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Unity 2019.1.2

Unity for Mac は、ゲーム開発エコシステムです。強力なレンダリングエンジンと完全な直感的なツールセットと迅速なワークフローを組み合わせて、インタラクティブな 3D および 2D コンテンツを作成します。簡単なマルチプラットフォームパブリッシング。何千もの品質の既製アセットを資産保管店や知識共有コミュニティに提供しています.

独立した開発者やスタジオのために、ユニティの民主化エコシステムは、ユニークな美しいゲームを作成する時間とコストの障壁を壊します。彼らは Unity for Mac を使って、好きなことをやって生活を築いていきます。どのプラットフォームでもプレーヤーを魅了し楽しませるゲームを作成しています.

Unity for Mac 特集:


任意の画面でスムーズでクリーンな AAA 視覚的忠実度、音声、フルスロットルアクションでゲームを作成します.

2D& 3D
共有コンベンションを活用した効率的なワークフローによる 2D および 3D コンテンツ作成用の専用ツールを用意しています.




Unity Cloud Build
新しいクラウドビルドサービスで簡単にビルドできます。プロジェクトの変更は作業中に検出され、ビルドは自動的にデバイスに配信されるか Web.6535896
注:Unity は無料で、Unity Pro.

Also の完全機能の 30 日間トライアルが付属しています。 Windows

ファイルのバージョン Unity 2019.1.2
ファイル名 UnityDownloadAssistant.dmg
ファイルサイズ 819.2 KB
オペレーティングシステム Mac OS X 10.9 or later
ソフトウェアタイプ Freeware
著者 Unity Technologies
更新日 http://unity3d.com/unity
更新時間 2019-05-11

What's new in this version:

- Android: Fixed black bar shown on Android9+ devices without notch when in non-fullscreen mode
- Android: Fixed occasional crash on Moto G when using split binary and loading Asset Bundles from StreamingAssets
- Asset Pipeline: Asset Bundles - Fix non-deterministic data in asset bundle when using Prebake Collision Mesh
- Audio: Fixed clip preview autoplay in the object selector
- Audio: Fixed crash when creating Presets of AudioManager settings and then modifying AudioManager
- Build Pipeline: Fixed AssetBundles being build differently on each rebuild when "Prebake Collision Mesh" option is on
- Editor: Fix GameObject preview flickering on mac
- Editor: Fixed attempting to move an entire light probe group ends up selecting a single probe instead
- Editor: Fixed mouse position in new Input System on mac editor
- Editor: Fixed the preview pane in the object selector
- Editor: Fixed UI value synchronization for audio mixer send effects
- GI: Fixed we don't check if a point is behind the camera or not. These point should not be included in the selection
- GI: Total Bake Time is shown as 0:00:00 in Progressive Lightmapper when Prioritize View is disabled
- Graphics: Fixed bug when SRVs were not correct for Texture2DMSArrays
- Graphics: Fixed crash in CameraStackRenderingState::ReleaseResources when exiting play mode
- Player: Fixed mouse position in new Input System on mac standalone players
- Player: Libpng library upgraded to version 1.6.36
- Player: Zlib library upgraded to version 1.2.11
- Prefabs: Fixed Particle System Renderer component appearing when adding a script to prefab instance
- Prefabs: Fixed prefab asset with orphan GameObject creating dummy root and showing only one child whilst also outputting errors
- Prefabs: Fixed that opening a broken legacy Prefab Asset in Prefab Mode shows a recursive dialog (hangs the Editor)
- Scripting: Fixed empty project generating a few bytes of garbage every frame
- Services: Ensure CrashReporting doesn't capture log messages that occur after the exception being reported
- Services: Ensure symbols are captured correctly on Android
- Services: Ensure symbols are captured correctly on iOS
- Services: Fix crash in signal handler on Android IL2CPP ARM64
- Services: Fixed collaborate turning itself off
- Services: Symbol upload for Cloud Diagnostics will now work in batch mode
- Shaders: Fixed the compute shader compilation failure in Vulkan
- Terrain: Fix the terrain inspector being disabled even after the initial inspector was closed
- UI Elements: fix: Graphview - Panning quickly make nodes or edges enter their hover state
- UI Elements: Fixed a root cause for a bug causing locked inspectors to not update
- UI Elements: Pass wheel events in scrollview to parents when they are unused by the scrollview
- Unity Test Runner: Fixed a regression where the Test Framework would run TearDown in a base class before the inheriting class
- Version Control: Fixed YAMLMerge duplicating chunk in output
- Video: Fixed audio sync issues on Windows in VideoPlayer when seeking
- Windows: Fixes maximized Standalone window going to fullscreen
- XR: Fix 2D player window crash on resize when started in non-VR and switched to VR
- XR: Fixed app memory leak when open for extended periods of time

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