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Traktor Pro 3.0.2

Traktor Pro for Mac はスタジオクオリティの EQ とフィルター、柔軟なパフォーマンスエフェクト、自動ビートマッチング、直感的なコントロール機能を備えた DJ ミキサーで、すべてのスタイルと経験レベルの DJ に対応します.

Traktor はトップ DJ が信頼するプロプラットフォームであり、 Traktor Pro for Mac with Remix Deck テクノロジーは Traktor の最も高度なバージョンです。最大 4 つのデッキでミックスを行い、TruWave カラーの波形、強力なルーピングとキューイング機能、そして特別なエフェクトスイートを搭載しています.

Traktor Pro for Mac はリミックス可能です。数秒で起動し、リミックスデッキを起動し、DJ の世界とライブパフォーマンスをシームレスに融合します.

注:64 ビットプロセッサが必要です。 30 分後に終了しますが、もう一度やり直すことができます.

も利用可能:Traktor for Windows


ファイルのバージョン Traktor Pro 3.0.2
ファイル名 Traktor_Pro_3_30210_Mac.dmg
ファイルサイズ 386.53 MB
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X 10.10 or later
ソフトウェアタイプ Demo
著者 Native Instruments
更新時間 2018-12-06

What's new in this version:

- Custom Mapping for S4MK3 and S2MK3
- Individual controls on the S4MK3 and the S2MK3 can now be custom mapped (over-mapped) via the Controller Manager, in the same manner as it is possible for S4MK2 and S2MK2
- Touchless (CDJ) Mode for S4MK3
- The touch of the S4MK3 can now optionally be disabled in JOG mode by pressing the JOG button a second time
- Touchless (CDJ) Mode for S2MK3
- The touch of the S2MK3 jog wheel can now optionally be disabled in the S2MK3 preferences
- Fully Configurable Internal and External Mixer Modes
- In the Mixer Preferences, the Internal and External Mixer modes can now be individually configured in all their essential parts such as...
- enable/disable the Master Volume control
- fully bypass the internal EQ and Gain stages
- bypass or enable the Mixer FX
- enable/disable Auto Gain
- choose the Limiter type
- enable/disable the Limiter
- choose the appropriate Headroom
- apply or ignore the Headroom on the Channel Meters
- Align S4MK3 Channel Meters to SW Meters
- The meters on the S4MK3 mixer channels are now aligned to the software channel meters independently from the headroom settings
- S4MK3 Tempo Reset in TT Mode
- The Tempo Reset function is now available in TT Mode on the S4MK3
- New Browser Column for "File Name"
- For supporting music management tasks, a new browser column has been added showing only the file name without the leasing file path
- Updated S4MK3 Firmware Check
- Version 3.0.2 now checks for the latest S4MK3 firmware, which is version 0.5.0
- TagLib 1.11.1 Support
- The version of the included TagLib library responsible for most metadata handling has been updated to version 1.11.1

- S4MK3 Key Lock Screen Widget
- The status of key lock is now better visualised in the S4MK3 screens via a clearly visible dot instead of a color shade
- Readability of Search
- The search string in the upper right corner of the browser pane has been grown bigger to improve its readability

- Internal Mixer Headroom Default to -3dB
- The new default for Internal Mixer mode is now -3dB to ensure club standard levels on the main and the headphone output

- Sync Offset when Enabling Key Lock
- Sync is now perfectly maintained again when enabling key lock with Elastique
- S4MK3 Jog Touch Occasionally not Released
- The S4MK3 jog touch is now released under any circumstances when lifting off the hand
- Updated S2MK3 ASIO drivers
- The S2MK3 ASIO drivers have been slightly reworked and updated
- Audio Artefacts when SHIFT+Nudging the Jog Wheel on S4MK3
- The S4MK3 no longer produces audio artefacts when accidentally SHIFT+nudging the jog wheel
- LED not following backspin on S4MK3
- The LED now follows the motion of the backspin on the S4MK3 also when lifting off the hand
- Misleading Reset Visualisation on SYNCED deck
- The SYNC/Reset button on a synced deck now stays off when pressing SHIFT to visualise that there is no available command
- Misleading Tempo Lock Visualisation in TT Mode
- The Tempo Lock visualisation has been disabled in TT Mode, because this function is currently not available in TT Mode
- Haptic Ticks when adjusting Tension
- Haptic ticks are now muted when adjusting the tension in JOG Mode
- Wrong Naming of Mixer FX in Preferences
- The effects are now correctly named "Mixer FX" instead of "Channel FX" in the Controller Manager drop down menus
- Typo in S4MK3 Preferences
- The section header in the S4MK3 preferences is now correctly spelled "Jogwheel"

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