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ff Works 3.0.0

Unity for Mac は、ゲーム開発エコシステムです。強力なレンダリングエンジンと完全な直感的なツールセットと迅速なワークフローを組み合わせて、インタラクティブな 3D および 2D コンテンツを作成します。簡単なマルチプラットフォームパブリッシング。何千もの品質の既製アセットを資産保管店や知識共有コミュニティに提供しています.

独立した開発者やスタジオのために、ユニティの民主化エコシステムは、ユニークな美しいゲームを作成する時間とコストの障壁を壊します。彼らは Unity for Mac を使って、好きなことをやって生活を築いていきます。どのプラットフォームでもプレーヤーを魅了し楽しませるゲームを作成しています.

Unity for Mac 特集:


任意の画面でスムーズでクリーンな AAA 視覚的忠実度、音声、フルスロットルアクションでゲームを作成します.

2D& 3D
共有コンベンションを活用した効率的なワークフローによる 2D および 3D コンテンツ作成用の専用ツールを用意しています.




Unity Cloud Build
新しいクラウドビルドサービスで簡単にビルドできます。プロジェクトの変更は作業中に検出され、ビルドは自動的にデバイスに配信されるか Web.6535896
注:Unity は無料で、Unity Pro.

Also の完全機能の 30 日間トライアルが付属しています。 Windows

ファイルのバージョン ff Works 3.0.0
ファイル名 ffWorks.dmg
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X 10.9 or later
ソフトウェアタイプ Freeware
著者 Unity Technologies
更新日 http://unity3d.com/unity
更新時間 2022-02-01

What's new in this version:

