when the panel size is adjusted
- Improved handling of auto save and project recovery

Bug Fixes:
- Improved accuracy of rendering of layers which have a camera tracker applied
- The bit depth for 16-bit images is now displayed correctly
- Support for 64-bit PNG files has been added
- Clarified the wording of the error message displayed when an export runs out of disk space
- Duplicated export tasks are now numbered sequentially
- Pasting a cube shaped force onto a particle simulator layer no longer causes stability issues
- Adding a deflector to a particle simulator layer no longer causes stability issues
- The minimum size of the interface on High-DPI displays has been adjusted
- Lightened the default timeline color applied to assets which are added to the timeline
- Image sequences using 16-bit per channel color now render accurately
- A : B searching can now be used to narrow the search results on the timeline and in the insert menu
- Using an IME for non-latin characters no longer causes stability issues
- The Export queue, when opened, now auto-scrolls to the most recently added task
- A typographical error in the installation process has been corrected
- Improved selection and resizing of very small objects on the editor timeline
- Improved the sorting of items in the export preset list whose names include numerals
- Improved the sorting of items in the effects panel whose names include numerals
- Improved the sorting of items in the media panel whose names include numerals
- The transform property group in the controls for Editor timeline objects has been placed after the effects property group, to accurately reflect the render order.
- Improved rendering of the interface during the process of moving panels
- Improved the Mac handling of projects saved on Windows using absolute file paths. (Mac
- Changed the default export location which is used when the specified export location is not available
- AAC Audio files now load correctly
- Moving objects on the timeline no longer causes them to become deselected
- The shortcut for advancing 10 frames is now working again
- The zoom controls in the layer panel now give more expected results
- OpenGL errors no longer show multiple error dialogs
- Pre-rendered footage will now correctly display audio conform errors, when necessary
- Improved performance of hardware decoded video playback
- Using CTRL+C in the import dialog after opening the Edit menu no longer causes stability issues
- Dragging a marquee to select multiple layers now works when the bottom layer is locked
- Keyboard shortcuts for Locking and Unlocking layers have been moved to the Timeline category
- Typing Japanese text containing a first word longer than the line wrap width no longer causes stability issues
- Improved the search function in the Effects panel, to provide more logical results
- Dragging the menu bar at the top of the Mac interface now moves the window
- The control panel no longer displays contents if nothing is selected
- The selected property for each timeline is now remembered when switching between timelines
- Improved the accuracy of the RAM preview indicator
- HitFilm no longer allows you to move the playhead past the final frame of the timeline
- Corrected an issue which caused the framerate of certain MP4 files to load incorrectly
- The styling on the Delete Workspace dialog has been improved
- The zoom menus in the Trimmer and Viewer no longer display unselectable zoom levels
- Performance of the Unlock All keyboard shortcut has been improved
- Improved performance of using the mouse scroll wheel to adjust the timeline zoom on Mac systems
- Editing text properties no longer alters unselected text
- The size of the text cursor is now based on the currently selected text size
- The open tab in non-focused interface panels is no longer marked as active
- Constrained shape masks can now be dragged in any direction from the origin point
- The Delete button in the media panel is now disabled when nothing in the panel is selected
- Double-clicking on offline media in the media panel no longer moves focus to the trimmer
- The contents of the Lifetime panel are now restored, when switching from the Editor to a composite shot with a particle effect selected
- The LUT effect is now properly limited by layer masks. Areas outside of the masks are no longer affected
- Styling has been improved when renaming export presets
- List mode in the media panel now uses the correct icons for audio files
- Improved support for FBX files to alleviate material conflicts
- The Text panel now displays the correct font for text layers, when a project is moved between a PC and a Mac
- Improved the handling of textures on 3D models to increase consistency of results and eliminate some flickering issues
- RAM previews are now correctly synced with the timeline contents
- Text spacing is now consistent on the editor and composite shot timelines
- Search results in the Effects panel now include folders
- Converting a mask point from locked curved to unlocked curved no longer moves the handles of the point
- Improved the styling of the origin point matrix in the layout panel
- Improved the consistency of text character spacing
- Text layers with the text size set to 0 are no longer selected every time you click in the viewer
- The Color Correction Wheels effect no longer swaps blue and green when using the wheels to make adjustments
- Disabling the auto-save feature in the Options dialog now correctly disables the other autosave options as well
- Export presets whose names have been edited now update correctly in the export queue when a project is re-opened
- The Export preview now displays at the correct resolution on High DPI displays
- Export tasks will now provide a warning for any offline media in the timeline being exported
- Export errors are no longer clipped, so the entire message can be read
- Paste Attributes no longer allows you to paste in cases where no properties will be changed
- Timeline objects copied by dragging are now selected after the duplication is complete
- When using IME for languages with non-Latin characters, entering numeric values no longer offers autocomplete suggestions
- Suspending an export no longer causes stability issues
- Improved stability during the export process
- Adjusted the styling of the current frame number, when the timecode is set to frames
- Keyframes being edited on the timeline will no longer be hidden behind unselected keyframes
- Changing the sort order in the media panel now updates the sorted list correctly
- Keyframe handles no longer disappear when the project bit depth is changed
- Improved support for importing image sequences containing file names of different lengths
- Creating a composite shot by adding a particle system to the editor now creates a single history event
- Scaling a plane on a single axis no longer creates unwanted transparency
- Opening a project containing OFX plugins no longer causes stability issues

- Styling of the interface has been updated
- Access to the Home and Edit screens is moved to the Window menu
- Imerge project files in the HitFilm media panel can be right-clicked and opened in Imerge for editing
- GPU accelerated hardware decoding for video files is now supported for exporting on Intel and Nvidia GPUs. (PC)
- The font 'Inter', which is used in the interface, is now installed with the software
- The View menu has been replaced with the Window menu
- A menu has been added to the tab of each Panel, to aid in interface customization
- Export has been integrated into the main Edit interface, through additional export options on the timeline, and a new Export panel
- Imerge project files are now compatible with HitFilm, and can be imported and used as media
- Clicking the green plus icon next to Effects in the controls panel now opens an Insert menu, which can be used to add effects
- Composite Shots can now be created instantly from the Media panel, using the new Composite Shot button
- The color of masks can now be changed per mask, making it easier to keep track of multiple masks
- A new Effects menu in the top toolbar provides access to all effects, and stores the 5 most recently used effects for reuse
- The Text panel now includes options for All Caps, Small Caps, Superscript and Subscript
- HitFilm will now open files saved in VEGAS Effects
- VEGAS Image files can now be opened in HitFilm
- A Templates button has been added to the media panel, for easier access to templates
- A button for deleting the OFX Cache has been added to the Cache tab of the Options window
- Added support for select After Effects plugins
- A mini audio meter has been added to the Viewer, so audio levels can be checked at any time
- A visible notification has been added to the viewer, when effects are disabled by the currently selected quality profile
- When effects including a color picker are dragged onto the viewer, the color on which you drop the effect will be auto-selected
- Improved support for multithreaded rendering during pre-rendering and export
- A new Chromatic Aberration effect has been added
- A shortcut (U) has been added to reveal keyframed or modified properties. Press U once to show keyframed properties, twice to show edited properties, and three times to revert to showing all properties
- The materials options for 3D models now include a layer picker, so the layer being used can be easily identified
- Timeline layers including video layers, can now be applied to 3D models as textures
- You can now use drag and drop to add 2D Effects to layers in the viewer

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