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Unity 2020.1.10

Unity for Mac は、ゲーム開発エコシステムです。強力なレンダリングエンジンと完全な直感的なツールセットと迅速なワークフローを組み合わせて、インタラクティブな 3D および 2D コンテンツを作成します。簡単なマルチプラットフォームパブリッシング。何千もの品質の既製アセットを資産保管店や知識共有コミュニティに提供しています.

独立した開発者やスタジオのために、ユニティの民主化エコシステムは、ユニークな美しいゲームを作成する時間とコストの障壁を壊します。彼らは Unity for Mac を使って、好きなことをやって生活を築いていきます。どのプラットフォームでもプレーヤーを魅了し楽しませるゲームを作成しています.

Unity for Mac 特集:


任意の画面でスムーズでクリーンな AAA 視覚的忠実度、音声、フルスロットルアクションでゲームを作成します.

2D& 3D
共有コンベンションを活用した効率的なワークフローによる 2D および 3D コンテンツ作成用の専用ツールを用意しています.




Unity Cloud Build
新しいクラウドビルドサービスで簡単にビルドできます。プロジェクトの変更は作業中に検出され、ビルドは自動的にデバイスに配信されるか Web.6535896
注:Unity は無料で、Unity Pro.

Also の完全機能の 30 日間トライアルが付属しています。 Windows

ファイルのバージョン Unity 2020.1.10
ファイル名 UnityDownloadAssistant-2020.1.10f1.dmg
ファイルサイズ 512 KB
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X 10.9 or later
ソフトウェアタイプ Freeware
著者 Unity Technologies
更新日 http://unity3d.com/unity
更新時間 2020-10-22

What's new in this version:

2D: Fixed crash when loading a Tilemap with a Tile with an invalid Tile Index
2D: Fixed nested Prefab Instances in Tile Palette asset becoming normal GameObjects when opened in Tile Palette window
2D: Fixed NullReferenceException error being thrown upon entering Play Mode when Tile Palette window is open
Android: Fixed to detect new format of SDK's command-line tools
Asset Import: Fixed to remove blend shape delta normals on non-deformed vertices when importing legacy FBX in FBXImporter/Mesh.cpp
Asset Pipeline: Fixed AssetPathToGUID docs to reflect what the method returns correctly
Audio: Fixed possible crash on playback of an AudioSource with a negative pitch value under a certain threshol
Editor: Fixed an issue with copy pasting a GameObject selection to a different level of the scene hierarch
Editor: Fixed to check that the build can be appended when using BuildPipeline.BuildPlayer with BuildOptions.AcceptExternalModificationsToPlayer
Graphics: Fixed shader compilation for OpenGL ES when using shadow samplers
- Package Manager: Fixed an issue when downloading a Git package with LFS files using a Git URL containing a path extension
- Package Manager: Fixed an issue when searching packages on an ill-configured scoped registry would fail
- Package Manager: Fixed an issue where a package tarball could sometimes appear to be corrupted
- Package Manager: Fixed an issue where packages would sometimes disappear from the Package Manager UI
- Package Manager: Fixed an issue where scoped registry caches could be populated with bundled Unity packages
- Package Manager: Updated com.unity.purchasing to 2.1.1 - fixed some compatibility issues with platforms without analytics
- Particles: Fixed BakeTrails using the wrong transform position
- Particles: Fixed crash when using BakeTrails with Attach Ribbons to Transform
- Particles: Fixed world space Ribbon trails using the wrong transform position when Attach Ribbons To Transform was enabled
- Profiler: Fixed an issue where the Profiler would have inconsistent data stream states between Editor and Player, which would cause the Editor to receive not be able to process received data or receive none at all
- Scripting: Reintroduced warning that is thrown when a script that is derived from MonoBehaviour has the same name as a built-in component (e.g. Transform)
- Shaders: Fixed caching preprocessor to handle error and warning directive arguments that contain characters with special meaning
- Shaders: Fixed incorrect shader code generated by HLSLcc for atomic min and atomic max operations for signed integers
- Shaders: Fixed incorrect shader code generated for Vulkan in some cases when tessellation is used
- Shaders: Fixed macro calls spanning multiple lines to be handled correctly by the caching preprocessor
- Shaders: Fixed shader code tags to check for balance
- Shaders: Fixed shader compilation to be accounted for in the profiler ("Shader.CompileGPUProgram" marker)
- Shaders: Fixed subshaders in SRP so they are no longer removed if any of the passes is unsupported
- Shaders: Fixed such that compute shader import errors and warnings are no longer ignored
- Shaders: Fixed such that shader properties are now separated from shader property type in the inspector
- Shaders: Fixed such that shaders without any passes will no longer be reported in the log as unsupported
- Shaders: Fixed such that using bit shift operations in shaders now causes a compilation error on GLES 2.0
- Shaders: Fixed SV_VertexID semantic on OpenGL ES 2 to produce a human-readable error
- Shaders: Fixed to prevent editor from crashing on unsuccessful shader compiler process spawning
- Terrain: Fixed unnecessary CPU time spent in culling terrain trees with LOD
- Windows: Fixed a deadlock which would sometimes occur when logging messages from several different threads simultaneously with cloud diagnostics enabled
- Windows: Fixed a situation where an error "An abnormal situation has occurred: the PlayerLoop internal function has been called recursively." would appear when showing file picker dialog after dragging standalone player window
- Windows: Fixed Resolution setting not saved properly to PlayerPref when using ExclusiveFullscreen mode

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