- Now 100% native Apple Silicon

- Dropzone feature - process source to several targets in one go
- Merged Subtitle wizard with video/audio passthru wizard.
- Droplets are now created as Universal (Intel and Apple Silicon).
- Optimised for the latest FFmpeg versions.
- support for Homebrew and MacPorts FFmpeg versions (via FFmpeg Manager)
- AV1 codec support for WEBM containers
- ALAC codec support for MP4 containers
- support for Videotoolbox Prores (hardware accelerated encoding)
- support for Cineform HD for MOV and AVI containers
- support for WEBP containers
- TrueHD audio codec support for MP4 and MKV containers
- support for JPEG2000 in MXF containers
- support for PRORES in MXF containers
- support for DNxHR in MXF containers
- support for PCM 64bit
- support for PCM 8bit
- support for WAV 8bit
- support for AV1 (both AOM-AV1 and SVT-AV1 encoders
- FLAC audio codec support for MP4 containers
- .mka file extension support
- support for webvtt subtitles in webm containers
- support for exporting to uncompressed TIFF format
- support for exporting to TIFF 16bit format
- support for JPEG-LS codec for MOV and MKV containers
- support for DTS audio in MPEGPS and MPEG containers
- support for PCM_DVD (24bit) audio in MPEGPS and MPEG containers
- support for CRF with AV1 video codec
- support for HEVC in .m2ts (AVCHD) containers
- lossless option for HEVC
- option ‘Dolby Vision Profile’ (x265)
- toolbar buttons in the FFmpeg Terminal log window
- toolbar buttons in the Information window
- toolbar search field control to filter information
- left toolbar for Advanced options for easier navigation
- advanced AV1 option in the Advanced selecto
- Preferences option 'Create Thumbnail'
- Preferences option 'Width' and 'Height' for thumbnail size
- 'Encode to same folder as source' (Droplets)
- Sony PS5 preset
- iPhone 13 preset
- Nintendo Switch preset
- H265 HDR to SDR [.mp4] preset
- Now asks if you want to remove all batch list entries when using the 'Delete All' toolbar button.
- Now displays FPS value when encoding.
- Faster creating trimming preview images.
- option 'FFmpeg SHA/MD5 Check' (FFmpeg Manager)
- option 'Cineform HD Type'
- Webp option 'Enable Lossless Mode'
- Webp option 'Compression Level'
- Webp option 'Configuration preset'
- Webp option 'Enable Loop'
- feature 'Check Integrity'
- option 'Error Detect'
- VideoToolBox option 'Compression quality for the alpha' for HEVC hardware accelerated encoding
- VideoToolbox option 'Profile'. Baseline (H264 only),Main,Main10 (H265 only),High (H264 only),Extended (H264 only),Auto (Prores only),422 Proxy (Prores only),422 LT (Prores only),422 (Prores only),422 HQ (Prores only),4444 (Prores only),XQ (Prores only
- Changed toolbar buttons for FFmpeg info, Watch Folder and Create Droplets.
- ‘bt470’, ‘bt470bg’ and ’smpte240m’ values to the Color Matrix video filter
- V360 video filter to convert 360 movies
- feature exporting images using scene select
- feature to create thumbnail from destination file
- toolbar button Dropzone/Batch view selecto
- Now shows one, bigger, trimming preview image.
- preference option 'Auto switch to Batch view when using Drop Zone'
- button to show Check Integrity window
- option to create chapters for each file part (creating .iso
- choice for "dB" or "%" when using Volume audio filter
- 'Enable row based multi-threading' option
- 'Disable Constrained Directional Enhancement Filter' option
- 'Disable Intra Block Copy Prediction Mode' option
- 'Disable Global Motion for Block Prediction' option
- 'Usage' option
- 'Amount of noise to be removed' option
- 'Denoise block size' option
- 'Datarate Undershoot' option
- 'Datarate Overshoot' option
- 'Disable Frame Parallel decodability features' option
- 'GOP min. Bitrate' option
- 'GOP max. Bitrate' option
- 'CPU Used' option
- EBU R128 audio filter
- option 'Target LUFS value'
- Loudness Normalization audio filter
- 'Loudness Mode' option
- 'Loudness Target' option
- 'Loudness Range Target' option
- 'Loudness Maximum True peak' option
- 'Normalise by linearly scaling the source audio' option
- 'Treat mono input files as 'dual mono' option
- 'measured_I' option
- 'measured_LRA' option
- 'measured_TP' option
- 'measured_thresh' option
- 'offset' option
- audio filter 'Declick'
- option 'Window size'
- option 'Window overlap'
- option 'Autoregression order'
- option 'Threshold'
- option 'Burst fusion'
- option 'Method'
- audio filter 'Exciter'
- option 'Input Level'
- option 'Output Level'
- option 'Amount of harmonics added'
- option 'Amount of newly created harmonics'
- option 'Octave of newly created harmonics'
- option 'Lower frequency limit'
- option 'Upper frequency limit'
- video filter 'MPDecimate'
- option 'Max.frames to e dropped'
- option 'Hi threshold'
- option 'Lo threshold'
- option 'Frac threshold'
- option 'Fix timestamps for smooth playback'
- editable BoxBlur filter
- video filter 'Block-Matching Denoiser'
- option 'Denoising strength'
- option 'Local Patch Size'
- option 'Sliding step for processing blocks'
- option 'Max. number of similar blocks'
- option 'Radius block matching'
- option 'Step between two locations'
- option 'Threshold error'
- option 'Thresholding for hard thresholding'
- option 'Filtering estimation mode'
- option 'Use 2nd stream for block matching'
- option 'Use AV Encoder' (AOM-AV1 or SVT-AV1
- option 'Hierarchical prediction levels
- option 'Look ahead distance'
- option 'Encoding preset'
- option 'Operating point tier'
- option 'Bit rate control mode'
- option 'Log2 of number of tile columns'
- option 'Log2 of number of tile rows'
- option 'Scene change detection'
- 'Enable Row Based Multi-threading' AV1 option
- 'Disable Global Motion for Block Prediction' AV1 option
- 'Disable Constrained Directional Enhancement Filter' AV1 option
- 'Disable Intra Block Copy Prediction Mode' AV1 option
- 'Disable Frame Parallel Decodability Features' AV1 option
- 'Usage' AV1 option
- 'Amount of noise to be removed' AV1 option
- 'Denoise block size' AV1 option
- 'Datarate undershoot' AV1 option
- 'Datarate overshoot' AV1 option
- 'GOP min bitrate' AV1 option
- 'GOP max bitrate' AV1 option
- 'Quality/Speed ratio modifier' AV1 option
- 'Threshold on blocks to be skipped' AV1 option
- 'Frame drop threshold' AV1 option
- 'Tune' AV1 option
- 'Enable rectangular partitions' AV1 option
- 'Enable 1:4/4:1 partitions' AV1 option
- 'Enable ab shape partitions' AV1 option
- 'Enable angle delta intra prediction' AV1 option
- 'Enable chroma predicted from luma intra prediction' AV1 option
- 'Enable filter intra predictor' AV1 option
- 'Enable intra edge filter' AV1 option
- 'Enable smooth intra prediction mode' AV1 option
- 'Enable paeth predictor in intra prediction' AV1 option
- 'Enable palette prediction mode' AV1 option
- 'Enable 64-pt transform' AV1 option
- the possibility to scroll text (Draw Text video filter
- option 'Enable scrolling'
- option 'Scroll Speed'
- v360 filter
- 'Input Format' option
- 'Output Format' option
- 'Interpolation method' option
- 'Input stereo format' option
- 'Output stereo format' option
- 'Yaw' option
- 'Pitch' option
- 'Roll' option
- 'Rotation order' option
- 'Flip the output video horizontally' option
- 'Flip the output video vertically' option
- 'Flip the output video depth' option
- 'Input video is transposed' option
- 'Output video is transposed' option
- 'Build mask in alpha plane' option
- option 'DTS profile'
- option 'Copy MOV Metadata Tags'
- Updated using the Delogo video filter.
- 'write_bext' option (WAV)
- Zscale video filter
- option 'Zscale Video size'
- option 'Zscale Dither type'
- option 'Zscale Resize filter type type'
- option 'Zscale Color Range type'
- option 'Zscale Color Primaries type'
- option 'Zscale Transfer Characteristics type'
- option 'Zscale Colorspace Matrix type'
- option 'Zscale Input Color Range type'
- option 'Zscale Input Color Primaries type'
- option 'Zscale Input Transfer Characteristics type'
- option 'Zscale Input Colorspace Matrix type'
- option 'Zscale Output Chroma Location type'
- option 'Zscale Input Chroma location type'
- several LUT files (for LUT 3D video filter)
- x264 option 'AVC-Intra class'
- option 'Set Input TS Scale'
- 'EBU 3213-E' to color primaries
- + and - buttons to add and remove FFmpeg files in the FFmpeg Manager
- Add new menu item 'Start' with key-short CMD+E
- Add new menu item 'Start Selected' with key-short CONTROL+E
- Add new menu item 'Start and Edit Selected' with key-short CONTROL+OPTION+E

