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Unity 2018.3.4

Unity for Mac は、ゲーム開発エコシステムです。強力なレンダリングエンジンと完全な直感的なツールセットと迅速なワークフローを組み合わせて、インタラクティブな 3D および 2D コンテンツを作成します。簡単なマルチプラットフォームパブリッシング。何千もの品質の既製アセットを資産保管店や知識共有コミュニティに提供しています.

独立した開発者やスタジオのために、ユニティの民主化エコシステムは、ユニークな美しいゲームを作成する時間とコストの障壁を壊します。彼らは Unity for Mac を使って、好きなことをやって生活を築いていきます。どのプラットフォームでもプレーヤーを魅了し楽しませるゲームを作成しています.

Unity for Mac 特集:


任意の画面でスムーズでクリーンな AAA 視覚的忠実度、音声、フルスロットルアクションでゲームを作成します.

2D& 3D
共有コンベンションを活用した効率的なワークフローによる 2D および 3D コンテンツ作成用の専用ツールを用意しています.




Unity Cloud Build
新しいクラウドビルドサービスで簡単にビルドできます。プロジェクトの変更は作業中に検出され、ビルドは自動的にデバイスに配信されるか Web.6535896
注:Unity は無料で、Unity Pro.

Also の完全機能の 30 日間トライアルが付属しています。 Windows

ファイルのバージョン Unity 2018.3.4
ファイル名 UnityDownloadAssistant-2018.3.4f1.dmg
ファイルサイズ 849.92 KB
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X 10.9 or later
ソフトウェアタイプ Freeware
著者 Unity Technologies
更新日 http://unity3d.com/unity
更新時間 2019-02-04

What's new in this version:

- 2D: Disabled Tilemap Focus filter when closing Tile Palette window if enabled
- 2D: Fixed crash on Tilemap::CompressBounds when calling Tilemap.CompressBounds() on corrupted tilemap
- 2D: Fixed crash on Tilemap::CopyTileDataToTile when importing corrupted Tilemap prefab
- 2D: Fixed crash on TilemapRenderer when rendering with a Material that is destroyed
- 2D: Fixed current Active Tilemap selection unable to be deselected when a new GameObject is instantiated on the scene
- 2D: Fixed for missing Tiles being created when dragging a spritesheet with empty initial columns or rows into Tile Palette
- 2D: Fixed Tilemap.SwapTiles when swapping Tiles to other Tiles that already exist on the Tilemap
- Analytics: Removed all XR dependencies on Analytics and made all events support events
- Android: Add '-mstackrealign' compile option for android x86 to fix the crash on some x86 devices
- Android: Fixed for Android Dynamic feature crashes the application when running the build via Android Studio
- Asset Pipeline: Fixed Asset Bundles not able to load scenes if the scene had a period in its name
- Build Pipeline: Fixed crash when loading compressed meshes out of asset bundles
- Editor: Fixed textures being imported with the platform-specific format when the platform override property is false
- Graphics: Fixed Rendering a scene with a SpriteRenderer with Graphics Jobs on causes a JobTempAlloc memory leak
- IL2CPP: Allow stack sizes for new threads to be set explicitly larger than 64K with the .NET 4.x Equivalent scripting runtime
- IL2CPP: Fixed IL2CPP compiler configuration setting missing from some platforms player settings (like WebGL)
- IL2CPP: Updated the zlib implementation to correct the following security issues: CVE-2016-9840, CVE-2016-9841,CVE-2016-9842, CVE-2016-9843
- iOS: Fixed iOS Frameworks location is ignored when building Xcode project
- Linux: Fixed GPU skinning
- Linux: Fixed issue where SetResolution cannot programmatically resize Linux player after window has been maximized
- Linux: Fixed the graphical corruption in the framebuffer for various games on Nvidia Linux
- Linux: Fixed using libstdc++ in native plugins crashing (2018.3 no longer links with libstdc++ statically)
- Particles: Fixed JobTempAlloc memory leaks in the Particle System Trails Module on WebGL
- Physics: Added a message with a reference to the Rigidbody component when the CCD mode is incompatible with the kinematic setting
- Physics: Fixed crash due to auto-sync-transforms during Rigidbody2D.Cast query when changing transform prior to query being executed
- Physics: Fixed crash due to multi-scene physics when destroying an object during a 2D collision/trigger callback
- Plugins: Fixed an issue where CPU information was respected on non-native libs for android plugins. Since users could potentially change these CPU properties on a Plugin Importer via PluginImporter.SetPlatformData() we should eliminate the possibility of problems occurring due to wrongful modifications of the plugin importer's properties
- Prefabs: Fixed crash when applying changes from Prefab Instance to asset, when assets contains disconnected nested prefabs
- Prefabs: Fixed crash when creating a Prefab Asset in Awake when entering Play Mode
- Prefabs: Fixed crash when undo'ing after applying a disconnected prefab
- Prefabs: Fixed crash when using Undo wrongly on Prefab asset objects
- Prefabs: Fixed MonoBehaviour cannot be dragged to the Inspector after ParticleSystem on a Prefab Instance
- Scripting: Fixed an issue with static members such as generic classes with their argument being an array type not being reported the memory snapshot API
- Scripting: Fixed issue where processing SynchronizationContext tasks would allocate
- Scripting: Fixed random crash in Asset GC
- XR: Fixed an issue with a black screen occuring after resuming from pause on some Oculus devices

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