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jAlbum 19.3.6

Traktor Pro for Mac はスタジオクオリティの EQ とフィルター、柔軟なパフォーマンスエフェクト、自動ビートマッチング、直感的なコントロール機能を備えた DJ ミキサーで、すべてのスタイルと経験レベルの DJ に対応します.

Traktor はトップ DJ が信頼するプロプラットフォームであり、 Traktor Pro for Mac with Remix Deck テクノロジーは Traktor の最も高度なバージョンです。最大 4 つのデッキでミックスを行い、TruWave カラーの波形、強力なルーピングとキューイング機能、そして特別なエフェクトスイートを搭載しています.

Traktor Pro for Mac はリミックス可能です。数秒で起動し、リミックスデッキを起動し、DJ の世界とライブパフォーマンスをシームレスに融合します.

注:64 ビットプロセッサが必要です。 30 分後に終了しますが、もう一度やり直すことができます.

も利用可能:Traktor for Windows


ファイルのバージョン jAlbum 19.3.6
ファイル名 jAlbum.dmg
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X 10.10 or later
ソフトウェアタイプ Demo
著者 Native Instruments
更新時間 2020-03-09

What's new in this version:

jAlbum 19.3.6
News and Updates:
- Convert link to copy now also manages sub folders
- Faster and more memory efficient JSONMaker (affects performance for skins like Tiger and PhotoBlogger)
- Bundled skins Tiger, PhotoBlogger, Lucid and Animatics updated
- Mac version now signed and notarized using Apple's new stricter rules

Bug fixes:
- Recovers from IO errors during disconnect by performing a forced disconnect instead

jAlbum 19.3
News and Updates:
- Added a "Keep both" option when adding files and name collisions occur
- New "Date format" preference for how dates are displayed within jAlbum's UI
- Simplified date format selection. Now suggests formats and presents a live date example
- Renamed various terms to avoid confusion. "Make All" is now called "Force Remake". "Make Changes" is now called "Make Test". "Album Project" is now simply called "Project"
- Updated metadata-extractor library (v2.13)
- Respects a deleted Sample Portfolio project (doesn't recreate it on start up)
- Prepared for upcoming gift cards
- Updated bundled skins

Bug fixes:
- Area tagging could sometimes throw a nullpointer exception (since 19.2)
- Main window could show up in an unreachable location when disconnecting an external monitor and starting jAlbum

jAlbum 19.2
News and updates:
- New "Duplicate project" function to simplify making several album projects based upon the same set of images
- New bundled Animatics skin, replacing Mr.Burn5
- Updated Groovy scripting engine to v3 rc1
- Less aggressive cacheing strategy when previewing albums using the internal web server (less need to reload pages to ensure you're previewing the correct content)

Bug fixes:
- Face region tags weren't located correctly for portrait oriented images (wasn't following standard)
- Nullpointer exception on startup if auto-signin active using wrong credentials
- More graceful handling of broken image metadata (jAlbum would hang on certain images with broken image metadata
- More robust launching of external preview browser on Linux systems

jAlbum 19.1
News and Updates:
- Now runs on top of Java 13 instead of Java 11
- New Lucid skin bundled (replacing Fully)
- Updated bundled skins Tiger and PhotoBlogger

Bug fixes:
- Fixes from v19.0.6 service update
- Mac version had problems handling typing of foreign keys by holding down key and selecting alternatives from menu (fixed due to Java update)

jAlbum 19.0
News and Updates:
- 30 new trial days for existing users. (This is naturally a free update for everyone who is on a current support and update plan)
- Multilingual spell checker integrated in jAlbum's text editing UI controls
- New enhanced search bar added to the top-right corner of jAlbum's window. Quickly locate anything: Settings, preferences, projects and even metadata within the current project like titles, comments and keywords
- Updated 3:rd party libraries (JNA, Metadata-extractor and Groovy)
- Supporters: The feature search now saves a screenshot of the relevant UI window if SHIFT or ALT is held down as one navigates to the UI setting
- Developers: Added timing information to system console window
- Now copies any file that's found inside the "res" folder of a project to the "res" folder of the album and not just supported files
- Updated bundled skins Tiger, PhotoBlogger and Projector
- Translations updated

Bug fixes:
- Strips black borders from appearing on thumbnails from some cameras in Explore view (Nikon and Canon)

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