- Create droplet window is now a sheet window.
- Rewritten code to compile FFmpeg command line.
- Now verifies if the installed FFmpeg has support for x265 10bit and 12bit.
- Now verifies if hardware has support for hardware accelerated encoding.
- Now verifies if the installed FFmpeg is ARM or Intel build.
- Removing a FFmpeg file in the FFmpeg manager, now also removes the actually FFmpeg file.
- Changed Hard Subtitles' to 'Hardburn Subtitles’.
- Now plays a sound when encoding is finished by default.

- handling more than 1 one audio stream
- importing and scanning files (up to 50% faster)
- handling large amount of batch files
- copying streams from VOB to MKV container
- FFmpeg diagnostics feature
- H265 Main Profile 10bit HDR preset
- encoding to movies with fps 59,9
- handling Fonts in Drawtext video filter
- FFmpeg install manager
- value sliders
- compiling FFmpeg commandline for hardware accelerated encoding
- OGG support (now uses libvorbis by default when available)
- FFmpeg search feature
- saving user presets
- Wachfolder feature
- trimming handling (especially when copy/paste settings)
- preview feature (faster and simplified)

- issue setting the FOURCC value when switching video codecs
- issue when encoding to HEVC with hardware encoding acceleration (macOS Monterey)
- issue alignment of small batch view when running macOS 11 or higher
- issue setting up the audio Merge filter
- issue changing the mouse pointer when using the trim ends
- issue settings the correct keyint and GOP size
- issue adding -vsync option
- issue using MPEG2VIDEO in .m2ts (AVCHD) containers

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